Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hollywood and Mail-Call

This past Sunday was the Hollywood Christmas parade and at this event we get very personal with those Hollywood celebs. 
 The parade will be taped and watched on all over the world throughout the month of December as the crowds line up on Hollywood Blvd.
This years ‘Grand Marshal’ will be Olivia Newton-John followed by a cluster of TV and film ‘stars’ like Louis Gossett Jr, Robert Wagner’s, Lou Ferrigno .
Over the years we spoke with Sammy Davis Jr, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlton Heston, Rosanne and Tom Arnold, Bob Hope and his wife Dolores, Penn & Teller and several times to Mickey Rooney. Stevie Wonder never seen our banner but heard our preaching and one year David Carradine’s float shut down right in front of us for over 20 minutes as we preached to him. Oh, was he upset and that was the very year he was found dead. 
  Over the years the worst Hollywood celebrity who responded with angry against God goes in this order Number #3 Montel Williams Number #2 Larry King …and the number one winner is…..George Lopez
Our location will not be among the lights and cameras but a location where we will be seen and heard. We were at the end of the route so we can spend personal time with those in the parade.
Everyone in the parade had to walk by us and everyone in that parade heard and saw a message
Even the mayor and city council members received a message from the Lord
And of course every Hollywood celebrate was admonished to know the King of Kings
We baptized four new banners at this event that's to
Of course at the end of the parsed was santa and we reproved all parents for lying to their children and at least remind them of the birth of Jesus.
Welcome to my mail-bag where you can pick my brain, enter at your own risk.
“mr.israel how many times have you been arrested and how much do you sue those cities that arrest you? i have never been arrested and sometimes i wonder what I would do in his name, your brother jerry *******”
Jerry I have lost count on my arrests but I can say more than 5 times and less the 10,000. 
 Allow me to clarify I do not make a living suing citing for money. In fact I do not sue for money but for the right to use that sidewalk freely, however if the case goes to court the city will pay legal fees and all money goes to law firms, not me.
Over the years I have been arrested for ‘public nuisance’ ‘inciting a riot’ ‘loitering’ ‘stalking’ and ‘disturbing the peace’ twice during Mardi Gras all while preaching on a public sidewalk. 
 I also remember being falsely arrested for ‘trying to heal people in the handicap section without a permit’ and once charged with being ‘drunk in public’ for preaching. The stories and charges can go on and on but most charges are dropped by the DA's office before a court case is given.
I have had the privilege of being arrested in other countries too, like Norway, Russia and detained in France, London, and Mexico for preaching Jesus.
Our purpose is NOT to get arrested as most time we try to reason with officers on the sidewalk and IF I had a dime for every time I was threatened with ‘blocking traffic’ ‘hate speech’ ‘intimidating’ ‘resisting arrest’ ‘walking on private property’ and ‘protesting without a permit’ I would be a very rich man.
Many times I have been arrested and released without charges, they just kept me for hours in a cell so I am kept from preaching. As a unbeliever I have never been arrested, not so as a Christian. 
 Now my life is always involved in court cases, if not for me for others getting legal help for getting a citation or arrested in another state.
This past Monday I was in court in Beverly Hills and will soon be in court in Santa Monica, the reason is for preaching in public. Also this past weekend I was talking to a free speech attorney about 5 cases in Los Angeles and Arizona.
  Those cases include three local colleges, one high school and a citation in Venice Beach. Just today alone I was working with several cases in other states to keep that sidewalk a free speech zone for those open air preachers.
Today when we find a minister in court it is most likely for stealing money from this Church to molesting someone within his congregation. 
 Paul was often in court for his preaching and regularly used his Roman citizenship to keep him from prison. Most men in our holy book were in jail and prison for their faith. 
 We find this in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the book of Acts and found in the epistles, that is fruit of true Christianity as per ‘Foxe's Book of Martyrs’ and ‘Martyrs Mirror.’ 
 I trust Jerry if the day comes that you will be arrested, you will do fine, just understand that faultfinders will slander your name.
Our critics love to falsely accuse us of wanting to be arrested or blaming us for using hateful words that will provoke the police to arrest us and some say we just have a martyr’s complex.
Nothing is further from the truth. Of course these are key-board evangelists who have an opinion on everyone’s youtube and facebook page.
Rarely do they spend time on a sidewalk speaking against sin or to point out a particular transgression…..THAT is the very reason you will be hated, beat and arrested as per John 7:7;
“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil”
If I am going to be hated, it will be for my public faith, NOT the color of my skin, NOT my surname, NOT my politics, NOT what I drive and NOT my bank account.
IF you are not being ‘hated’ maybe there is a reason, as in you have more in common with the world than testifying against the world as per John 7:7
“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil”
Here is another question we often get asked in the streets:
“Brother Israel I am confused are people in hell or the lake of fire and I have read the parable where the rich man was in torment yet he was concerned for his family. I also remember reading a verse where the dead know nothing, how can the dead know nothing but the rich man was concerned. You seem to know a lot on hell so can you please explain”
Hope I can clarify this, I am not an expert on hell but Jesus did speak on that subject more times than He mentioned love and grace combined in the gospels. He used words like ‘eternal fire’ ‘outer darkness’ ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ ‘everlasting fire’ ‘where the worm dies not’ and such on that subject.
First off in the text regarding the rich man seeing Lazarus and Abraham afar off, while he was being tormented was NOT a parable. 
 Nowhere in that read do we find the word ‘parable’ and yes he was aware of pain, his eyes were working and he even was thinking about his loved ones and wanted to WARN THEM of that place. 
  Now that may be confused because you quoted from Ecclesiastes 9:5 about the dead not knowing anything. The verse reads;
“For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten”
I believe this is the part you question ‘but the dead know not anything’ They know nothing of the living, that Rich man still had a functioning brain but knew nothing of what his loved ones were doing while he was in torment. Have the living died, or did they get saved, those burning do not see their loved ones celebrating birthdays, getting married and such.
The dead know nothing in that regard but it appears their mind in still working and will be haunting them. Now you asked about hell and the Lake of Fire, allow me to put it this way. 
 When a person is arrested for a crime he is placed in jail until he sees the judge and that judge hears his case. Once that criminal is found guilty, he is then sent to prison and there he will remain.
That is the way our system works, that jail cell before seeing the judge is temporary like those in hellfire now, they are in a waiting period. 
 Then they see the Judge on Judgment Day and will be sentence to ‘eternal judgment’ or liken to the person found guilty by the judge and now is sentenced to life in prison. 
 Not the city jail but now prison for his crime. Hell is temporary as the book of Revelation teaches that both death and hell is cast into the lake of fire.
“And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death”
Revelation 20:14
After Judgment Day those sinners will get an eternal body and be punished into everlasting fire.
This is the second death where even the hope of dying to save them is gone. So to answer your question, yes both hellfire and lake of fire are found in the scriptures and have a reason.
Those who have died have a brain that is operational but know nothing the whereabouts of their loved ones. I have also heard testimonies of people who have died and seen people in hellfire, their vision is complete with demons mocking sinners who are burning. I really question this, as this would be Disneyland for demons if true but in reality that place was made for the devil and demons NOT for demons to poke sinners with pitchforks and mock them. 
 In fact those same demons should be screaming in torment next to the sinner IF that vision/dream were true. I have never seen a vision hellfire nor have I ever dreamed of those souls being tormented, I have only read the Bible on the subject and that is enough to warn sinners of that place. 
 What little I know is plenty to motivate what I do.
“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences”
2 Corinthians 5:11
I am leaving for Belize where we will be encouraging those saints in that country to put 10 Commandment signs on buildings and we will be speaking at several Churches, also speak at that countries only prison to the inmates. 
 There may also may be a chance we will walk in a community parade with signs and passing out pamphlets to those on route.
I will also try and edify locals to hold banners on main intersections with tracts. 
 Thank You for those who have donated for those banners. I will be gone for 10 days and you can see the labor from previous trips on the link below
With that said I will NOT respond to e-mails, because I will be in another country I will not have a phone, so I will not do calls nor texti8ng. 
 Rarely if ever will I post anything on my facebook page, as my hands are to the plow and I will not be looking back. Staying focused on the field in front of me. With that said, you will need to get your news with a street preacher twist elsewhere
Prayers requested