Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who deserve that honor and God bless those of you with DOUBLE DUTY as they are both mother and father in that family.
  Maybe due to a bad marriage, deadbeat dad or death of the husband, you get double honor today and I am in awe of YOU!!
I know there will be some that will cry foul and say this is also some pagan date and we should not give it the time of day because it has some heathen roots. I say it is only one day we set aside to honor our mother and be thankful to her handiwork. 
  WALK IT OFF and call Mother!!!
Today is a day I get to give a brag-o-mony of my mother. 
She has done on to be with the Lord, yet we will still call her blessed no matter how old we are.
Here is a brief history of my family and forget all the rumors that I grew up in a broken home, which fueled my bad attitude and lack of love for sinners, nothing is further from the truth.
I am the youngest of 5 children and my mother was a stay at home mom.
However she went to nursing school when I started high school and graduated. 
 This was not new as I was a very sick child spending years in the hospitals, doctors and my mother caring for me in all hours of the day. 
 I do remember in the middle of the night sleeping on my mother lap as she rocked me and prayed. 
 I do believe God honored those hours of prayer she said for me.
Later she took those nursing skills and applied them to my father when he was ill before he died.
She would care for him being sick herself as my mother was more concerned about his wellbeing than even her life.
Years before I was born, my mother was a in a convent here in Los Angeles and weeks before she was to graduate and become a nun, her sister visited the convent with their young baby.
It was that child that made my mother question to continue to be a nun. She put out a certain flower fleece and believed God honored that request and she left the convent.
She soon met my father from serving in the Korean War and the marriage was on.
Marriage FRIST then children, not children than marriage.  
My father was the ‘camera dad’ always taking pictures or having pictures taken
On weekends we would watch 8mm films on the old projector from the past week. 
 My father would put a large white sheet on the living room wall, while mom cooked popcorn and it was family night at our casa.
On Sundays after Church we would go to grandma’s house and change clothes and do yard work. 
 One weekend my fathers mother, the next weekend my mothers mother, this tradition was started when we were young and continued when we were older
This photo with my sisters in dresses and hats was taken after Church most likely on Resurrection Day with my father taking pictures and my mother….well…she was holding me asleep in her arms
  Here is my two older brothers
My oldest did over 20 years in the 82nd airborne and my second oldest brother was a chaplain's assistant in the U.S. Army. 
 Growing up with my brothers in the service my father would have us pray as a family often, for our government, our military and our brothers……..and many of you wonder why I am very much God and Country. Blame my parents!
Growing up my sisters would always join my mother visiting grandma in East L A, it part of our life, we visit our mother and our mother will visit her mother
Growing up in my family you get a hug and a picture no matter how old you are, the picture below with is when both my brothers were home on leave, both sisters were involved in medical school and I was already preaching in the streets preaching.
  My oldest brother has died and with a full military funeral and we still visit their graves at least once a month no matter how busy we are.
My second oldest brother after serving in the military, worked in Seal Beach for the government where they loaded bombs on Navy ships and has since retired. With him in that office, we knew what countries we were considering to war with.
My oldest sister is now a Esthetician and owns a spa that administering facials, aromatherapy, hair and skin care I a high dollar area of Los Angeles.
My other sister is a big shot nurse who nursed me when I was young with medicine as I remember her standing with my mother in the middle of the night from my coughing and wheezing. She would give me my medicine and made sure I ate my meals. When my wife was ill she knew doctors personally at the hospital Colleen was at and those doctors worked on Colleen personally. One of them sat on the board at the large Presbyterian hospital and he came from the office to work on Collen.
As for me I am just a small businessman and spend time on the streets preaching Gods Word to a dying backslidden world. 
 We all have the same boring testimony without being delivered from drugs and alcohol and no children from unmarried homes. 
 We Thankful to God, and our parents for their wiring and example, but today we are grateful to our mother. 
  My advice to all you young mothers would be, how you wire your children we be a direct result on how they live and decisions. 
 Your actions speak louder than words.
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”
Proverbs 22:6
I do truly miss my mother and long for the day I see her
Hope this helps in giving you an insight into my upbringing and what family rearing can do. 
 Happy Mother’s Day Mom and you women who are WORTHY of that title ‘Mother’
Here is an interview I did about my mother about 5 years ago ‘A Mothers Prayer’
I trust Mother wired you fine and YOU are NOT a mama's boy