Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Deep inside a dark cave in the desert of California, our research team is working on ‘Plan B’ if the government shut downs your free speech on the public sidewalk. 
Our team of scientists and mechanical scholars are working out all the bugs as this little preacher on wheels will be on line and ready to go. We are always 2 steps ahead of our government as ‘Plan B’ will be activated soon if needed.
We are also working on stealth drones that can scatter tracts in a large area and drop pig parts on any building in seconds.
We have almost perfected chemtrails in the sky to bring thunder and lightning, which will enhance our public preaching, of course all for the glory of God.
We may soon rename our organization to ‘Frankenstein ministry’ as after each task is completed we dance for joy in the laboratory shouting in our white lab coats ‘It’s Alive, YES!!!! Oh God, It’s Alive’
Just keeping you people in the loop as we mix test tubes and beakers inside our secret vault underground. 
Street preachers can be liken to the police department.
We uphold the law and often see people at their worst state. 
  We always get criticized for doing our job and many assume our motive is wrong.
We are called to go into streets and uphold the law where most will never consider to walk.
There are some who hate us, just by what we wear and think we are above the law. 
  Often times the bad guy is given the title of the victim and we are the oppressor.
Everyone we come in contact with is innocent and knows the law.
We are willing to put our lives in harm’s way and there is a bond that pew sitters will never understand.
Despite what others may think, we like law enforcement are peacemakers
The look on the face when a Muslim finds out Islam was a lie When he finds out that Jesus is the Son of God There are no 72 virgins waiting for him.
Only eternal torment instead of a sex paradise And lastly all 5 of his wives will be screaming next to him in outer darkness for all eternity
Like you I get 100’s of emails daily, here is the good, bad and ugly messages I receive
Hi ruben ive watched your YouTube videos along with other street preaching videos, and I was hoping you can refer me to street preachers around the San Jose or stockton area. I live in tracy ca and looking to connect with local street preachers. I've never done it before but I been practicing and studying the bible. I'm very serious about this so please let me know. Thank you and God bless
i rebuke u SATAN!
Hi Ruben I am just starting to preach on the street and looking for advice on my message. I try to quot scripture as much as possible. Do you ever read from the bible, do you have a sermon planned out, or do you kind of have a plan and let the Holy Spirit (and crowd) dictate the flow. One final thought, how do I draw a crowd? Thank you Ruben
**ck you dude and the donkey you rode in on
Israel I want to begin spreading the word of God beginning in the streets. I feel that this is something God wants me to do. This works is in desperate need of people that come in love, knowledge, and wisdom of the word. My problem is I don't know where to go to get signs made for the preaching. I want signs that I could hold in my hand while I preach and also signs that my colleagues can hold. Do you know where I can go to get signs made? A website perhaps.
Hi Ruben, I'm just a couple of hours away in Bakersfield. One of the things I noticed in your videos was when one of your guys was told why he hated, all because he was shouting and your guy responded with "It's having a spine" there's a difference between being bold and having hatred, and that's what I had to learn to process. Many people misinterpret boldness with aggression. Do you have a schedule of where when your team meets?
Hello brother, I'd just like to tell you that your ministry has been a great blessing to my life, I was living a double life one foot in the church & and one foot in the world. Now the Lord changed everything and I'm fully dedicated. As I watch your videos I understand that God's standard is soo high, a lot of people take it has hate or condemning but that's God's standard & requirement to go to Heaven. Thank you for your Strict preaching with the brothers
Ruben you son of a whore I would love seeing you do this in England you would turn into a fried bacon you filthy pig
I have been so inspired by your street preaching .i have watched all your preaching videos that i can find.you are the true example of how we are suppose to love god an how we love him with all are heart mind an soul.the love you have an boldness for god .is awesome watching an listening to your preaching .god has showed me through you.that i need to be doin better an i need to be a bold example an get in the word more.learning the scriptures.to be ready to give an answer when i am asked an confronted.i am so very thankful for the street preaching videos i have been blessed to see. ruben u truely are a man of god.god has u bein a blessing to so many.he is useing u in a wonderful way my brother.i watched u testimony video.i too was brought up in a god believed home.did have a lot of good seed taught.but it also got me very confused to what the truth really was.all the lies that are taught to people preachers pasters ect.it is so very sad.the devil uses his tricks.he is a true conartist.there are so many lost souls my brother.I LOVE WHATU ARE DOIN.u keep preaching it brother.watching u an u videos has help me more then u will ever know my friend.maybe someday i will get to meet u an talk an shake u hand..i have been to ca once an it was beautiful the oceans..i live in a small town in kentucky...my name is chad
Hello Brother in Christ, I am an official street preacher praising the Lord and His work. I am very nervous for the upcoming New Orleans Halloween events. I want to turn this nervousness into God's work. Because my car broke down, I am very low on funds. What are my options for getting sponsorship for 3 signs in order to spread the Word?
Hey Mr. Israel, I have a question for you about myself. I am a Christian but I like to relax and smoke a bowl of good pipe tobacco and have a sip of single malt scotch. I have been told that this is a sin and I was wondering what you thought about this. I have been on your website reading some of your posts and thought I would just ask your opinion on this. Thanks Alan
I've seen a lot of your videos and the videos of your colleagues. I am a Christian, and admire how impassioned and unwavering you all are. Does the gentleman in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1wGj7t-Zf8
 have a channel of his own? He's my second favorite, right after you. His passion makes ME want to get out there and spread the truth of the word of God.
Hello ruben, just wondering if your going to be in DC for the Pope visit on the 23rd? God Bless
I agree with your statement that gay sex is a choice, considering the fact that when in a relationship of any sort, sex is not required. LGBT couples are not required to have sex, although they may if they if they choose to. I know that this must be a genuine statement, considering that you do not do drugs of any sort or drink, so I will follow your lead and assume recklessly. I am very glad to see a homophobic person such as yourself share a rather positive message, one that states that people of any kind shouldn’t be pressured into sex. By the way, DEVO is meant to be a satire of religious fundamentalists like yourself. Sincerely, Some Jerk on the Internet
I wish your mother had an abortion I wish you just drop dead I wish you would lose your legs and voice I wish, I wish 
  Hello Israel, I came across your videos on YouTube on street preaching and had to say it is a different but effective way for someone who does not attend church or refuses to attend church or to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think what you do is brave & courageous. What type of specific training would you suggest for someone to get started in street preaching?
Brother Ruben, my name is david and I live in ulster. I am also a street preacher. I saw you on YouTube and I would love to talk to you. Could I please have you're number so I can call you. God bless you brother you r doing a great work. I didn't really have a subject to talk about. I just though he was good and wanted to get a wee bit of encouragement I guess. I am on my own over here and wanted to talk about street preaching. Im getting some stick from the Muslim's that seem to be gathering here and Rubin seems to know a lot about them. I am on Facebook and my home number is 028910*****. My address is *** Penrhyn park, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT23 8JW.
Ruben, I am admire you courage to face muslim, they are a danger Cult. I have 2 young kids, i am worry with demographic change in the following years, special in Europe. Countries like England and France with nuclear weapons, continue with your work. Jose
Thank you for standing up to Islam and Catholicism. *just go away….just leave us alone…just die
Please pray for me and my family that God will soon reveal His Plan/Will for our lives and allow us to fulfill the destiny He has laid out for myself, my wife and 3 children. Thank you
Hi Ruben, What's new with you and your world? I hope you're enjoying your summer so far. Was just speaking with a fellow running development at a newco, part of a TV super group. For some reason the conversation ended up touching on 'street preaching' and I told him about what you do. They are intrigued, so if you have time or are still interested in discussing the TV version of what you do, let me know. Best, Rick
Hello Mr. Israel, I follow your website and understand you may be coming to philly during the pope visit. I would like to know what date you will be out there so that I can join you on the mission of spreading JESUS gospel. It will be an honor to meet you and your fellow brothers and sisters. Please if you can send me a message on the date it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, your sister in Christ. Maria
Hi, I would lie to be involved in preaching the Word. Please let me know how I can serve and process. Thank you Nadia
If you ever call me girlfriend a whore again I will punch you. Jesus preached love and accepted everyone for who they are. The 10 comandments say love the sinner not the sin
Hey there, I'm a fairly new Christian In the UK, I recently saw a video of you driving and commentating on preaching, the body of Christ etc. I was really impressed with what you said about not everyone in the body being the same and having different gifts, it was so refreshing as most preacher's have a problem if you don't do it in the way they see fit. I also appreciate your boldness and see that it's quite clear that you're called specifically for what you do. I hope I can be as bold.so no deep theological questions here, just thought you'd appreciate a kind word of encouragement. Blessings. J
Hello Brother Ruben, I have been open air preaching for a short period of time. I am looking for a good place to get Gospel tracts from, if you could point me in the right direction for that, I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks, and God bless. Marvin
Hi Brother, I was just wondering if your group is coming out to Philadelphia for the Pope's visit on the 26 - 27th in September. I would like to join in to take a stand for Christ. I live in Harrisburg Pa 90 miles from Philly. God Bless,Brother Gary
Hi Ruben, I would like to purchase the black t shirt that says " cut along dotted line"
Hello Ruben! My name is Murat and im inspired by you! Im 200% support you, all your preaches is exactly what im believe in!! Im so glad i found peoples whos can think straight! I want to make donations every week in Jesus name,i saw you guys working hard My phone number 347569**** pls give me your email address so i can transfer money thru paypal Thank you!
Hi Ruben, this is Henry from Schwerin, Germany. I just saw your videos on youtube and I must say, you GOT BALLS, Brother! I totally agree to all you say in your street preachings. Glad someone is yelling the truth out there! You know, I live in a country with some mindfucking history of evolutionary thinking driven to extremes! And guess what: less than an hour by car away from my town in a town called Rostock the so called "Darwineum" has been erected a few years ago. It's brainwashing our people with all that crazy 100% alcoholic evolutionary belief that I rejected in 2010, two years before I gave my life to Jesus. Having said that first, I'm now inviting you to read some of my startling scientific papers to strengthen some argumentative skills of yours and your soulmates over there. I've been into informatics some years ago and dealt with genetic algorithms. Let me tell you a secret: I can prove, that Evolution over the kind barrier is absolutely impossible within ten minutes! Just follow the "academia.edu"-link below and spread the word for our daddy in haven! It's damn about time, dude! Jesus Christ of Nazareth be with you on every sharp-rocky path! Praying for you and your fellas
Have you ever been attacked on street?
I encourage you and will be praying that God continues to use you brother. My question, you have a YouTube video named, "this war" with what sounds like an Irish or Scottish preacher in the background, what is that preacher's name? I'm trying to find audio of it, very convicting. With empty hands do I bring, Simply to the Cross I cling
Hello Ruben, On your website you mention creating a group in the 80s called Bible Believers. My sister and I home fellowship because we are disgusted with the "American Church"; we watch Kerrigan Skelly, Brian Cranford, a little bit of Mitch Metzger, and from one of Brian's videos, have now heard of you. Are there any fellowships that you or Brian know of in CT; specifically the shoreline/New Haven area??
Thank you! Jessica
Dear Ruben, I would like to join your cause against sin. I'm glad I found your website and wish to support you as you see fit. I too wish to get involved in street preaching against sin. Brother mike
Dear brother, Glad to have seen you evangelizing .. God bless you .. ill be praying for you Joel from India
I was told I was going to be arrested in my city for preaching in public, what do I do?
Hello Brother Ruben! I stumbled across your website today and saw your shirts and sweatshirts. THOSE are the shirts I have been looking for for quite some time now! I can't stand these shirts put out by Kerusso and "wannabe" christian outfits and the like. I want BOLD and IN YOUR FACE! I am hoping you could tell me where I can get hooked up with these shirts. It would be much appreciated. God Bless
I would also love to have you on my radio show. www.blogtalkradio.com/negdog-radio
I live in Tampa, Fl. Like you I grew up Catholic, as a teenager I was born again, I didn't understand what was going on. Now I have things going and with my radio show I have touched a lot of people. I have run into you in ybor city I believe a few years back, I actually have a picture of me standing next to the Ask Me Why You deserve Hell banner. I have worked in huge Hollywood productions and I know what's going on. Your street preacher movie was a big inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. I am areal person not a #fugazi. I am not very well versed in scripture but I am reading my bible daily. Paul
I want to help in this fight. I am born again, married 20+ years have a 20 year old son and am ready to take to the streets.
When will be your next street preaching in Nyc? Because i would like to join you.
Dear Ruben, I am a lay Preacher in the UK and have recently started to preach on the streets as I believe that is where the Gospel needs to be heard. I have seen your videos and my enquiry is about the Bibles and shirts you wear and use. I have looked on UK sites and can find nothing similar. Could I ask where you get yours from. Are they expensive? Thank you for reading my email and may God continue to use you mighty. Yours in Christ, Mike Ps. Is there going to be anymore video postings on YouTube soon?
israel i hate you and so does god **ck off because of you i want to go to hell
When are you coming to Idaho?
Hey brother Ruben, I preached with you, I don't know if you remember discussing possibly shipping some long sleeve preaching gear my way? I understand you are a busy man but if you get a chance I could really use them for my ministry
Hi, there. i am young born again biblical believer and i have been lit on literal fire by our Lord in the sense that i havent been able to stop researching the things of God-->His Word-->things of God-->His word.... so much so that i cant barely keep any friends & possibly even gf at some point, only God does know, but whatever He Wills i follow. Im not your typical, "run of the mill" "christian" but im just seeking out some like-minded brethren in the denver area. My name Patrick and would love to hear from ya some time.
I Love hearing "street preaching" when I'm out, to hear Gods Word lifted up in this world of sin gives me hope! This has got to be the way the Apostles began spreading the Word! I keep you all in my prayers, God has given you all a calling, may you all be Blessed in God our Lord's Kingdom! Carl
Hey Ruben This is Brian we met at Comic Con, I was the camera man with Hannibal Buress the guy with the ? mark mic. You two had a great interaction and we want to use it on the show. Per your request we are not editing any thing or "remixing" your words. The verbal consent you gave me on camera was not good enough for our legal dept, Could you fill out this attached form and get it back to me ASAP? Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions THANKS IN ADVANCE Brian
Hey Ruben, I am a christian who lives in Cudahy CA kind of by Downey and would love to go street preach with you. At my church no one really does it except maybe send door hangers but I want to send it directly to the people. I am 21 and I am on fire for The Lord.
Dear Ruban Israel my name is Dan I am a preacher in Camden NJ and was checking to see if you were coming in Sep. when the Pope comes to Philly. I would like to preach with you if you are. You can call me at 856-341-****. My house has a spare bed room if you or any of your men need a place to stay.
I Love hearing "street preaching" when I'm out, to hear Gods Word lifted up in this world of sin gives me hope! This has got to be the way the Apostles began spreading the Word! I keep you all in my prayers, God has given you all a calling, may you all be Blessed in God our Lord's Kingdom!
My dad (Brandan) said that he preached with you many years ago when he first got saved do you Remember him? He said that you guys preached in front of the white house
Ruben, just want to THANK YOU for your many years of faithful service to the Living GOD. Finding faithful men of GOD is a difficult thing now days. May your light shine ever brighter as you turn sinners to RIGHTEOUSNESS. God Mightily Bless you, General!
Hello and God bless! I came across your site and I thank God for it! I'm a born again on fire Son of God hitting the streets preaching the Gospel of Christ to all. Many say I'm to bold , rude and hateful. I knew God wouldn't touch my life like this for nothing. I was a bit down and considering that maybe I am to bold but after seeing your life I said THANK GOD! I know I'm on the right path. People are asleep. And I will go and share what they need to hear. Again I thank you for your obedience and I thank God for allowing me to come across you. I'm inspired. Thanks and God bless
Hi Ruben God bless hey let me know when your preaching the Gospel in LA I'll travel down there to LA to go preaching with you God bless you brother Lois
Brother Ruben, hello. I am from Czech Republic and I would like to ask you, if you know some brothers in Missouri, in Jefferson city would be the best. thank you
Let me know, when you come to tampa FL i will meet up and wiht you guys, and preach! The Gospel! G.B.Y brother
Hey brother, going on a much needed vacation this coming week. Any events to preach at? Headed into dc with the family and then either headed down towards South Carolina or towards Tennessee area. If there is any preaching events gojng on please let me know.
Ruben, I saw your comment about the video/photographer. How would I contact him
Brother Ruben, Wow. I have watched many of your videos and am encouraged to be used by Christ in whatever capacity he has for this 50 year old preacher's kid who loves God and hates sin. Loved the documentary that Brother Jesse made of you. When you mentioned that your bible studies are slow and deliberate it reminded me of my late grand dad who taught us to read and take our time with scripture because God's word is like honey and needs to be savored. My wife and I pray for our open air preachers like yourself who are on the front lines. We got rid of the TV and other distractions and focus on our LORD whether it be reading and studying scripture, watching open air preaching and/or boldly proclaiming Christ wherever we may go. Looking forward to seeing more and serving our LORD in this arduous battle against Satan. The good news is that we win in the end. Oh and BTW; the filthy rags prop...CLASSIC and strong. Love(d) it. Stay bold, firm and walk with Christ
Satan depart in JESUS name Satan I bind you in JESUS name Satan get out of Ruben in JESUS name and my the father of love fill you now
Brother. I love the way you go HARD for JESUS
Rubin I been looking at your videos over a year now and you have open my eyes in things thank you keep going hard brother
Hi my name is Armando and need to be baptize i was baptize when i was moths old mom follows catholic religion but not me not no more i only follow the word of God can you help me i live in oakland ca but i dont want to be battize by wolfs
Thank you for what you do. UK Bart
You know someone someday will get you and make you pay for what you do and that day we will dance for joy.Longing for that someone someday
Hey Ruben, Im an american christian whos fathers from ISrael. Please keep spreading his anti muslim agenda, theyre trying to take over our country. Just like they took Europe, thankyou for everything
Great Job Ruben!! Thank you for your boldness and zeal!! Thank you for your example and info on your website!!
I was visiting your website with my wife and kids and came accros some pictures that were not appropriate for the family or for christians in general one lady with penis on nose the other ladies exposing their breast there might be others.....I couldn't stay on your website with family around rene
The link on officialstreetpreachers.com doesn't work, so I figured I would ask. I am interested in purchasing one or two. Also, the link to crytogod.com is not working as well. Please get back to me, and can you tell me who you are? Thanks, Miguel
Brother Ruben, Hi! I would like to help out in any way that I can. I was Saved only 9 months ago so my knowledge of Bible verses is still limited, however, God has been keeping me busy and I feel that helping you and your team is my next step in the learning process. I am presently in the Seattle area and am actually looking to relocate somewhere…..anyhow... Please let me know…. Thank you! Steve 310-359-****
Reuben I saw you in a few cities and see how the police protect you, I know you work for the government, you are a government plant, I am on to you
Hello Ruben, Been watching your youtube videos, I love how you guys expose Muslims. My friend just came here from Germany where they can't speak out against them and I want him to see how we do things in America. Are you guys doing any protests specifically against Islam in the LA area? Thanks Rick
How do I join your team, I believe God is calling me to do what you do. You men have been used of God to give me boldness, I have never seen light fight against darkness the way God uses you. Honored to call you BROTHER
y does god allow you to live?i have never seen anyone more hateful than u.iwish you would just go away& leave the world alone
This message is for brother Ruben and hopefully this is your direct email. For starters I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stefano, I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and I happen to see some of the videos your in on youtube and I was inspired by your message of God and what I was most amazed of was that you stand up to the evil Islamic ideology and call out it's evil flaws. That is what really amazed me because you called a spade a spade and most people are fearful of calling out Islam but enough is enough because if something like Islam is evil and dangerous it must be examined. I consider myself as a modern day Italian Crusader and I aspire to meet you one day and maybe join you and your brothers. I would like to end the email by blessing you and your family and may God protect you where ever you go. Amen
Hi Ruben, I'm writing to you because I wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done when the Lord called you to preach. I haven't been a good son to the Lord I been idolizing my videos games to the point that my Lord was no longer first and I kept getting involved in pornography while I'm engage in getting married soon. I saw the works your ministry has been doing and I want to like everyone there to stand against evil like the way you all do. Starting now Ill will get rid of all my video games and I am done with pornography. I want to go back how I once loved the Lord for now I am completely lost and weak without Him and He has done nothing but be compassionate with me. I will continue to pray for your ministry and may the Lord continue to use your ministry for others to see. Thank you again for what you do and may our Lord Jesus Christ continue to increase and bless you.
RI I've watched one of your "street preachings" of how homosexuality is wrong and I quickly disagreed with everything you were saying. I'm religious yes but the bible was written for back then.Yes it can help us and guide us now but most of this does not apply to today's culture. Times have changed it's 2015. "Homosexuality is wrong, the bible says it!" Then so is wearing two different types of fabrics eating pigs and rabbits wearing torn clothes having short hair having tattoos having more than one type of plant in your garden going to church in the first 2 months after you've given birth wearing jewelry remarrying woman saying anything in church, ever eating lobsters divorcing eating fat cross breeding cheating saying Gods name gossiping So please stop judging others and take a look at yourself first because God loves everyone just the same.
Dear brother Ruben, I am Agon and I live in Belguim. I'm a Christian and I have watched your videos recently. Thank God for your ministry. Oh THANK YOU JESUS! And your humor is awsome and holy. It truely is a gift from the Lord. I think the Lord wants me to preach like you do. A sister in Christ ones told me about a vision of me wearing knight gear armed with a sword and a helmet on and a legion of angels of God Almighty Jesus Christ behind me to back me up after I was done praying. I need to get on the offensive. I'm being to passive. I want to order a megaphone and order shirts like you guys gave, with big letters. Thing is, I hope I don't get fined by police. Here they are very quick to give you a ticket if you make to much noise or say something that is controversial in their eyes. I love you guys, you guys are blessed by the Lord Christ Jesus. Amen. Stay blessed Ruben!
YOU Mr.Ruben are a LIAR!! God never get angry and there is no hell stop lying
Hello ruben, would you by any chance know of any groups in maryland that do street preaching that I could join? God Bless!
Hello Ruben! First of all i want to thank you for preaching. Now my question: What do you think about the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you agree with their beliefs/teachings. Does God hate everybody included 'fags'? I would be very happy to hear your answer. Greetings from Germany
I have decided it is best to not have any contact with you.you have done something, not of god and he showed me.i was under an illusion that you were a man of god but god spoke to me in a dream.so i rebuke you in jesus name and repented of wanting to be like you
Hi Ruben my name is Daniel, I have recently started preaching and Would love to meet with you guys and Spread the Gospel together. I was planning on preaching with you if ever you come to my city. I would love to be part of the battle with you. I can travel, just let me know asap so I can gather some money to join you if you come to my state. God Bless
Never forget that when people get more upset with you, the more and more they actually realize that you are right. Never back down! Lester P.S. I love that 'Proud To Be An Infidel' t-shirt! You know, the one with the 'cut along dotted line' right on the neck of the shirt. Where did you get that shirt!? I most truly want one!!! Please tell me where you got it at! Thx.
You're a douchebag and a scourge to humanity
Hey Ruben, I took your advice you gave me and I have left The Mormon church. I have met some true Christian people in my city and I have been visiting their churches. I have not yet become a member of any other church yet but I have found a church that I may become apart of later. I was in SLC a few years back as a Mormon at general conference and listened to the street preachers on those days. I got my name removed from the church records and all. I did it all politely and told My Bishop what my case was. I am still yet to tell all of my family that I am out of the church. I will do it when I think the time is right. It can be hard to find someone to talk to about Mormonism and what it is like to leave the church not many people know much about the LDS church. I was born in the church/ raised in the church, served a 2 year mission and done that temple stuff. I have been following your Youtube videos for a few years now which I learn things from :) Thanks for your testimony and all the preaching you do. I am out of the LDS church but I still want to follow The Lord. Matthew
Hi, I'm a reporter in the Journal's Detroit bureau and I was hoping to speak with you for a story about your experience in Dearborn for the Arab Festival. Would you have a few minutes to chat? You can reach me at 248-227-**** Thanks, Matt
Dear Br. Ruben, Your work as a preacher means a lot to me although I have only ever seen you and your fellow-preachers on-line. I want to discuss something with you. Please reply to this email so we can begin a conversation. God Bless you. 
  First of all, I thank God for the courage people who street preach and have counted the cost. The Love of Christ abide in you. The power and Spirit of God is evident as I watch many street preachers proclaim God eternal truth. I have a burden, and I have been delivered from the power of sin and I walk in purity. I am a born again christian and love the truth, many people are perishing because of the modern Church and man center gospel, which isn't the gospel at all. I do thank you and if you have any contact info for me I appreciate it. God bless you! James
I am a Christian and I belive that the homosexual and gay community knows the word of God they just choose to ignore it and continue THER lifestyle most of homosexuality is not BECAUSE they are born that way its BECAUSE they suffer from multiple personality disorder and the fact that many were sexually abused as children most lesbians I know were abused by men thus they hate men and turned away from man it was not cas they were born homosexual they have hate in THER hearts for men cas what happened to them at the hands of a male so they have never forgiven THER abuser and they spite all males they also make up excuses as to why ther the way they are just like the druggie or drunkerd make excuses for ther actions I don't belive that ur preaching to them will change THER minds or THER sins or transgressions against God so maybe its best to just let the ALMIGHTY God deal with it cas THER minds are made and they will not conform its a fight that u will not win only make things worse for Christians same thing with MUSLIMS drunkards drugies I mean help is THER for these people they choose not to accept it the Christian churches are THER for the sinners they ignore it the BIBLE is THER they ignore it nothing we can do but pray for them and allow the Almighty to do his job God bless Cathy
Dear Mr. Israel, My name is Joshua, and I'm a bible believing christian. I just want to thank you for all you and you're group bible believing ministry does for true Christians, it is not everyday you find people like yourself contending for the faith. I really just want you to know you and you're group are not following on deaf ears. I myself am a retired SGT. in the U.S. ARMY, and I can tell you the King James Bible is the true word of God and God is far removed from this country. I have every same belief you guys do and I know only one other person that fells like me. I saw you're videos on YouTube and I knew I believe in the true Jesus. Not this peace loving Hippy Jesus but the God that came to bring a sword and not peace, dividing truth from no biblical truth. I cant thank you enough for all you do. I saw a video of you saying go to you're sight and I was wondering if you can send me a link to the bible you use? I also want to know if you can let me know anytime how to donate to your're cause for God, and always Mr. Israel Thank You Sir!!!!!!!
Brother Ruben, where can I get the collapsible banner poles. I recently got a painter's extension pole rom Home Depot for my new banners, but even when painter's extension pole is not fully extended the main non-extend piece is about 6 feet. I need the metal poles/rods that screw together so I can transport my banners in an easier fashion. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
Hi Ruben, my name is Eric and I keep praying that America turns from it's wicked ways and return back to it's origins. How It All started. George Washington was the first Christian President. This country was doing well until we lost our way with God. However, I have not. No one should tell me that I can't have a bible. No one shall ever take away my 1st amendment right. No atheist shall ever take God's name from any government establishment, school, or anything from the United States. Count me in. I'm all for Jesus Christ and the American dream. Jesus Christ is the American Dream. All I ask is Lord Jesus, what do you want me to do? It's in his hands Ruben. Have a blessed day, and God bless
Dear Sir, I am not against the idea of street preaching but after seeing your video from I believe you are wrong and filled with demons I hope god puts you in hell
Hello Ruben, my name is Kanj & I'm a Christian in Alaska. I just found you through Jesse Morrell's documentary on you. I just want to draw near to your light & offer my encouragement. To see your confrontations with the Muslims recently, was especially inspiring, because everyone else is so afraid of them. And to see the Q'uran getting the respect it deserves was quite refreshing. Anyways, I thank you & your crew for your faithful service. Kanji
Dear Brother Ruben, thank you for being faithful to our Father, for preaching and presenting the gospel as you do. The Father has used your ministry to completely change me, praise Him! I would like to be a part of this work. Can you please tell me where your church meets in case I'm ever in the area? I live in Vista, Ca near Camp Pendleton are there street preachers/ministries near me? I will be sending money to the bail fund. Thank You again so much Brother Ruben I hope to hear from you soon. Your sister in Christ Sue
I'll be praying for you and the Saints with you!
My names George im from the UK im 21, I often watch your videos, I preach on the streets part time wednesday, thursday and friday afternoons and also sunday, I was wondering where you get your banners and whether the would ship to the UK? .also I just wanted to encourage you to keep fighting that good fight and keep giving God the glory. God Bless you Ruben
Hey I'm Alf from Sweden. I was wondering if I could buy clothes from your site that builds the kingdom of God? Keep up the good work!
Hi Ruben Israel, I have been watching your YouTube videos and found your contact info on officialstreetpreachers.com. I would like to know if I may volunteer my time in any capacity to serve Him and Jesus. Im ready to be spit on, thrown things at, name called, and die for Him. I'm in Orange County, California. God Bless you for serving Him.
Hi Ruben, please find a way to preach at University of California, Irvine. I believe its needed. Thank You, Don
ruben you are a ***hole, not just an ***hole but a BIG ***HOLE
I've seen a few of your street preacher videos against Islam and I think you are wonderful in all of your street preacher videos that I watch. I just had a question: I know the Bible says turn the other cheek and the Lord will have vengeance, but what are we to do when is Islamic Terror comes to our country to violate our rights and try to kill us, are we to just standby and turn the other cheek or does the Bible teach differently on such attacks. Thanks
Mr.Ruben I would love to join you in preaching the word in the streets to all sinners. I would like ideas. I have preached many times in church and at homes when invited and even held services out at the street coners, but nothing like you have done, and that's what we gave been called to do. I would like to take it to the next level. Thanks
It was quite surprising yesterday to have come across the work you do for the Lord and his Kingdom. I was surfing the net and there you are bigger than life. I would like to link up with you one day. I enjoyed spending a few hours yesterday watching some of your YouTube videos.
I do wonder if you might be able to reach more people by preaching more about love. I really think a man as dedicated as you could do wonderful things.
Ruben, you are giving John the Baptist a run for his talent. I've added you to my prayer list, hope to meet you one day, take care and may God continue to look upon you with favor. 
  Dearest fellow sinner, I wanted to inform you that I am a male, and in June I will be marrying my male partner, as your God as our witness, whether you agree or not as God being our witness. After the ceremony is completed we will send you a copy of our marriage license you may hung up in your home alongside the rest of your family photos. Have a wonderful evening! I will pray for you, as most bigots as yourselves are truly the ones covering up their own homosexual desires, for you are afraid of coming out. My prayers are with you.
Hi Ruban! I and other street preachers from the Netherlands are really touched that ya warn all men for the wickedness of sins and the risk of eternal fire! We are very glad ya bring the soul saving Word of God! John 7:7 We do totally agree with your straight biblical message of the [ light of] Truth! Psalm 119:105 KJV 1611
I wanted to ask for u to teach me the womans role in the church and out of.church Peggy
Ruben I saw a video where you refused to hug Jessica Williams, whereas Jesus would have taken her into arms and comforted her. You are so full of SH**
The more I watch Ruben Israel I am less and less opposed to his methods. I see nothing thats just merely for antagonization. Seems to desperately want to preach the truth
it will bring me great joy when you fuc**ng die you retard obese piece of garbage made flesh, it will be a day of celebration to hear that your 3 children are killed and your fat cun* face wife Collen is gang raped in front of you. SCUM