Saturday, May 14, 2016


Thank you for your prayers for the Joel Osteen preach, as it very profitable with your air support, as we were the boots on the ground at this unholy place
After we parked, we walked right to the main doors, set up our banners and started to reprove those walking in. 
 We were immediately confronted with security and asked to leave. We refused and we were told the local police would remove us. 
 That never happened because they were aware we were coming that night and the Ontario police never came to the venue. 
 So security went into ‘Plan B’ mode and kept the people moving away from us.
The event was all about Joel, once you walked in there was a large screen with Joel smiling and giving them a nice judgmental message. 
 The books and DVD’s were sold on tables before walking to your seat and everyone had a smile, because whoever has the biggest smile has more Holy Ghost.
As the event started and the line outside was gone, Christian and I was confronted with an associate pastor from Osteens church, he stood outside with a few other men watching us and filming.
We asked if we could record the conversation but he refused. He said he saw these banners outside a number of places where Joel spoke. He agreed with us and yet defended Osteen, he asked if he could get us coffee. We asked about that abortion clinic a few miles from his Church and he agreed Joel could do something but does not. I asked what his pastor thought of same sex marriage? He said he disagreed, I asked him has Joel EVER sent a group out to preach against that yearly event in his city? He said ‘no.’
This young ‘minister’ appeared to be thankful for our presence. I asked for the mic inside for just 30 seconds, he said ‘No’ so I said
‘fine, 15 seconds will do.’
He smiled and assured us we made our point outside.
The picture below:
This woman questioned why we were there and within a few minutes she agreed with us being there.
  She even said that the Holy Ghost is not inside that building but still wanted to experience and night with Joel. She told me that he mother warned her about going and considered us talking an answer to her prayers. She was convicted, but still went inside.
As with most religious events we preach at, maybe 5% bring their Bibles.
That night they had a verity of messages from several street preachers and all were in one accord to beware of Joel Osteen. 
 The Bible reads ‘repent and believe’ Joel says ‘believe and no need to repent’
Jesus was very hard on the religious of his day
‘woe unto you hypocrites’
‘ye shall receive the greater damnation’
‘ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves’
 ‘ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves’
‘how can ye escape the damnation of hell?’
And name calling was the norm with that ilk
‘ye blind guides’
‘Ye fools and blind’
‘ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity’
‘ye generation of vipers’
And that is just some of what was said just in ONE (1) chapter (Matthew 23).
Not a very positive message like Joel gives, in fact God is NOT very positive, those 10 Commandments have a lot of ‘Thou shalt not’ in them. 
 And we find a few verses where God will bless you IF you obey and chapters of curses if you disobey.
Jeremiah also rebuked the religious of his day, he started off saying
“Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD”
That would ‘woe’ is a curse and he rebuked them in the entire chapter of Jeremiah 23.
Jesus spoke to 7 Churches in Asia and 5 out of 7 He told to REPENT! 
  Those were actual Churches not ages or times, and one must wonder what He would say today, over 2000 years later
Here is a link I wrote regarding preaching outside religious buildings:
It rained going to the venue but not when we were preaching outside and after the preach on the way back, it started to rain again.
What timing, either way we were ready to get wet outside. Parking for the event was $10.00 and after went left, I asked for my money back. My $10.00 was returned. You never get it unless you ask, that was not the first time and will not be the last time.
  If you wish to see and hear the preaching outside the Osteen meeting, click the ink below:
Its official, I will leaving for New York next week to speak on a late night show regarding Dearborn and Islam. I can’t get into much details but the studio booked my air fare today from LA to NYC and hotel, with ride to the studio.
We will be taping on the 19th. The topic is Isis in America with the city of Dearborn mentioned as a player and for some reason my name was pointed out with Muslims in Dearborn. 
 So this program wanted to get me to NYC and dispute my side against Islam. I will be wearing my anti-Islam shirt and arguing they are not the religion of peace. Doing this trip alone, unless you live in NYC and would like to come to the show, I’m sure I can get you tickets for the audience.
I cannot give more details than that but your prayers are requested. At the end of the day, this is just another TV show that had me as a guest, not to promote my books, DVD’s, or support my ministry but to uphold the God of the Bible. 
With Uncle Ruben Grab some popcorn, make sure that beer has root, cuddle up to someone and share the love. To get the FULL effect make sure you click ‘full screen’ and that will place you right in the middle of these venues
Street Preachers: Mardi Gras Death March
Preaching at ASU
Rebuking the Muslim booth during earthday