Sunday, February 8, 2015

Super Sunday

Last weekend was the Super Bowl in Phoenix Arizona and that event is not just a Sunday venue, it is a full week of things to do and places to party with hordes of people. Therefore, this is an invitation for street preachers to gather and preach. 
  The link below is short clip of our preaching on game day;
We arrived on Friday and for our first preach we stood outside a local Mosque and preached against the ‘religion of peace’ at two of their prayer services. AND it appeared, the Muslims were shocked, has no one ever stood outside that Mosque and admonished them before? 
 The local Police in Mesa were warned that we were coming to their city and stood by across the street. No arrests were made.
This particular Mosque is right next to a campus and a number of those coming in were students which seemed to be normal but like many before them, if they get moved by Allah they bomb in hopes of getting their 72 virgins in the sky. 
  There were a few Muslims who did act like Muslims and they were restrained from coming on the sidewalk. One person got angry and tossed his bike, removed his jacket and was detained by police. 
 We preached in front of the Mosque until till was night and departed to yoke up with more saints coming into Phoenix for the weekend.
Preaching at Mosques is something we started since the Super Bowl in Tampa 2009 and of course they will play the ‘victim card’ after our visit as per the link below:
On Saturday we went to preach at the stadium to find main entrances for the big game on Sunday and found a few ripe locations. We had no problem preaching in front of the stadium and had much liberty using the megaphones. 
Later that day we arrived in downtown Phoenix where the crowds were enormous. The Lord provided great parking again and we hosted our banners and started to preach and was told that we were on private property by the NFL, I was shown a map that confirmed such. 
 So we moved to another location and I scouted the area more and found a better location. This was a good artery and we stood and preached for hours. 
 As with any preach, the public preaching provoked a number of good conversations and we prayed for a few people. 
Later that evening we stopped for extra credit and preached outside a topless bar named ‘Dirties’ and it appears no one has ever stood outside this place before. 
The owner came out with his bouncers and were shocked. He said they owned the sidewalk and we needed to move or he call the police. 
 Like we never heard that before……we did not and he called. Brother Christian did a fine job reproving everyone walking in. 
 Worker, customer, whoever they were, they got a message of shame and God watching. 
What they tried to do is pull a couple of vehicles near the sidewalk to try and drown the preaching and shine their lights on us. 
 As we shined LIGHT into their darkness.
Soon the police arrived and of course we continued, they accused us of many things but we have video that said otherwise.
It did not take the police long to see who was lying and we were told ‘just not to block the sidewalk.’ 
We continued publicly rebuking this ungodly business open to the public and no one was arrested at ‘Dirties Topless Bar’ and perhaps next time we come to town, we might stop by for another visit.
On Sunday before the game, we do what we have always done, we visit a ungodly church and reprove them for taking God’s Name in vain and that day we paid a visit to a sodomite church. 
 This was the front of the church and it appeared dead but being a sodomite church we knew the action would be on the rear entrance of the building.
And our hunch was right, the back door was open for business. We preached at the end of one service and waited for the second service to start, giving them a sermon they will never hear inside that those four walls. The name of the church is called ‘community church of hope’ and that day we gave hope those ears and that hope only comes with repentance of sin.
“LORD, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments”
Psalm 119:166
One neighbor behind us came out yelling that we woke her family up with that megaphone blasting and threaten to call the police, however the police were there the whole time watching. I thanked her for my ‘sound-check’ and continued rebuked the church that endorses sin.
Phoenix police gave us much liberty to preach and we worked with them well. To hear and see that morning service on the sidewalk click the link below:

Or to see the full preach, click the link below:
The big day is here and these fans love their teams and we reminded them that someone will lose today but everyone has faith their team will win. 
 As on Judgment Day, everyone has faith in God but many losers will be placed into hellfire. 
  “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat”
Matthew 7:13
To hear a short clip on the religion of football, click and enjoy:
Hundreds and thousands walked by and saw the banners, heard the preaching and were even offered tracts, so they do have no accuse on that Great Day.
We were told by local police that we needed to move or get arrested. We were told not to use the megaphone as per a city code or get arrested. We were told to go to a protest site or get arrested.
All was argued and there was no arrests and we were later allowed to use the megaphones. 
Security was tight at the game and for that
‘Thank A Muslim’
No more tail gate parties and for that
‘Thank A Muslim’
No one around the stadium without a ticket and for that
‘Thank A Muslim’
Bomb sniffing dogs walking everywhere and for that
 ‘Thank A Muslim’
Because this was Super Bowl Sunday if someone wishes to protest something this would be the venue to do so as the eyes on America are watching. 
 With that I read that black protesters were coming regarding the shooting in Fergusson, so they protested that ‘Black Lives Matter’ and we had signs that would refute that point. 
 Because the black community has more abortions than any other race and where is the outcry for those innocent lives?
Don’t those black lives matter?
We had been told that we preached a false gospel and we are false teachers but now
we were officially racist. 
We also used the signs to remind the football fans that if you’re going to get angry at a missed field goal or fumble, why not get righteously angry at abortion. Nothing wrong with being angry as per Ephesians 4:26;
“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath”
Just GET ANGRY at something worthy and righteous like STOP KILLING YOUR BABIES, not a bouncing ball.
We stood outside the sports temple where their disciples gather weekly and we led everyone to the Lord but what they do with that information is now upon them
It was interesting that the Seahawks lost that game as it were the Seahawk fans that mocked our preaching before the game. 
They claimed certain players were gods and who needs our Jesus. We heard this for hours before the game and that evening after the game we were reminding them that God did not answer their prayers. 
They were angry drunken sore losers and to say depressed, would be an understatement. One guy was weeping asking me to stop taunting them for the loss, as they were asked what are they now going to do on Sunday with no more football. 
  Their little god players can leave to another team next year and that team may locate to another city.
I do thank my God that He will never leave nor forsake me.
“And the LORD, he it is that does go before you; he will be with you, he will not fail you, neither forsake you: fear not, neither be dismayed”
Deuteronomy 31:8
Back home in Los Angeles and today we are going to the Grammy Awards where everyone who is anyone in the music industry will be there.
Every musician, band, music from every beat will be there to get their golden calf and me thinketh most of this performers started out singing in some Church once upon a time. 
  We will remind these ‘artists’ of the God who gave them that voice and the God who will judge them for their sin. He is not impressed with awards, music videos, popularity and bank accounts.
It appears their fame has turned them into little gods and we will bust that bubble. Taking full advantage of my watering hole and asking for your prayers and you will be there with me.