Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Robert Ephrata

It is with sadness and a tad of joy that I write this post. My fellow Brother and street preacher Robert Ephrata has gone to be with the Lord.
Robert preached in Washington State and traveled in the states to proclaim Jesus and a few years ago he felt the calling to minister in Africa. He was a single guy, never married and sold everything to minister the gospel in Africa and start Churches. 
 Of course there was a few hiccups along the way but he endured to the vision God gave him. I ministered with Robert a number of times and when he traveled into California, he would stay at our home. 
 He was a prayer warrior, believed in a holy living, had a concern for the lost, studied his Bible, love to worship and sing to the Lord and ate healthy. 
 Rarely would he eat junk food, he always seem to have a bag of nuts or dried fruit with him. His parents were old vegetarian hippies so he enjoyed organic foods and certain teas. He preached on keeping your body/temple pure and fit.
I received emails from Robert monthly however this past year they stopped, I thought nothing about it as he would always have issues with his blog/emails in Africa. He would call once maybe twice a year, just to keep me in the loop and we would talk about his exploits in Africa.
Over time, we sent him Christian shirts, Bibles, banners and megaphones to equip his disciples who preached in villages. 
  The other day , I received a phone call from Petar in Norway who read this on his blog and asked me if I knew anything about his death; “Hi everybody, my name is Barbara, I am Robert's sister. It is very sad for me to announce that Robert died peacefully in Kigali Rwanda in June 2014. For this reason I am disabling all the comments on this blog, but in his memory I've decided to keep the blog content as it is in it's current form. God bless you all.”
I did not know he died and we were surprised that he died in June, without no one knowing. I do not know at this time what caused his death and I am trying to contact his sister. I know he lived well and if he was ill, he would have contacted us for prayer, so it appears what ever happened happen fast. I will get more details and let anyone know.
To visit his website, click the link below: http://www.fbfsonsofthunder.blogspot.no/
Anyone traveling to another country to ministry, be advised and keep in touch with us via email/facebok/mail/phone call so we can know you are still plowing the field. 
 Regarding Robert I do not know if he was buried in Africa or brought home, as I said more details will be coming. I have known a number of faithful men in my 35 years of service who have since gone to be with the Lord and I do long for that eternal family reunion.
Brother Jack and Sister Sandy are making these shirts (sizes= M-L-XL-2X) They are free, if you promise to wear them in public.
Shipping is $7.00 per address in the U.S.A. as many shirts as we can fit in the box. Also if you want to give a gift of $ that $ will be used to order more shirts to others.
Contact them at
Here is an article I was sent where a church in Chicago apologized for our presents, our signs and my preaching. These people would have apologized for the flood, the tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah and the many judgments of God to humanity. Good thing I do not take thing personally or I would never step foot outside my front door.
Have you supported the ‘Bail Fund’ this year? We live in a window of time where ‘free Speech’ is getting to be hindered under ‘Hate Speech’ as we open air preachers will be the first to get cited or arrested under such laws.
This is a fund that will bail out those Christians arrested for preaching the Word of God on a public sidewalk or a college campus.
The money raised will be used to get that saint out of jail and not be a burden to his family or his Church. We will send any money needed within hours to anywhere in the free world. P
ut action to your prayer and support our yearly Bail-Fund, as weekly I am involved with street preachers nationwide who are threaten with arrest, cited, jailed and have a court case pending on free speech.
Clink the link below and join us.
The picture used, was at a sodomite event in downtown Los Angeles and LAPD had me escorted for my own safety, lest the entire venue turn into a riot. However for me, it was just another day at the office.
Maybe if your ministry does not look like you will be arrested, other parts/members within the body of Christ can use your help.
Prayerfully consider the ‘Bail Fund’ and support open-air, campus and street preachers who are willing to take the Word of God in public and contend for the faith.
“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you”
To see more details on the ‘Bail Fund’ click the link below:
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