Monday, November 16, 2015

Answered Prayer

THANK YOU saints for your continued
prayers for ‘my rib’ Colleen.
To say they are not in vain would be an understatement. It has been over month ago that my wife Colleen was ill and days later we were in the emergency room and with hours she was sent to ICU.
It was there she has spent 90% of her time in bed and we witnessed a number of sick folk in rooms die around us. Colleen was near death on several occasions and your prayers for her were answered.
 I am thankful for the medical care she has received and very gratified to the God we serve.
She is now transferred in a very large virtuous Presbyterian Hospital, where they will continue her care and start Colleen on many days of physical therapy. This hospital is much closer to our home and the rooms are wonderful.
I am also allowed to bring our little 125 pound doggy ‘Rosie’ to visit at certain dog-hours. 
They recommend such and have a dog walk just outside the area she will be staying for visiting animals. That put a large smile on Colleen. 
Rosie is our 4 year old hybrid wolf-German shepherd, she is known to guard Collen and the house when I travel. Rosie when she was a cute puppy
Again I beseech you.
DO NOT STOP THOSE PRAYERS as it may be a week or two before she comes home.
Her MRSA virus is not completely gone and most of the doctor concerns regarding her organs getting comprised are tapering.
The word ‘miracle’ has been used more than once. Verily, men like me are a dime a dozen but women like Colleen are unique and rare on earth.
Thank you for your continued steadfast prayers, and for those of you who have supported me with the fund during this spiritual crisis, words cannot acknowledge how grateful we are.
Keep pounding heaven with ‘Colleen petitions’.
Being confronted with police for preaching outdoors is not just an American problem.
The picture below was taken in France just under the Eiffel Tower where I was accused of being a religious terrorist and a protester. 
 Protester, what was I protesting, the Eiffel Tower?
 I reminded them I am a Christian not to be mistaken for a Muslim. Those are terrorists. I argued with the police for almost 20 minutes as a van came to arrest us and haul us to jail. 
 They knew I was willing to go to jail and they decided to just have me stand across the street with our banners and TRUTH-horn blasting.
The picture below was taken in Russia, where we were detained and questioned daily, they concluded that we were CIA because we were not afraid of going to jail and they did not want a US/Russia scandal. We had much liberty on those streets under the close watch of the police, as our preaching method appeared to be new to them. 
 What was amazing, was the Russian people wanted English tracts and English Bibles.
And I might add, that one of the nicest and cleanest jail cells I was placed in was in Oslo Norway
May the Lord bless each of you one day with wearing handcuffs that almost cut into your wrists and toss you into a small cell with harden criminals for your faith. Christianity, it’s NOT just a Sunday thing.
Join us in Lost Vegas for the last of our yearly street preachers conventions. 
 Get edified with likeminded saints, then end the old year and begin the New Year with banner in hand proclaiming to the world why we celebrate the year 2016 A.D.
Did you know the reason I wore wooden sandwich signs?
If you guessed to witnesses, you are almost right.
It was used back in the day as body armor. I would get pelted with so many objects and during one homosexual event in the late 1980’s, I was thumped with ‘D’ cell batteries and those batteries left my body black and blue. 
 So I started to wear those wooden sandwich boards when I preached just for protection and you could hear objects being thrown striking the wood which blocked me. 
 My body was guarded by this visible Christian shield.
Today many open air preachers wear small plastic or cardboard signs but back in the day we needed large wooden signs that covered a large portion of your body. That sign was beyond a witnessing devise. History class is over now go and DO.
Been wearing these Christian shirts for over 3 decades and back in the day those shirts were hand painted. 
They are what I call a ‘walking tract’ as per Proverbs 3:6.
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”
Those bold shirts do not give anyone the option to say ‘No thank you’ because they saw the message and will be responsible for what they seen, let alone heard. Today those shirts are made very professional with bold fonts and colors.
Consider wearing them, as you will find yourself into conversations at the store or walking the dog that you might have missed.
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