Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Its official, we have a date for our SOAPA Montana, come join us July 21-23 2017

Prayers requested as we are leaving for Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Hope to return back to Los Angeles with all my finger and toes. If you wish to go beyond prayers, support and invest in our public labor, please send a check to Christian Brothers P.O. Box 1233 Norwalk, CA 90650 or
on my website under ‘donate’ you can find a paypal link
Its official, we have a date for our SOAPA Montana, come join us July 21-23 2017
The theme this year is being ‘Radical’ as thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.
Join us with a host of speakers, get tools to evangelize and if you are not inspired and moved to proclaim the Word of God in public after this meeting, get BORN AGAIN!
Web site coming with more details, so start marking your calendar to join us in Montana and one night during the conference we will have a book burning. 
So bring anything you know you need to eliminate from your house that will hinder your walk with God.

Like many of you I get 100’s of emails and personal messages daily and here are a handful of the good, the bad and the ugly.
**Dear brother Ruben. I've been following you for quite some time. May God bless you for what you do in his Name. I wanted to let you know that God has layed it on my heart to help you but I don't have any cash lol. If you ever have a reason to come to Alabama that's where we are. Its a long way from. L.a. but there are still lost people here. We have one of the biggest homosexual parades you could imagine in Birmingham.If you're ever traveling through we can offer you a place to stay and some eat. It won't be that good but its what I have. I'll be praying for you brother.
**Hey Ruben, You are doing a wonderful work for The Holy Cross, Bless you friend! All the best
**thanks for exposing the catholic church for me, I was once a catholic and now thanks to you and other street preachers I consider myself born again
**two things real quick. First... You preached to me at cornerstone fest 2008! Thank you!! Praise the Lord.. I just realized when I saw you on a video haha. Also If you want to come visit in MS after Mardi Gras we are doing all kinds of preaching the following days.. Especially March 2nd that Thursday we will be preaching at this event called Fondren First Thursday. This event is full of drunkenness, lewd women. The list goes on.
**Personally I Gonna Kill You Dont Take it as a threat its real if you have balls try to come at front of me. Mohsin Khan
**fat piece of racist shi-. Ur a fat prick . stick that mefaphone up ur fat yankee ass . look at u ur a peedo. hey fat pig when i see u talking ur shi- on the streets ur getting knocked out straight
**Just Wanna Let you know Sir that what you've been doing is amazing and worthy of appreciation, I've seen most of your videos It's pretty awesome, wish I could do something like that to spread the word of God Too. take care , God bless you

**r u fu--ing kidding me- do u really think u r that important!! u r just another racist piece of shi- out there that has no direction in life!!! u r the laughing stock of this country!!!
**Mr. Israel, good evening. It's morning here in the Philippines. I just followed your page because I saw your videos on YouTube. I thanked to our Lord Jesus Christ that he saved me. I was a former Catholic and my eyes were open for their teachings were wrong. I am read KJV Bible everyday. I don't worship graven images and I stop praying the rosary, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for leading me to your page. Hope you can add me on your friends' list. Thank you.
**Dear brother Ruben. I've been following you for a long time.i wanted to say I love you brother. I see you preaching in some rough conditions and such as gay parades. Please don't let me insult you but may I ask when do you ever consider casting your pearls amount swine. And knocking the dust off your feet...I understand that some may be saved by hell fire as well thanks brother and may God bless you for your work in his kingdom.
**Hey brother Ruben, we haven't met before but i do listen to your preaching with your team. I am a Kenyan but i live in Australia. I was having a Biblical discusion with my cousin who is in Kenya and out of the blue he sent me this verse and we seem to have a different view . I would appreciate your insightMatthew 11:12-20English Standard Version (ESV) 12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence,[a] and the violent take it by force. 13 For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John,
**Love you From armenia and jordan god bless you, you are amazing
**Hey ruben you born again huh? oh yeah you found jesus? where was he hiding?
**I love aIslam and uou are an absolute disgrace to your country! I have never in my life seen someone as arrogant and uneducated like yourself. Stop spreading hate you fu--ing moron and even as a Christian you should be ashamed of yourself!
**You fat fu-- piece of shit go die
**Hello, I was raised into a Catholic family and have been watching your preaching and I've really reconsidered my faith. What version of the Bible do you consider to be the best and most accurate?(or rather what version do you read) I also just wanted to say thank you to you and Jesse Morrell for opening my eyes.
**Hello sir I would like to educate you on the Islamic religion if you want to learn more because I think you don't know anything about it as much as you don't know much about every other religion and it's ok to be less educated I will teach you for free
**You ignorant fat fu--. You think Jesus is smiling down on you and your juvenile behavior? Haha. Go suck a corn dog down and PLEASE choke on it. Your wife is just waiting for you to be planted so she can finally "see the light"... Fu--ing douche
**Brother you taken a great burden ! I like your youtube videos! I Be going to CA by February maybe I could help you on Sunday in any way posible! God bless you!
**U truly are anointed man, U have inspired me in being bold
**You are worse than dogs and pigs You have a face of the devil. You are not a christian, you are pure evil.
**Ruben, I wanted to reach out to you and express my thoughts on your dirty dirty work....THANK YOU!! I know the work against the Muslim Brotherhood is a fight that takes a lot of effort. My wife and I are beyond upset with the liberal idiots trying to bring more and more of these pedophiles and blasphemers into our country. We live here in Kansas City and have witnessed an influx here in our community. The never ending struggle is why I carry my sidearms at all times, I know I am a sinner at times and am not worthy of Gods blessing and ask for his forgiveness every night with my chidren. I just pray that our Lord hears us loud and clear and helps us against these Muslim sinners. I believe the turn in the recent election is a little sign from God. Sorry for the long message I just wanted to let you know to keep up the good fight!
**Ruben this is Frank.I have just seen your video of what happened to you in Michigan .this is scarey what are country has turned into .fight the good fight my brother we are here if you need us .I offer all that I have ,with my last breathe to fight the evil that has come to are backyards!
**Hello Ruben, I just want to know if this is your real account and if you still use it? I have some interesting questions for cause you seems to me as interesting person. Don't take any offence, I don't want to attack you, I don't want to provoke you, I just want to say my opinion like you are saying your opinion on the street. I'm looking forward to your replay.
**Good morning Mr. Isreal I read a lot of your posts, I see you are very knowledgeable and would like to ask if you could explain the differences between born again bible believing Christians and Seventh day Adventist. Also should we mingle with them like in prayer, don't know if I explained my question in the proper way. Thanks Mr. Israel
**Hello. I have a quick question. I know that abortion is a sin, because it is the murder of an innocent baby. But how you view this situation? A pregnant woman is told that she has a medical condition that would, in the event that she were to give birth, would most likely be fatal to the mother and the child. I personally feel that in that situation, an abortion would be in order by a gynocologist. I would just like your personal opinion on the matter.
**I have a hypothetical question for you. The bible says that remarriage is a sin, right? If there is a married couple, and in said couple, person x passes away, is person y allowed to remarry? Or is person y forced to stay a widow/widower?
**Brother...NEVER let them silence you!!! May God Bless you and your cause!!!
**u are kinda hot.too bad you are an a--hole
**Hey fu-- you a--hole. You are a evil. Come on in indonesia i wont to war with you. You not human you are a animal. I islam and my parrent is kristani.. And we life in peace. You fu-- i wont to kill you a--hole. I wait you in indonesia . You chiken.
**Thank you so much for keeping our Christian voice heard. I pray to Jesus to keep your street crew safe. The wisdom to know when to leave and for your courage under fire please lord keep these men safe. In Jesus name I pray. You have inspired me to get right
**Ruben: Kudos to you preaching against Islam; Catholism and the LGBTQ. When will I witness you walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Paul and the Apostles against the Jewish Synagogue?
**Hi Ruben....Love your preaching! You tell it like it is...not wishy-washy crap! Good to see that in todays world...we need more like you....God bless you!
**You are a ignorant fu-- HAIL SATAN. FAT BOY YOU THERE? Your bubble wont protect you forever fat boy FAT BOYYYYY. Your posts are so fu--ing ignorant you need to be dealt with fat boy. hey fat boy let me comment on your facebook posts unless you are a coward? Are you a coward ruben? my only goal is getting you banned from facebook. Come out and plaaaaaay
**Hi Ruben was so glad I got to meet you for a couple minutes on the sidewalk before the presidential debate in Vegas. I live a 5 hr drive N of Vegas in N. Central NV a very rural area. I have 80 mile to the nearest traffic light or McDonalds. 120 mile to the nearest Walmart. I say that to say this 1. The odds of you and me meeting on the street not very high. 2. Your vids have encouraged me to share my faith in this part of the country.
**Wondering your thoughts on Billy Graham and his association with the Catholic Church? I know your your busy but thanks for any info!!!
**Hi Ruben seen ur video on you tube they very good God bless u bro keep going i love you mr. RUBEN...... we are doing the same in Ghana- africa......... pray for us wish i can see you one day
**Ruben I watched a long interview you had with a high priest LDS last night. Just want to tell you that anyone who believes descendants of Ham should never have the priesthood is mistaken. Please check out the website or fb page I am active LDS member. I love you for your brave efforts to do what you think is right. You know I disagree with you, though, right? Saw you in the movie Unresolvable, great movie. I mean we disagree on the truthfulness of the LDS church. But I may not disagree on every point of doctrine.
**I asked God for these three things: - To bless you - To guide you - To ALWAYS protect you
**Brother Ruben. I know that you are a busy man doing God's work. But I have a question. How are we as Christians supposed to react to Muslims killing us? Islam is invading our country and they are killing our fellow Americans. Obviously they have been killing Christians all over the world but what are we as servants of Christ to do? Are we to turn the other cheek as Jesus said? Or should we stand up and defend ourselves? It goes against God's law to take a life as stated in the commandments. But is it a different situation when the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ are threatened by an evil cult? I have been following you for awhile, and I see you as a very remarkable and credible preacher of the word. Thank you for your time brother and I apologize for the lengthy message. I am a convicted sinner looking to become a better Christian.
**hi Ruben, I live in Seattle may I join you spme day for a few days for some street preaching, I dont not speak clearly because of cerebral palsy but i am willing to hold signs or pass out tracts in Christ,
**admire your Open air preaching brother Ruben. God bless you brother
**hey Ruben, well hi pus--y...just saw your video where you instigate muslims outside a mosque...that was really shit-- you assho--... most of the muslims were saying that they respect jesus too...but seems like it didn't make any difference to know what...I'm a Indian Muslim and proud of my nationality and faith and want to tell you that I DON'T GIVE A FU-- about your FAGGOT JESUS..I think he was a gay and a bastard. Your so-called virgin MARY was not virgin see if you do proper research you'll find that your FAGGOT jesus was an illegitimate son of a shepherd with whom that bit-- mary fu--ing with
**Dear Reuben, I was sitting in my conservatory in Scotland, praying to the G-D of Israel to return to us our messiah, yeshuah, and how the world needs him to return and enforce HIS laws. I despair of the state of this world and look towards the prophecies being fulfilled in these days, believing that the time is shorter than we think- he's at the door! Then, on the news I see a report of what they call "hate preaching" and see a man, not afraid to stand up for righteousness and truth and my heart was lifted to praise HASHEM for his goodness in setting apart a man who will say it like it is!! I just want to tell you how blessed I was by that report and people like yourself who is set apart for truth-AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!. The world is blinded to his truth because he has blinded their eyes- but we should never be ashamed to give an answer for what we believe- May G-D richly bless you and protect you from the attacks of the enemy Kind Regards
**Hello. I saw your protest outside of comet pizza on You Tube. I live in Memphis, TN. I want to thank you and your crew for conducting that protest. From my research, I don't think there is any question that something big is going on with that guy. I think it goes all the way to the former president and many others. So I thank you for what you are doing.
**Hey Ruben just wanted to say I look forward to preaching with you someday and that your videos and website are a blessing
**Hope all is well I'm deacon balas with the Gathering of Christ church was curious if you were able to do debate?
** Hey jerk off, I have been to Comet Pizza many time over the years. Besides the fake news of being a pedophile ring being debunked (just like there is no basement in the Alamo. Lol) this place has been nothing but great to its neighbors and the community it serves. I bring my kids in all the time to play ping pong and eat pizza. All of a sudden the place is a den of sin because the owner is gay? And it is your group that gets to play God and announce this trash? You people aren't even from D.C. Get a life. I'm all for your first amendment rights but you are directly affecting this place from doing business. I thought republicans were all about capitalism? I look forward to getting a response from you.
**Hi Sir, Trust you are doing well. I am an external auditor working in KPMG Saudi Arabia. I just visited your website. It is very much interesting and comprehensive. I am very much interested in knowing and getting guidance about the Christianity and its preaching. I trust that I have approached the right person to achieve this purpose. Awaiting a positive guided response from you. Thank you
**Hello Ruben, My name is Eric, I am a graduate Filmmaker at NYU and I'm in search of a passionate street preacher in NYC whom I might be able to observe, in action, for a short documentary I am making about those who are passionate in their beliefs. It would be pure observation with no intent of a negative outcome. I simply wish to observe. If you can put me in contact with anyone in New York, your help would be greatly appreciated.
**Hi bro great site. Do you have a base in uk to order merchandise thanks and GB Mark
**I've noticed that you haven't been putting out any videos as of late. Are you on some hiatus or something? I hope everything is going alright with you! Best wishes!
**I saw the video of your street preaching at ASU. While I agree that the statements you make are biblically sound, your method of communication is not. What if Jesus had treated the woman at the well that way? There would have been no reconciliation if he had. You are acting more like Saul than Paul. You preached that Islam is a religion of hate. It sounded like nothing but hate spewing from your mouth. I hope you will consider changing your methods. Sharing the love, peace, and hope that Jesus can provide. Because I did not remotely see love, peace, and joy coming from you that day. If your goal is truly to save people from hell, you will project the gospel in a more compassionate message. That's what Jesus did.
**I want to say that I love you all and may God bless you for standing up for the children. The things that I have come to understand in just these last maybe six months, and I am 50 years old, researching this while pedo ring has just about took me down. I feel my soul is crushed and sometimes I cry for days. I ask the Lord to show me what I can do to help save these children. I ask Jesus, if this is to continue to please, come now. I would rather give up this world than satan to terrorize anymore children. I just watched the PP pizza video and I had to contact you. I got your name off the sign. So much love for each and every one of you. Melissa
**Hi bro I saw you on YouTube . In that video you were standing in front of mosque. You are very breve I want to give you suggestions islam is not religion of peace and you know that mohamad marry 9 year old daughter . Etc . I also don't like muslims I respect christian. What my suggestion is that you should take all group together against muslims in US because like you so many group in US but all group is in diffrent place so come together in fight against muslims If muslims live in 1 % They do nothing then they become 10% they start following their religion on our streets then they become 20% then they start show the real face of muslims they star demanding saria law and the kuran is not a Holly book it's the killing book Thank you I am with u in this fight please bring all people together we need force to fight .
**I need help with something. Some times when I go preaching, before I start preaching my heart seems to start pumping really fast, like Adrenaline or something rushing through me, and I have like really bad attacks where I can't speak good (I sound retarded kinda) and I get to where I can't walk good (looks like I'm drunk or something) Why dies this happen to me? Is it that I get nervous before I preach? Or is it simply because I get excited so my heart starts racing its like, so its like my whole chemical balance is lost it seems.. I want to overcome this, I need prayer, and some understanding on how to control this adrenaline some how.. I preach all the time so I'm not sure why it does this so much.
**Just watched your BBC program over in the UK. Wish you'd visit the UK, we need saving. I pray you visit us soon.
**Fu-- this shi-. You are a sad excuse for a human being. You fu--ing bigot.
**Good Morning Brother Israel, I am the pastor of a Baptist Church in Norwalk, Ca. I want to thank you for your voice in the streets all these years. Praise the Lord! Our Church has been Street Preaching for about the past 18 months in Norwalk, near 5 points/ Norwalk Square. We have been praying over that ground and have been a continual monthly presence there for awhile. We have had very little opposition up to this point. An angry motorist, upset pedestrian, etc. However, this last Saturday was the first time we had the Sheriff show up. He was very professional, but he asked us to keep it down (We were using bullhorns) because there were complaints from the senior housing on San Antonio Blvd. My question for you is this…Are we within our legal rights in Norwalk to use a bullhorn as long as we are on the sidewalk/public property? We have had dozens of officers drive by as we preach and never even give us a second glance. Now we were told by this officer that we need to put the bullhorns away and just use our voices. Any advice on the law that you can give or direct me to would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your service and voice in the Lord’s Army!
**Ruben your dung.If you were here you'd have no teeth left.Trust me you godless coward you would not get away with that in my presence,youre a piece of crap
**Shalom, I born again Bible believer. I have been kicked out of a carnival hosted in our public park in the past, I want to know what to say so I don't get kicked out next time. Is it lawful for the event people to just kick someone out because you are talk about the gosple people are complaining about you? What should I do?
**Haven't we learned anything as human beings and as Americans in the last 50 years? Especially you Ruben. Peace, equality, and diversity. "Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one"
** jesus is not a son of bloody all bitches is you are the enemys of muslims is going to hell sure
**Dear Brother Ruben, I saw you on youtube and wonder why you are spreading so much hate. Do you really believe that telling the devil worshipers that they are going to hell, will bring them to Christ ? Their whole lives, they have been taught to hate Gods children, and you are just enforcing their hate for us. Please speak kindly to them and tell them that God loves them and does not want them to go to hell, but if they deny that they are sinners, and reject Jesus's suffering and dying on the cross for them, then they are lost. I have been friends with a muslim for a few years and I believe that he sees something diferent in me because he is always kind and helpful to me. Christian, means Christ like, lets ALL try to be good CHRISTIANS. God bless you. Brother Frank Weber
**Hi Brother... Keep doing what you are doing... Tell me if I would be of help to you in any way...Take care God bless you and your family. Amen
**Rubin I herd you on a radio show, who I have been following for nearly 2 years. I was an addict for 27 years, and was saved last June. I have so much to tell you. But for now, I hope one day we get to stand together in The Kingdom, may God protect you, your family, your team out there on the streets. My eyes are open brother, more so I believe than those that have been walking with God all their lives. I am a warrior and am ready for the fight for my Heavenly Father, He saved my life. PEACE & LOVE from the UK. KEEP FIGHTING
**I found your videos on YouTube and am quite dismayed. I've never understood why crazy American Christians pick and choose what to believe from the Old Testament. The first video I watched was a group of three men intentionally provoking Muslim students on a university campus. I've never seen such cowardly behavior. You remind me of ISIS guys hiding behind masks. If you're so imbued with the Spirit why not fly to a Muslim country and try something similar there? The next two videos were full of vitriol directed at gay people. I understand some of what you say is based from the Bible. But again, how do you pick and choose from the Old Testament? Finally I'll leave you with a few passages you might want to look up before you direct your anger: Matthew 22:36-40 1 John 3-15 I look forward to a rational response.
**I am a guy from India, I did my MS in mechanical engg. I am also a researcher and have a thirst for truth and God. I believe in Christ. I admire your videos and your work. May God give you the strength to endure this wicked world.
**Ruben, I just came across your videos in Youtube. Great stuff !!! . Now with Trump as President is high time to keep telling the world the truth about Sin and Islam no matter who gets pissed . Keep it up !!! . You have admirers even in Venezuela, South America
**Hi, I am a graduate student at Antioch University in Los Angeles. I am writing to you to see if you might be open to an interview for a paper I am writing for my Society and the Individual class. I am interested in learning more about your organization and how it came about.
**Hi, Just seen a programme about you. It seems that you are full of hate, suffer from egotistical tendencies , and appear to live in a very insular world. You give the impression that you are poorly educated. In Europe we had similar views in the dark ages. You are an example of ignorance and represent a terrible abuse of a religious message. You do not represent god. Good luck
**Hi, would you have any advice/contacts for a woman from the UK who is thinking of getting involved in spreading God's word. Many thanks
**Ruben, you are one tough son of a gun...or should I say son of God?
**Hello Brother Ruben, My name is Jonathan. I do open air preaching in my city where i live. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. i almost always have to go alone, but would love to find other brothers who would be willing to go with me to preach. Do you know of any brothers here where i live, or a good Biblical Chruch that hasn´t fallen into lukewarmness and apostasy...??? thank you for your attention God bless you.
**God bless you all for your faith , Ruben Israel
**Hi Reuben, I've seen you on Youtube many times and I find your style of preaching very direct, but I believe without a doubt you are doing the work of the Lord, because the Bible says that the For the preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that perish. 1 Corinthians 1 -18. I think you're very bold, you and your brother's, When you go into the darkest parts of LA. I've experienced it myself, I'm from England, but in 2000 I went to Inglewood where the Headquarters of our church is based. I've been back there several times since and did some witnessing there. For someone from England, where everything is pretty small, LA can be a scary place. As I've said, I've watched lots of your Youtube videos, and I can identify with your encounters with homosexuals and Moslems. I've had similar encounters but on a much smaller scale. Anyway Reuben, Keep up the good work of God, I'm certain He is using you mightily. For my opinion,In-Your-Face street preachers such as yourself are The Most High God's Shock Troops... God bless you,
Brother. John
**Ruben, I have had a strong desire from the Lord to preach in the streets since I was first saved 17years ago. I have to admit I what is holding me back essentially is being able to make the first steps. I have good bible knowledge and a strong gift to remember scriptures. I use to desire to do mission work in other countries but the Lord has told me that he wants to use me in the U.S. I really just don't know how to 'step out of the boat'. I do have the ability to travel this winter if I can come to one of the places that you preach... I would prefer to not jump right into somewhere like MardiGras. Let me know if I could join you for a time when you are preaching this winter.
**Hello Reuben, may I know which bible version you use?
**Mr. Israel Im a catholic who has questions for you. I feel you could be in grave danger with your words Ive heard you preach on youtube... Would you talk to me?
**Dear Ruben sir Greetings from India Kindly send me your an autographed photo for my world collection and oblige. With faith prayer Emmanuel
**Hi, I live in Charleston, SC and I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. God bless you, and thank you for what you do!!!
**Ruben just watched what happened to you in Dearborn. What the fu-- is happening in America! and i can not believe this has happened in the United fu--in states, we saw this behavior in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Michigan?im sickened and need to get involved and I am not even a Christian