Monday, June 23, 2014


Need a visual on Ezekiel 3:8-9;
“Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads. As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house”
Someone had sent me this interview I did on the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show, I believe earlier this year. I enjoyed this man and he was not ashamed of what I do and who I am in Christ. After a while one does forget these TV or radio dialogues we do, until someone sends you a link, than your memory is undone.
BBC is working on an interview within two weeks at my house so I do pray that goes well, and the God of the Bible is amplified. Click and enjoy my interview from the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show:
Banners raised on Venice Beach

“Because I will publish the name of the LORD: ascribe ye greatness unto our God”
Deuteronomy 32:3
And it does not take but a few minutes to draw a crowd as we had a variety of banners that provoked conversation as t what God thinks of many issues.
Signs are great tools and can be liken to a headline in a newspaper, that will provoke and prompt the reader to buy the newspaper and read the article.
"Declare and proclaim among the nations. Proclaim it and lift up a standard. Do not conceal it”
Jeremiah 50:2
Every hour of everyday someone is flying our banners in their country and contending for the faith in public. 
 Banners flying high in Czech Republic as these men of valor get the same reaction from sinners as we do in America.
Like many of you I get hundreds of emails daily, some good and some not so good. Here is a sample of my good, bad and ugly incoming mail.

**Tell them like it is Brother Ruben Israel! Amen!
**Brother Ruben Israel All Praises and Glory to the Lord. Jose
**Thank you for sharing Ruben Israel. This video made me cry. John
**Wow. Try to remember who you're supposed to be representing, Ruben Israel. Shame on you. You are no Christian you are a hater Bill
**YOU the man, Ruben Israel Joe
**Hi Ruben! Hope you are blessed. Thank you for what you do for the kingdom of God. It seems I'm alone here in Sweden, when it comes to believe that we can live a complete holy life. I hope people will repent from their sins as fast as possible. I check out with you about how to get banners and t-shirts from USA maybe. How can I find good banners and t-shirts to show?
**I am a Christian and these signs will get you to hell!".

**You have great banners and t-shirts in US :) How can I get this good stuff? How much will it cost?

**Brother Israel I loved the movie brother keep bringing the message like only u know how
**Mr. Israel I am watching Jesse Morrell's Youtube documentary on yourself....I am pumped about preaching but do not know where to go....I live in North Alabama in a city's population of 22,000. You have inspired me to witness to my lost neighbors in my neighborhood in Vinemont, AL. I have made up some fliers and will knock on their doors this week...Thanks!
**Ruben Israel you and your followers have abused free speech and someone should sue you for everything you have, fine you for everything you own and jail you for life. You disgust me in every way and when you die the world will be a better place to live
**I have a question brother Israel, what are the essential scriptures to memorize for street preaching?" Walter

**someone should just do you in you fat pig
**Thanks Brother Ruben Israel for bringing forth such inspirational and uplifting story. Looking forward to meeting with our brethren in heaven. Charles
**To Bad your mother did not abort you and your god is a fool
**We are so blessed by families like yours Ruben! Rod
**Ruben Are you planning any demonstrations for the West Hollywood gay parade in 2 weeks? I'd like to join in, can I just show up and are there any links to signs I can have printed? Thanks very much for all you do. Jim
**Hi Ruben! I’m 2 hours 20 minutes into the documentary “Ruben Israel – the Movie” and wow! I just LOVE it! I just had to pop you an email and tell you how encouraged I am by all that I am watching! This should be required watching for all up-and-coming streetpreachers! If I lived in the States I would have loved to be part of your Bible Believers Fellowship! It would be simply amazing to be surrounded by likeminded men of God who watch out for each other. But over here in South Africa one do feel somewhat isolated and that can be somewhat discouraging. It is really refreshing to me to watch this documentary and it is rekindling the fire within my heart. God bless you, brother Ruben, for all that you do for God’s Kingdom! Now let me sign off and finish the remaining 60 minutes of the movie! 
**Reuben do You Believe Christians Can Be Perfect In This Life ''Moraly Speaking''? Quincy
**Question- Do women have to wear skirts, dresses and cover our heads when we pray or is that just something for the Jews to do? Manuela.
**dude you are a dirty mexican-wet back-beaner-stop your preaching are start picking grapes-you fat mother **cker and leave the usa
**Hey ive seen some of your videos on YouTube and I was wondering if you could help me on being a public preacher, I love your work, the Lord has used you to inspire me
 **Just started watching the Ruben Israel movie with the family! Woo-hoo!
 **Ruben we watched your ‘Interview with a Mormon’ for our Sunday school class this past month, and was that an education. Thank You, I never knew. Allen
**Hello Ruben, I am going to make this brief, your method of street preaching as well as the majority of Street Preachers (if not, all Street Preachers) are giving Christians a bad name.
**I loved this interview you did in Tampa have you seen it?

**Stay OFF my campus, we do not need your hate. God is love and you are a jack**s and a ***ken a**hole. I am a **cking Christian and you are doing everything wrong
**Just watched this video. Great insight to Ruben Israel and street preaching, you sir are a general that leads the charge. I pray for you daily
**Thank the Lord for Ruben Israel! Kyle
**thanks for replying and keep speaking the truth. I have so much respect for you. I wish I was that brave to the same. Thanks for the video. God Bless you.
**Hey buddy when you guys coming to San Antonio? Some preachers I know said you wouldn't be able to preach on Austin Texas. They said you would get beat up on 6th Street and not by the sinners. Sounds like they need a old fashioned bible beating
**Israel why do you preach in this fashion and where do you get those shirts and signs? I really like them. Do you make them by yourself or just buy them?
**Hey ass-**le I have few ideas maybe you should think of before being a pimple on the ass of your dumb christianity……shut the hell up and die already!!!!
**I've got a questions about street preaching. Do you have some tips for me, cause I really want to preach on the streets, but I'm really ensecure and I know I will get alot of critisising around me and maybe you could help me with this. Do you also go abroad? Like ever been preaching here in the Netherlands, cause really it seems even worse than Sodom here. If you would ever come to preach here, could you maybe say it? Cause I'de like to join you once. Thank you for reading this and I hope you'll reply soon.
 **I admire Brother Ruben Israel for his spiritual determination in loving the lost souls to the Savior, Jesus Christ."
**ruben u r a devil
**Is this your group who is suing the Wayne County sheriff over the treatment at Arab fest
**Hi Ruben, My name is Matt and I’m emailing from the UK from the BBC and a production company called Hat Trick productions. I’ve recently been directed to your preaching by Brother Dean Saxton when I spoke to him about his weekly preaching session at University of Arizona and wondered whether you might also be interested in taking part in some filming I’m arranging. I’m currently working on a series here in England, however, we’re coming out to the US May-July to film across the States. The segment I have in mind looks at religion, people’s varying beliefs and preaching. The segment I’m working on is a current affairs entertainment segment called “Walking the Road” (working title) for Hat Trick and the BBC. This involves light-hearted on-screen set-ups and interactions with members of the public focussing on current affairs issues. For this part we’re looking religion and religious beliefs and we’d love our presenters to speak to you about your views – as many people would find them quite extreme. You also have a quite different form of preaching which features provocative placards featuring slogans some people might find offensive or incendiary like “Homo sex is sin” for example. We go out on the BBC’s youth orientated channel and we think younger viewers would find your work very interesting. The show makes up part of the 7x30” series which is due to transmit later this year. The series will be on primetime BBC3 and is aimed at a younger audience aged 16-34. It’s always better to film a contributor like yourself in situ at an event you’re already planning on attending so it might be that you have nothing planned for that period. Either way, and even if you’re not interested – it’d be great to hear from you. Do give me an email back or call me on 004402 7184 **** or if you’d rather, please email me your phone number and I’ll give you a call. Many thanks
**I just saw a video where city police officers turned a BLIND EYE to your group of Christians getting assulted for proclaiming the Gospel! To add insult to injury THOSE officers didn't uphold the very rights my fellow Marines died for supposedly defending free speech. They need to revamp the OATH those officer's swore to uphold! I say shame on that city. Justin
**Mr Ruben YOU don’t you know the 10 Commandments? Thy shall not judge is one of them, plase stop judging me because God is love
**Praise the Lord! Thanks for the encouraging words, thank you also Bro Ruben. Ross
**Brother Ruben, I am a college student and i was looking up christian vs atheists debates on youtube and I stumbled on a video of you guys at Mardi Gra. I would like to say you guys are courageous and a blessing. It has opened my eyes to the darkness to which my fellow college friends have fallen. I am a christian for about 6 years but most of my friends are not, I haven't really put the effort into warning them as I should and it has left me with a guilt seeing u guys doing so much work and so many of us just sit here and watch. I know I'm not fully ready as yet to do street ministry because i still have someways to go in studying the Bible. But i will start with my friends, I'm expecting that i may loose a few or maybe alot, but my conscience will be free. They will be shocked to say the least, because I am the tough guy of the group. I may have to delete a few phone numbers of girls from my phone also. Just thinking about it I'm glad I didn't go with my friends to a mardi gra or a College Spring break party, Jesus must have been keeping me away from those places. Pray for me as I go through this transition. Its gonna be tough but i have to do what i have to do.
**Thanks to you all and thx Mr. Ruben a change has come to my life and I feel renewed like that day I accepted the Lord.
**I just saw the video on Youtube of you guys marching through a festival full of Muslims. OUTSTANDING!!
**YOU should be ashamed of what you are doing, top preaching on hellfire and preach more love and tolerance as God accepts everyone into heaven
**You rock! I hate Muslims, all Muslims!
**Pastor Israel, I'm Sophia editor at World magazine, and I learned from the story she wrote about you that we published last November. I appreciate your perseverance. Several questions: Have you ever preached to the homosexuals at OutFest in Philadelphia? Did you have a sign, "God Abhors You"? Blessings, Editor in chief, World News Group
**So how does this help anything jesus is love dude
**I am a German and I hand tracs out and talk to people on the street,I came across your video last year watched many of them.Jesus is leading me and teaching me more,so the banner I have was driving with me for 4weeks in the car around until I was able with Gods help to go and planted on the street and preach to people.Crucified the flesh. God bless you Brothers.
**I feel impressed and led by God to hit the streets and go to where sinners are and preach to them...Is there other helpful websites that would aid a newbie street preacher??? Where can I buy a megaphone to do my street preaching with???
**Ruben I saw a video where you smashed a statue of Mary in front of a Catholic Church, that was the greatest thing I've seen on youtube, I love you guys. Right on
**How are you Ruben, I’m also a brother in the Faith of our Lord and Savior JesusChrist. I'm a Street Preacher in the area of Ft.Lauderdale & Miami Florida. I thank God for yourself.
**Please contact me asap. Are you a church if so are you Baptist or Pentecostal?
**u sir r a bully! a mean bully! god is love, so stop your bully!!
**I love your blogs and I re-read them
**Ruben I thank God for you and all of Jesus Christ's mighty men.
**Brother Ruben, I deeply respect your ministry brother, and I loved your movie by Jesse who I also greatly respect. I also love the fact that you are blunt and are not afraid to speak truth. I have been doing confrontational evangelism for 3 years now in my cab and recently in the open air in Waikiki.
**Return to the true faith in Rome. You are a backslider and need to return to the true Church.
**Thank you Ruben! For inspiring and emboldening me! I am an ex gang member who just got saved 6 months ago and have been on fire for Christ proclaiming the Gospel to the point that people think I'm nuts. I can't get enough of God's word and once I read Mark 16:15 the Holy Spirit convicted me to carry it out. You are right most so called Christians are ashamed of the Gospel much less share it. I was a RADICAL sinner so why would I be a QUITE saint? I am a former Marine and carried and read my Bible at the V.A. cause the military is persecuting Christians. It caused a worker to verbally attack me! I told my wife that I am more of a Rebel now than when I was a gang member and I even shot at (never hit) other gang members! Whether I hear back from u or not, I want to say thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family. Jay
**Hey Christians stop picking on Islam and read your own bible. Joseph who was 90 years old married Mary who was 12 years old. You have to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Because in different times & at different places, Development varies. People mature and develop differently. So please do not call our prophet that. But instead educate yourself before you make stupid remarks like that.
**What Bible college did you attend and did you even graduate? You know nothing of the Bible
**Ruben you know I support 150% of what you do, you are in my prayers
**Great blogs and scriptures used as always. Thank you!
**hey! I was wondering if you guys sell signs? I'm trying to start street preaching but don't know where to get signs? David
**Hello. I was wondering where can I find your ‘Bible believing churches’ around Arizona. Let me know. Thanks.
** My name is Will. I am a street preacher from N.C. I am interested in learning about where to purchase sandwich board signs, and the tall pole signs. Could you help me? I also tried to check out your "" page to see the banners and it wouldnt work for me. Where can I find cheerleader horns? What about stickers, and tee-shirts? I don't suppose your contacts in L.A. would ship to N.C. but just in case I thought I might ask. Thank you for your dedicated service on the streets, you are an encouragement! Your Fellowservant in Christ- Will
**Rubin when will the soapa conference going to happen in Phoenix? Let me know. Thanks
**Why do you protesters say the LDS Church is not Christian? We love Jesus but we believe there is more to God than just 66 books. BTW I enjoyed your interview with the high priest but I do not believe you need to know so much about us.
**wasting time you are all fools and I laugh at you, everyone laughs at you.
**Dear Brother, hello from Edinburgh Scotland. We need you here.
**Rubin from time to time I usualy sit at home drinking around 3 or 4 cans of beer , am I in danger of hell or is it if you become it ok to have a can of beer.I know about that verse 1 Cor 6v9. is it ok to have a few glasses of beer just to socialise and not get drunk
**I watch your preaching videos often and I love the work you guys do and I wish Scotland had as much freedom of speech as if you openly said that Homosexuality is detestable you will go to jail. if you done anti Homo preaching in the uk you would be quickly arrested and thrown out of the country. you guys are amazing at the works you do and you would not get that abuse in Scotland, pray about coming. Jim
**Good Morning, My name is Melissa and I'm a production assistant at HuffPost Live. I am working on a segment for Friday at 1:20pm/ESTon 'Creationists, Skeptics, and Science.' We were wondering if you may be interested and available to join us via webcam. The segment description: How do creationists maintain their beliefs against all scientific evidence? How do professional skeptics avoid being driven by their knee-jerk reactions? We talk to the author of "The Unpersuadables" about the strength of fringe beliefs. We have our guests join via webcam using Google Hangout (very easy to setup/use, and I can help with all). Please contact me at your earliest convenience, and I'd be happy to provide additional details. Feel free to call me on my cell 862.262.**** Thanks
**I just wanted to say God bless you and it's beautiful what you all do to win souls to Christ. It's sad because most people do know how close the rapture really is or don't believe it will happen. It's amazing what you all go through to preach the Gospel of Jesus and I know you will have many rewards in heaven for it!
**Keep breathing the Word in and out the mouth given you for this short time given the warriors of God for His glory in Jesus name Haliluia Forever Amen. Hope! 'Til the nets are full Sincerely, Kenneth
**i am flabbergasted someone has not shot you for what you say.the bible is just a stupid book that is known for hate and causing wars

**I HATE you AND YOUR god!!!
**Dear sir I am translator my name is Bisharat from Pakistan? I visited your website and I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith of the souls. I have an idea for you to get this material translated into other languages. For that I present my services to translate your material into Urdu and Punjabi languages. These are the languages that I am born in and will bring many blessing for the people who are known to them. I will be looking forward for your response on this my request. There is nothing more precious than to hear the Word of God in your own language.
**Thank You Brother! It was a blessing meeting you and I was especially encouraged by you and the others to be even more bold in proclaiming Jesus with authority for Him! Thank You! Rod
**Oh yeah it is easy to watch hours of Ruben Israel footage. It is like street preacher candy Praise Jesus
**We have been visiting your website for many Month while in Uganda Africa and we seek a team from USA to come and do street Preaching.Please let me Know if this Program can work out in Jesus Names we are interested to host Brothers and Sisters in Uganda.
**Was wondering if Larry has been released? Thank You, Gary
**hello, ive accepted jesus and want to start living the for him but not really sure the direction to take. whats it like to be street preachers? do you guys spread the gospel all around the world or just the u.s.? is it because you are all filled with the holy spirit? i have lots of questions. i hope youll get back to me. god bless! Paul
**Preacher, I think it is really neat that you have dedicated so much of your life to preaching the word of God, which is Jesus Christ. After reading a little on your page, I just wonder a little why you preach as you do. The way that I learn best is by the quiet whispering of the Holy Spirit. I think if I came in contact with you street preaching, the imperfect natural man in me would be offended and immediately opposed to what you were saying, and there wouldn't be an opportunity for the Spirit to enter into my heart and testify of the truth. Whenever we read about Jesus teaching his people, isn't it always with meekness and gentle, "gracious words"? (Luke 4:22) I'm not the best Bible Scholar, but to me, Jesus was always really humble and meek, definitely living the "turn the other cheek" altitude. Except maybe when he threw the money lenders out of the temple I can't think of a time when he raised his voice. In all your experience teaching the word of God, what have you seen? Do people feel the Spirit of The Lord in that setting? Do your signs help attract people? I am a little curious because in a year when I finish some school I will be dedicating my time 24/7 to sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ with his children, and I wonder what you have seen in your ministry. Mark
**Awesome, Brother Ruben. Praise God for your courageous obedience to the ministry he has raised up for you. Keep drawing men to Christ, as you lift up the Lamb of God David
**we would love to meet up with you when your here. Let us know Ruben Israel Allah is a Terrorist and mohamed was pedophile Nanette
**Dear Brother Ruben Israel!! We have MUCH RESPECT for your calling & ministry!! Praise God! Frank **Thank you Ruben Israel, God bless you! Linda
**sir can you send me catalog of your shirts you have
**Allah is the true God and jesus is not a son dummy
**Let me tell you something.You people are not going to bring anyone to GOD with the way you handle things.
**While in New Orleans I witnessed you people being abusive verbally and one person called a radio talk show and said one of your people grabbed him by the arm telling him "You will hear what I have to say" and he said no I won't and your men beat him.If it had been me your preacher would have been knocked out. NOPD needs to arrest all of you, as you CANNOT ABUSE or FORCE people to Repent
**You remind me of the Wesboro Baptist Church people and brow beating people does not work
**Do you guys sell those huge signs, or where can I get one Sent
**Hello Brother, I am living in New Zealand,watched your street preaching the Lord is moving on my heart when I see you Brothers.I go witnessing talking one on one to people on the street confront them with the truth about Jesus is the only way.I have nobody really throwing his hands up to this here,I checked on making banners and signs,you got an encouraging word how did you start 30years ago,one sign, one message and in the Spirit with Jesus. See you Brother in Christ Jesus. God bless you
**I love you guys. I smile when I read your blogs. I'm sure the Lord does too.
**666 and satan love you
**We keep you lifted up in prayer Brother as you are on the front line.
**Ruben I am a 49 year old gutsy woman who would love to be a part of your team. I stand at gay pride rallies with my sign that I had professionally made. It states: God draws the line on gay marriage - read Roman 1. Woe to those who cross it. I love standing with it and teaching the Gospel when confronted (which is non-stop). I will be in Detroit, MI next week as the issue of gay marriage will be challenged in federal court. I would like to see your schedule and take part when I can. You can email me back, or call me at 616-717-****. I would love to be a part of your mission. Sincerely, in Christ
**Can u please refer me to someone that does sell preaching signs? Matt
**God does not hate!! There is no hell!! The bible is not true!! And you are a LIAR!!
**Hi Ruben me and my wife our both born again Christians, and wanted to know how we can come out and support you, when you come to the L.A, like Santa Monica beach or hollywood....we both been following you in u tube. I think it's great the work you are doing for Jesus. May the Lord Jesus Bless you. What I learn we always must check our weapons do a weapons check. Pray, feast and read the word. We must pray before the situation comes up. Just like Daniel. May Jesus keep you safe. The Greatest thing we can do is reach the lost and all cost. God Bless.
**god da** you,you fat moth** ***ker son of a **tch.there is not **cken god so go 2 hell and **ck off!!!
**Ruben, I have seen your preaching on youtube. GOD BLESS YOU!! I will pray for you! Would that we had many more just like you willing to stand for the truth! Thank. I am honored to include you as a friend
**Thanks Mr Israel Your work has encouraged me to do as you. Someday, my prayer is that more Christians take on that boldness too, you are an example to many
**Sir please add me I saw your preaching in detroit festival and I like to join your crew next time
**Die fat boy die. I pray Satan give you a disease and send you to hell that is if there is a hell
**Mr.Israel YOU are the reason I do not believe in god, any god
**Come to my campus again and fly that sign, you will be sorry
**Preacher I’m looking for someone to help me grow in Christ to begin with. Would he be willing to do that?
**Hello Brother Ruben, where can i get some preaching T shirts at?
**Ruben. I once heard you say if you only had a small group to work with it would be better than a army. You brother have alot of wisdom and I am still young but not stupid. I have only been recently awakened that everything I have been taught has been a LIE. The church today is apostate, all I hear is tickle you ear preaching. No conviction of sin period. Do you remember when you read Gods word coming out of that Catholic church when you where a boy? Well I felt that same call on my life. As if something wasn't right. I did less listening to the pastor and more reading of his word and I was shocked and amazed in the truth of what's the bible says compared to what other people are preaching today. Now I have some many questions and no help. I am humble
**Brother I am teachable brother, would you disciple me? I don't know who to trust. I am a Bible Believer and thats all I choose to associate myself with. My wife thinks im crazy and I just need to be loving. I remind her what psalms 7:11 says but she doesn't care. I am lost and wish to be among my real brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord. What would you do in my situation? I come to humbly ask you Chris
**why r all street preachers ugly and stop eating meat
**RI God bless you. Finally someone willing to speak all of Gods Truths in the Bible. I'm a young Christian of only 3 years but I am bold and loud and I don't care how many people like me or don't like me. Its all about Jesus Christ calling all men to repent or perish. You inspire me to do more. I have never street preached before but with your website maybe things can change. I am extremely happy to see you willing to teach as commanded in the bible as well. You are a real contender for the faith. Think of me as a young timothy but with the mouth of Peter and you have me. Though I dare not put myself on there same level. I am to low of a man to do so. God bless you Sir. I will be reading your website and blogs
**I would love to buy some sweat shirts and T shirts that I see you guys wearing. Could you link me some different shirts and sweat shirts that I can buy. I would love to buy the romans 6:26 hat as well. You inspire me to get out there and do more. Im blessed. I need more REAL BROTHERS like you in my life. GOD BLESS YOU
**abortion is not murder-stop the hate
**ruben I REBUKE YOU IN JESUS NAME! Stop preaching in JESUS NAME! Stop hating in JESUS NAME! Stop everything in JESUS NAME! Come out satan in JESUS NAME!! Leave devil in JESUS NAME!!
**Every angel in heaven knows you by name
**I caught a glimpse on you on the news in Salt Lake City Brother Reuben, that was good interview.
**I have demons and my demons tell me you are filled with demons
**Repent and pray the rosary, we weep for you
**Ruben-I still disagree with you about Paul Hill, but having watched Jesse's documentary about you, I can appreciate your heart for God and I respect your unwavering ministry for Him over the years. Few, if any believers, have it all figured out, but for what it's worth, in spite of our differences I extend the right hand of fellowship to you.
**Dear Ruben, As you may have noticed I follow a lot of your posts face book, I read your blogs and just watched your movie. I love what you do and you are an encouragement to myself and others. I just within the last two weeks was appointed as head elder/pastor of our church and because of that my time public preaching has been greatly diminished due to there not being a place where open air preaching can be done in our area like can be done on some if the bigger colleges and cities. The biggest traffic place we have is WalMart and I am banned for life from there. My question is how do you provide for your family if you are always gone? Does the church support you as a missionary or do you receive donations? We live very simply so that we can afford to have more finances to minister as much as possible and I did work a part time job 2 days a week just for that purpose which will be impossible now taking the church on. Do you have any advise for me and I would ask for your prayers. Lord bless you.
**Do you have an mailing address for 'Bail Fund'?
**Hi Ruben, my name is Eric I think I remember reading about you in the news a while back, something to do with Muslims stoning you in Dearborn or something. If you're not the same person, I still really admire your passion for open-air evangelism from what I've read on you’re your blog page. It's rare.
**I had a question that no one really seems to be have an answer to for me. I was hoping you could help. I'm deaf. I have profound hearing loss, and I can hear NOTHING. As the saying goes, I'm deaf as a door post still. However, I grew up oral (speaking English), and I can communicate clearly to the other person. Conversation however, is like tennis, and when the person lobbies the ball back to me, I'm not able to receive. What I wanted to ask was how can I reach out to people like you do (other than handing out gospel tracts)? Should I use a bullhorn where I preach, but have a sign that says, "I'm Deaf!" I would appreciate your insight. Thanks bro, and God bless!!!
**Hmm RI after reading a number of your articles, I think you are weird and a cult leader but I respect your right to believe what you do.
**Rubin u know nothing, christianity, judaism, muslim, wicca, and all other organized religions have the same god. stop the hate god is love and i question you know her