Saturday, September 29, 2018

Operation SINcinnati

Last week we were in Cincinnati for our second of four street preacher conventions this year. 

This event was to minister to ministers, where saints will be edified, admonished to publicly promote Jesus and where we will hear from 2 lawyers on free speech. Brother Tony from ‘Center For Religious Expression’ in Memphis, TN spoke on our rights on those streets as that legal counsel has defended many street preachers on that public sidewalk. 

When he arrived from the airport a few of us met him on the porch. 

We also had Jennifer from Columbus come and join us as she also expanded on our rights and what may hinder our free speech one day. 

After the two lawyers spoke, it was question and answer time, not only for those there but those watching the live feed. 

Every morning we started off with prayer and a song from our dear sister Mary, which was followed by the reading from Martyrs Mirror 

The speakers were great as the topic was ‘what men preached in the Bible vs what the church preaches today’ 

Sister Cindy exhorted the women and gave a message of what its like to be married to an open air preacher.

In the morning we had the sessions outside and after the lunch break we went inside.

We even had testimony time, where saints gave a acknowledgement of who inspired them to street preach outdoors

Of course Brother Phil from ‘’ was there giving away banners, shirts, bumper stickers 

This was our host, she never witnessed but was so inspired from what she heard, she joined us on the streets and was very bold in taking to people about Jesus without fear. 

We even made time to honor Sister Pat, who at 89 years old she still travels and ministers to college students. Often times she is surrounded by students as she preaches a message of repentance or an eternal hellfire to pay. 

Of course the parking lot was filled with vehicles that were Christianized 

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths"
Proverbs 3:6

In the evening we went downtown Cincinnati to preach at the cities Oktoberfest…..I know, I know, only in Ohio do you have an Oktoberfest in September. But since when do drunks care what month it is to drink and before we confronted the drunks we had a Matthew 10 meeting to keep everyone on the same page. 

When we arrived the local police told us that after last year the city made a law against the size of sizes that could be carried and that we needed to move to the sidewalk because that area was now permitted.

We found an area near the event that was not permitted and there we set up a wall of banners preaching to the crowds. 

We even had a small group with sandwich signs and hand held signs inside the event. Because we used amplification we needed to stay 100 foot away from the main street, which was no problem because that megaphone blasted loud and clear. 

At the end of the day, everyone at the conference was edified, from young to old as Brother David who has every reason not to be outside, does for the Lord. Even his walker is Christianized. 

A BIG Thank You to the entire Williams family who behind the scenes, put this convention together in many ways 

SOAPA Georgia 

If you missed the SOAPA conference in Ohio, not a problem as next month we will have another in Atlanta. This gathering of active saints will be coupled with going to a couple local campuses and the yearly sodomite parade in that city. 

If you open air preach, you are not alone, at this convention….. 

You will be edified on why we do what we do. 

You will be admonished to publish the gospel. 

You will be given tools to aid you, such as tracts, Bibles, banners, shirts, signs, and bumper stickers. 

We will have literature on your rights from lawyers who are willing to fight for you. 

We will read daily from Martyrs Mirror and that should be judged to the Church you attend. 

You will be supported for this method of preaching as we hope to resurrect this buried talent. 

I personally get asked to have these street preacher conventions in many cities, as we could have them every month in different states. 

The interest is there and growing worldwide. If John the Baptist ushered Jesus, we need a few more John the Baptist’s to accompany His return. 

I am glad to be a part of this movement since 1980. We have much history, such as those banners started out in Los Angeles, those bold Christian shirts, preach Bibles, lettering on vehicles came from Los Angeles since the 1960’s. 

We will have live-feed on my ‘Ruben Israel’ facebook page for those of you that cannot come and your prayers are appreciated.

For more detail see the link below