Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Naw Orleans

Can you spot the two street preachers on Bourbon Street?
I am heading out to New Orleans in the morning and I will be preaching the event known as Mardi Gras and this sin fest has religious ties. 
 As you eat, drink, smoke and have sex till Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) so on Wednesday you are sorry for your sins. That would be ‘ash Wednesday’ to the Catholics. 

 Is it any wonder the Catholic Church is so large? 
 Sin all you want and get ashes on your forehead.

The hours each day are long as we will be preaching the parades, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street and outside St Louis Cathedral, the oldest Catholic church in the USA. There we will protest sin and heresy in the spirit of a good protestant.
We will work with several local Churches and will be yoking up with a number of open air preachers nationwide. We will rebuke open sin and publicly uplift a holy standard. 
 There will be a number of other ministries there but none like us. We will not sing songs and serenade heathen into the kingdom, nor will we pass out water or hot chocolate with a smile, we will not invite people to Church, nor lay hands on sinners and ask them to repeat a prayer telling them how much Jesus loves them, then sending them away in their sin feeling good. REPENTACE will be proclaimed and hellfire to pay for their sins. 
 Tracts will be given only if wanted, not just to pass out and get tossed on the ground. 
The kingdom of God will not only be at hand in right in their face. Prayers are requested as we are the boots on the ground to boldly preach against forward sin. As you know because I will be working in the field with my hands to the plow, I will not be reading or sending emails, looking at youtube, nor posting on facebook.
I hope to return with my body parts in working condition in a week.
If you need to see how we preach in Mardi Gras here are a clips
“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools"
Ecclesiastes 7:5
Last Sunday we did the ‘Grammy’s’ in downtown Los Angeles and we had a great location to preach to every limo that came by.
This award is given to music gods where everyone who is anyone in the music industry will be there. Every musician, band, music from every beat will be there to get their golden calf and me thinketh most of this performers started out singing in some Church once upon a time.
  We will remind these ‘artists’ of the God who gave them that voice and the God who will judge them for their sin. He is not impressed with awards, music videos, popularity and bank accounts.
It appears their fame has turned them into little gods and we will bust that bubble.
I had a number of fingers given when I mentioned those in hellfire, knowing they could next.
I dropped names like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Judy Martin, Donny Hathaway, Paul Williams of the Temptations and the muSICK gods did not respond very well.
That night AC/DC sang "Highway to Hell" and everyone in the theater wore a pair of plastic devil horns that lit up as they cheered. 
 And people wonder WHY we preach so hard against sin and hell is paramount in our message.
This year we will see who in the music industry will die and one thing is for sure, they can NOT plead ignorant when they see God, as they have heard and saw the God of the Bible in many ways. 
  No excuse on that Great Day!
And people say no one listens and our way of evangelizing is wrong.
That is Franklin Graham wearig a Christian T-Shirt