Friday, March 18, 2016


Street preacher done gone gangsta,
……not scarface but IN YOUR FACE
Need to see a visual of Ecclesiastes 12:10
The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even words of truth”
Keep those cards and letters coming as now you get personal Q&A time with Uncle Ruben
“ruben i am a christian that loves jesus.but i believe you are an arrogant a**hole.sometimes i agree with whet u write and sometimes i hate u and everythimg u stand 4.rubin u r prideful and god hates u”
Well, I guess it’s safe to say this person has issues with me. Some day he agrees with me and the next day, he hates me. I do kind of have this love-hate relationship with many people. 
  But I do not believe you do not need to agree with everything I say, write or preach in public as I do not survey what people on facebook like before posting something. 
  This is not the first time I’ve been accused of being arrogant and prideful. I say that is misjudged, because I am confident in who I am in Christ. 
 Someone arrogant can be mistaken for someone who is sure and poised if not judged correctly and that’s for allowing me to clarify that on your dime.
I am very content being who I am in Christ. I do not desire to be someone else nor do I roam from ministry to ministry. 
 I have been doing and what the Father has wired me to do for over 36 years. 
 You can call it haughty, God says faithful, as what I do is done via the Holy Ghost. Love me, hate me, I will not lose any sleep or miss a meal.
My main concern is NOT offending God and in the process of NOT offending God, I will offend more than a few people.
Over the years I have spoken at many Churches and offend times I will exhort those saints to know who they are in the Body of Christ. Just what is their function? What is their purpose and role in that body?
Many believers run from ministry to ministry, Church to Church, calling to calling and change their gifts like someone who changes their socks.
No consistency, no longevity. 
 They are liken to tumbleweeds just rolling around, unsure of their purpose but love to criticize others.
I am content with who I am, are YOU?
No need to agree with my politics, my theology nor my method of preaching. The day, I get concerned with what people say or write about me, is the day I hang up my megaphone.
“israel what is you thought on dreams is this a way god speaks to us and what about wet dreams?”
WOW! What a question.
Can God use dreams to communicate too us AND ‘wet dreams’ ALL in the same question.
Well, you ask me, so you get my response, not a survey, poll, study, chart nor will I send you to a website. You get what I think, as I am qualified to answer these questions and this is NOT the first time I have heard them….but never in concert.
Yes I do believe God can use dreams to converse with us on a particular subject or perhaps a path we need to pursue. 
 But IF it were of God that dream would not be fuzzy or confusing, I believe it would be very detailed and precise. As many people in the Bible had dreams and they knew what they saw, not ‘it might have been or it looked like and I think it was….’ I believe God is into details and those specifics would be clear and distinct, IF OF GOD!!
I rarely dream and if I do I do, I not remember much, so I do not spend all day trying to inquiry if that was of God. 
 I do believe one will know IF they had a word from God via a dream or vision.
Not every dream is of God. I believe when you are asleep your mind is at rest and not hindered with issues and therefore God can use that time to communicate. Or it may be as simple as maybe there was something you have been thinking about that day and that thought continued while you slept. Nothing spiritual about it. 
  I do believe God can and will use dreams but not all dreams are of God. For example, some people sleep with the TV on and sometimes your body is resting but those ears are hearing what’s on TV and that may give you certain dreams or put thoughts in your mind while resting.
Now as to your question on ‘wet dreams’ I would question YOU. 
  What are you thinking about during the day or watching on your computer. 
 THAT is not of God and for some reason those thoughts are coming into your mind while your resting. I would examine your thoughts and what YOU are pondering to reap those dreams.
  Do you pray before sleeping and I recommend that YOU read at least one (1) chapter of the Bible before going to bed.
My 2 cent and keep the change.
 “Brother Israel should I know I am saved? I would love to stand with you one day. Will you be coming to Kansas City, Missouri anytime? John ********”
 Brother John, do you know you are a male, right? You do KNOW you live in America, right? You do KNOW you live in Kansas City Missouri, right?
 You do KNOW this is the year 2016, right?
 I believe you should KNOW you are saved, but my question is, just what are you saved from?
 Your sin, God’s judgment, hellfire, or saved to be a peculiar person and for good works?
Here is a verse from John that reads we SHOULD KNOW we are saved.
“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God”
 1 John 5:13
Note the words ‘that ye may know that ye have eternal life’ are as clear as the nose on your face.
So we can KNOW we are saved.
HOWEVER……there is fine print in that verse to anyone with eyes that see and that would be the words ‘These things have I written unto you’
What THINGS, not thing, but what THINGS did he write? The context of this Epistle, is to live holy, walk with God, walk in the light, don’t sin.
Those are the ‘things that were written to us believers and IF we do those things (live holy, walk with God, walk in the light, don’t sin) we can KNOW we have eternal life.
That one verse can give a believer confidence that they can be saved but if we are not doing those ‘things’ John had written, we are lost and will question our salvation.
Of course the ‘heresy hunters’ and ‘fault finders’ will be quick to judge and falsely accuse of ‘salvation by works.’ Nothing is further from the truth, there is NO good work that will save us.
But those works of living holy, upright and walking in the light is tangible evidence of your faith. I say, one can KNOW salvation and it is not speaking in tongues, getting baptized by a certain denomination.
It is not going to Church, saying a prayer, having someone laying their hands on you, wearing a suit and tie, or even reading your Bible.
But the ‘things’ that John wrote in that Epistle. Live holy, walk with God, walk in the light and not sinning. My 2 cent and keep the change.
To share the gospel?
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”
 Proverbs 3:6
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