Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Street Preachers vs LDS

Taking a knee in Salt Lake
Early in the morning before the LDS conference started I took a knee to answer questions. 
 This elderly Mormon in a wheelchair was showing me where we have ‘garments’ in the New Testament that should be worn. 
 I responded with all those verses were either symbolic or to be displayed on the outside as per the context. Those garments are not worn under your clothes as the LDS underwear. 
 We should ‘shine our light’ not hide it. He had questions and the Lord gave him answers.
Twice a year the Mormon Church holds a ‘general convention’ where the followers come to hear from their leaders and get their ears tickled as to how great they are.
And in route to hear from their prophet and apostles, they must pass by a number of street preachers
And of course what is street preaching without law enforcement. Over the years we worked hard to keep that sidewalk free to speak and during general conference SLPD keeps an eye on us and the sidewalk not blocked.
During the convention the sidewalk is empty and I get a chance to personally know a few officers and we just shop talk on politics and current events.
The picture below is an officer that I have known for over a decade and that day he was not working. After he found me, he asked if I could do him a favor, I said ‘sure and what would that be?’ 
 He said he wanted to have a picture with me and that we did. After a little sidewalk chat we hugged and walked away. He told me that he thought I was pure evil the 1st time he saw and heard me but after years of protecting me, he has a different outlook on what I do and what I say.
Outdoor preaching does get a lot of attention, unlike ‘tracts’ where someone can say ‘No thank you’ and not take a tract, preaching open air gives those same people no chance to say ‘no thank you.’
And that type of open air preaching will provoke many life changing conversations.
  Here is an interesting picture The guy standing next to me is Doctor John a Mormon and he is holding a magazine of ‘LDS Living’ where I am on the cover. 
 He was encouraging his fellow Mormons to stop and listen to what I am saying.
The ‘LDS Living’ is the largest and most read magazine in the Mormon world and I am the only ‘non-Mormon’ ever to be featured on that cover.
Who said there is No-God?
Getting on that cover was a result of a documentary film ‘Us and Them’ where the producer Bryan Hall was doing a film on politics in America and came out to interview me at general conference. 
 Once he met me and spent time with me, everything he thought about me was changed. Even the core of the film was transformed to an interesting relationship we have. 
It does not mean I am becoming a Mormon but he now understands why we do what we do. 
  I showed him that street preaching should not be new to Mormons, in fact every book of Mormon has a picture of a street preacher inside. 
 The photo below is taken from the book of Mormon. It is Samuel the Lamanite standing atop a wall preaching down to people as they try to kill him and are rushing to stop him. 
 I told Bryan if his book is true, that not much is changed from how people treat street preachers as they preach a message that is not wanted.
Bryan said he never seen that before, even though he saw that picture 1 million times. 
 From that point, I shared other things he missed that was directly under his nose. 

 There are times I have stayed at his house as I rebuke his Church during conference. He will pick me up at the airport, allow me to use his vehicle and feed me when I return late at night, as he and I would stay up into the night talking. 
  To see the movie trailer on ‘Us and Them’ click the link below
On opening night at several theaters I was in Salt Lake to give interviews with every local news channel and we had more than a few news articles
I say ALL THAT to say this, I believe this was the reason I get many Mormons that will talk to me and want to take a picture of me preaching at them.
The conversations are priceless and could be life changing as with the picture below, where the young man in the blue was exhorted on reading the Bible and I questioned his testimony. 
 He later came back and thanked me for that conversation as the seed of doubt was already growing from that religion.
Another young man I saw watching me preach for over an hour, walked up to me and said he has watched a lot of my preaching on youtube. 
 He was at the conference because his wife was Mormon. He left the Church and is now an atheist. We spoke for some time and left with a hand shank and this young man has already emailed me and we are starting to converse. 
  No doubt he had a bad experience with religion and was very surprised to see me after viewing my youtube videos.
I told him not to toss the baby out with the bathwater. Just because there are bad clergy does not mean God does not mean all religion is bad. 
 We have bad politicians but I will not leave this country. We have bad police officers, but all the entire department. We have bad doctors, but I will still go to the hospital if ill. In the same manner, we will have bad religion that will not have us doubt that there is no God.
  Pray for this young man (named Jerry) as I have no picture of him as with most of my conversations but it appears God is still working with him.
The next picture is a young man who sat and listen to us for some time and we also made him question his religion but not God.
I also had a great conversation with a Mormon who left Islam in the Middle East. He joined the Roman Catholic church and later converted to LDS. 
 He wanted to tell me he saw and read what we did in Dearborn and always wanted to meet me. He agreed with our style of preaching against Islam because he said it is pure evil. 
 After we spoke, he also said he saw the ‘Interview with a Mormon’ I did and said he never knew his church believed such. He said he will be investigating to find out if his church believes such and if so he will leave. God can use youtube and facebook for His glory, rather than being a medium for slander.
   The link below is the ‘Interview with a Mormon’ who is a high priest in Salt Lake. This was not a debate but an dialogue on what that church believes.
The conversations were endless and they were a result of your many prayers, some were even prayed with after they heard the preaching.
As this young man seemed very confused after he heard what we preached.
This does not mean we changed our message and give hugs and water.
Below is a picture of a book of Mormon I was ripping up on the sidewalk
And that book was given to me from a person who just walked out from the convention and stood on the sidewalk hearing me preach. 
 He had that book in his hand and I exhorted him on just reading the Bible or religion will make him wear those underwear. He then gave me his book, thanked me and walked off. 
  I then tossed it on the ground and ripped the pages.

Almost every entrance and exit at general conference had a street preacher or someone with a sign….
….and then there was Brother James Lyman who dressed like satan and thanked the Mormons for being Mormons. He also warned them not to listen to us and that was a great visual aid.
And who says ‘signs don’t work?’
Mormons use them to promote their dating service and one session was devoted to male priests and upcoming male priests. 
 This is where many young female Mormons meet their soon to be god and if she is a good wife. Perhaps he will call her from the grave and there she will be a baby machine in their very own personal earth. 
This woman carried a sign that read she loves Mormons and shouted that she loves those Mormon priests.
And others used signs to get inside that convention
The Holy Ghost was on the sidewalk convicting sin and the Jesus of the Bible was knocking on that door
Pray the Lord now send more laborers to reap what we have sown and the Father give growth.
“I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours”
John 4:38
I will post a report from our Phoenix trip soon, where we preached the sodomite parade, ASU and a local Mosque. During that time, we had a reporter from the BBC follow us around and we are giving the UK and education on ‘free speech.’ 
  She had filmed me preaching in Hollywood about two weeks ago and thought that was something. She learned much from us in just two days. 
 More on that later.
This report is for all you that prayed for us as we were the boots on the ground to proclaim what God says about this religion called the LDS church.

  MAN UP!!