Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mail Call

Like many of you I get plentyof emails, here is a small portion of the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember keep those cards and letters coming.
Greetings, Ruben: I just wanted to convey a thought: Do you know of anyone who WANTS to immigrate to an Islamic nation? Yet, they "invade" other countries trying to change it into the mess they came from . . . WHY? Isn't this insanity? (Satan is the author of fear, lies, and confusion!) God Bless You,

Do you hold that a Christian can lose their salvation?

Ruben, you ***hole, you are a stupid, fascist blowhard. And you're fat. And loud. What are you actually trying to accomplish with your Jesus peddling bullsh**?

Mr. Israel you preach a lot on hell for someone who claims to be a Christian.

I live in Charleston, SC and I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. God bless you, and thank you for what you do!!! Sincerely,

Ruben, I recently stumbled upon your videos on youtube and I just want to say thank you for what you do. You are a true man of God. Thank you, Richard

Ruben you are one tough son of a gun

Im a catholic who has questions for you. I feel you could be in grave danger with your words Ive heard you preach on youtube... Would you talk to me?

Great conference. Thanks for putting it on!

Hello, I would like to buy these shirts from you if you have any for sale. Please let me know. Thank you, John

Kill yourself

why aren't u making any more vids

I have been up all night watching your videos. I've been a Christian my whole life but I lost my way a few years ago... I've always fealt very alone but last month till now It has been a very dark time. I had no hope inside and the world seems so wicked and selfish these days, I didn't want to be here but I struggled through because as a Christian I cannot kill myself.. God has always answered ever prayer I've ever had but I've been internalizing every horrible thing I see.. tonight I kneeled and prayed alone here with each prayer you prayed with the folks in your videos... 3 times own also.. In one, the tears came like a heavy rain and a warmth and glowing feeling came through my chest and belly... The only way I could describe it. Others always ask how I know god is speaking to me. For all of us I think it is different. This is how I've always known. A feeling that's palpable.. I wanted to say thank you for your videos and I am so grateful for folks like you. I am glad god guided me to you and wish you the very best. Thank you for helping me. God bless you and your work.
Regards George Anchorage, Alaska

God bless you and your crew on taking the battle on the streets my the Lord keep you safe

I am interested in street preaching. I humble myself to learn more and preach in public. I am living holy but been praying to know more.


May I post the 3+ hour debate of Slick & Morrell to my YouTube channel?

Hi I am a sister in Christ in Ventura CA iam street preaching alone, today no Christians showed up to preach against the gay pride festival. God was with me, but iam feeling overwhelmed alone.i follow jesse morells page, can u add me? Danielle.

Go 2 hell motherfu**ing bit**

Can you give me some tips, and suggestions on how I can use a bullhorn legally without the cops shutting me down just because they say so? The rules and regulations are not clearly lined out, and it doesn't seem that the police department wants to give a clear answer. I live in Kent, Wa, and we preach at the local Muslim Mosque on fridays from the sidewalk. Any help would be a blessing, thanks! Raymond

Dear Ruben, Will you be streaming live this year? If so will it be available to the general public? Thank you!

I'm getting mail returned, did your address change? I'm sending to: PO box 1233 Norwalk, Ca 90650 Can you let me know. 

Hello Mr. Ruben Israel, I was talking a little with Jesse Morrell a few minutes ago via email, and he mentioned that you will have a live stream available for SOAPA? I was wondering if it is possible to get the URL for that? If I can only watch some of it, I would probably like to see the Debate with Jesse M. and Matt S.(CARM). If it's not available to watch live, will you be posting a recorded version anywhere? Thank you in advance!!

dude u suck

hello, Ruben i just became aware of your ministry a few weeks ago and i haven't been watching anything else since. I've done a lot of one on one evangelism and leafletting, but your reasons for open air are very powerful. I live in Thomasville Pa, USA, zip 17364, and i'd like to know if there's a street preacher chapter or affiliate close to me. May God bless and keep up the good work and contending for the faith. Brian

Brother Ruben, Greetings in the Name of Jesus!!! Hope you are doing well. People need to take a stand for Jesus in these last days! Our freedoms are slowly being taken away and people are standing by and letting it happen. How many people do you know of that will take a stand no matter what? Eric

Hello Ruben! We met four years ago at the DNC in Tampa. I asked you a few questions on the street. Here's the video if you want a reminder:
Then we saw each other again on the steps of the Supreme Court last year and reminisced of 2012. I'm reaching out today because a new friend of mine, Alex ******, of Quicksilver Media is currently making a documentary for Channel 4, a major broadcaster in the UK. They are exploring the recent history of LGBT rights in the US and the issues and debate this has raised. The documentary would really like to have as many opinions as possible, and I thought you might be someone who would happily give your opinion on the matter. I'll let Alex pick up from here, but I wanted to make this introduction. Best wishes,

hey Ruben can you tell us what to do if the police is conviscating prophet rods ? it seems that we have a clash in eindhoven in the netherlands while street preaching Like brother Jed I'm 2nd in comand in the body of christ Patrick my leader has been confronted with the police and took his Rod. Can you pray for him please thanks

Whats ur phone number srry about what just happened my atheist and gay friends just hate u

Hello Brother, I just wanted to check with you and see if there is anything I can help you with to prepare for SOAPA. I'm still working on the Target video and should have it done, no problem. What can I pray for you as we near the conference? Looking forward to seeing you again, face to face. God mightily bless and keep you!

Repent and obey God's commands through Jesus Christ as it is written in God's Word, the Holy Bible!!

Hello brother, Is there any way to pay for the SOAPA Conference via card? I live in Sacramento California and am planning to go to SOAPA Montana 2016. I would love to car pool with your group if you have room.

Why no more vids?

Dear Ruben, We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend precious time with you at SOAPA. We feel spiritually refreshed, uplifted and so grateful to our Lord Jesus to be able to share with our fellow brothers and sisters what God has done in our lives and just the fellowship alone was inspiring. We felt so at home there - it is hard to find the words to explain it. You just feel it in your spirit. It was such a gift from God to have been there. We had no idea of what to expect when we arrived in Montana. We are so thankful and Praise God! We pray that we can be together again. Ruben, Thank You. We understand the time and energy that you put into SOAPA. You organize it and take the time to be there to be the Master of Ceremonies. We want to express to you how much we appreciate you. Thank you to Colleen for letting us borrow you during that time. Your wife is exceptional and a blessing to us as well. We really enjoyed meeting you. It was like we have known you forever - and isn't that just like God to do make us feel so at home with our fellow saints? What a blessing. You are a Soldier for Christ and you inspire everyone around you. And even after we have met you, knowing what you do for our Lord Jesus Christ, we would still want you to be our neighbor! :D We hope that you find your way to Maui some day. With Phil and Suzy around that will probably become a reality. We are so grateful to them because they are the link to us meeting everyone there. Who'd a thought that God used a sign in our yard to bring Phil to our door. And he knew all of you saints that we had been inspired by online! God is merciful to those who love and obey Him. We had been searching and yearning to meet other souls who love the Lord. Great is Thy faithfulness oh God my Father there is no shadow of turning with Thee... Love in Christ, The Hall Family

Hi Rueben, Came across your youtube channel and street preaching. Good work, spreading the word. May not be mountain tops, but its sending the word out. Im From Australia, and I was wondering if you have even been here, or plan to in the future? I haven’t done any street preaching as yet, but I have done some online preaching and debating (building up to the street level) Your big and bold t-shirts inspired me. I have drawn up for myself a few and will send for printing. Wear them in public when theyre done, and im sure it will draw some attention/query/rebuke. Anyhow, you probably get thousands of emails. Keep up the good work, its reaching far and wide. Regards

I am a Cristian and I watched your video at Asu. I think you guys are with a know your rights the protest against Islam religion, but when you say God hates homosexuals or anyone that's a lie!!! And yelling at people and sending them to hell I never remember Jesus doing that in the Bible anywhere. The Bible I read says he wants all to come to repentance so maybe your message should be based more on that instead of hate-filled against people that don't agree with you. God bless and just pray about this please. Thank you

Hey there Reuben, I'm from Canada and find it difficult to find anyone with the same veiws we both hold in regards to god and all that surround him. I wish to do my part and preach but without others I certainly wouldn't survive an hour in my mostly muslim town. With true Christians under attack how should I go about this? Normally I wouldn't mind the fear of retribution but with a young daughter I need to be there to protect her for years to come. Any advice would be appreciated, and if you would like to talk some about christian philosophy I would very much like that aswell

Ruben, I have had a strong desire from the Lord to preach in the streets since I was first saved 17years ago. I have to admit I what is holding me back essentially is being able to make the first steps. I have good bible knowledge and a strong gift to remember scriptures. I use to desire to do mission work in other countries but the Lord has told me that he wants to use me in the U.S. I really just don't know how to 'step out of the boat'. I do have the ability to travel this winter if I can come to one of the places that you preach... I would prefer to not jump right into somewhere like MardiGras. Let me know if I could join you for a time when you are preaching this winter. Thanks,

What the fu** is happening in America! I just watched your video and i can not believe this has happened in the United fu**in states, we saw this behavior in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Michigan?im sickened and need to get involved

My Lord has been working on me for awhile now. He's been pulling me to street preach and I have been resisting His call. For all He's done in my life such as saving me from being pulled out into the ocean after falling asleep on a surfboard to seeing miraculous manifestation of the Holy Spirit's living water over twenty years. I found your link off I have watched your videos and love your passion for the Word and the truth. I'm looking to get linked up with some local street preachers in the Va Beach, VA area. I have bought a megaphone and some black sackcloth material and I'm looking for some tips on sourcing banners. I cant even imagine the place in heaven Jesus has made for you for the decades of faithful service you have given to the Father. I am inspired by you and further convicted in the work I must do. The hour is late. The harvest is great and the workers are few. Any tips you can give me will be appreciated. Your Brother in Christ

Hey Brother Ruben! I hope all is well. We are doing good. I love it in Tennessee! Is there any street preachers in Tennessee that I can get in touch with? I'd like to talk to you sometime I see you say homosexuality is a sin. But the bible never condemns slavery does it? Isn't there parts of marriage where you can marry your slave? Damn, I would love to see your face when you die to find out that your oh so heavenly savior doesn't exist.

Hi Ruben, How would I know if it’s to late for me to be saved? Yes, I believe that JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD. I do try to repent and turn away from all sin. but I feel condemned. I think because I have backslidden. It was only last year I did go back to JESUS CHRIST,but I think I didn’t try hard enough or my best. I think it might be too late for me, but I hope not. The reason why I say that is because I hear these voices in my head. And these voices are negative. or maybe I’m just imagining these voices. Please Ruben. Please let me know if it’s too late or not. I’ve prayed about it and waited for an answer. I tried waiting for an answer, and I thought GOD had answer me while I was praying unless that was my own thoughts, convincing myself that it’s not too late to go back to JESUS CHRIST and serve HIM. I thought HE said go to everyone you’ve offended and those that offended you and say sorry to them and ask for forgiveness and forgive others that have offended you. Thank you for your time for reading this. Sincerely,

Hi Ruben, I've just had another thought if I may. Have any of your chapters / do any of your chapters do street preaching or protests outside Target stores in protest at their gender neutral bathroom policy? That would be particularly pertinent to our film if so. Many thanks,

I have watched a few of your videos. As a Christian, I agree with your message. My question is, how much fruit do you see from these type of confrontations? Do people repent when confronted with their sins in this manner or are their tempers just inflamed against Christians? I am advised by my pastor that more people will receive what I have to say if I tone it down a notch. I am interested in fruit, in people repenting and becoming members of the body/bride of Christ. That is why I am curious if this works. I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you,

you sir a a fu**en psycho, I would rather be a muslim 

Brother, I watch you video and I would like to help. Here is some fuel for the fire. When someone says you are judging them this is not true. To judge someone that means to pass judgement, You are telling the truth. Some more fuel from Jesus. Obey Gods Laws rather than the Laws of Humans. Acts 5-29... Call no man thy father but thy father in Heaven. I shall confuse the intelligence of the intelligent, and the wisdom of the wise. I'll pray for you, keep up Gods work. Will you becoming to Alabama any time soon? You won't have that many people to disagree with you, but your welcome. God Bless,

I feel led to join the street parking but I can't find a Dallas TX team Israel I've seen you street preaching. I was surprised or not surprised on how people reacted. For those who listened what do you advised to them. Where do you send them. I was Catholic before and was converted 2014. Upon watching your video on you tube my daughter kinda listening and speak that's not right Dad.( street preaching on Anaheim convention). I believe in gospel of Christ. I'm still in s process of turning my family to Jesus. Idolatry yes! I'm sad caused family and friends believed just go to mass and keep movin and your okey. I'm praying to God our Father in heaven to open my families eyes and I continue to rebuked the catholic faith. I'm looking forward to your video and shared it to everyone. God bless you brother.

How silly you are, NO ONE listens to you

Brother Ruben. I want to buy a long sleeved shirt like yours and possibly a bible like yours. how do I go about getting them?

God bless you brother and all your work I appreciate you!

I was unable to find a list of chapter locations of “Official Street Preachers” on your website. Can you a list to me please, or is this is confidential info? I’m a Bible Believer who (today) found out about “Official Street Preachers” and I’m thinking about contributing to your efforts. I do not make hasty decisions; I’ve already prayed about this but I sense I should pray more. Hoping for a prompt reply. God bless you and yours.

Hi Ruben, Been watching your youtube. Here's a good suggestion regarding the muslim argument: The Quran says Mary was a virgin when she had Jesus. Ask the Muslim who was his father?

Ruben, it's an honor to know you Sir. Looks like you've made friends with a few people I know across the pond. The Quran says that a Muslim should consult the scriptures (meaning the Bible) to verify the Quran. Doesn't that mean the Bible is reliable? The Quran says that the Bible is not reliable. Does that mean that God cannot preserve His Word? If so, what makes you think He preserved the Quran? What about all the other older copies of the Quran that are different? Like the ones discovered in the rebuilding of the mosque in Yemen? Sincerely,

Ruben, I do a live radio show called Brothers on the Wall. We broadcast live from 7 to 10 pm Eastern time on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I was wondering if you would be open to do a one hour interview about your efforts in either August or September. Please let me know and in the meantime “Stay on the Firing line” God Bless, Brother

I got inspired by you by watching your videos. I was wondering what church do you think is the correct church that people should attend? I want to go to a church that teaches the true word of God. Please respond. I will look into the church you endorse. Thank you man.

Ruben, Could you please pray for me? I desperately need a job and I am having serious car troubles. Brent.

Hi Ruben, My intention is to attend this coming Monday night Bible Study. Please let me know if it cancels. God bless,

Why don’t you mind your own business fata**

The Sons Of Israel would greatly appreciate an audience with you. We have a proposal for you regarding Israel, America and the United Kingdom. Please response ASAP Yours gracefully Israel Yehudah Ben David Strength and Peace to you

Rueben, Hey brother! Great site, very inspiring... Lmk if you are ever in Maine or Mass so that I can join you... I haven't open preached but have a heart to. The first three years of my walk with the lord I hitchhiked the country though and shared with many... Let me know if I can help.

Brother Ruben, please remember me in your prayers Hello my name is Steven ******. I am from Alabama and the grandson of a Baptist preacher. I feel from the Holy Spirit that it is my calling to help spread the Gospel and save souls here in Vegas. I came here by fate. My testimony can reach out to those non believers and change their hearts to see and truly believe in Christ and that he died for our sins on the cross at Calvary. I ask of you how can I go about to preach in the streets as you do so faithfully? Can I join your team of warriors of Christ?

Hello. My name is Heather ***** and I am a PROUD BORN-AGAIN follower of Christ! I live in Tampa, and as you already know, Tampa is WICKED! I was praying that you and any other Street Preacher will come and stand with me and Preach the Gospel to EVERYONE at "The 2016 International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival" in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Sept 30- Oct 8, 2016? I thank you for "waking" me up and "opening" my eyes to ALL THE EVILDOERS!! Amen! Feel free to contact me anytime at (813) 735-****. Thank You!! God Bless!

I just wanted to reach out and say your YouTube channel is awesome! dear ruben, i was wondering if i could call you on the phone, or you could call me 973-789-**** thanks Donald

U stupid

Greetings, I thank God for you and your ministry and to all people who support. I am writing to inquire about where and/or how to order signs for street preaching, or if there are any good places to order from? May the gospel be preached to the ends of the earth. Please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you.

Have you heard of Stonewall Inn in NY Have you preached there yet? The people are atrocious and they're violent if provoked. Being the first "national monument" to homosexuals, it's a hotspot of sin and a must-visit-to-preach location. I would do it myself but I don't have the money. Just a recommendation and you don't have to but those people need the truth. God bless you brother. 

 I am grateful that I can help the kingdom of God advance. My family and I are keeping you and your love ones in our prayers.

Where can I choose from a selection of those awesome shirts i see in your videos?

Keep preaching, God bless you.

Reuben, On you home page there is a terrific photo of you and, to your right a guy with a hat and suspenders waving his hands towards heaven. Question: Any chance I can get a contact number to see if he wants his pipe cleaned by a faggot? Because he's prey godda** cute from what I can tell and I bet he could use a good bl** job. Just curious.

Hi! I wonder if you could pray that United Kingdom God Bless You!

Ruben, I have a question about wearing UniSex Clothes for men. Is it a sin to wear a Ski Mask that has labeled as UniSex? The reason why I need to ask you it's because I know for one thing that it is a sin to wear a skirt for men while it is a sin to wear pants for women. It would be akward but I'm not really sure if it applies to ski masks simply because the design is almost the same. What do you think about it?

Hi Ruben, I hope this finds you well! Just wanted to see if you could let me know what the final settlement in your case against the sheriff's department was. Do you know how much the city paid out in the end? Thanks!

Brother Ruben. My name is james *******, years ago I preached with Brother James Lyman and Craft family in Chicago an couple other places to make it short I have been trying to get in contact with him, could you give him or me the email or phone num. This crowd around here don't seem to know him anymore. Thanks my #270-299-**** in KY. I'm a dinosour for the electronics so hope you get this

Hello Ruben! Been watching your videos & I'm very thankful for your interview with the Mormon expert.

Thank you for doing a fantastic job! I've been street preaching for approximately twelve months steady, still working to improve, it is very helpful having guys like yourself to watch & learn from. Last week I saw some videos from the SOAPA conference where you were hosting it. There was a brother from Norway named Petar, I was wondering if he had a youtube channel & possibly an email address. I feel lead to write him a letter of encouragement, I was really moved by his testimonies/teaching. God bless,

You do great work in name of the lord. Bless you Carol

I just want to say that what you are doing is a wonderful thing! They are so many that are led down the wrong path and denying GOD'S own creation, "Our Father our creator who sent his only son Jesus Christ to earth and live a perfect life, to be persecuted by his own people die on a cross and to rise again from death so that we (Sinners) of this earth would have a chance at eternal life". I lived a sinners lifestyle for so long I truly hope that there is still time for me to redeem myself in the eyes of Our Farther. I wish that I had used more of my time studying the Bible so that I could join your effort to wake people up before its to late. I am astounded at the level of ignorance in people today. Far worse than the the days of Sodom and Gomorrah the sickness that plagues society today is worldwide. It would be an honor to stand beside you as you deliver your message of hope and redemption though I fear that I am not worthy. It is a good feeling to know that people like you are out there letting people know there is still a option and it is not to late but time is running out and the hour is almost at hand. God Speed my Brother! Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! Isaiah 5 20-23 (KJV Ernest

Hello Brothers, My name is Alex ****, and my family and I are street preachers in Maui, Hawaii. I was arrested for Disorderly Conduct while open air preaching. I was by no means "disorderly" but rather I stayed up on a park bench preaching until my arrest. All that took place is on 3 cameras. Upon arrival at the police station, I posted bail ($100) and was released. I am to appear in court, I am pleading "not guilty". I would like to ask for your advice on what I should do next. Should I seek an attorney? Could someone recommend an attorney or organization that could assist me here in Maui, Hawaii? Your help is greatly appreciated. This is the first time I have been arrested, so I am in need of counsel. Thank you all, and may the Lord Jesus bless you. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be able to help.

Hi brother, Is 2016 Conference near a camp ground to bring camper?

Hello - I just want to let you know that the one & only sin is Hatred. Live and let live, my friend. You're destroying Christianity - I hope you're happy about that.

Hey Ruben - Be sure to check out the main page for USA Today online - Your picture is featured - Trump rally! Love to chat sometime. Possible? I attach screenshots below.

Reuben Do you know this street preacher organization from Spokane that walked through the target store? I am from Spokane. Also your annual seminar in Montana what are the dates and can anyone attend or is it just for your group of guys. Thanks Appreciate your home missions work

To Whom It May Concern, Hi, my name is Damini and i'm a reporter from the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. I'm currently working on a news story about the protests that occurred at Santee Education Complex over the 'gender-neutral' bathrooms and would really like to hear your opinions on the issue. The interview would be really quick - no more than 10 minutes- and though I would prefer Skype, I could also conduct it through a phone call at your convenience. Please do let me know if you would be willing as soon as possible as I am working on a deadline. Thank you so much,

Hey Y'all. I love Y'all on YouTube. I pray more people rise up and stay in the word to know it's truth like the remnant of us. Do Y'all ever preach in Georgia or Alabama? Do Y'all know any street preaching groups like you here cause we really need it. God bless! Colossians 3:17

Hello, just found your vids on YouTube. God will bless you abundantly for the work you do. I was wondering which of the many Bible versions you use? I own several, from King James to the NIV. I find each is useful depending on the application. And also, I read your bio on your web site and wanted to know if you consider yourself a particular denomination? Thanks for your time. God bless you, Stephen

Please call me at 912-670-**** my personal cell number... I'm very interested to join the team and make a difference in one's life through God's truth and power! Sincerely,

Ruben you're running the world's biggest Pharisee religious organization. Certainly, it would explain why you've seemingly ignored so much of the Sermon on the Mount. I don't know which gibbering demiurge you worship, but it's got nothing to do with the Christ I know, and I condemn you false prophets equally to hell along with your pale demonic shadow of God. Your religion is a religion of empty pride and self-righteousness with not an ounce of real compassion in it, and I'm not fool enough to mistake anything of the kind for the Gospel. If I ever encounter any of your venomous tribe in public, rest assured I will not be silent or gentle.

Hello Ruben, I was wondering if you have a schedule of upcoming events. Anything in So Cal campuses? Daniel

Hello brother, Are you located in New York? God bless you and the brethren!

Hi, where can I buy the t shirt Proud to be a infidel cut on the dotted line that I saw Ruben wearing. Thank you in advance, I know you are busy. Blessings

Hey brother Ruben, my wife, son, and I have been out street preaching for over a year now. I am wondering how to become part of The Official Street Preachers? Thank you very much, God bless.

I was watching a video where one of your people was tearing up the qaurn and yelling at the muslims. I believe that is the wrong way to go about it. He Was spewing hate just as much as the muslims. We can get the message of the cross out without the extreme effort you present in the videos. But doing nothing and being very passive isn't the way to do it. We need a happy medium to get people to listen. Thank you for your time.

Brother Ruben, Thank you for all that you do!!! I have watched many of your street preaching YouTube videos and have visited your web page and would love to be able to join you. Please let me know what the next step would be. God Bless !!

Hey idiot, no....most people DON'T think like you, that's why there were only 5 morons at your 'protest' instead if 100...Leave the Muslims alone and go get some help. You're an embarrassment to all humanity.

Hi Mr. My name is Traquan of Paterson NJ I'm writing to you because I love what you guys are doing. I wanted know if you guys would come to my high school Passiac County Tech in Wayne NJ and preach because they embrace sins. I stand up against them all the time and tell people that it is not right. I have been talked about, disrepected, and harassed but they won't stop me. For God will make sure of it. So if you are interested come anytime. God Bless you and keep up the Great Work!!!!!


Hey, I saw you taking on muzzies in what looks like Florida (judging by the flora) where are you guys at anyway? I pray for your safety, and success with these animals. As far as I'm concerned, if your a Muslim you are a foreigner even if born here.

Good afternoon my Brother I have a question concerning preaching at Homosexual events.My name is Jim ****** and I pastor Parkway Freewill Baptist Church in Sebring FL.and my question is when does it become casting pearls before swine?We pass out tracts and minister one on one here locally and we have so far been spared these acts of perversion but I know these things are coming.I have and my fellow ministers have no problem with preaching,is there a point when it's time to shake the dust off and move on?Yours in Christ


Hi Ruben, my name is Primitivo, I just read your story and I'm glad you love the Lord. I too came to Christ on May 2006. Just like you, I come from a Catholic home. My encounter with Jesus was very strong and powerful, never in my life had I felt Gods presence in my heart. But after my weekend with Jesus, I was hungry to know more about him and his church. The more I learn the more I love being a Catholic. I discovered a radio station on Catholic answers live. In this station we have men who like you know the bible and can answer anything that none catholics don't understand about our faith. I would love for you to call this radio station on any day where they open the lines for none Catholics. They will answer any of your question so that you have a true understanding of our faith, from someone who knows. Not like the people you meet in the streets. The radio station is from 3 to 5pm Monday through Friday. As you know the bible speaks of one church and history tells us who that church is, the Catholic Church (Eph 4:1-6). For what I have seen in your videos, you have a poor understanding of what the Catholic Church teaches. It seems that you don't understand the sacraments or why infant baptism or Mary. It would be nice if you could talk to Tim Staples one of the apologists. I know that you didn't get the answers you needed from that prist long ago, but I promise you, that Catholic answers live will. They will help you open your eyes to the truth that only the church has (1 Tim 3:15). I know that you love Jesus and you know that the church is the body of Christ on earth. I'm just one Catholic who like you, love Jesus and our brothers and sisters. From the thousands and thousands of denominations that claim to have the truth, I choose the Catholic Church. And yes you are right about the priests who have abuse children. They need to pay but we do not leave Christ church because of Judas. God bless you my brother. Your friend and brother in Christ

Know anyone in the Champaign-Urbana area (University of Illinois) open air preaching at the Gay Pride Festival this coming Saturday? I would like to gather with them that day. Thank you

Ruben if ur there here me out in am a proud anti gay evangelical christian and I am planning on becoming a street preacher all dat shit u got waz from my daughter is am on her email 4 give her 4 her negativity she is an atheist and supports dis lgbt nonsense. and my wife wants a divorce is just need 2 do something 2 get back in the way of properly serving God u should make more vids I'm one of ur many subscribers and I'm willing to exchange ideas with u I feel like my daughter might be a lesbian can I have ur number and I'll give u mine I'll just email it 2 u I've read ur blog and I'm srry about what you have to go through with deez wicked demons u call ppl. Thanks and God bless. Bye

Dear Mr Israel, I am based in the UK and i saw a clip today as i was youtubing and i agree its very sad that some Muslims from the Mosque in the clip above came out and took the bait to show their true colours. As Muslims, we should not have such hate filled feelings and clearly showing in the eyes of some of them in the clip above. I can see you have some very valid and strong points in the clip and i, like you, totally totally condemn the atrocities and mass killing and mass mayhem that are going on around the Muslim world in the name of our faith. Personally, as a Muslim, i strongly feel the Muslims world needs to be inward looking and self critical and also the rich so called Muslims world should do much more to help there so called Muslims brethren in terms of education and tolerance. There is so much we have in common, than divides us. And whereas i may disagree with some of the points you made Sir, about the Prophet being a pedophile(i don't think he was from my readings), i will always defend your right to say it, always. I hope my fellow Muslims will agree, most or some at least! I have learnt from you brother and in Gods name hope we can break bread together one day. Best regards and prayers,
Noor Ahmad, London

Hi Ruben, I'm Dillon ****, a reporter for Richland Source in Mansfield, Ohio. I'm working on a story from my coverage of the Republican National Convention that explores the different methods of street preaching/ministry. Today, I spoke to one of your street preachers; however, he was a bit busy to answer my questions. I want to know which methods are most effective. If you could, please take the time to respond to these questions at your earliest convenience: 1.) Did you have people converted on the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention? 2.) If so, do you have a plan in place for how you will follow up with these new believers? Please provide me with your specific metrics for keeping track of them. 3.) What is your response when people say you, or the street preachers, are "haters" and "spreading false doctrine?" 4.) Many street preachers resorted to name-calling when certain frustrated individuals listening to the street preachers became angry. Some of the names I heard were "faggot," "homo," "whore," "muslim terrorist," among many others. Where in the bible does it promote this behavior? And do you believe this is an effective method of Christian ministry? Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Please feel free to contact me by using the number below if you have questions for me. I would like to get involved!

Hello my name is Anthony John *******. I am a retired Army vet. For many months the Lord Jesus Christ Has been leading me to truth. I am a bible believer and Have been feeling complied to find like minded Brothers and Sisters that are not Wishey Washy and once a week feel good then live my life, not willing to put there life on the line for God the father and for there fellow man. Now I have been a christian since very young on paper but in my heart I was not committed. I say about 1 year ago. That changed. God remove Vices, I seen the Lord heal others and myself from injury. Everything the world teaches us and the lack of Real Followers with Faith to group up and preach the Good news( Gospel) to everyone. I have to say your group inspired me even more as of 8/29/2016. Now I've only been deep in the word praying, reading, studying For about 6-8 months I spent all day in study and been praying alot more that ever. I've recently added fasting and how important that is to have a deeper relationship with him. People in my family both christian and non have seen a change in me. Trust me when I tried to quit Vices before on my own and I was never able to do it. I have been reading the Word and Its like now that I hunger to serve the Lord for a little over six months all I do is read the Word of God from when I wake up and view study Lessons on subject matter related to the bible. So I consider myself Born again and a infant in the word compared to others but I'm willing to get involved to support the cause. I'm in descent shape and have nothing but free time. I can deacon( Security), able and willing help. Since I got serious for the Lord I wanted to contribute to the Sowing of Good Fruit. I'm open mined and willing to learn and would like to fellowship to learn from others because this is new for me, but I'm not the fearful type, nor afraid to die for my God Bold for Jesus. I'm going to stop typing now 'lol' my Personal info is as follows: Anthony John ******* Cell: 845893**** Address: 45 ******Street Garnerville New York, 10923 email. antr*** @gmail Feel free to contact me any time. If I don't answer my phone if you call my cell leave a message also i check my email often and a text before the call will let me know is you or someone from your fellowship calling. Thank you for time and have a Blessed week in Jesus name Amen.

My name is Chris Con*****. I'm 52 and have been a Christian for 20 years. My walk with the Lord has been difficult most of the time because of nobody's fault but my own. The Lord has been very merciful and gracious to me through the struggles. I started seeing you on YouTube videos when I was watching some Republican political videos and I just started seeing you preach to people at various events and I was struck by your courage and your strength and your steadfastness and I know that these gifts were given to you by God. I saw you once down in San Diego and then I started seeing you in other videos that I watched and then I ran across your movie "Ruben Israel the movie" and I watched the whole thing and I just was broken by it. I was broken because as I watched you preach and I read the words on your signs and I listen to the things you were talking about and I realize that I was such an unfaithful servant, an unfaithful child of God, that I just was broken by the things that you were preaching and seeing what you were doing for the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the things I noticed was the hatred of Jesus by unbelievers and by so called Christians. The so-called Christians bothered me the most. The spiritual state of the christian in this country is in big trouble. I would say that they probably aren't Christian. I have to say that I've been convicted and moved more than anything has moved me in a while since I became a Christian. I want to pray for you and your ministry. I'm intrigued by your ministry but in saying that I realize that I don't have what it takes to be a Street Preacher like you. God has certainly not gifted me like he's gifted you and some of the other men that you go out and preach with. I thank the Lord for brothers like you and as I was being broken by your preaching i was rejoicing in the way the Word of God was penetrating the hearts of people. People are full of sin and hatred and can't see that you are loving them. They just don't get it. I am hoping to pray for your events and am asking how you would like me to pray for you to reach the lost through your preaching. I pray to meet you one day and have some fellowship. God Bless you Ruben. Keep going. The Lord is with you.

Ruben, Have you ever been arrested and/or detained without any subsequent charges? May I highly suggest you contact brother Mark at the Constitutional Alliance, who like it or not, is now working with the hyper liberal communist, bra-burning lesbionic feminazis at liberal fascist homo commie Georgetown Law. Perhaps this is a Law School class project in which Georgetown make their attempt at being "Constitutional" in light of all the political protests and arrests going down, such as the clash in Cal a day ago between left and right with knifings, etc. I would love to see a street preacher like yourself respond to Georgetown and volunteer your many ongoing arrests and detainments with little or no charges. They either accept you for who you are or Mark will have to jump to the conclusion that they want lefties only. Just a suggestion... Brother Bill here in Dinkytown, Minneapolis full of homos, communists, ground zero for Somali allahdolaters, transhumanists, Martians, etc.

Hello Brother Ruben, My name is Jack. I live in Puyallup, WA which is near Tacoma, WA. I have grown so much by watching your videos as well as Brother Kerrigan's. I watch other's too like brothers John, Adam and Jesse, and all of you edify me and let me know there really are true bible believing, bible obeying born again brethren out there. Just like sooo many professing Christians out there I believed I was good-to-go no matter if I sinned or not because in the past I had said a prayer asking for forgiveness and asked Jesus into my (filthy) life. I thought I had a "golden ticket"! I must admit I was bible-illiterate even though I knew much more than the average person because of a pastor grandfather and my genuine love of the Lord. But after watching videos of you and the others I was completely convicted by the Holy Spirit and realized I had been grieving God. I had been trampling the blood of Christ because I was still sinning and didn't have a true repentance. I have now truly repented, follow His commandments and study the Word every day. I have watched so many videos and studied so much this year I can really see a difference in how I view the world and people I have in my life. My wife has resisted the changes that have happened in my life but through prayer and gentle persuasion she is beginning to accept the new me as well as the changes in herself! I would like to join you if you come up this way. The Lord knows this area needs a good rebuking! I feel pretty alone here as I don't know any true brothers in Christ here. I was wondering if you know of anyone in my area that believes the true and whole council of God that I might fellowship with? You are a true warrior of God and I hope to emulate you some day. I'm 51 now so I may never know the bible as well I should but I will learn and share with everyone around me what I do learn! I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and all the brethren out there. Thank you SO much for loving the Lord and everyone enough to share your labor with me through video! Keep standing up for Him against the workers of iniquity (Psalms 94:16) for the time is short so that from now on even those who have wives should be as though they had none (1Corinthians 7:29). God bless you Brother Ruben, Your brother in Christ,

Brother Ruben, I am praying you can be a guest on my podcast Street Salvation, which focuses on open air ministries. It gives a platform to street preachers not to talk about themselves, but to spread the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, speak of repentance, the severity of sin, and informs listeners on how they can help these open air ministries. You can visit our STREET SALVATION POCAST page to learn more. We have another podcast that has been growing in audience reach called CONFRONTING THE DEVIL. My wife and I do these podcasts as a ministry, and to help ministries, as we do not make a dime from them. We may not be weathly, but our richness is in Jesus God Almighty. Brother Ruben, Street Salvation is still new, and we are scheduling guest - on their own time frame and solely at their convenience. It's nt a "live" radio program, but prerecorded and conducted by phone. So, it literally can be done on any day at any time. We live in Michigan, so there is a time difference, but that's no issue. The interview is just 30 minutes, if you don't have that, it can be any amount - 10 minutes, perhaps. To see our podcasts, or sample any, GO HERE. Thank you for your time, and God bless your ministry, Kevin, Grand Haven, Michigan (616) 846-****

Hello Brother Ruben, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I'm Vijay ****** from Cedar Rapids, IA. I've preached in the churches, but not on the streets yet. I'm an evangelist reaching out to Hindus from India. The Lord's calling is that I preach on the streets as well. I have been watching street preachers for the past 3 years and I'm energized. I watched a lot of videos of your preaching. You are a BOLD man of God. I've been wanting to make it to the SOAPA conference, but could not make it last year. This year, I wanted to make it and I almost missed it. When I was wanting to see the schedule of Bro Jesse Morell on his website, I found out that the SOAPA conference is starting from 8/18...learnt about this date just this afternoon. So, in a hurry, I made a decision to make it. Booked my ticket to Kalispell. I didn't have time to mail the cheque to Bro Philip Kelvmoen, but I thought I would let you know. My flight will be reaching by midnight (12:03am on 8/18...Delta Airlines DAL 2495 from Salt Lake City). Kalispell is a new place and I'm wondering if any one can get me from the airport to 315 E Evergreen, Kalispell. If the taxi's are available, I can catch one and get there. Any help is appreciated. My cell phone number is 319-651-5709. There is no contact number anywhere on SOAPA website. If you have some number that I can call in the event that I really need help from the airport in the middle of the night, that'll be a blessing. Please let me know. I'll be starting from Cedar Rapids at 2:30pm (via Minneapolis, Salt Lake City to Kalispell). All to His glory,

Ruben, Please excuse my email last evening. I had been in the Word and on different web sites all day and by the time that I emailed you I was pretty drained. A bit about me... I have been a follower of our Lord for 18yrs now since I was 19. In my first year as a Christian I asked the Lord to have me do something radical, so he had me stand on top of my car at the pizza shop across from the high school where I used to go. Of coarse most ridiculed me. I was then a part of a Pentecostal church for two years and then left the church after reading from Watchman Nee. I have spent 16 years outside the institutional church. I have had a call from God in my early years and have just tried to continue in the path he has had me on. Because I had felt a call from God to preach in some radical way I tried to go to bible college but thankfully the Lord specifically stopped me from going. I also tried to join some missionaries from anywhere I could, but He thwarted me once again. Finally He revealed to me the I am to stay in America and preach the Gospel here. So I spent 3-4 years hitchhiking around the U.S. and sharing the Gospel with all different walks of people. From there and for good reason the Lord saw fit to shelf my ambition to work out many things. That time of wilderness has worked out many things that I could not have gained in any other way. I now feel that the time is coming soon to begin a ministry of street preaching. And in all honesty I don't know how to jump start my butt in gear. Lol. So.... it would be really awesome to join you if you are close by Maine, mass, or NH. Also, here is a letter to a friend of mine with the same interests that I thought you might enjoy. The link below is pretty good as well...

Ruben, I am a follower of Christ not of man. But I see your work and I admire your strength. For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men, you will only find yourselves fighting against God. Acts 5:38 Never pass Judgment and I don't think you are. If you see sin or something against God you have the right to tell a Christian brother that is wrong. You must back up this by using Gods word. This is not Judgment! Judgment is to give out punishment for Sin; this is what Catholics do when you must pray a certain way, five hail Mary's etc. Jesus said to go to a quiet place and talk with our father and ask for forgiveness for the sin and ask a brother for guidance. Sometimes God allows things to happen to reach his purpose, and only God knows what that may be. I to am concerned at times with directions of pastors. Their concern is not of their flock, "Be sure you know the condition of your flocks; give careful attention to your herds." Proverbs 27:23 Some pastors are more worried about money and the size of their flocks. The larger the church the better, or more money! When you speak to people try to be kinder, and more understanding. You are on the right track and I can provide many sayings in the Bible to support your direction. I to understand time is running out for all mankind. We must put on the Armor of God and save and many souls as possible before the Lord comes. "For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." Luke 6:45 Please use Gods word in responding to Catholics, in every disagreement. Call no man they father but they father thy God! "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate." Corinthians 1:18 If someone threatens you, smile and tell them Jesus and our father Loves them. Brother I'm not sure you ever met a person like me, I am a "Watchmen!" Their are few of us. I Love Jesus and our father will all my heart, and I try and love all mankind. I'm still working on that with a few of men! God Bless, and may he keep you safe.

Ruben, I watched your testimony at the conference on the internet and I loved your analogy of the prodigal son. I, like you, was never a prodigal son but was like the other son who always stayed close to the Father. I too was raised by two great Catholic parents who instilled in me the morals that a true child of God must live by. However, unlike you I never left the Catholic Church. Unlike the bad experience you were subjected to, I had a great experience with a good priest who sat down with me and showed me that purgatory was in 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 where Scripture infallibly teaches that after this life, those who have died with a saving faith by the grace of God, will have their works tested. They will “suffer” yet be saved “as through fire”. This is the final stage of a Christian's journey to sanctification by God's cleansing fire. I had a good priest who told me that not only Christians but the Jews have always believed in a place of final purification which is why in Judaism they too pray for their dead. As scripture says without holiness no one will see God (Hebrews 12:14) and none of us will die in perfect holiness which is required to be in the presence of God. I had a good priest sit down and show me where every teaching of the Catholic Church is found in the Word of God. I had a good priest show me the Eucharist, the Real Presence of Christ, when Jesus took bread and said, “This IS my body” and in John 6:51 where Jesus told His apostles about the bread that He would give: “The bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh”……he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him on the last day, “ John 5:54. I admire your ministry and your love for God and I wish it continued success but I pray that you reconsider the reasons you left the Church that Christ founded almost 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. In one sense you are a prodigal son whom the Father has allowed to leave His house, the Catholic Church. He is now calling you to come home to the faith of your parents, to the faith of Paul, to the faith of the apostles, to the faith of all Christians until Martin Luther broke away and started the first denomination. Coming home wouldn’t mean you would have to give up the gift God has given you to evangelize. It would mean you would be evangelizing the way Paul and the apostles did, with all that God has revealed with all that Christ taught His disciples without error. Christ and His Church need faithful men like you. I will be praying for your return. God bless,

hello Rubeun ,All GLORY TO GOD he has moved you with his Holy Spirit to go into the streets preaching the gospel of truth and Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the life, i can tell you have defiantly counted the cost and are looking for the Lords return, for Christ himself said this Gospel will be preached to the whole world as a testament and then the end will come, I would really love to give you a call, i have been considering leaving my wife( not divorce or abandoning her of course) but heading out like a man and speaking about our lord to the multitudes if it is his will, i really would love to get a kickstart with you and the other brothers in the faith , me and my wife also try to manage and online ministry it is a dial in, and we want to put your ministry on it and ask the groups to donate , I looked through your online website a bit and i really love what you are doing even with the bail bond for the Christians arrested, if this is your email still please respond and let me know how to call or get in contact with you regularly or enough to have a discussion about joining you out there or you coming to my city me and my wife can possibly help with the travel a bit starting in january but i would like to join you even before that and also get a little help with the laws and ordinances and things youve run into, i know i can just get my butt on the field and learn those thing through trial and error but if i am able to be free on the streets speaking the True word of God that would be just as good , God willing, also we have a dial in coming up pretty soon june 9th and i would love for you to be a part of it and just share your testimony and some encouraging words about Gods protection to others who want to join the fight vocally, thank you your brother in the faith emanuel

Dear Ruben Greetings from Kenya here in Africa .The Lord is good to us. I got this website as I was on with my computer.Am born again . Jesus filled me with The Holy Spirit.We are doing ministry here in our country Kenya by the grace of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to do the Great Commission with the message of of salvation to the lost world.We preach hope to the hurting world . We have seen great miracles take place supernaturally through the ministry of deliverance. We have great passion to see chains breaking ,eyes opened and Jesus proclaimed and those who are being saved to have a training to develop deeper relationship with Jesus through discipleship making. Recently my wife and I launched a small fellowship in the city of Nairobi and would love to work with your ministry. We request that we can work with your ministry and have many people delivered by the Word and prayer as we do evangelism and church planting.Our government has allowed to go to the open air evangelistic meetings and prisons and colleges and schools and hospitals to preach deliverance.My wife and I would love to be your ministry contacts here in Africa.We believe in the anointing that breaks the yoke of Satan.The Lord uses me in the area of revivals,evangelism,divine miracles of deliverance and healing and discipleship . Please consider Kenya for your next international missions trip. I hope to hear from you soon as the Lord Jesus permits. Pastor and Mrs Caliph Ndemo Unity Covenant Center Kenya,Africa

First let me say that I am blessed by your ministry. It is wonderful that you heeded the voice of the Lord and are living your calling. I have been truly blessed since I can hardly stomach the things this present generation does. But back to my point of sending this. I read that you have attorneys standing behind you, fighting for your free speech rights, and I am wondering if you could advise me on what to do, regarding my situation. So this has been happening for quite awhile, facebook has been placing my account into "fb jail" on a regular basis. I am hoping that you have at least heard of it, if not been through it, which many Christians are still going through. I know many of our Brothers in Christ have been through it, many you know personally (I think anyways). Anyways, it had been told to me on many occassions in refute of my claim that fb was violating my Constitutional rights, that they were a private entity and didn't have to respect my rights. I did some personal research and found that was not true, fb traded stocks publicly, making them a public entity, who were supposed to respect my rights. I have attempted to contact Mark Zuckerman a few times. There is no way to refute or challenge their punishment either. I have started taking screenshots of them. I wish I had thought thought to do so earlier in this situation. So if you could advise me on how to fight them and make this right, I'd be so grateful. I am at a loss. It isn't about fb really, as there are times I take vacations from it. God comes first to me, so I could truly care less about it even existing. I had used Myspace at one time but was led to Facebook. I have not looked back. If I am led away from Facebook, so be it. The Lord may want to use my situation for His glory. Please pray about it and let me know. Thank you for your time. I would request that you at least acknowledge that you received this, if you will, so I know. With sisterly love, Your sister in Christ, Rosanna