Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The spirit of Utah

Thank You, for your prayers as the Salt Lake City mission to the Mormons was a hit and our travel from Los Angeles to Utah was safe.
The religious principality in that state is beyond a stronghold and bondage to many.
We publicly debated why LDS is not Christianity and why the Book of Mormon is not an inspired book.
We publicly exposed why the Mormons have another gospel and how their founders were perverts and not prophets. They had many wives, married other men’s wives, believed that the Holy Ghost had sex with Mary, believes in a mother god who is now having sex with their Mormon god and how they will also be having sex in their Mormon paradise.
We argued the Bible is God’s Word and anything beyond that should be questioned.
The picture below was taken from a local newspaper.
A number of Mormons stood in line to ask questions and I believe that was a result of being on their LDS magazine. Many just wanted personal counsel as one young member asked me about suicide. Utah is known for taking anti-depressant medication. 
Another young man seemed troubled and spoke with me for about half an hour, he later went into the conference only to return with more questions.
One person stood in line waiting for his turn to talk to me and said that he could not stay long as he is double parked, but wanted to thank me as 3 years ago he was at the conference and saw my banner and heard my preaching against the teaching of the LDS Church. He looked up a few topics I had preached against and found them to be unbiblical. He now has left the Church and just wanted to come by and thank me for being dependable. 
 The stories are numerous as we exhorted many to NOT outgrow the Bible and questioned their ‘burning in the bosom’ testimony.
A number of Ex-Mormons who are now atheists stood by us to hear the preaching and asked many questions when conference was in session. 
 A Mormon couple stood by a watched our preaching for hours, they later told me they have issues with the Church and are thinking of leaving.
A number of Mormons are members because the Church has helped them with money, a job or food, not because truth and salvation.
Pray that God send more laborers to reap our harvest and the burden of religion be removed from these poor souls.
Need to see a visual on Isaiah 13:2;
“Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them, shake the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles”
Check List:
Lift a banner: CHECK!
Raise the voice: Double CHECK
Shake the hand: CHECK (mark & mate)
Gates of the nobles: My hope that they enter into the straight and narrow, which is my motive to raise banners, open air preach and point fingers.
I hope this verse, will this
verse inspire you as it did me. 
  Life in my watering hole, there is none like it.
Preaching in Los Angeles where the paparazzi will follow us street preachers. Only because we do get a reaction when we preach to these TV and movie entertainers, musicians, politicians, and athletes that we happen to see on the streets…..or is it God’s perfect timing???
And conversing with these celebrities, I am never distracted or diverted with all the cameras clicking in my face. I am focused and not in awe in seeing them or talking to them in person.
As my main goal is to inform these little gods that they are sinners in the eyes of
God and need a savior too.
The real celebrities are
found in the Bible.