Friday, February 14, 2014


How many Churches do you know who love to post the missionaries they support at the back of the Church, so everyone can see? If your Church supports a Russian missionary….STOP PAYMENT TODAY. 
Bring them home yesterday and mainly if that missionary is married with children, as these Olympic games should have been bombarded with public Christianity. The eyes of the world were watching and Jesus was aborted. They failed, as most Christianity we saw on the streets in Sochi and Moscow were Americans from America who came to minister for the Olympics. Missionaries in Russia had a few years to get ready for this event.
  So IF your Church in America supports a missionary in Russia, they are just as guilty as those believers who wish to support sinful TV evangelists because of their name or ministry size. I say BAD INVESTMENT of the Lords money.
Russia is still very much atheist, don’t let all those reports of revival mislead you. However those atheists in Russia do believe that homosexually is wrong, unlike the liberal atheists in America. As I hoisted that pro-Putin banner and had many people walk up and shake my hand with just a few people (mainly women) who flipped me off.
Many Russians loved the English language and even wanted their pictures of my banner with the English side and if you are from New York or Los Angeles, you get their full attention.
The Olympics of course was held in Russia and the news was not about sports but why the Russian President was not pro-homosexual.
It was that which provoked us to Russia and support Putin and his stand, unlike our President who claims to be a Christian, placed his hand on a Bible, yet supports ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay marriage.’
So three street preachers traveled to Russia to publicly reprove that sin and support their Presidents position.
Russia is still communist Russia, as what they call free speech we would never put up with such as they have ‘propaganda laws’ and we were breaking these ‘propaganda laws’ by ‘picketing.’ However they did LIKE my banner and were perplexed on how to handle us.
On opening day we stood at the main artery where you needed to get trains to go to ‘Olympic park or ‘Olympic village’ and after about 5 minutes of raising two banners we were confronted to remove our signs. We refused and the police saw how favorable the banners were to the people so more police were needed. 
Many more, even military arrived and everyone was on the phone as they did not know what to with us. Too many people loving our banners, taking pictures and talking with us but the Olympic people were pressing the police to remove us. 
The police soon removed the crowd around us and asked us for our passports and to see our visa, I guess they knew we were not Russian
They argued among themselves for some time before they asked us to move to another location. I asked if we would be asked to move again and they said ‘yes’ they would as we were told about these ‘propaganda laws’ issued by the government and they would escort us to the city official’s office after more arguing we were moved.
But we were taken to the police station and detained for about two hours. We were escorted by police and seated in a large room filled with uniformed police, undercover police, suit and tie police and Russian military. 
 We were questioned and given our passports as they had two cameras on us all the time. One military officer came in and asked me to unroll my banner and I did. He stood in front of me reading as the room watched him, then told me to roll it up again.
He stood looking at me, walked towards me and asked me a few questions and I responded as the interpreter gave my answer. 
 He walked to me and shook my hand and smiled, then shook Petar’s hand and Larry’s hand and walked
out the room.
More questions were asked as to how long we would be staying and where we are staying as others would walk in just to take pictures of us and leave. The banners were unrolled again as more pictures were taken and we were told we would be taken to the city administrations office to get permission and we were told that our signs were not a problem.
After being escorted to the city administrations office we met with the person who gave permits. One does not just meet with this person but due to the no small stir made and the police escort, we met with her and two other women who would interpret.
The woman did not like our sign and said due to ‘propaganda laws’ we would not be permitted to use the banners in Russia…..OH REALLY? 
  We left the government office and went back to the train station where we were detained and started to preach and pass out tracts without the banners and I was soon told to leave because we did not have any permits and we were told no preaching and no passing out our propaganda. 
 I refused and more officers were called in. They used a young girl from the Olympics to interpret and instead she defended our stand for being there.
 I argued that they did not want the banners but said nothing of preaching and pamphlets. After arguing with them, the police said we may continue BUT across the street, which was a main artery and so we did. We passed out so many tracts, that we ran out of Russian tracts but we met a Baptist man who told us where we could get some Russian leaflets. 
  The next day we arrived at the address to get Russian tracts and it was a Church that had thousands and thousands of small gospels of John in Russian. We loaded up with over 200 pounds of books and every day we return to get more and more
 cases of books. 
The picture above was their brochure table and we took cases of their booklets of John to pass them out on the streets. 
  The Church was funded by many American ministries but rather than going out and witnessing, they have a ‘fun house’ where sinners can come in and watch the Olympics and play videos and this was their evangelism. 
 I asked the Pastor if he had any tracts with the Church address and he said ‘No’ because he did not want the government to come after him, he needed keep his religion inside the four walls and did not want to be investigated.
Well, I needed something he had and he armed us with cases of John and we went out without a permit to proclaim Jesus. The people from this Church had heard about us as we were called the ‘Three Big Bearded Men’ and one person from the Church was at the train station when the police arrested us.
For the next two days, I was not allowed near the security area for the games, so I stood across the street from stain station and passed out cases and cases of Gospels of John as Larry and Petar went though security with two back packs filled with tracts and preached at ‘Olympic park’ where most of the games were being held.
They were asked to leave but refused and Petar argued why he could stay and the police just walked away. I also was asked to leave my area but I too refused and the matter
was not pursued.
On the last day in Sochi we preached to the locals at Vladimir Lenin Blvd as it appeared they have never seen Christianity like us before. 
 My banner was a hit as many stood in line to shake my hand and there were more pictures taken of that banner than I could ever count.
The guy in the picture above played basketball with the Russian team at the Salt Lake City Olympics and wanted to thank me for my sign and offer me a glass of Russian vodka.
Police were again called and wanted to see our papers
I was asked to remove my sign, I refused and was asked for my passport. After he called in who we were and what my banner reads, all the police walked away as we had much
liberty at that location. 
We made such of a stir in the streets of Sochi that even Joseph Stalin came out to take a picture with me.
The weather in Russia was cold as we tried to set up our banners inside of Red Square and were soon detained by police. Red Square does not allow any other kingdom inside and we came with the kingdom of God. 
They walked us to another location and told us we could not ‘picket’ I argued that we were not picketing and they seem to have favor with us. We were told that we would not be considered ‘picketers’ if we stood by ourselves and 30 meters apart. 
 We were not permitted on Red Square nor near the Kremlin but they did give us a good location to raise our banners and preach, passing out tracts. 
Those are NOT orbs in the photo but actual snow as the temperature was about 10-15 degrees as we preached in the snow for about an hour at a time then defrosted at a coffee shop only to return again and again. 
 Snow is not a problem in Moscow, as the sidewalks were busy.

There was an article that Sochi had ‘gay nightclubs’ however when we arrived at the address given in the afternoon and at night, there was nothing going on. 
 All articles about homosexuals bars in Sochi were false or it could have been a government sting to attract men and note them.
We did not see many homosexuals prancing with rainbow flags as they feared the Russian government knowing they could be sent to icy Siberia for their crime against nature.
But who they need to FEAR is GOD as He will punish them into eternal fire.
There was a story on ‘Sports Illustrated’ regarding how the police handled us vs homosexuals who were arrested for rainbow flags. This story was also carried on CNN, Wall Street Journal and the Drudge Report with a small video clip of us outside the train station. You can read the story on the link below: Anti-gay demonstration reveals double-standard in Sochi
Here is another story from ‘’ about our presents in Russia
This was a picture done by ‘Sports Illustrated’ where it appears to be a difference between how we were handled vs how the homosexuals were handled in Russia. 
 We were taken away but we did not cry and scream like babies, nor did we fall to the ground and get dragged off like protesters. We walked to the police station without resistance and our heads held high, knowing we are hated for the Gospel’s sake and in turn it was that action that gave us favor with police to continue.
As many of you know, when I am out preaching I do NOT get on the internet, check facebook, comment on youtube and read emails. 
 When I returned home, I had over 4,000 emails in my inbox and my cell phone was maxed out with incoming messages. Here are a few posts I’ve received and I am still
trying to catch up:
**Does everyone in America
think like you?
**Hi Ruben, or whomever receives this email, I'm a reporter in New York, working on a story about your recent protests in Sochi. I'd like to hear why you think it was important to travel there to spread your message, and what public reaction has been like. Please let me know if you have any time to chat over phone or email. Thanks very much for your time and consideration. Versha Sharma Reporter,
**Hi! In Sochi today police officers detained three participants of your organization. Help them Nick Ivanov
**Reuben you are a Russian not American. You will soon join Edward Snowden in prison and then we shall see what you think about homosexually.
**Hello there! My name is Leo Udaloff and I'm a chief editor of the REF News (Russian concervative online media). We've heard about your resent action during Winter olympics in Sochi. Could you give us some additional details/photos so we can share with our readers? God bless you Leo
**Hello. Could you confirm that Official Street Preachers were involved in a protest in Sochi yesterday in support of Vladimir Putin’s stance on gays? I have seen photographs in Sochi but wondered if you could confirm that this rally took place. I also understand there was a rally in Adler, which is the part of Sochi where the Olympic Park is. Do you plan any more rallies in Sochi? Many thanks. Tim Heritage Reuters
**Mr. Israel why would you come to our Country with that sign? Where do you get your information that our President is antigay? We love and welcome everyone.
**WOW what boldness Brother Rubin, one thing for sure is that Russia never seen preaches like you guys. Will you be doing another mission trip to Russia in the future? Jerry
**you are the reason the world hates jesus and america.may the kgb bless you with their love,u jerk
**Ruben Israel, you should be placed in jail for trying to stir up trouble in Sochi and if there is a hell you belong there. Are you still in Russia, if so I would like to punch you
**Hi Ruben, I'm writing as a journalist at The New York Times bureau in Moscow. I'm writing to ask whether it's true that member's of Street Preachers held a picket in Sochi where the Winter Olympics are currently being held? If so, I'd be very grateful if we could talk as soon as possible. You can reach me on +7925235**** or +7495755**** All the best, Patrick

 ***Dear Official Street Preachers,
I am a TV journalist for the AFP news agency (global print/photo/TV agency distributing contents to all medias around the world).
I have noticed on this blog :

that you held a demonstration in Sochi to support the Russian law banning the “gay propaganda”.  I was wondering if you will organize other protests of this kind during the Olympics and if it would be possible to meet you for an interview while you are in Sochi.
Thanks very much for your answer.
Paul Gypteau

What little religion Russia has is nothing but a museum, as government is still their religion today. They will determine what is right and what is wrong. They will get the credit for life and death, as they will raise you and bury you. Only have faith in government, everything else is propaganda and false.
What they know about God is large cathedrals and distinctive onion dome churches, huge monasteries and convents, with a large gold Bible that is worshipped and not read or obeyed. 
 Many considered the gospel of John we were passing out to be to be very modern and not inspired because it was not adored with gold
symbols and pictures.
A number of people after taking the gospel would return it shaking their heads, unlike America, where people will rip up those Gospels or toss it on the ground. 
  Russians do love their leaders, as this is Lenin’s mausoleum and no matter how many people communism has murdered, he will always be
considered a hero.
At Red Square one can find Stalin and Lenin walking as everyone wants to be seen with the street preacher.
Russians do love their history, as they have large statues everywhere of their glory years.
And don’t think for one minute that those years are gone, as that country will be a player in these last days as per the book of Ezekiel and most likely they will merge with Islam.
Here are pictures of the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, or commonly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral within the Kremlin walls. One can conclude that when Russia yokes with Islam, the religious buildings can be turned into a Mosque, as they do have that look. 
 This Cathedral was built in 1561 and resembles Islam past and present. 
  These next photos are taken from Red Square where the Red Army would parade its might to the world and there on this very spot, she will one day raise her head to fight against Israel as per Ezekiel 38-39.
So I enjoyed preaching near these walls knowing that prophecy will be fulfilled within those very streets to destroy Israel and even try to war against God.
I have preached at a number of Olympics and during these games you will find people walking around wearing the colors of their country but not in Russia. I would say that 80-85% of those attending were Russians. 
 For some reason people did not attend the games as in the past. The day I left Los Angeles they were still selling tickets to opening day which should have been sold out months ago. 
 Someone gave Petar two tickets as he was outside Olympic Park and he even gave them away to another.
The reason? Thank Islam.
Why so much security around the games? Thank Islam.
Why so much security at the train stations in Sochi? Thank Islam.
Why so much security around the Moscow airport? Thank Islam. 
  Thank You all for your prayers and support as Brother Larry (NY) Petar (Norway) and myself (CA) enjoyed being a mouthpiece for God and our next big mission will be in New Orleans for a week during Mardi Gras and I do believe the weather will not be so cold.