Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Naw Orleans

Boots on the ground request your PRAYERS
I will be traveling to 2 cities in 6 days. 
  First stop is New Orleans to preach against Mardi Gras, where this week long sin fest is coupled with religion. This event is known as ‘carnival; or farewell to the flesh, where one can sin all you want until ‘fat Tuesday’ and at mid-night it be officially be Ash Wednesday. 
A holy date where Catholics celebrate with ashes placed on their forehead in the form of a cross and that makes everything better with God and their sins. 
Now good Catholics give up certain sins for 40 days which they call ‘Lent.’
That of course the reason they sinned the week earlier, to get their fill with sin and now they are sorry. Pray for us as the hours will be long as we will be as bold as the sin in those streets. 
   We will have a small army of street preachers nationwide and will work with several local Churches as we warn the wicked of his wickedness 
There are other ministries that try and win the sinner over with love and grace. 
 No repentance, no remorse for sin and no understanding of hellfire, a message our Lord spoke on often in many ways. Using words like eternal fire, eternal damnation, outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, fire, greater damnation and such.
The picture below is a shirt worn by a ministry and it appears they have more in common with sin and sinners. Just a ‘Jesus loves you’ and repeat this prayer, now you are saved and sealed.
Verses like 1Co.6:9-10 & Gal 5:19-21 can be removed from their quick-fix gospel.
AND THEN THEY MEET US and get the full counsel of God, coupled with the word REPENT!!
The second stop is Las Vegas, as I am plan on flying there Saturday afternoon and returning to New Orleans on Sunday. 
The reason? 
  There is a film crew doing a documentary on worldwide religion and I have been asked weeks ago to represent Christianity in America. The group doing the documentary is Artemis Films in Western Australia and they covered my flight and room for that film shoot. 
 I cannot go into much detail but this piece should be released in late spring. They contacted me because of other films and documentaries I have been on and there will be no script. Just my preaching with a banner and questions. 
 Every year I do at least 2-4 documentaries from HBO, The Learning Channel, PBS and the BBC to name a few. With several topics from politics, music, religion, to current affairs that those films get aired in other countries and in America.
Many film makers like my raw no nonsense answers without trying to sell books or ministry. 
  I will return back in Naw Orleans on Sunday to finish up that sortie
“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion”
Proverbs 28:1
How bold and courageous are you without a keyboard?
Remember if you are not bold there is a reason. 
  You are NOT living righteous Sin will always make a coward out of you
Like many of you my mailbox runneth over. Here are a few emails and notes I get from my PO Box.
Grab some pop corn and enjoy the read:
Hello, My name is Bianca and i live in the Netherlands. I saw you on youtube and I think you are all brave what you do for the Lord. People hate me sometimes for my believe and I wish I had your bravehearts. But you make my heart smile and I thank you for that! Sorry for my bad english. Greets from Bianca
Hi Reuben, I saw a bunch of your videos on YouTube and I appreciate you going out there and preaching to people about accepting Jesus and following the commandments. I have some questions however that I have not seen on any of the videos I watched so far nor heard answered yet. Must Christians observe the Sabbath day, observe the dietary restrictions (no eating pork, shellfish, etc.), and all the other laws that can still apply to us that are found in the Torah (excluding ritual purification laws, Shemitah regulations, etc.)? Thanks and God Bless
  ruben if i killed you no one would ever find me/i have watched all the forensic files episode on trutv and every series from dateline 48 hours/die you mother fu**er die
Hello Brother Ruben, my name is Brandon. I am interested in Street Preaching. Your website says to contact you "IF INTERESTED IN CALLING OUT SIN IN PUBLIC AND REPROVING THE LUKEWARM CHURCH" and it says to contact you if interested. Well, I am interested Brother. Please contact me back, thank you! The Lord is with YOU!
U suck!!
Hi Ruben, I read your latest blog with thanksgiving. This is interesting, and i pass it on to you. God bless
Ruben!! You are such an inspiration to me!! I'm only 15. The Lord has called me to Street Preach. Everyone calls me "Radical" or "Over the top" because I set apart from who I used to hang out with, and set apart from the majority of students. I barely even talk to anyone at School, unless it's to talk about The Lord.
I'm not a Muslim but man I think your a fucking retard. Your just as bad and I bet you celebrate the pagan holidays to rite? Yeah your rule by satan to. If I was there shit would be different for your Lil protest I'd back them before you.
Hi i live in Montreal Canada, am interested in Street preaching for Jesus .Do you have anyone in the Montreal area i can team up with?
Reuben, I caught a few of your videos from YouTube and like what your doing. Was watching closely and notice your shirts and sweaters. Was wondering if you sell them somewhere? I like a few of them and wish to get some. God Bless
I hate your god hates you everyone hates you just die you co** suc*** mother fu**er
Hello, Brother Ruben, My name is Joshua and I am on your website officialstreetpreachers. How do I buy a bible from you?
Brother Reuben, I'm trying to assemble a street preaching group and I need signs and shirts. Many of the shirts out there are quite expensive. I'm on disability and my budget is slim. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive shirts and banners? Even used ones that some preacher no longer uses would help. What shirts do you have for sale on your site? I see the black short sleeve and those are within my budget. Are the white ones above for sale as well? Thanks brother, In Christ Paul
God bless bro Ruben I'm glad to see sister Coleen back up and going in Jesus Christs name Amen.
Dear Brother Israel, What do you use for poles for your banners and how are they attached to the signs and frames? I would also like to know where to get such materials like the banners, and shirts and any necessary hardware. You have inspired me to get back on the streets. May The Lord bless you and all the preachers.
Brother Randy
Ruben so glad you came here to Las Vegas for the street preacher meting my 11 year old son Robert will never be the same thanks
Reuben, I am writing in regards to getting your permission to making a t-shirt of you in your photo section of you repent sinners.
Hi Ruben, I seen videos of your streetpreaching and was inspired to see God using you to reach people for Him. It would be my honor to meet you. I live in the city of South Gate, Ca. I am currently unemployed so I have time. In Christ,
Hi Ruben from Australia, I didn't know there was anyone similar to me until I ran across you in youtube. Politcal correctness is killing the church but I know that you are coming against that and proclaiming the good news without compromising. You are in our prayers. God bless you, you are inspiring, keep shining for Jesus.
Bro Tom
I have been watching your videos recently and I love the message you are spreading. It is the raw, unadulterated message of Christ.
I'm a Christian Orthodox mysf and I'm wondering what faith you are of?
Where will you preach next would like to show up and help
Do you have a Bible Believers branch in Las Vegas, NV? If so, can you give me a contact?
Dear Mr Ruben Hello my name is Steffan and I have to email you to say I truly believe that your doing Gods work, and admire you and your team for doing it. While watching you preach against Islam which I believe is a false religion in a big way. I'm from Wales in the UK and wish your team all the best in your mission to save people from death.
Wow, an email from Ruben himself! I really enjoy your videos brother. If you ever get back to the Phoenix area, let me know. I would love to stand with you and your team. I have another question though. You have white shirts and blue shirts on your web page for sale at a very reasonable price. But, you say that only the blue are available. Do you have the designs that are on the white shirts on the blue T shirts as well? Thanks brother and I look forward to hearing back from you when you have time.
Dear Reuben, my name is Khayyam. I am interested in any chapter's meeting or street-preaching in my area (I live in Boiling Springs,NC). 15 years ago I was a teacher/counselor in Colorado and I began wearing signs in front of the strip clubs and bars, and started lifting up my voice. Every week someone would kneel and repent, asking God for salvation. Then I started going to the college campus too, and got pretty loud. I have not done anything since then except pass out tracts. But I still have my signs and want to get back to a burning white-hot love for my Lord. I just discovered your website, and am learning from your documentary. I preached with Jed Smock a few times when he came to our campus. Thanks for any help you can give me. I used to serve the Lord this way by myself, sometimes friends would join me. But now I can't find anyone to go out with me so either way I am going to start street-preaching regardless. Lord willing! Sincerely, Khayyam (704 ) 957-****
Dear Brother Ruben, My name is Randy and if you ever come to Philadelphia I would like to join you and your team in preaching on the streets. Even if it means just holding a banner I would like to offer my help in spreading the word. God bless you my brother
I get what you are doing out there and please don't stop. We cannot fight the enemy with yelling and chest beating. We need to fight them with love. You will see more amazing things happen if you stand there say nothing and just praise God with song and dance. I'm just a fool so maybe I'm wrong, but please think and pray on it.
Thank you, Brother Ruben for spreading God's Word to the lost. We continue to keep you, your family and ministry in prayer.
GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER RUEBIN, it is late my name is Linda just got through watching RUEBIN IS REAL the movie so so so awesome I have been watching it over and over clapping yelling out tell them!! Through the whole thing I LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!! Very late I have to go to work, I will text back in a few days I have so much more to name is Linda Stone 52yrs old, in Christ for 16years..I will get back to you I would like to support your ministry. Please let me know if you received this text I am holding you in prayer, LV U G.B
Bro. Ruben, I would like to start street preaching and wonder if you have any advice. I have been a preacher for six years.
Just a quick question. I like the T-shirts that you have and hoodies do you make them yourself and sell them? If so how much are they and do you send to the UK? Again I really appreciate what your team are doing and you remind me of the apostle Paul.
Hi Ruben, My name is Mike I live in England I just want to say thanks so much for going to hyde park and telling the muslims why there religion is brutal. I like your style I like people who tell it how they see it its admirable, im similar except slightly different I was part of an organization here in England that tries to help victims of forced genital mutilation. Let me tell you here people wont speak out against terrorism. The system makes it so if you say muslims are attacking you you are called a racist even though its not a race! haha ridiculous! They killed my grandmother and got away with it had my ex girlfriend tortured and when I tried to report it I was told im crazy. Luckily im down but not out yet! The amount of things them lunatics have done to me and my family is a books worth. Keep on being you Ruben. Id like to come to the US but currently im broke and jobless because some type of false slander has been placed on a police record calling me a sex offender I know it has been put on there by some muslim fanatic in the police. and people believe it what a joke pathetic scum. Well my friend take care and good health to you and your family If you could send any type of reply id appreciate it just so I know you received this email and am aware of my existence Thank you
How do I order those banners? Andrew I live in Sydney, Australia.
Thank you for your recommendations, you are doing a good thing Ruben.
Thank you for preaching the truth Hello brother
Can you give me some direction? I feel called to preach on the streets. I have been a hospital chaplain for years which is about as far on the other end one could be to a street preacher. I live in Tucson, Arizona. Any advice would be a blessing! In His Service,
I like your work fighting the abominations of gay marriage and I like your street preaching methods, but I don't understand why you think us Catholics are damned. Not every catholic worships Mary and we do believe in Gods grace alone can save us. Perhaps before saying Catholicism is of the devil you should read a catholic catechism or read about what Catholics really believe. It is true there are many in the Catholic Church who aren't walking with God but that doesn't mean all Catholics are going to hell. Jesus told his disciples that anyone not against us is for us. Us Catholics want to be unified with you Protestants as one under Christ. Sincerely,
Dear Brother Ruebin, wishing you and your family, and all my Brothers and Sisters. I will always hold you in prayer, Love you. Linda from Wi.
Ruben, what sort of bag do you use to carry your banners?
Good day sir you're 100% wrong about something very important. The Vatican 2 sect is not the Catholic church.The true catholic church has been underground since 1962/1963.The Vatican 2 sect has occupied former catholic properties.Everything in the tridentine mass, the catholic sacraments,holy orders, etc..are in the bible.For the first 4-5 centuries of Christianity the bible wasn't even mass produced.I hope you realize this, reject the Vatican 2 novus ordo/protestant religion, and believe embrace practice & hold on to the true catholic faith. We haven't had a legitimate pope since 1958.There are catholic chapels practicing the true faith(we are not great in numbers).However you confuse the predicted great apostasy counter protestant/Vatican 2 sect with the Catholic faith.When you all condemn the anti popes since 1958, you all are correct, albeit for the wrong reasons. (You all are correct every anti-pope since 1958 is evil but these anti popes embraced protestant man made religion)
you suck a**hole you just another wannabe who will die and turn to dirt
Ruben, Watched your 3:23 hour movie on YouTube and a few other videos. What an awesome testimony. Looking forward to watching more of your videos and being more bold in our efforts in marketing to a lost world.
Hello Ruben my name is Joshua. I live in a rural community outside Sacramento CA. I have been against islam since I learned about the slaughter of children in Beslan and Darfur. After working as a truck driver for a muslim owned and run company, I have been publicly speaking out against them. Not because of hatred or contempt for middle eastern people but because, for many years I have seen first hand what islam does to peoples minds once it has influenced them. It is like a virus. It is not always deadly. It often lies dormant and harmless....until it has been given an opportunity to dominate it's host in order to spread. I have contacted you because I am alone out here. 95% of the Christians I meet are only concerned with themselves. They agree that there is a growing threat to their very safety, but are too lazy and afraid of being judged to do anything. Is there any chance you know anybody in the Sacramento area who like minded to you? In other words, people who are willing to actually do anything? I don't like facing a hoard of angry muslims alone.
Hi there Br. Ruben it's busy now will text more because I have more to day, it's me Linda sorry couldn't get back to you sooner, I don't have face book yet I watch YouTube iam a little Amish at the moment, I live in wauwatosa, mailing address is Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Br thanks for getting back to me..Br Ruben I love listening to you, you are so so right iam surrounded by cathlics listening to you I just keep saying I wish that was me telling them,,you are just giving them the plain truth, you are ROCKSOLID with everything you say!!!!! I pray for you and all my Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST everyday need too. BR RUBEN I hope to talk to you on the phone even if its only for 5 minutes, I get so angry at the ignorant fools that spew their venum. I wish I could be there to tell those hellbound people back off!!!!!!! I Love you Brother so much you are just giving them the plain old TRUTH AND WITH LOVE!!!! Well it's really late I will text soon when I get a chance, soldiers for Christ we keep persevering, hand to the plow...will keep in touch, Love you Brother. God's protection over you.
Hey Ruben: How do I order those banners on The link has nothing that comes up when you click on it? I'd like to view all the banners they cell. My Christian friend whom I preach the gospel with that was once a Muslim would like to get a banner. Also which would you say is a good voice amplification device?
Do you have any more “trust Jesus” shirts as well as Fear God and give all glory to Him? Also any shirts with 2 corinthians 5:21 backed by Romans 4:25 and John 19:30 on them? 
I was shocked and angered by how you were treated at the Dearborn fair in 2012 (just watched it on YouTube). I don't know which was more infuriating - those filthy Muslim savages throwing stuff at you, or those idiot police refusing to protect you, and blaming you for the entire mess. Will you be returning to Arab festival (or whatever it's called) in Dearborn this year? If so, are you accepting others who want to join you? I'm not interested in the preaching part, although I am a Christian. I'm more interested free speech and what is becoming of this country as we accept millions of third people who are here for the jobs and welfare, with no interest in assimilation into our culture. We are losing our country and it's about time we spoke up. I grew up near Dearborn. At the time it was a quiet little middle class community, mainly Americans with Irish, Polish, Greek, and German surnames. I can't believe how it has been ruined by violent Muslims, Latin Americans, and Africans, and I believe our entire country is going to wind up like Dearborn if we do something. 
Dear sir, I hope this email finds you well. I am a Dutch journalist and at the moment I’m doing research for a Dutch documentary series in the United States. This prime time series is about a journey made by the famous Dutch theologian and former Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper through the United States in 1898. The series will be produced by IKON TV and will be broadcasted on Dutch Public Television in May 2016. In 1898 Mr Kuyper traveled through the Northeast and wrote a book about American society, politics, and religion and about the Dutch influences in the area. In our documentary we would like to follow in his footsteps and visit the places he visited in the 19th century. We hope to portray the historical aspects of his travels, but besides that, we would like to focus on some of the current affairs in the US. Just like Mr Kuyper, we will start our travels in New York. We will arrive there on February 6ht and are hoping to focus on the position of religion in the city that day. We would like to go out on the streets to see how religion is present in public life. I was wondering if you will be preaching in New York around that time or know any New York based street preachers. I would like to learn more about your work and your message. I’m looking forward to hearing from you 
U * HOLE!!
Who are you people and are you Mormon?
Best regards, Rieneke