Friday, July 6, 2018

To Russia with love

Leaving LAX today and flying 12 hours to Russia, where the eyes of the world are watching world cup soccer in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

We will have banners flying outside those games making the God of the Bible the emphases, just like we did during the 2014 Winter 
Olympic games in Sochi. 

This is not a vacation, we will be on the streets daily and outside the world cup soccer games which 
start at 9PM. 

Those games are the play offs and the championship so the crowds should be a sell out in in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Thank you all for your prayers and those who $upported this trip, all money asked for was raised and will be put to work. 


We had planned this trip for over a year, knowing that our Countries may not be talking and with this window of sports, we believe we can preach the way we do in the States. 

We will be flying 3 banners in English and Russian, with 100’s of tracts to be given out. We had planned this trip for over a year, knowing that our Countries may not be talking and with this window having the eyes of the world watching, we should have liberty to preach the way we do in the States.…..IF NOT…..we have counted the cost

What timing for this trip as Trump will also be meeting with Vladimir Putin after the games.

Boots on the ground in Russia covet your
air support and hopefully I will return with a praise report and not locked up in Butyrka Prison or sent to Siberia. 

We may be posting a ‘live feed’ daily on my ‘Israel Ruben’ facebook page but due understand we will not only be on a different time zone 
but a different day too.  
Stay tuned.  


Consider joining us for the next SOAPA convention as this one will be in Ohio this coming September and it is a family friendly venue to attend. 

We will have a great line up of speakers and a couple weeks ago I was contacted from a law firm that was involved with the Masterpiece Cakeshop and they will have someone there speaking on free speech. 

You remember when the U.S. Supreme Court Just handed down a 7-2 decision in favor of the baker in, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. 

The court said that the baker had the First Amendment right to not bake and decorate a wedding cake for a gay couple as that violated his sincerely held religious beliefs. 

A lawyer that was involved will be there and will answer questions from the audience and those watching the live fed. 

If you cannot make that conference, the following month we will have another in Atlanta. 

We could have these events every month in different States as so many people are interested and have asked us to have one in their state, also a number of Churches are willing to sponsor what we do. 

This event is couple with Oktoberfest in downtown Cincinnati, for dates, fees, theme and registration information click the link below 


Another testimony of our fruit bearing fruit 



Al Jazeera is a global media news network, with 80 major studios around the world. T

he Al Jazeera Arabic news is the CNN of the Middle East. This news network did a 60 minute program was titled ‘Islamophobia Inc’ with those outspoken in America against Islam and I was one they wanted on that program. 

I do not have enough suit cases filled with money to walk in that office and buy an hour of time from that news network. Yet God, did it for free and remember what they say ‘no one listens to you Ruben’ I receive many emails daily from news networks, film makers, reporters and only respond to a few. 

The Al Jazeera office in Washington DC contacted me several times before I responded. I asked them why they wanted the interview and they replied that ‘Ruben Israel’ is known in the Middle East. 

They have heard of ministers, certain ministries and people who may disagree with Islam but from behind a pulpit or some youtube clip with a few followers.

 I was told that no one but those attached to my name stand outside the Mosques, preach outside their prayers, stand outside their events and shut down a Muslim venue like Dearborn. 

I know many Muslims watch my videos, look at my website and read my weekly blog as 6 of the top 10 countries that look into my website are from the Middle East. This film crew followed me around in a few cities filming me preach against public sin and did interviews and now that episode is released with a number of Christians speaking out against Islam.

 To watch the for full 60 minutes Al Jazeera broadcast click the link below 


Ruben Israel with Jamali Maddix on the ‘Hate Thy Neighbor’ show.

Over the many years of street preacher Ruben Israel has been on countless TV and cable shows. 

This VICE TV series from the UK is called ‘Hate Thy Neighbor’ is a program of those with the far-right agenda around the world. 

Ruben Israel is considered a far-right Christian and one program was devoted to him and those that worked with him at an event in New Orleans called ‘Southern Decadence.’ 

Ruben’s team has been there for 20 years and the only time they did not come was in 2005 and that was the year Hurricane Katrina hit that city. 

That powerful Category 5 hurricane destroyed that city, killed at least 1,245 people and cost over $125 billion to rebuild. The news never pointed out that Hurricane Katrina was coupled with that ‘Southern Decadence’ event for some reason. 

God’s judgement? 

Well after you watch the program you decide. 


Don’t you just hate it when someone calls you and sends you pictures of yourself from another TV program that just used your face on their program? 

I bet that happens too many of you because it sure happens to me frequently.

 I was informed a couple months ago that my mug was on the ‘National Geographic Channel’ with Katie Couric and no doubt that episode I would have been the ‘hater’ or the ‘bigot evil protester’ 

I do not even recognize the event those pictures were taken as I go to many cities and there is always cameras following us and doing interviews. 

I just don’t remember them all. Like with many of you, I get so many pictures and interviews taken I do not keep tract of them all. Every once in a while I am told about a story, documentary, docudrama or some program on cable or Netflix. 

Ok the episode was sent to me it was her ‘White Anxiety’ at the 40 minute mark 


“To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” 
1Corinthians 9:22 

So to keep that verse true and alive I don’t mind being a celerity to the celebrities. We were outside a political event in Nevada and Sean Hannity comes by in his limo sticks his head out to talk with me. 

We shook hands and chatted. Over the decades of preaching in Hollywood and award shows I have seen many that take pictures of us before stepping out on that hallowed ‘red carpet’ having the world taking pictures of them. 

Yet on their person iphone are pictures 
of us…..go figure. 

Glad I am not starstruck as my celebrities are found in the Bible. This is possible with your prayers and for that I do thank you.

 The Lord has allowed me to be a celerity to the celebrities.


Over the decades of open air preaching Ruben Israel has been on numerous documentaries and docudramas not to mention several big screen films. 

Here is a documentary form the UK, titled ‘America's Hate Preachers’ The BBC spent 6 months with ‘two of America's most radical Christian hate groups, a notorious pastor from Arizona and a network of extremist preachers.’

 Of course this film was made in the UK and what do they know about free speech? 

You cannot speak against Islam or homosexuals or you can be arrested, so almost anyone that speaks against sodomites and same sex marriage is considered hateful. 


Here is an old video someone found and send me via email. This was a Rabbi that has a TV/radio show and always wanted to debate me and that day he got his wish. He seen me walking around the Israeli Independence Fair in Los Angeles back in 2014. 

He stopped me and IT WAS ON!!! We had a public debate, Ruben Israel vs radical Rabbi, click and enjoy as life as a street preacher is never boring 


Now the ‘fault finders’ and ‘heresy hunters’ will criticize my motive for being on cable programs, documentaries, docudramas, news interviews and even a few Hollywood movies. 

This is not anything news, this is the spirit of Cain alive and well. These modern day Cain believe their sacrifice better, their motive is pure, they have the real gospel, they are inspired and only they know how to preach. 

That is the spirit of Cain, who is drunken with themselves and their sacrifice. 

Many of my ‘fault finders’ and ‘heresy hunters’ are NOT even a bleep on the radar in the real world, save just a few followers on their facebook 
or youtube channel.