Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy ‘spiritual’ birthday

Today is my ‘spiritual’ birthday
On this date (Oct 22) in back 1979 I cried out to God all alone on my knees in my bed room.
I did not repeat a ‘sinners prayer’ 
  I did not just come from Church
I did not finish watching a TV evangelist
I did not finished reading a tract
I did get visited by an angel
I did not have a near death experience
I was not contemplating suicide
I was not high on drugs
I was not ill and in pain
After I called out to God and I had a hungry for the Bible. I read the Bible with a dictionary and the very next day I told someone about Jesus. 
Soon my first public preach was outside the Catholic Church I grew up with. I raised my Bible and preached to everyone going to Church that Sunday to know the God of the Bible and decades later it has not much has changed.
Nothing Hollywood about my testimony at age 17
I cried out to God, read the Bible and told people about Jesus. By 1980 I was preaching at large events and placing gospel signs on light poles.
I do not know Christianity any other way. After my salvation I have never heard the voice of God I have never seen visions I have yet to see an angel Never saw a dead man come alive And I like it that way;
“blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”
So today, I wish to publicly THANK God for saving me
I will soon be 56 years old and I do not resent wasting my youth on God. I only resent one thing…..I can only serve the Lord ONCE this side of heaven.
What about YOU, do you know the date you were BORN-AGAIN?
Looks can be very deceiving…..
“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment”
John 7:24
These men are NOT a biker gang
These men are NOT a rock band
These men are NOT drug dealers
These men are NOT gun smugglers
These men did not come out from a nude bar
These men are not ex-cons just released from prison
These men are NOT bouncers for a night club
These men are NOT hit-men for hire
These men are NOT outlaws or criminals
These men are NOT running from the law
How can you be a ‘spiritual man’ if you are not even a man? Welcome to the wild wild West of Christianity as this picture was taken in the middle of the desert, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Our mission, was to yoke up with others making ‘no small stir’ in sin city and promote the God of the Bible. 
  Mission accomplished.
Today I am asking my readers for a BIG favor and this could be considered an investment.
I am leaving for a 10 day trip to Belize in early December. With that said, I am not asking for money to send me but to help with gospel banners that I trust I can edify to street preach and who are willing to preach the gospel in public.
Now the goal of this trip is to blanket Belize with gospel signs of all sizes everywhere as per previous missions to this country. 
 I am making six (6) banners like we use for preachers to stand on busy intersections out there. 
Now these banners will only read ‘Trust Jesus’ and ‘Know the God of the Bible’
No banners against homosexuals or other religions, just a few words with a large font on 3X3 banners. 
Those banners will be in English, believe it or not, most of the world speak English, except in America. When we were in Russia, we passed out every American tract and New
Testament we had within days.
Preaching Gear will be making them and the cost is over 750.00 dollars, which will include shipping. 
 I am only trying to raise that money and when I do I will STOP all donations. 
  Mission accomplished.
No donation to small. 
 You can support these tools with $5.00 to $100.00 and all money given will be for gospel banners. The reward-meter will be ticking as these banners will be used on the streets for years. 
 Talk about a good stock, invest any amount. Once the goal is reached I will post a STOP posting and return money if needed.
  You can mail checks to Christian Brothers P.O. Box 1233 Norwalk, CA 90650 ..or go to my website and there you will find a paypal account
Please memo the check or paypal with the word ‘Belize’ so all monies will be sent to that fund.
I am NOT a 501c3 so no receipt will be given. God loves a cheerful giver and when I return I will post pictures of what your dollar did.