Monday, July 27, 2015


Last weekend in Montana
was a blessing
As you know we held our yearly street preachers convention there and it is liken to the modern day ‘school of the prophets’ as per 1 Samuel 19:18–24; 2 Kings 2, 4:38–44 where saints were edified and exhorted to obedience.
“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works”
Hebrews 10:24
The teaching was spot on, the fellowship was great, the hospitality was off the charts, food was to die for and I do believe most went home blessed and ripe for service.
There is nothing like spending time with believers who are NOT ASHAMED to preach against sin in public. Not a keyboard, not with a letter to the editor or a youtube clip sitting behind a desk, but confronting sin to the face.
This was is no tickle the ear meeting where believers were told how great they are rather, saints were humbled and pruned for service. 
  The focus was to please God.
We had worship before every session started
And WHO said street preachers can’t sing?
After worship we had prayer
We started off every morning with the reading of Martyrs Mirror, a must read within the Church.
This will keep you in check on what you consider persecution.
And IF you are NOT involved in a Church that resembles those saints, I say it’s time to find one.
After that, the exhorting started, as speaker after speaker spoke on the theme of ‘Not Being Ashamed’
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek”
Romans 1:16
“Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God”
2 Timothy 1:8
“For though I should boast somewhat more of our authority, which the Lord hath given us for edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed”
2 Corinthians 10:8
“For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day”
2 Timothy 1:12
“And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us”
Romans 5:5
"Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels”
Mark 8:38
“I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed”
Psalm 119:46
We had a live fed on that anointed pulpit which kept everyone on the edge.

 The entire convention will soon be on youtube as each speaker will have their very own slot.
Everyone was welcomed, this was not a secret meeting for members only.
Wish to see how street preachers think and why we do what we do, this meeting will teach that.
This was a local couple (below) who joined us and the man is a retired LAPD officer.
We also had time for testimonies of how people were inspired to open air preach. 
 We are NOT Mormons and we do not all have that burning in the bosom testimony.
One of the key speakers was Brother Steve Klein who is outspoken against Islam and for that he is on ISIS hit list. 
Brother Steve is an USMC who is not ashamed of the Gospel and knows our enemy. He talked stats, gave stories and reason WHY we should never trust Islam at any level, based on their own words.
They are an enemy to our country and God. Like any real soldier, he will see our enemy eye to eye unlike our politicians and most clergy who think we have the same God.
At the convention, one can leave equipped and provided with shirts, banners, signs, tracts and free books, like ‘Blood Power’ by Bible Jim Webber. 
 This is not a ministry to make money, if anything you will spend more than you are willing to give. 
Preaching in public is not a gift of the Holy Ghost, this is our duty to promote Jesus. Much like it is your duty in America to vote, exercise free speech, own a gun and speak out if needed as in free press. 
Most street preachers that work together understand the concept of laying down your life for one another on some of those streets we preach against and this will bring a bond that 98% of most Sunday Christians will never taste. 
 SOAPA tries to bring unity within the body of Christ, NOT my way is better. My tracts are more Biblical, my method is loving, my shirts are gospel and my preaching is more anointed. 
Three meals were given, with snacks and drinks served anytime.
Everyone was encouraged to eat and fellowship with others and not be clicky.
We even had a last minute production that was assembled and performed by the LaVelle family of NOT being ashamed of the gospel. 
The fellowship was worth the trip and you are not alone in your labor.
Active believers came from other states and Canada, two even came by bus for days just to spend time with those who are not ashamed. 
 We drove 17 nonstop hours from Los Angeles to Montana and worth the drive to be in the presence of saints. 
One day we did a ‘drive by’ around town and drive to the Ten Commandment Garden with Christian cars and megaphone blasting as we cruised the streets with about 25 vehicles.
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”
Proverbs 3:6
Another team walked a portion with a cross and 2 banners to the 10 Commandment park, those signs will witness to many in route to Glacier National Park.
When we arrived we repaired a few signs that were damaged with a knife and spray painted, of course you will never read about that nor see it on the network news. 
 However IF this was done to a Mosque or a ‘gay church’ that story would have been on going. 
  Someone slit a few banners, destroyed one about abortion, sprayed pained certain words on others and seemed to hate Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson. 
Inside the building at the 10 Commandment Park, where people can get free magnets and bumper stickers for their car
Friday and Saturday night a few street preachers went to preach at the bar section and stirred up a few devils and cowboys. 
Things got physical the first night and Jeremy was sent to the emergency room to get stitches on the back of his head.
So the police were out in force the second night to keep the peace. 
That bump on the head did not hinder Jeremy teaching the next day during the conference.
On Sunday we had a debate. 
  The topic was ‘women preachers’ so in the spirit of ‘iron sharpens iron’ the debate was ready.
I set the rules for the debate and the two men argued their points, had questions and time to respond
And so with the rules and a time schedule set, the debate began
Brother Jed took the side that God has used women in the past and there is a history of women who served God preaching in public
Brother Grant took the position that women are not to preach but be keepers at home. The preach field is for men who will get persecuted, beat and jailed, not for women. 
Both had verses to argue they position and question each other
Any questions from the ‘live fed’ was given via keyboard to anyone watching
Then we had questions to the panel from those attending, and there were rules for that too.
This is not a speech, this is not commentary, they have 2 minutes for a question and to whom is the question for. 
A line was formed and the questions started for both Jed and Grant as things were done with order as per 1Corinthians 14:40
“Let all things be done decently and in order”
There was no ‘you are a heretic’ ‘I rebuke you satan’ and ‘well MY Bible tells me’ Just points made as to why they held a position. 
 This topic is not salvation pending.
What made SOAPA Montana work?
We had a large staff of volunteers who worked behind the scene in wiring the stage, working the sound, filming, feeding everyone, cleaning up the bathrooms several times daily and much more. 
 That was possible with those pictured below who kept this big piece of machinery well-oiled and why everything function together.
The day before the conference, we were changing lights, hanging banners and making sure everything was in place. 
 Food and drinks were stacked in the kitchen, tables and chairs arranged and every detail handled. 
And of course I had personal helpers that seemed to hang around Uncle Ruben and draw me pictures
Every speaker that spoke will be on the SOAPA youtube channel soon and I will post you the link. I’m sure the ‘fault finders and heresy hunters’ will find something to slander so there is nothing new under the sun. We make their life worth living. 
Interested in coming to SOAPA Atlanta?
The dates will be Oct 7-10 2015 and stay for an extra day because Sunday the 11th will be the sodomite parade. The website will be given soon with more details. 
  And of course we have the SOAPA Las Vegas coupled with New Years in sin city, so the dates would be Dec 29-31 2015
These open air conventions do inspire young and old to serve God this is side of heaven and to be sure of what your part is within the body of Christ. 
 This was not only me who was moved as you can read a few testimonies from those attending Montana.
Brother Allen writes:
The 2015 s.o.p.a was for me a combination of edification from the pulpit to a family reunion (consisting of the relatives you actually like). I was edified, stretched, challenged but most of all discipled in the ways of The Lord. Not only myself but my wife as well as this community as a whole. When the brothers and sisters stood for the truth of Gods word and gave a rebuke, this community was forced to see an un compromised position of Gods truth that now will hold them responsible for the choice they must make, choose this day whom ye shall serve. From a liquor store deceiving a community to a bar offering all the delusions of this world, the brothers stood their ground. To the point of staples in the head they stood! The event it's self was again a home run. From testimonies to strong preaching, even a clean well presented debate, all who entered had to have been touched, if in fact they have tasted that The Lord is good. As always I feel in debt to the street preaching community as they, for two years now, have come to fellowship, edify and challenge this beautiful northern region of Montana. My only regret is that more of the local people would show up for the challenge. Maybe then they would see what I see in these Godly men and women, The Lord truly rebukes the ones He loves. God bless the front line!! God bless the street preacher!! And Ruben Israel, God bless you
Brother Jeremy writes:
What a Great event we had in Montana where Street Preachers from all over the Country joined together for Preaching and Fellowship at the annual Soapa Conference. It was a blessing to meet so many Front Line Soldiers of the Cross who Passionately Love our Lord Jesus and Prove it with their continued service in His work...I want to thank Brother Ruben and everyone that had part in putting together such an Amazing Event!
Sister Erika writes:
I honestly had no idea what to expect going to SOAPA. When Paul first asked me to go, I was hesitant honestly, because I thought it would just be the preachers getting together and I didn't know how I'd fit in. But, wow, it was just awesome!!! I am soooooo glad I went! It was really encouraging and it felt like a big family reunion. Seeing and feeling how on fire for the Lord everyone is was EXACTLY what I needed to refresh my walk and inspire me to go deeper. It truly allowed me to see the glaring difference between all in believers who are sacrificing everything for the Lord vs the lukewarm church. I was especially impressed (and told Paul this) that all of you Godly men were not only bold in word and deed but kind, compassionate and humble. It was wonderful to see the brotherly love displayed by everyone. I feel so blessed to have met everyone and already I feel a new sense of urgency of the gospel going forth and what that looks like. I miss everyone and just want to serve God in bigger, more consistent ways. I feel more empowered and emboldened to speak His truth and set the captives free! Thank you so much Ruben. It was life changing and I am already thinking about next year, Lord willing, seeing everyone again. God is so good!!
Brother Glenn writes:
What a blessing and honor it was to fellowship with veteran preachers like, Preacher Ray, Brother Jed Smock, and Ruben Israel. And then I was so encouraged to see God raising up the next generation of open air preachers. The LORD is answering our prayers for labours in the field
Brother Paul writes: I missed last year's SOAPA and I knew that Kellen Moore was going so I thought I would talk to him when he got back to see what it was like. Kellen had nothing but good to say about the conference. My wife (Erika), Maxx and I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with Holy Ghost filled bold men (and women) of God. The time that we spent in Montana was just a small taste of the true church. After leaving and coming home it's more realevant of how spiritually dead out nation has become. I long for the days of good godly fellowship with Spirit filled soldiers for Jesus. The preaching that I heard at SOAPA was absolutely THE BEST I've heard in a long time. It was a delight to meet new brothers in person that I have seen in the virtual realm, I love love the body of Christ, each of our individual personalities and styles. I don't know if we will still be here next year but I plan on attending every year as long as we can still have the freedom to. The SOAPA event was very orderly and planned very well. I thank Philip for hosting the event who is doing a mighty work for God with the signs across America. Ruben is a pioneer in the street preaching realm and an inspiration to the body of Christ, he is an example of a soldier who has no fear of man and hasn't lost any zeal for Jesus. To all the nay sayers out there I can attest that Ruben is a man of God. May God Bless America, with Repentance
Brother Rayan writes:
You will often hear men reflect on events from yester-year as an experience of a lifetime. It would be a dishonor to the holy God of Isreal to try and catagorize my first SOAPA event as any kind of experience at all. An event super charged with fresh anointing and unction it was much rather a demonstration. A demonstration of God's supernatural power working through his most devout saints. It was refreshing to see God move through His remnant supernaturally in such a superficial church age. God has lit a fire under a man in Montana. America is ripe for judgement and the church for purging. When men look back through the years they will remember 10 Commandnent Park as the spark that lit the fire. And if there's one thing about fire, you'll never have to advertise a fire whether physical or spiritual. It was an honor and privilege of a lifetime to sit under such wisdom and leadership within the body of Christ. The fellowship was unforgettable and the hospitality was second to none. In a world that's falling apart, let's just say it wasn't your average prophets quarters. God be with the street preachers of America whensoever they take the battle to the boulevards.
Sister Alina writes:
Hello Brother Ruben... I'm very thankful and happy to be a part of it .The convention was the best part of the year. I've learn lots of things from different preachers. I'm so blessed that the Lord gave me the possibility to meet everyone and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ . We should do it 5-6 times a year .Thank you for everything... May God bless you and your family always brother!!!
Brother Jess writes:
Well my wife and I were excited to attend SOAPA knowing that there would be men who were truly serious about living for the Lord Jesus. We left SOAPA knowing it had been a life changing experience. There were not only one or two inspirational men who were more than worth aspiring to but many. It is hard for anyone to see the counterfeit of something, without seeing the real thing. At SOAPA, the men that attended truly were the real thing. When each one spoke, they had immense strength, authority and passion. I say again, tremendous strength, authority and passion. This clearly is the result when one truly takes a stand for their Lord and for righteousness. I've been shown a clearer model of the kind of man my heart aspires to be. To attend SOAPA, is to meet heartfelt men who clearly have consistently raised the bar in what it means honor God with a faithful life. If your heart desires is to live only for Gods kingdom, than SOAPA will absolutely help you in making the most of your opportunity here.
Brother Dean writes:
montana is the soapa of all soapas its family friendly its relaxing its organic and the scenery is to be martyred for. all that being said this is my second time going and the only thing i regret is that i cant stay there until the rapture comes or I die but alas Im called back to battle in my home state the wild west.
Brother Grant writes:
I've never been more encouraged and provoked to do more for the Kingdom of God.Where we are all like minded in wanted to preach the unadulterated word of God. Please change the WANTED to DESIRING Thank u Ruben so much for letting me debate Jed.
Sister Jennifer writes: As I die more to myself and this world it is so comforting to come alongside like minded brothers and sisters. SOAPA truly was life changing for me. I have come back home bolder and stronger then I was before I lift. My family has expanded and I am comforted to know that we are all in this together. We are all fighting for our King and one day we will all get to share in the glory together. I have never been in a building of believers where I have felt more at home. Thank you Ruben
Brother Kellen writes:
This being my second SOAPA conference, I was a little less nervous this go around. I was looking forward to meeting new brethren, and fellowshiping again with those I met last summer. Once again the speakers and messages delivered were edifying,challenging, and convicting. I was encouraged by all the brothers and sisters faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Especially encouraged by brother Josh from New Mexico when he spoke about encouraging yourself in the Lord as king David did. Once the fellowship ends, and we have gone home we need to be able to do just that. What a blessing all the fellowship was, it is not something I take for granted and was richly blessed by the fellowship and gathering together of the saints of God!!!! May we remember each other in prayer and press toward the mark as the day of the Lord draws nigh!!! All glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ!!!
Brother Jed writes;
To anyone attending the Soapa Conference in Kalispell, MT., it should be obvious that the Lord has established Ruben Israel as the leader of the street preacher movement. Ruben’s timely preaching between each speaker was impromptu speaking at its best; he always edified, exhorted and comforted. Ruben promoted unity throughout the conference working to keep Baptist fundamentalist and charismatic Pentecostals fighting evil and the world instead of fighting one another. Ruben urged anyone having aught against a brother to get it settled at the conference. Two people apologized to me for believing bad reports and with another brother I was able to have a reconciling talk concerning a few doctrines on which we differed. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to renew fellowship with brethren which I had not seen in years. Also, Cindy and I made new friends. One of these even gave us an offering which came close to paying our gasoline expenses for the long road trip. Everyone attending enjoyed the fellowship and appreciated our hosts Philip and Suzie. We drove my tattooed Dodge Grand Caravan promoting the law and the gospel 30 hours back to back to Indiana. I agreed to Philip’s request to leave the magnet stickers on the car for at least 30 days. All the speakers were interesting and inspiring. The most fun was my debate with Grant concerning women preachers. Most of the audience seemed sympathetic with my side of the issue promoting women preaching in the open-air; however, Grant was not in the least intimated by a shortage of crowd support. What true open-air preacher would be intimated by opposition? Cindy and I brought four young disciples (Grant called them my clones) with us who were inspired and encouraged by the more experiences preachers. These young apprentices appreciated the opportunity to attend the conference. Bringing in youth to our movement is vital since some of us from the old guard may soon be passing to our rewards. I think the oldest preacher there was Ray Chisholm, 79, who went to Berkeley, CA, in 1964 with Holy Hubert Lindsey; Hubert made history at Berkeley. This convention was a great buy at only $100 per adult. The prime rib and lamb chops on the opening night were included in the price and I think was some of the best meat I have ever tasted. The setting of the conference was only 30 minutes from the entrance to Glacier National Park. We arrived a day early in order that we might have time to tour the beautiful mountain scenery.
Brother Quincy writes:
It has been a week now since returning home. I didn't want to leave and I wish that my family and I were still there. Yes, I'm talking about SOAPA Montana 2015. I've gone to different churches, been a member of a church, but none of them come close to this. True sincere fellowship, sound teaching, and a time where iron sharpens iron due to breaking bread together and all of the intimate and in depth conversations that are taking place over the weekend. This is what church is! This conference brought my wife and I closer together. This put a fire in her that I have never seen before. Being like-minded goes along way and being surrounded by other sisters who are like-minded really touched her and built her up. Through our years of going to congregations with different denominations she would say to me "why doesn't anyone ever want to talk about Jesus outside of church. He should be all we talk about to people." She finally got to experience the zeal and fire that was at SOAPA from all of the brothers and sisters who attended. On one of the days, as one of the sessions were ending, our oldest daughter began to weep. We asked her what was wrong and she told us that she wished my grandmother was there to see this. She continued to say that she finally understands and enjoys the preaching and ended by saying that they don't preach like this in the churches that we have been to. She is now 11yrs old and I have been taking her to church on Sundays, Wednesdays, youth groups, etc. since she was born. I have never seen any teaching or message impact her like SOAPA did. My grandmother raised me, and taught me to follow and obey God. As I got older I fell away and lived 15yrs plus of my adult life in slime. When I returned to the church and was desiring to follow God again, I noticed that everything that my grandmother once taught me was no longer taught in the churches. It became about music, blending in, making friends, and being a cool as the world. Hearing my daughter mention my grandmother and remember going to church with her when she was only 1 or 2yrs old blessed my heart tremendously in addition to everything that was already taking place over the weekend at SOAPA. These brothers and sisters are my family, we have a bond and it is a pleasure to break bread, serve, do ministry and be the black sheep of the church of America as we are the ones out on the front lines in the battle and war zones of this county and world. Lord willing we want to be at every SOAPA as this is our family that we want to be around, grow with, fellowship with, break bread with and serve with. SOAPA recharges you and it ignites you. Two gifts for the price of one! Jesus is Lord and at SOAPA you can actually tell these brothers and sisters live for Him!