Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 AD

Most major cities that had a New Year’s event had banners and street preachers too. 
  This report is from my fox hole as we were the boots on the ground. The first big event I preached at was the Rose Parade in 1980 and this year in Vegas kicks off my 36 year of public service and my oh my, have we grown in numbers.
SHINING LIGHT IN SIN CITY, with ending the year and starting the year preaching Jesus is the Christ.
“To preach the acceptable year of the Lord”
Luke 4:19
The yearly ‘street preacher’s conference’ in Las Vegas was another success as the saints were trained, equipped schooled and outfitted daily for public service. And every night we preached, warned and exhorted the masses of both heaven and hell.
These days no one likes to talk about hellfire, which is why most street preachers proclaim such, not to mention that Jesus spoke more on that subject than words of love, mercy and grace.
But they can be a NEW CREATURE in Christ this NEW YEAR. 
We had speaker after speaker, who spoke with passion and fire to quicken the Holy Ghost.
“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works”
Hebrews 10:24
Being out West we have Spanish street preachers who exhorted with an interpreter as per the picture below.
Much of what was spoken was filmed and placed on facebook and youtube as the convention went beyond the four walls.
All speakers will be placed on the SOAPA Youtube site soon.
Each day started off with worship, prayer and the reading from ‘Martyrs Mirror.’ Each session started with worship and prayer before the speakers.
Most young people wish to grow up and become a policeman, fireman or doctor, then we have some who wish to become a street preacher. 
Here is a young man named Matthew who has been inspired by our youtube clips and is very active in his middle school preaching Jesus and wearing Christian clothes. I asked Matthew IF he wanted to join us on the streets at night and he said ‘I will have to ask my mother.’ His mother brought him every day to the convention and he did join us at night too.
What a blessing to have a number of young people NOT ASHAMED and willing to stand outside in the cold weather holding signs and passing out tracts. 
This was a storehouse when one can sit
back and get fed.
We do not demand money
We do not demand suit and tie
We do not demand a 1 hour service
We do not demand submitting to a certain theology 
We had shirts, hats, cups, signs, banners, books, tracts and other gadgets to assist in getting God’s Word out into the eyes and ears of sinners.
I also had my sodomite banner that was stolen last year in Utah replaced, it was lettered and ready to fly
Every year at the Las Vegas ‘street preacher convention’ we honor one of our own. On the day of the convention we recognize someone within the open-air community for their work at years end.
This year that winner is Buddy Fisher from N.C., He was given the yearly ‘Preacher of the Year’ Award for 2015. It was his filming in Dearborn that assisted us in winning that hallmark case.
It was the HAND OF GOD and you HAND on that camera that was used.
The award will be posted on youtube and the framed gift will be sent to him. The city of Dearborn will send us a check for $1.00 and that check will also be sent to Buddy in a frame.
One day he can explain to his grandchild the reason that check is hanging on his wall.
Buddy on behalf of many open air preachers THANK YOU and congratulations, job WELL DONE.
Buddy responded with writing;
“Thank you so much! This is incredibly humbling. I can think of 100 other street preachers I would have picked first. My mom even has me 7th on her list of favorite street preachers! It's been a tough year financially. I might have to cash that $1 check! Getting a street preaching award from Ruben Israel is like Lebron James showing up at my house and giving me an "NBA Player of the Year" award. I'm honored and confused at the same time! I just wish it came with a one-year lease of a "pope mobile" so I could preach without being pelted with garbage!”
Every night we preached in that city known for sin and we reminded the masses not to gamble with their soul. 
 The first night was Freemont Street, the old section of Vegas
Because of the out loud preaching, that will always provoke many lifesaving conversations or conviction.
The second night we hit the famous Las Vegas Blvd as we took over a large section on the sidewalk and sent another smaller group to walk the Blvd with our new German mega-pack-back-horn
From young to old, from the teens to those into the 70’s, all ages were used to promote the coming New Year and the reason mankind celebrates and marks that date.
Of course there were Muslims walking the Blvd and they were asked if they were going to bomb for Allah. We confronted them and reproved them publicly for their religion of death.
We set up right in the middle of the street as LVPD gave us much liberty as they have done in past years. The Old Year was ended with preaching and warning and the New Year was started preaching and warning.
1000 WORDS
If you need someone to film and shoot pictures with a street preacher eye, contact me at
Subject line ‘Pictures For Jesus’ and I will give you more details 
In the spirit of celebrating 2016, I submit Ezekiel 20:16 to you.
I pray you serve the Lord more this New Year and not get entangled with idols as per Ezekiel 20:16
“Because they despised my judgments, and walked not in my statutes, but polluted my sabbaths: for their heart went after their idol"