Monday, May 11, 2015

You Got Mail

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning, only to find out you were on national TV? I was sent this video clip from ‘The Daily Show’ that aired last week.
It appears they did not give the full interview as I asked who the person who was trying to interview me was and she said she was a comedian. I responded, you mean like Robin Williams? Then asked ‘would you like some tissue?’ 
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Are you willing to stand in the gap and reprove this sin boldly? If you wish to join us in Long Beach next Sunday contact me for details.
“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none”
Ezekiel 22:30
The link below will give you every city and date for a sodomite parade in your area.
In Montana for our yearly Street Preachers Convention For details see link below:
Like you I get 100’s of emails and personal posts daily, regarding our public labor. Here are a few of the good, bad and ugly, as some days my mail-box runneth over. 

*Hi. My name is Ron. I've sent an e-mail before and I'm hoping to get a response. Do you ever come up to Seattle? Hope to hear from you. Thanks

*How do you manage your bold strong street preaching with your job or for instance checking out at wal mart. Are you as confrontational and bold if you see them in sin as you are on the streets while preaching? I am trying to balance my preaching with my everyday life. Thank You

*Dear Street Preachers, I ask you to please pray for me that I may be numbered among the elect. I struggle with same- sex attraction. I am not in that lifestyle, but nonetheless I have struggled and sometimes wonder whether I want to be saved. Please pray for me because though I have not committed sodomy by the grace of God, I have committed personal sexual sin. Please pray for me that I may be set free. I don't want to become a reprobate. In Christ, Matthew

*Ruben here is a message from Erik in Amsterdam to you

*I've seen a few of your street preacher videos against Islam and I think you are wonderful in all of your street preacher videos that I watch. I just had a question: I know the Bible says turn the other cheek and the Lord will have vengeance, but what are we to do when is Islamic Terror comes to our country to violate our rights and try to kill us, are we to just standby and turn the other cheek or does the Bible teach differently on such attacks. Thanks

*Ruben I live with my girl friend and we both go to the same Church, as we saved? My Pastor says we are forgiven.

*Hello again Ruben, It was quite surprising yesterday to have come across the work you do for the Lord and his Kingdom. I was surfing the net attmpting to negate some of the liberal propaganda against Pamela Geller and the ADFI as a result for her heroic stance for free speech and against the jihad recently at garland TX. . I'm would like to link up with some of things you are involved with. I sent you a friend request on of my FB accounts -"Josh Is****", I spent a few hours yesterday watching some of your YouTube videos. You are giving John the Baptist a run for his talent. They banned me from my original "activist" FB pages one for a long time, this is my recent "incarnation". I've added you to my prayer list, hope to continue the link, take care and may God continue to look upon you with favor. Joey

*I really admire your dedication to the Bible and to God. I think that it is really missing in the world. Maybe the world doesn't show you preaching God's love. But I do wonder if you might be able to reach more people by preaching more about love. I really think a man as dedicated as you could do wonderful things.

*I am looking at the MA programs at Asbury Theol. Sem. If they contact you respond as the Lord leads as I used you warrior as a reference Lord Jesus bless Dwaine

*I have looked briefly at your website, good to see the brotheren preaching the Word. I would like to stay in fellowship with you, my schedule for right now has been the 5th-20th of each month I am up here at Kotzebue. I usually fly back home in between. I also, though, through my Navy retirement can get on an aircraft and go to where ever they may be going. So, kind of using a variety of transportation, however, do you guys still have your Bible studies and if so, would I be able to phone, also what are some of your future preaching events. I would like to, Lord willing time it to hit these with you. Miss seeing ya Bro, I have to say though that everytime I hear your voice on the recorded videos I rejoice, knowing the heaven of heavens cannot contain the things that our all Mighty Saviour has for us. PRAISE JESUS

*Ruben, I'm emailing from VICE Media in Los Angeles. I was hoping to attend SOAPA 2015 in order to write an article about it. Is that something you'd be interested in? I've previously made a film about Dean Saxton, who I believe is attending, that you can see here:

*Mr.Israel how do I know if I am saved and born again? *I've been watching some video clips of your ministry and am so impressed on how boldly you preach the good news of salvation. I want to encourage you to continue what you are doing. You are like a watchman John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness to repent. I myself do a little bit of ministry in apartments. Continue the work of The Lord for your reward is in heaven. Pls advise when you come to San Antonio tx and I would like to stand with you. God speed brother! alfonso

*Ruben I loved the video where you were talking to the feminist God hating wicked Gloria Allred. So blessed to see so many of you men there lifting your voices as trumpets!

*Reuben you Rock my name is Eric i am a Deliverance minister email me back some of your you tube videos God Bless!!!

*Hello brother Williams gave me your email...I am from the bay area San Francisco...I wondering if you know any Street Preachers from San Francisco California? Born again of course. thank you my name is Lily I been born again for one year almost.

*Mr. Israel, I wanted to ask for u to teach me the womans role in the church and out of church

*Ruben, It's an honor and privilege to correspond with you. Do you know of anyone in the Akron, Ohio area that regularly engagers in open-air street preaching? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks! Scott

*Hello ruben, I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your infidel t shirt with the cut on the dotted line? Could you please send me the link so I could buy one? Thanks and God Bless! Nino

*Ruben I read and loved the article in the Salt Lake Weekly to "Rules of Engagement"

*Hello Brother Reuben, I saw online to contact you regarding where I should go to get the same bold christian shirts, hoodies, sweaters, etc. that you wear in all of your videos? I cant wait to get them I agree with you that the clothing being put out by big mainstream christian companies is really pathetic. Yours in Christ zech

*you are a servant of God. god bless you for spreading the gospel Juan

*I am interested in knowing where to get a street preaching bible like the one you hold in some of your pictures. It seems to be somewhat of a compact bible with REPENT on one side and BIBLE on the other. I could be wrong but I think that is what I have seen so far. Thanks! Evangelist Gregory

*Ruben Could I get a bible ? With bold letters "bible" on it

*Brother Ruben, I wanted to let you know there will be a Joel Osteen convention in San Francisco can you join us? Also have you ever played the Shofar? Num.10:9. And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the LORD your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies. There are some saints abroad blowing the trumpets before battle, and anticipating our LORDS return.
  The bigger the better for sound. Yours in Christ Damon

*I found your videos on youtube. I love what you guys do and how you do it. More people need to be "smacked" into reality and the true word of our Lord. Thank you. Is there anywhere else i can find more videos of your street preaching? I can not find any on your web site. God Bless and keep doing what you do. Tom

*I grew up in Austin Texas and smoking weed and other criminal behavior was a part of the culture from an early age. I remember being aggressively, persistently persuaded to go along with things against my conscience. Christianity never came into it, because Christ was just some name in the Bible no one cared or talked about. My parents had divorced, remarried, and were busy enough to pretty much ignore me. They lived in the same area and I saw them both this day i dont understand how they could be so detached. I didn't have a regular conversation with my dad until I was 25. I have no excuses, and I know how I got into trouble. The biggest problems were a neglect of the faith and my passivity in accommodating sinful behavior of my peers, and my willingness to go along with things--then eventually move in darkness of my own accord. Cowardice and a broken, evil will. I became a believer a few years ago, at 28 years old. The hardest part has been finding strong leadership to connect with the strong beliefs in my heart. Thanks for setting an example of boldness and a willingness to confront this culture. I want to grow into that, and it is my hope God will carry this out with me. I just wanted to say thanks for showing me what is possible today. Logan

*bro Ruben, I'm off work the last week of this month and may be able to come to DC for the a day or two. What days do you plan on having boots on the ground? Also, I've been wanting to join the bail fund. Do you have pay pal for the yearly $ or do I mail it? Thank you and grace, mercy and love of Christ Jesus be multiplied to you and your house. bro John 513-464-****

*Hey Ruben my name is Chris from the UK. I was Born Again Christian about 5 years ago. Here in the UK its very hard as a Christian,There are so many Athiests, Muslims,Pagans,Gays,And as you mention on most Christianity in the UK says we have to preach the Love of Jesus not give warning. I always give warning to my friends and family,Who are mostly Atheist, and they hate me telling them there heading for HELL! I"ve always wanted to find a group of brothers to preach as you guys do,Cause in the UK its like where not allowed to Preach this way. I wondered if there"s any Preachers like you in the UK,Or my dream would be great to join you guys there and preach with you.With Boldness and integrity. God Bless you All.

*dear brother I am a stret preacher from nova scotia canada and i want to say praise the Lord for what you are doing for the kingdom of God and keep doing the work of the Lord and may He the Lord get all the glory he is worthy of all praise honor and glory yours in christ.i love you all in Christ

*Dear brother Ruben, Trying to build a network of believers to hold peaceful rally's across the nation. If we unite the body in one mind and one accord God can use us to do marvelous things for His glory. Wanted to know your thoughts. Can you help us get organized? your brother in Christ, todd

*Dearest fellow sinner, I wanted to inform you that I am a male, and in June I will be marrying my male partner, as your God as our witness, whether you agree or not as God being our witness. After the ceremony is completed we will send you a copy of our marriage license you may hung up in your home alongside the rest of your family photos. Have a wonderful evening! I will pray for you, as most bigots as yourselves are truly the ones covering up their own homosexual desires, for you are afraid of coming out. My prayers are with you.

*Ruben where can i get one of those 'cut along dotted line' neck t-shirts?

*Brother Ruben, Have you considered Preaching at this event?  I hope you will consider. South Florida is full of this immorality. This Country is so messed up that I am sure judgement is soon to come. The USA is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We need more Christians like yourself to stand up for the WORD of YHWH!! Thanks for all you do! Jamie Key West, Fl. Nondenominational Christian 

*Ruben do you have a chapter of Bible Believers in Ohio I'd be interested.. I don't suppose you know anyone in my area I could talk to?? I am in Carroll County Ohio. (East Central - South of Canton). Your email address cracked me up, so I made this one just to respond to you. I have a little bit of a sense of humor.

*Are your Homo-Sex banners for sale? If so how much? Brian

*Ruben, I appreciate you, man. I was unfortunately in the horrifying grip of the Anglicans for far too long - preacher 10 years - and found out what they were about...let's just say the wrong things. Ruben, man I like ya - keep given em' hell...I mean heaven! Where's the zealousness for almighty Jesus Christ! What is wrong with the Christians? I fear that day when He asks us...where were you? Where were you standing up for me as I hung and died for you? I just can't believe it! My blood boils that people will not defend Him and have the balls to teach the truth no matter what comes our way. Come on, gentleman, grab your balls and let's go and defeat satan and his powers by teaching the one and eternal Truth - Jesus Almighty. We may suffer for a time (at most 100 years? - that's nothing compared to eternity), but it is worth it...He told us so. In our Master and Savior and eternal Lord Jesus Christ, Paul

*I hope you are doing well. I am writing to you from Durham, NC, where I am working with the Durham Solidarity Center to set up a bail fund. I am wondering whether you might be willing to share information about your structure and organization with us. Specifically, we are wondering how your organization is structured, what regulatory requirements you comply with, and what your organization's policies and practices are. If you are willing to talk with me and share information, we would be very grateful. Thank you! Elizabeth

*Ruben, I applaud what you're doing in the streets, in the highways and hedges! Could you please give me some advice in regard to open-air preaching? I tried to access the videos on your web site but they wont open for viewing, stating "this video is private'. So if you could, please tell me how you respond when someone asks "where's your fruit?", or "why not promote the love of god?" and please respond to "sinners prayer" and "do churches support you?" Open-air preaching is new to me, so I have all kinds of questions, have you thought of publishing a book on what you've learned these many years of preaching open-air? I for one would surly purchase a copy. Thanks for your time. Any advice whatsoever would be most appreciated. Again, thank you and God Bless!

*Dear Sir, I recently came upon your yourtube blog & I am horrified. I have visited the USA on many occasions & to see that post filled me with fear. If I didn't know better I would have assumed that you were in a hostile Muslim country. Please do not allow these hostile racists shake the freedoms your ancestors fought so hard to create. You have my support & the support of millions when it comes to this blatant discrimination & racism towards any non-muslim Let me start off with saying I love your preaching style and I think you have saved many people or planted the seed for some to come to repentance. Your ministry started my searching the scriptures and my eventual leave from the Catholic Church. Since I was 15 to now 17 I'm a born again bible believing Christian. My question is though do you think works are needed for salvation. I was reading your statement of faith and it said that we need to believe and obey. Is it faith alone or faith that works? I have seen convincing arguments for both sides with proof texts and just would like to hear what you have to say. God Bless, John

*Hello, My name is Keith. I'd be interested in a shirt that says "I'm not ashamed of the Gospel" and has the "cut along dotted line" at the neck with "Christian" on the back. Im not so sure about the "Proud to be a Christian" logo as it has the notion of pride in it. Also, I'd Be interested in buying a Bible like the one in the video. God bless... Keith


*I need a list of all bible verses used in street preach. thank you so much! Jesus Saves! Crossfire Student Ministry

*Dear Ruben Israel, My name is Zeinab i am a journalist from Unis middle school and i was wondering if i some how could have an interview about your protests and the incidents that seemed to have occurred and the reasons why the may have happened. i also would like to talk about what happened a couple years ago at the Arabic festival and i would like to try and understand your thoughts and reasoning behind having done what you did and that outcome of it. i would like an interview because i would like to know all sides of the story as i have told you my angle of this story and if you shall need evidence you may go look at our website ********* it holds all story's that have been done.Im from Dearborn, Michigan and im doing my story on the official street preachers and i would like an interview from the person protesting and that would be you.

*Hello Ruben, God bless you for your boldness and faithfulness to proclaim the Gospel. Just a quick questions....where can I order sings.....banners on poles....sandwich sings you displayed.....? Thank you Rene

*Dear Brother Ruben, Have you ever preached in MN?

*Ruben, I just saw of your street preaching. I wanted to run a few questions by you when convenient. My number is 949-412-**** and I have a ministry to ladies about Christian virtue. It relates to your ministry. Sincerely, Laura

*Brother Ruben, I'm sorry to say I've never heard of you until the last week or so. I'm not an internet junkie but I've been watching you on YouTube lately. I just want to say Thank You for all that you and your group does. I wish there were many more preachers out there preaching the truth. Gods word. I love that you are preaching to sodomites and their supporters. I have been done so wrong by their evilness. Its hard living as a Christian but I'm not changing. I'm saved and I'm not ashamed! I write messages on the back of my truck just to show my support and love of God and his word. People probably think I'm crazy but I DONT care! I'm just so tired of the way the world accepts sin and anything goes. Anyway, I'm gonna have to order a couple of t shirts from you I guess. Again, thank you for being strong and having the courage to stand up for! God. Candice

*Hi Reuben, I’ve watched many of your YouTube videos and was wondering if you ever come to Canada, specifically Vancouver? Do you have any meetings in Washington State, and if so, where? As a Christian I share the Gospel on the streets in the communities where I have lived. I have moved a lot though. I am currently going to an excellent bible believing church. I don’t open air preach but I do share one on one or sometimes in larger groups depending on the event or situation (biker groups for example) I hand out gospel tracts as much as I can. I am always looking at where I could be better at serving the Lord. Thanks, Aaron

*Brother Israel I found this article from the Washington Blade (homo paper) where you were outside on Sunday. Good job, wish I were there with you

*hello I have been watching street preachers over and over. And everything that Rubén Israel is preaching is true. I want to follow Your ways, and street preaching in Darwin Australia.

*Thank you for posting the video I saw it on FB. You and you group are doing an outstanding Job. Where are you located in Arizona? I’d like to help. Sincerely David 602-299-****

*if you come to denver you will not leave the same.i will fnd you and beat you piss on you kick you light you on will burn not me

*Ruben my wife and I pray for you often, we believe God has raised you up for these days. Your blog has encouraged us to be bold James & Kim

*R.I. what a man of god you are and am thankful for all you do for the kingdom. Kimberly

*Hello brother Ruben, where do you get shirts and signs from?

*rubin u are mean fat and ugly i don’t even think god loves u

*Please come to Canada. My Country needs men like you. I have watched all of your preaching/teaching videos (some several times) and wish the Lord who raise an army here in Canada Mike

*DUDE GET A LIFE!! You make me an atheist. The more I watch you, the more I do not believe in god

*Thank you! Thank you! Your powerful control and strength you and your fellow "Haterz" (as I like to write it & say, we were Haterz before it was cool) had during the Arizona State U event was incredible! You are the encouragement in this country so many need to see. So many ashamed of the Gospel yet go to church to learn it quietly. Continue to be strong and faithful. Be safe, Tommi

*Hey brother ruben. I'm planning on bringing the whole family (wife, 5 year old son, 2 1/2 year old daughter, & 9 month old son) to this summers conference God willing. We're looking to stay in one of the houses if there is room. You can call me at 360-421-**** if you have some time to chat about it. Looking forward to this year's conference. God bless, Kellen

*Hi pig. I recently acquired some gay porn. Now, im NOT gay, but i was intrigued by it and decided to watch it. I'm astonished to say that it gave me the biggest boner of my life. Heres some pictures

*My name is Allan , I was raised Catholic but got born again 26 years . Graduated from local church bible institute , Stamford Connecticut . I'm a layman preacher also doing open-air street preaching here at Brooklyn NY, @ Stamford , CT. I'm doing it for 10 years now , every Saturday afternoon. I was born 1972 , married to the same woman for 15 years and with 5 kids. I'm a limo driver part time but also doing a lot of sides job like car service, painting, home repairs. I used to be a member of an independent bible believing local baptist church for 20 years. Now I'm with Bunch of brothers here who desires open air street preaching. After reading some good stuff from your website I'm challenged to do the same. But we lack some good signs like you have, we only used one sign ( 4 ft by 4 ft ) but is not as convicting like yours. I would like to make or to buy one like you have if I can ask you for help. Also if you know another street preacher here at Northeast ( NY, CT, NJ, MA, PA,DE, ) that I can be a partner with. My home phone # 203-353-****, cell # 203-252-****; email address - *********. Looking forward for your reply. Another bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Allan

*Hi. Thank you for the reply. This June, I want to go to Seattle and see if I can find any God lovers at the Gay pride parade. I just want to hold a sign for 2 reasons. To show people that there is a GOD and that I'm not ashamed of Jesus Christ. I mow lawns as my own business. I've had jobs before but I really believe Christ set this up for me. I'm pushing 60 and I've never been so happy. I can't thank God enough. Here's my cell phone 425-359-**** Send me an e-mail and set up a time if you wish to speak with me. Thank you. Ron

*Your strength, conviction and resolution are incredibly inspiring. I reside in the N Texas region and pray that I too will have God’s ordained power to sternly speak to those who are blinded by Satan’s deception. I thank you for your service to “Our” Lord God & Savior, Jesus Christ. If you have a group in the Dallas TX area, it will be appreciated if you might provide a method of contact to someone whom I can contact to walk in as UPRIGHT a manner as yourself & your colleagues. Yes, you are TRULY surrounded by the protection of an Angelic realm. With sincere respect, Jay

*Hi Ruben, Everyone hates you, and that is a good sign. Woe unto you if people speak good about you. I really appreciate your calling. I need to ask you one thing though: I agree with most of the things that you preach because they are true. But the thing is, I heard you bless the army to go and fight in the middle east. Why is that ? I know that muslims are doing the works of their father the devil because their false prophet told them to do so. But remember he who draws a sword will perish by the sword. All warcraft is the work of the devil. There is no just war. We are called not to resist evil and love our enemy. Fighting muslims back shows that we are the same as them and even worse because they at least don't know the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. Please consider this. Thank you for your precious time Ruben. May Jesus Christ bless you, Dimitris

*Hi Ruben..may God guide your way and His holy blood cover and protect you and your team..let His holy spirit fill u with joy and peace while you are preaching His word..may our King add many more years to you to served Him, and continue His blessing to your life to stand for the truth..God bless you Ruben and the family also your team..have blessed joyful day..

*Hello Ruben, I'm headed to Adrian Michigan and I'm going to draw a very big star of David on the back of the truck abd I hope it draws a lot of attention. It really got me angry and upset see what happened to you in Dearborn Michigan. Till next time God BLESS .

*Dear Brother Ruben, I wanted to thank you for all the work you and the rest of the Bible believers do to reach the lost! My Name Is Hank I am a born again follower of Christ by the grace of God! The Lord saved me from a very dark place. At one point in my life I was a atheist who liked to mock Christians, I fell in to dark sin and realizing that nothing mattered I was going to kill myself . It was hard preaching form a pastor that lead me to conviction of sin and I repented and put my trust in Christ! I am a 20 year student who realizes just how wicked are word is, just by looking at campus every day. Anyway I wanted to thank you for being bold and sharing the truth about Christ. Maybe someday we meet on the streets. If not we will meet in heaven! Are there any Chapters of Bible Believers near me? Take Care, Hank

*Dear Brother. You've got to retake America. The political correctness has stooped America to the level no one had ever imagined. They are building mosques after mosque in America.` every mosque they build, they see it as their 'divine Providence' , their god handing over America to them.Every single terrorist activity committed on America are by Muslims, so there is enough reason to be apprehensive about it. My country too have the same problem. Two things must happen in war footing basis in America. I dont think there is legal provision to this, yet you've got to move in that direction. 1. immediate stop to giving permits for more mosques 2. Stop muslim students into American universities. Their is no other way these muslims can enter America legally. Student visa is the perfect cover for Muslims, (some are even anti American elements) to enter America with out much fuss. Hope some big denomination would put their weights behind you folks. Much respect and love from India. Cordially Prasath

*Hey Ruben why don’t you and your men preach in Baltimore and use the word ‘niger?’ Tell those blacks burning the city down that they are wrong, I dare you fatso

*I saw your "Help Wanted" on FB and read it on your website-please tell me more. Thank you!

*where is your fuc*** love you mother FU**** Jeus was about love and you fuc*** have none FU** YOU!!

*Ruben, I'm a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Would you have time to talk about your experiences in Dearborn in 2012 at the Arab Festival and the next day at the Islamic Center of America, where someone tried to run over you and others? I'm working on a story about the case related to the court hearing in a federal appeals court in Ohio. Thanks for your help and time. I appreciate it. Niraj

*Hi Ruben my name is Walter and I was looking forward to getting a bold Christian t shirt for preaching the gospel i was wondering wear and how I can get one of those so if you could get back to me soon sometime thank you.

*You dont really preach. All i see you do is start verbal fights and being UNLOVING. Jesus NEVER mocked anyone. Did He preach hard? YES! But He never insulted the person. He preached in love. You dont show love and I pray you humble yourself. God Bless Robbie

*You have demons and those demons make you bold, you need someone to lay hands on you and rebuke those demons. I am delivered and I keep my faith to myself. You just want to be seen. I REBUKE YOU SATAN!!! OUT IN JESUS NAME!!!

*You brothers are fantastic! Please tell me how I can be part of your group. Thanks in advance. Jacques

*Late this month in Austin, Texas is South by southwest. Fri & Saturday. This is the largest music festival of the year for Texas!! It's on 6th St during Spring break and 2 of the largest colleges in the State will fill 6th St Massive crowds !! Ruben, If you feel like the Lord has you preach this event, I will gladly preach and help out under your leadership!!

*Brother Ruben, When are you coming to Virginia? I would love to join you all. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Thank you.

*I am a 61 yo female, who is interested in helping. I live in Farmington NM.

*Ruben you came to our gay church last Sunday and thanks to your protestors we (and they) were featured on numerous news stations and we want you to bring even more, like hundreds of your protesting pastors. We are contacting all the news agencies in anticipation of your group of protestors coming next week and hopefully every week forever! We hope U can grow your group to a large number, thus way WE get max exposure in the national and possibly international news. This is going to allow us to get on CNN and MSNBC and Fox asap, without spending a dime. FREE!! Thank you for today! We can now divert media funds to other causes because your people will draw the news stations to us every week!! We love you all!! We pray for you all. Bring 200 next week! Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Tx! Next weekend are going to actually have this Sunday's protestors faces on signs we will have next week! Please come! John

*My name is Earl, I am a Bible Believing son of God. The Lord has put a burden on my heart to Street Preach on the street corners of Philadelphia Pa and any where else the Lord leads me to be. I will start this Spring/Summer 2015 on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. My city is increasingly over flowing with sin and church buildings that are not making any difference.The Lord has vexed my heart with the condition of these people and I can not turn it off. I saw your video and the Lord has strengthen my heart to do this. I would like to know more about how my brothers and sisters do this that I may follow you as I follow Christ. Please share with me whatever our Lord leads you to. I'm praying for ya'll God bless you and your families. Amen Earl L Tabron (267) 303-****

*I hope you guys know the faggots are having their fag parade this Sunday instead of Saturday. They're probably afraid to face you. Hope you can be there to spread the gospel of the Lord! scott

*Hi Ruban! I and other street preachers from the Netherlands are really touched that ya warn all men for the wickedness of sins and the risk of eternal fire! We are very glad ya bring the soul saving Word of God! John 7:7 We do totally agree with your straight biblical message of the [ light of] Truth! Psalm 119:105 KJV 1611 For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. HEB. 4:12 I and others do really appreciate to hear a barking watchdog warning for the danger of eternal hell! Me and other street preachers are several times rebuked by "Christians" that we are without love to preach about sin and hell! They say that we are chasing the sinners away from God! They rebuke us and say to us that's wrong and totally without love to preach about " sins, righteousness and judgement" This is really evil! They are so blind that they don't see they judge the Holy Ghost of God, by saying so!!!!!!! My heart is weeping when I and others hear the modern preachers speaking the words of man! Their word is not even a butter knife! Heb 4:12 is not recognisable anymore.........!!!! 1 Cor. 10:5-13 KJV 1611 NT is a very serious warning for the blind leading the blinds! Question what about to build an army of real street preachers? I am asking this question because I and others are really sick of all the lukewarm and sugarcoated words today! It's grieving my heart very deeply that they don't give the real medicine, [ The real Word of God] that heals the souls! Their words are for me nothing more but a sedation [blind making words] helping the souls to travel with much comfort to the lake of eternal blazing fire of hellllllll.......! The modern preachers are more evil [ in my eyes] then the EUTHANASIA DOCTORS, [willingly] sending souls to the everlasting fire! What I have said to a lot of Christians "Everybody not praying for the lost souls is a massmurderer" Since I say those sharp two edged words, I see more openness! Serious prayers DO help! Praise The Lord that they did listen! The Truth [ Jesus Christ ] John 8:12 is the only medicine to heal the souls! God bless you! KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK! Your brother in Christ Jesus Erik

*You refused to hug Jessica Williams………whereas Jesus would have taken her into arms and comforted her. You are so full of SH**. Tracy

* Greetings, Just seen your video link from Walid Shoebat's site .... and I just wanted to add my word of encouragement. No need to reply to me. I will add you to my prayers. May you God bless and protect as you warn these people of their coming judgment should the fail to repent. Keep the Good Fight, Ray

*Hi Mr. Ruben! I fully support and respect everything you do! I just have a question. Because I'm confused a little bit. Now, I've got a cross that has things written on there like Jesus saves and be prepared and things like that and I carry it around, but I've never actually gotten a chance to open air preach, I'm eighteen so I'm still under my parents right now because I'm in high school and what not and my dad never takes me anywhere with people. But my question is this, my dad says that what you do isn't what God intended, but I read about it in the bible, and yes of course everyone can see your approach is rough, but souls are at stake. Is it Godly to go and preach those things and argue with people and what not? I surely believe in healing and I believe in what you preach because it is the Bible. I'm just confused on the subject and meaning of open air preaching. Can you help me out a little if you have time? Be Blessed, Jeremy

*Hello Ruben, I'd like to offer my support for your freedom to save people. I saw that episode of The Daily Show, where they wouldn't allow you to state your case, and that is very unfair. I Googled you and found your web site. There I was able to hear your message. I wonder if The Daily Show realizes what great publicity they've provided you. It's too bad the people you can't save will realize too late how you tried to help them. Keep up the Lord's work. Best Wishes Bill

*Hello. My name is Matthew and I'm Polish. I want with my friend from America to go with her to the missions in 4 countries in Europe. We shall proclaim the gospel on the streets in the power of the Holy Spirit. My friend has the money to the missions but I do not. Please to pray for me that God gave me money for the missions to European countries. The mission is for 19 days. Thank you. Please you give this message other Christians. I bless you in Jesus Name

*I am a disciple of Christ in new Jersey I am looking for other disciples to preach with in the streets and other locations like in front of this catholic church to warn them to get out. Please give me a call at 856 361-***

*Hi, I'm wondering if you know of any street preachers in Central Florida? I would like to join up with someone for a day and then I'll have a momentum to go out on my own. We evangelized a lot when I was in bible school, but it was one on one. The way you do it is way more bold and dies to self even greater and I want to break through to that! I notice it is more of a male's way of preaching as it's more confrontational, but I will see how the Spirit of God leads me! I am so hungry to evangelize, but have to do it alone and have done that - but when I go with someone - it starts a momentum of boldness! God Bless you! Sherry Marihugh Lakeland FL (between Tampa and Orlando)

*it will bring me great joy when you fucking die you retard obese piece of garbage made flesh, it will be a day of celebration to hear that your 3 children are killed and your fat cunt face wife is gang raped in front of you. SCUM

*Thank you brethren for investing time, money for the LOVE of GOD, duty, the sake of the innocent children and safety USA! THANK GOD Excellent preaching Brother Ruben Israel

*Hello once again brother. Much has happened since I emailed you. This might sound ridiculous but I was under some heavy witchcraft/mind control from mainly family and didn't even know it.. Although I guess that's the point lol. Seriously though, this is no laughing matter. I'm still breaking out and have discovered I've been so naive,trusting and foolish. My confused telephone conversations must of been recorded and now used against me, to get me back in step. I refuse. Jesus is my only friend now.. My interest in those preaching videos brought the roaches into the light. I know you are busy and probably think this is a prank or I'm just plain crazy... Reevaluating the crazy option myself. This world is so much more evil and wicked than I ever imagined. Thanks again and God Bless you Ruben.

*Brother Israel, you and Jesse Morrell are in this pro-sodomite news clip. Both of you represented God righteously.

*The more I watch Ruben Israel I am less and less opposed to his methods. I see nothing thats just merely for antagonization. Seems to desperately want to preach the truth

*Hi Ruben, I'm De Lorme I just got through watching a video of one of your followers tearing up a Koran. While I agree with you that their going to hell I don't think screaming at the Muslims will make a bit of difference. I think you should take a look at our Dear Beloved Saint David Woods. His web site is . He is like a lion but with a kind heart because he understands the darkness their in because he's been there.
Also take a look at another Dear Beloved brother Walid Shoebat. He also understands their plight quite well because he was a Muslim at one time.
They both understand the brain washing that Islam does to people. "It is the longsuffering of the LORD" that saves us all from the blindness of our sin and our need of him of his saving grace. With Love in Christ, De Lorme

*Brother Ruben, How can I get involved with your ministry? Pastor & Evangelist Scott Las Vegas, NV (702) 475-****

*Could you come and speak?!special-events/c2t8
My cell phone 717- 677 -****

*Hey there, I'm emailing from VICE Media in Los Angeles. I was hoping to attend SOAPA 2015 in order to write an article about it. Is that something you'd be interested in? I've previously made a film about Dean Saxton, who I believe is attending, that you can see here:

*I would love to join you in preaching the word in the streets to the gay and all sinners. I would like ideas. I have preached many times in church and at homes when invited and even held services out at the street coners, but nothing like you have done, and that's what we gave been called to do. I would like to take it to the next level. Thanks, Elsie

*Dear Ruben Israel, I love watching your street preaching videos, and admire your ministry intensely. I'm so grateful for your awesome and powerful ministry. In fact, just a couple months ago as I witnessed a brother named, Skelly preach the love of Jesus Christ to many, it took me back to memory lane (the refugee camp) when I was just 11 years old with a fellow brother in Christ of mine. We were fellowshipping with another elder brother in the Lord. Well, one thing lead to another so we decided to talk about witnessing early in the morning to the fellow brethren in the camp with us. Believe me when I say that it wasn't due to our goodness in repentance, but that God in his infinite mercy wanted us to see ourselves for who we were (wretched and ungrateful) for the opportunity laid there before us. Believe me when I say that when I saw you guys preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time, I wept much in the spirit for the wickedness I was much beset with in this thing we call adulthood. I thank you guys so much for your persistence, perseverance, and steadfastness in the faith and calling of our Lord Jesus Christ to do this without any prejudice or discrimination. By the way, Just a few years ago I decided to pursue the 3Angel's message and to join the SDA church and I haven't had any major regrets yet aside for the fact that we all continuously neglect diligent study of the Word of God. By the way my main reason for writing this letter is because I am 28 years old now and I often reminisce about the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ and I feel sad that I am not bold enough to do exactly as you people are doing. I wanted to know if your ministry had a branch in Atlanta somewhere that I may be able to fellowship and maybe someday possibly witness to the world with.

*dear brother my prayers are with all of the people of God and please pray for me here in my city of sydney nova scotia canada it very dark hear as well not much spiritual life here yours in christ gary

*Ruben, I'm a fellow believer in the original 'badass' Jesus Christ. I'm 41...watched your interview of the Mormon 'John' just a few days ago and thought it interesting you said you believed the Mormons would someday allow homosexuals into their temple. I just read today (according to the AP Press) the Mormons are seeking protection for homosexuals and immediately thought of your prediction (prophecy?) on this. Sometimes one can read the tea leaves (so to speak) of current social swells (excuse the pun) and conclude interesting things...or perhaps it's simply the Holy Ghost whispering to us, whether we are aware of it or not. I used to be a preacher too (long story). I wouldn't mind a reply if you feel so inclined. I have much respect for you Ruben, although I differ in resect to your 'capital punishment' stance. In Jesus Christ our Master and Lord, respectfully your brother, Paul

*Reuben, I'll be real with you. I'm 62, my wife and I gave up everything to come to Jamaica to preach the Gospel, and that we did. I preached in the streets daily, ministered in the slums, she works with pregnant 12 year olds, and more. I came to Christ on July 12, 1972...a radical transformation and I have always been a street evangelist. Three years ago, after being totally disappointed with the church at faith, no power, no fire, preacherettes preaching sermonette, and hypocrisy, money wasting, and more...I returned to the Catholic Church and after three years I see the same if not worse. I then decided to walk away from the faith...on and off for the last three years. We are getting ready to move back to the States, my faith is a mess, I have asked apologist after apologist for some honest and real answers and NOTHING. They skirt around my questions, don't answer, attack me personally, accuse me of this and that, and that's it. I deal with the most messed up people and believe me thugs and worse have no time for some sanitized Christianity. I want my FAITH I am going to live three days as the super disciple I was years ago...been through all sorts of street battles. Once, a crazy lady, took all her clothes off while we were singing on the street, started to masturbate, and then, when she saw me calling the police, she came after me physically. I'm a trained Black Belt in Kung Fu...she was no match...and all I did was defend myself without hitting her until the police came. Then we didn't press charges and just asked she would keep her clothes on!!! The police laughed and stayed to hear us sing. Anyway, me bredah, it has been really hard on me. My wife stays faithful but the modern church is a freakin' joke...and it got me discouraged and questioning the very foundations of my faith. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. I am going to walk with Jesus as I did at first for the next three days. May He have mercy on my soul... Bless up, Rico

*Greetings, My name is Nya, and I'm a adolescent. I want to be a born-again Christian, and I don't want to go to hell. If I go to hell I know it's my fault, and I'm a punk. I'm not filled with the spirit of the Lord, and I'm not even mentally or physically ready. When I argue with someone I get stomped in every argument possible, and that's embarrassing. I'm also the biggest hypocrite in the world, and I shouldn't even judge because I'm not even a spiritual person. I'm not right with God, but it's my fault. I can't even take out time for God, and I'm so lazy. I'll say I'll read the Bible then I don't even touch it at all. Then I sleep, and time is up I need to get saved now. My family does too, and I prayed for all of us to be born again. It didn't work, and I tell my mom, every time I tell her she looks at me with disgust and thinks I'm crazy. I tell her to stockpile, and take up arms. Again I'm crazy to her, and I'm sad even when I pray I stop. I can't pray in privacy, and silence. What do I do? I want to go to Heaven, and I'm not even trying to be straight with God. I need help, and I don't want to enter eternal punishment. I want to have zeal, and be a soldier of God. I need help, and I want to be a Saint not a Sinner. Every time I think a wicked thought I try to change it. Is that my old self coming back up, and is God's grace is trying to forgive me. Even make me a new creature to stop those ways. I want to be able to stand in the last days, and not fear death. I want to be willing to die for my Father, and not fear man. I want God to be proud to call me his daughter, and to be righteous. I can't even go to church because my mom doesn't want to drive us, and get up every Sunday. She said every Sunday I don't want to hear the word of God. There's a church less than a mile from us, and I basically can walk there to. I want to be holy, and I know that's required of God. No one sins in Heaven, and I need help with debates. Please help me. P.S I love how you, and your group preaches. I want to be like that too.