Monday, September 29, 2014

Taking God’s Name in Vain

Keep us in your prayer as we will be driving to Salt Lake City before next weekend to once again preach the God of the Bible outside the LDS conference, where thousands come to hear from their prophet, apostles and of course us.
We have fought the city for free speech rights on the sidewalk for years in this uphill battle. As the Church is in bed with the government, police and media. 
 The public sidewalk around the LDS convention center has little room as the city has placed a small flowing river on the sidewalk and with that moving water there is not much room to stand. We are continuously reminded to not block the sidewalk.
The Mormon members have been told by the prophet to avoid us and not discuss or argue with us and with reason. Like any other religious group, most Mormons do not know the Bible, they know tradition.
However, earlier this year I was on the cover of their LDS magazine and that gave me much favor with these people. 
 This past April many came up and talked as to why Mormons are NOT Christians.
As we stood in front of the LDS convention center across from the Temple, I had a Mormon standing next to me holding the magazine and saying "You need to hear what this man is saying, He is on the cover of LDS Living”
The LDS magazine had never had a non-Mormon on their front cover before, so having a street preacher that reproves them publicly for outgrowing the Bible and was known for dragging their book of Mormon on the sidewalk is beyond rare. 
  Getting on the cover of ‘LDS Living’ was a result on being in a movie “Us and Them” 
Click the link below to view the official trailer of this documentary on politics and religion in America.
I went to the opening preview in Salt Lake City as this film made the local news, all becsuse one Mormon had the courage to walk up and ask me questions.
Within time he understood why I stood outside and wanted to let his Church know that these street preachers are not monsters.
Going to yearly events as I do, I do get a chance to see people again and pick up our conversation where we left off a year ago. 
 I am starting to see fruit from preaching in Salt Lake, as it is very hard rocky ground. 
 Anytime one preaches against religious people, that field is stony soil and takes much digging and uprooting before that seed can be planted and watered. 
If one would witness or preach ‘Jesus Loves You’ most Mormons would say ‘Yes, I know, I believe’ and walk away. We must expose that they have a different Jesus and another Gospel. 
 We must reveal how they have outgrown the Bible. 
We must unmask their prophets, writings and man-made tradition. 
 We must expose the LIE before we can give TRUTH.
We are outside preaching before the LDS conference begins, answering questions during the conference and when they exit each session. The days and hours are long but worth every minute. 
Many good books are written about Mormons being a false Church or cult but someone needs to buy those books, listen to these DVD’s to understand why. 
 We are there on our own time and dime contending for the faith. 
 If you wish to support our labor, you can send your investment to:
Ruben Israel
P.O. Box 1233 Norwalk, CA. 90650
Pray for us and the ears who will hear that Jesus is not satans brother and how the book of Mormon is not inspired. 
  If you believe that Mormons are Christians but just are misled on a few points, I beseech you to watch this interview I had with a Mormon high priest and understand this was not a debate. I wanted you to hear what Mormons believe and why they will never expound of their beliefs. 
You will hear many topics within this dialogue
As street preachers we have a message for everyone and I do admit, my points are a bit unbalanced.
This was not Avon calling at the front of the White House I preach much on God’s righteous judgment, His holy anger and eternal hellfire coupled with repentance…with good reason.
Not only is it Biblical, but I am only trying to balance out the watered down, God is love and all forgiveness gospel that many preach. People like me only even out the teeter totter to give the full Character of God.
“For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God”
Acts 20:27
Some people believe the devil or a demon is sitting on their shoulder trying to tempt them into sin.
For me personally, sinners physically are around me and not tempting me but telling me how much I am hated for my faith in Jesus.
“Deliver me, O Lord , from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man"
 Psalm 140:1