Monday, November 2, 2015

Colleen, my beloved RIB

Coincidence, you decide.
The day after I returned home from the ‘Montana Street Preachers Convention’ in mid-July someone smashed their SUV into our living room at 5:15AM. 
  I was on that very sofa seconds before he crashed into our house.
About four months later, the day after I returned from our yearly ‘Atlanta Street preachers Convention last month, my wife Colleen got ill, very ill and has been hospitalized.
I have been off facebook and not responding to many emails for some time, please understand I will not be answering my cell phone as my full attention is on my wife.
The day after I returned home from Atlanta my wife Colleen appeared to have the flu. She had just received a flu shot just before picking me up at the airport on Monday (Oct. 12th). 
 After she picked me up, we stopped and had a meal together. We returned home and took a nap together and later talked about my trip. She seem drowsy and went back to bed while I played with my dog and started to catch up on phone calls and emails.
The next day (13th) she seem tired and rested. The following day (14th), she needed rest and she just assumed me that she had the flu or a reaction to the flu shot. Neighbors were bringing us homemade soup and asked if they could help in any way but we just thought it was the flu.
On Thursday and Friday she continued to lay in bed and refused to go to the hospital, she was walking but not eating much as I did not work but stayed home and watched over her.
That Saturday morning (3AM) I woke up and did not find her in bed, so I looked for her. I found her on the floor in the hallway, she said she was dizzy and fell down. She could not get up and could not remember how long she was there. 
 I walked her back to bed and she fell asleep. 
  Later I called 911 and she was taken to Kaiser Hospital, where they worked on her for over 6 hours in the emergency room before they admitted her and gave her a room. I had not slept much for 48 hours and after she was in her room, I went home to get a few hours of sleep. 
 When I returned to the hospital, just as I parked my car, her doctor called me and said they were moving her to ICU. She was having trouble breathing and her heart rate was very high. 
 We were getting results from the tests and it appears her body was getting weaker and her organs were being attacked. She was placed in a special room, where we needed to wear masks, gowns and gloves. I will not go into much detail but it did not look good and after many conversations with a number of doctors, this was confirmed. 
 The tests were confirming she had an unknown virus and she was given numerous antibiotics. She had a fever, low BP and high heart rate. 
  Soon she had several IV’s and tubes inside her nose and mouth, her room was filled with beeping machines. As it is not a quiet place to rest. 
 They even placed her on a breathing machine, as he heart was beating at over 140 beats. She has been surrounded with family as someone is with her 24 hours day. One night I stayed with Colleen from 11PM to 6AM and we had a nice night together, I even gave her Communion.
Colleen was moving, her eyes are now open, she hears, is touching, nodding her head for yes or no and cannot talk because of the tubes in her mouth. 
Nevertheless, we can communicate, as she has been smiling too. I had ask many for prayer and those prayers are being answered. I received many of your personal messages, emails and phone calls, many Churches nationwide prayed for Colleen during their service on Wednesday evening and Sunday and for that we do THANK YOU.
I do believe this is how to make use of the internet and emails for the glory of God. Stable, not cured.
After over a week, she is better and the breathing machine has since been removed. My wife is not out of the woods, not by a long shot, she is very ill, so those prayers should continue. 
  She has now been moved to another hospital and is in their ICU but if she needs surgery, they can do almost anything ASAP. For those of you asking for her address to send flowers and healing cloths, I cannot give now as she cannot receive anything in her ICU room. 
  We know she has a bacterial infection that is eating her body. They took 3D pictures of her heart and are concerned with her heart and brain being compromised. 
 More tests are being taken and she is monitored with more equipment than I can explain. She is what
I would consider to be a ‘strong willed’ woman and that is not to be mistaken for a rebellious woman. If ever you want a woman to have ‘strong will’ conditions like this would be paramount for life. 
 She has not given up on LIFE, so I beseech those prayers to not yield. As I said, she had a flu shot before picking me up at the airport after my trip from Atlanta and the next day she was ill. 
 There are other matters that are being looked into. For example, she had her toes pedicured two days before I came home from Atlanta. The Asian gal that worked on her feet cut her toe and those tools may not have been sanitized. She was on the phone with her sister when this happened and she mentioned that to me when I called her that evening.
The doctors are also looking at her dentist, whom she visited a week prior. 
 The source is not yet found but the virus is being treated with medical aid and your prayers.
In her room we have immediate family with her every day and every hour. Some of that family there consists of 2 firemen, 2 paramedics and my sister the big shot nurse from another hospital. With that we have access to many doctors and specialists in the medical field to confirm and clarify what we are told. 
We plan on continuing our bed side watch as we extend into the second week, so she is not alone. Both hospitals we have been has allowed us to stay there and have more than 2 people per 15 minutes, as per ICU rules.
It appears our family bond has given us much liberty and speaks volumes of our faith.
Her heart was damaged from the high rate of working overtime and on October 31 she was given a pacemaker. The doctors said she was not ready for any surgery however this was considered to be an ‘emergency operation’ and she did fine. She is looking and feeling better, her vital signs are stable and the virus is not spreading.
During the surgery we were told her lungs were damaged and we prayer the more. After surgery, we were told the lungs were not as bad as thought and the pacemaker was completed. 
 That has changed her breathing and heart rate is fine. She has been resting well, breathing well and as now started to eat a few bites of her meals. 
 Even my nurse sister has been using the word ‘miracle’
Family is still with her every hour and she has a long way to go, so PLEASE continue your prayers.
We are thankful to serve a LIVING GOD A big THANK YOU for Leonard who posted at link to send money for all unseen costs:
  THANK YOU for those who have donated as I’m sure after the insurance has paid I will be paying for this window of time for the rest of my life and I say WORTH EVERY DIME!!
“LORD, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am”
Psalms 39:4
Looking forward to coming home to my wife one day.
Victory for Free Speech and persevering our beloved 1st Amendment
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They reaffirmed the boundaries of the First Amendment, saying the evangelist group Bible Believers should have been protected even though its speech was loathsome and intolerant.
The opinion also highlighted the obligation of law enforcement and public officials when confronted with constitutionally protected speech that threatens to incite violence.
Thank a street preacher for you ‘free speech’ and don’t forget to kiss a pig-head
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