Monday, June 13, 2016

Being the SALT in Salt Lake City

Making a stir in Utah
Last weekend we preached at the sodomite parade in Salt Lake City and when you think of Salt Lake you think of Mormons and conservative people but nothing is further from the truth. 
 Utah was a strong religious spirit and a perverted spirit mixed together.
On the first day of our preaching we stood outside the main gates of the fest and contended for the faith. Everyone is Utah is saved and is heaven bound. Now to prove their love they did their kiss-in in front of me as the crowd cheered, shouting we are ‘haters’ and they are love.
At the end of the day, I was confronted by a (male-female) couple who have watched me preach during the Mormon conference for the past 2 years.
And driving by the city hall, they saw our banners, parked their car then walked to find me and tell me some good news. They were leaving the Church. They had enough with religion as the Lord used me to question their religion but not their faith in God.
Now, you may think one can just leave the LDS Church, right?
NO, they are using an attorney to get removed from the Church. This appears to be normal, as the LDS Church does not like you to leave them and it may take a decade (at least) before their names are removed as members. That is only to impress the world with the numbers of its members.
That made my day and maybe in October you will see them standing with me.
Later that night, I preached at a sodomite bar by myself and things exploded within minutes, as I preached with a megaphone.
Hundreds were outside on the sidewalk as they attacked me and the punches started. Three times this mob assaulted me and even fought among themselves to stop the punching.
One large black sodomite took a few punches for me and he was used to move the angry mob away from me. It was amazing how that guy was used to defuse the crowd on the sidewalk that night.
At one point I was shoved into the street where a parked taxi was and it was that leaning on the taxi that was used to keep me from falling on the street. Police arrived and I knew the officers from preaching around the Temple for years and he allowed me to continue preaching. He said ‘you know the law better than I do and you are fine.’
Now there was a sodomite that was standing next to me and the officer asked if he was with me, he replied ‘No, I am a homosexual and it was this guy (as he pointed to me) who was attacked, he never punched anyone’ The large black man agreed that I was within my rights and was attacked.
The officers warned the bar owner that they were liable if their customers harmed me on the sidewalk. He also told the bar owner that in a few minutes he needed to shut the music off because at midnight there is a noise ordinance. THAT angered the mob even more because they thought I was going to be arrested and I kept preaching and the loud music was shut down.
THAT was the first time I have ever used a megaphone in that city.
Salt Lake will cite you for even using a paper funnel to amplify your voice, yet I had liberty that night.
The next day was the parade and we raised our banners on the route and preached to the crowd and those in the parade.
We started to use the megaphone when the parade started and the chief of police was walking in the route waving to the crowd, he saw me standing in between banners, he walked to me and asked ‘If everything alright?’
We talked for a bit and he walked back into the parade. After that sidewalk meeting, I was confronted by Salt Lake police and they told me that megaphone was not allowed unless I had a permit.
 We talked and talked….and talked…and then he told me I could use the megaphone but just pace it, not continual. I agreed and used the megaphone during the parade.
THIAT was an answer to prayer because I have never used any amplification in that city and do not know anyone who has used a megaphone on the streets of Salt Lake WITH THE BLESSING OF THE POLICE.
After the parade the crowd gathered and I answered questions
And I even spend personal time with a few people who argued that God is love and forgives everyone.
After the parade, we followed the parade and went to the homo fest at city hall, there we continued to preach against sodomy.
The police stood by and moved the crowd before thing got out of hand.
Had they not have made a showing, this crowd would and beat us and destroyed our banners.
After preaching for hours, we were about ready to leave and an angry sodomite was inches of my face.
He was told several times to back off by police standing right next to me. This angry man said that 3 of his sons were ‘gay’ and he did not like what I was preaching. I told him he was a bad father for supporting them. He then spit in my face and tried to run, I believe he only got 3 feet before he was arrested. What person would want to spit on someone knowing there were 3 officers standing next to me and he denied it. 
 He was trying to spit into my mouth but his saliva landed on my goatee.
What a way to leave this city and thank You for your prayers as having to use a megaphone in Salt Lake was BIG, not to mention having that Mormon couple find me and tell me they are now leaving the Church, was icing on the cake.
Here is an email I received regarding the media attention I get when I preach:
“ruben u just love the media attention u had your five minutes of go away”
 Oh really, I cannot help the media puts my signs and preaching on the news. Do you realize that the media will interview 100 people for a story and the odds on making an article or a TV interview is slim?
I must have made an impact out there to get that attention. I preach with passion, with media or without media around me.
 I preach with fury, with a large crowd or just two people watching Because, I preach with fever for God and that is something you will NEVER understand Most people would be nervous and uneasy having so many cameras around them when they preach, not with me.
They are invisible in my eyes, NEVER a distraction.
Because I am concerned with getting a certain message out to a particular people and IF I get media coverage that is mere ‘extra credit’ from God for doing a job ‘well done.’
And please do not embarrass yourself, the Lord has given me decades of media attention, NOT five minutes. Maybe if you preached those streets with zeal, anointed by God, God would allow you to go into thousands and millions of homes with your message.
These stories will not puff me up, because after each preach I am involved with many other venues that have my concern. Over the years I have forgotten how many newspaper articles, magazines, radio shows, TV shows, documentaries, news programs and such I have been on. I do not live off of a past news article but give current articles coupled with my report of where I was preaching.
IF you wish to read more into that, have at it.
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“Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works”
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