Wednesday, December 3, 2014

‘Good News’ in the news

Join us for a street preacher’s convention in Vegas, for more details click the link below. 
 Join us for days filled with teaching and evenings on the streets of sin city. Then on New Year’s Eve we will be proclaiming Jesus.
Student preacher’s lawyers tried to make deal with district:
“A judge has not signed off on a restraining order that could allow student Michael Leal to continue preaching on campus with impunity….”
Extremist preachers could be banned from campus on minister orders:
“Ministers will be able to force universities to ban extremist preachers from speaking on campus under new powers to be unveiled this week…..”
Extremist-preachers-could-be-banned-from-campus-on-minister-orders-says-Theresa-May.html London university bans preacher who calls homosexuality a 'filthy' disease:
“A preacher has been banned from a London university after likening being gay to having a disease…”
Student Bares Rear End to Evangelical Preacher Visiting Campus:
“Luke Schloemer, 19, a freshman Mass Communications major, pulled down his pants and exposed his buttocks to the preachers and knocked over a barricade, according to a campus police report….”
Kenya: Street Preacher Beheaded in Murang'a:
“A street preacher in Weithaga, Kahuro subcounty in Murang'a was on Tuesday hacked to death at his home by unknown assailants who cut his head off….”
Last charge against UTC student dropped:
“The remaining charge against a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student who was arrested after trying to approach a street preacher on campus has been dropped…..”
WATCH: Little Girl Goes 'Blah, Blah' Ballistic on Street Preacher:
“Didn't her mother teach her to not interrupt? A young girl in Salem, Massachusetts, started yelling over a street preacher when he was sharing the gospel last month….”
Street preacher fined for attempt to ‘hijack’ Stampede parade:
“Street Church preacher Artur Pawlowski was fined Monday for breaking a city bylaw by trying to crash the 2012 Calgary Stampede parade with a group of his parishioners…..”
Students, officials question whether street preachers break university restrictions:
“Pamphlets in hand and signs firmly set in the leather harnesses secured around their waists, the Woroniecki family descended on UT's campus in the early morning of Oct. 27….”
'Orange Is The New Black' News: Actress Heckles Street Preacher in NYC - 'Jesus Never Said for You to Do This!' (Video):
“The openly lesbian actress, who plays Carrie "Big Boo" Black on the Netflix series, was captured on video bullying a man who was trying to share the Gospel with other passengers while riding in a subway car…..”
Religion column: Share your faith publicly:
“Repent and be saved! The preacher on his make-shift pulpit caught my attention, not for the first time. Earlier in the summer, I had noticed him in this upscale public square in a local tourist mecca. That day I did not stop to listen…..”
God has called upon Uganda to replace Israel: “…..Now the 14-year-old spreads the word of God on Kampala’s streets on weekdays “because he called upon me. He says he doesn’t have the money to pay school fees and lives in a church shelter. On Saturdays he preaches the gospel in hospitals and prisons…..”
Man cited for CSU preacher assault:
“Ronald Underwood told police he had been standing on a stool preaching when he was interrupted by a man who he believed went by the name "Kenny." The man confronted Underwood verbally, slapped him repeatedly, threw his dry-erase board under a tree and eventually punched him in the jaw…”
Salem police call amplifier ban a success:
“The move was sparked by a long-term debate over disturbances and street preachers during the city’s busiest tourist month….”
'Open air’ preachers protest sin, preach gospel on campus:
“There was a buzz at Mississippi State University Friday afternoon when a group from Consuming Fire Fellowship Church in Centerville, Mississippi, came to do what is called “open air” preaching. Men and women from the church stood with various signs and pamphlets and conversed with students while one man from the group loudly preached the Bible…..”
Plaza Needs Protection:
“So, it finally happened: an on-campus preacher got punched. Thursday’s news of violence on campus, which would normally garner shock from students, passed with little alarm around campus, and I can’t say I’m surprised. But that doesn’t make it right; the animosity on the Plaza has gotten out of hand….”
UK Street Preacher Is Charged With 'Causing Offense' for Preaching Gospel, Saying Muhammad Married 9-Y-O-Girl:
“Mike Overd, a street preacher in the United Kingdom, is facing three charges of "causing offense," a violation of Section 5 of the Public Order Act for public remarks comparing Jesus Christ and the Muslim prophet Muhammad, whom he said had married a 9-year-old girl….”
Drug addict who thought he was Christ now a sober street preacher:
“With cars whizzing past on Meeting Street, Matthew Pridgen speaks to those who stopped in at the Holy City Tent Revival downtown…”
City investigating if street preacher broke agreement:
“The city of Springfield is investigating whether a downtown street preacher violated an agreement he made last month in exchange for deferred prosecution of charges….”
Violence increases against street preacher after authorities ask people to monitor his sermons:
“In June this year, police in a small town in Somerset advised local shop keepers and the general public to use their mobile phones to record evidence against a local Christian street preacher if they think he is making offensive remarks, including remarks against homosexual activity. According to the preacher, Michael Overd, the result has been not only charges being pressed against him by the Crown Prosecution Service for his preaching, but an increase of violent assaults and verbal abuse against him and his friends….”
“And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me”
Isaiah 49:2
Reproving a religious conference on their man made traditions and how their works are as filthy rags before the God of the Bible.