Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy Report

Friday night was the XBIZ Awards and just what is the XBIZ honor? That would be awards for the adult entertainment world….and….on my birthday too.
Glad my mother did not abort ME on this day back in 1961, even though a number of people would have disagreed with her choice and would love to have me to be dead. As the 22nd of this month our country celebrated 40 years of abortion since Roe vs Wade and 44 million babies murdered
I was born January 24th 1961 and the youngest of five children. Born a very sick baby with many issues like asthma, breathing problems, skin problems and did have two lungs but only one that functioned.
 I was kept in the hospital and not allowed to go home with my parents until I was about two months old due to all my infirmities. Growing up, my mother and father would rush me to the emergency room at night as a neighbor would watch my brothers and sisters. My parents prayed for us all but was forced to pray more for me a bit more. To this day I still remember being rocked by my mother in a rocking chair as she hymned songs to me.
My parents had no health insurance and were not rich people. One day when I was about 28 years old I was visiting my parents when my father said “Let’s go out to dinner, because today we are celebrating.” I asked ‘why, what was the occasion’ and he told me that he just finished paying off the last of my medical bills from growing up and seeing specialists with all my heath problems. For over 28 years, he had been paying my medical and hospital bills and on that day he mailed out the last payment. Government aid was not an option.
I am very thankful for my parents for waxing us up in the Lord, as they gave all of us children faith in God, with a conscience coupled with character and were a good example for us in that small three bed room, 1 bath room house we were raised in.
My mother stayed at home and later during high school she went back to school to become nurse. My father owned a barber shop and worked 6 days a week and on Saturdays took me to work with him to sweep the floors, clean mirrors and shine shoes. Family, Church and work manner was not just taught too us but was living before us. 
 We went to Catholic school for a few years and later sent to public school because it had cost too much for five kids and the Church did not give my father a break. My parents did not have public school teach us morals nor about God, THAT we learned at home.
One of the most difficult days in my life was on September 19 1994 as that morning I received a phone cal that my father was taken to the hospital and I drove like mad man and ran into the emergency room asking for my father. I was soon taken to a room where I was told the four words I feared my whole life.
“Your father has died.”
  I am thankful to have had such a father, who taught me how to be a man and if there is one thing that makes my day. That is seeing someone in our family that I have not seen for years and they tell me “Wow, you look just like your father” or “That’s something your father would have said.”
I hope I can resemble my heavenly Father as well.
My mother died in May 2010, which is also a difficult month. That is Mothers day, the month my parents married and the month my mother was born and died. I was there when my mother died and she has been gone now for going on three years now. But every chance I get, I still call her ‘blessed’ as per Proverbs 31:28. alive or gone, she is worthy of that label. And today I am thankful to God for giving me eternal life and my mother who delivered me that life 53 years ago for God’s service on bringing heaven on earth to those with hears to hear.
The photo (above) is with my oldest brother who has now with the Lord after serving over 20 years in the 82nd airborne and worked a short time for the INS, my second oldest brother now retried from working with the government and my oldest sister who owns a beauty shop and the sister holding me in the picture, she is a head nurse in the medical field and today always watches out for me. She would be the one that I remember giving me medicine with a teaspoon when I was sick.
This picture below is my parents on their wedding day surrounded by my grandparents in Los Angeles.
See, there is a human side to Ruben Israel, other than the guy you see holding a banner with angry people around him. 
 Street Preachers are people too.
I did not celebrate my birthday with a party, cake, ice cream and gifts but I will be preaching at the ‘Porno Awards’ in Los Angeles today as a ‘THANK YOU’ to God for my life. 
 I pray the Lord give me more years to serve Him and to get more crowns so I may place at His feet.
XBIZ Awards:
Now I do not know most of the people we preach too at the Hollywood awards and I surely don’t know any of these people walking on that ‘Red Carpet’ never the less, there was Christian resistance outside this venue. I raised my banner outside the ‘Century Plaza Hotel’ sidewalk then started with my megaphone and within 5 minutes I had this guy who wanted to punch me. He said he was staying in the hotel and I woke him up and he had nothing to do with the ‘porno awards.’ After I called him a ‘liar’ as it would be impossible for him to wake up out of bed and come down that large hotel and walk pass valet parking and the wide drive way to get to me, all within five minutes. He was so angry that the hotel security came out and confronted him, asking him to leave me alone and I had ever right to stand on the sidewalk. The angry sinner said he was going to call the police if I did not stop using the megaphone, I said “Call them I will be right here waiting.”
Banners and megaphones are now a permanent fixture that we rarely get LAPD to come by. The way this hotel is set my voice was echoing very loud around this 19 story 4 Star hotel. Limo after limo came by to drop off the porn stars, producers, directors and anyone involved in the ‘adult industry.’
Due to our presents the ‘Red Carpet’ is inside and not outside where they can be rebuked. A number of photographers came out for a picture of my ‘Repent or Perish’ sign and of course you can’t have sin with homosexuals coming out to dance and pose for pictures around me.
Everyone was reminded that their due award will be hellfire and they will on that Great Day stand naked before God. Even from their limos they mocked God as having a conscience in this business can be detached. Mark and Doug covered the ‘Eagles’ concert that evening as there is much to do in this city that never sleeps from sin.
Sunday was the 56th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
And what is the Grammys? 
 It is the big music awrds, equivalent to the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for stage performances, and the Academy Awards for motion pictures. Anyone who is anyone within the music industry will be there. 
 The show is moved to January to avoid competing against the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Since 911 we can not get close to the ‘Red Carpet’ like the old days so we shift into ‘Plan B’ and that would be stand where the black limos are lining up at the security check. They must stop and there is a line, which gives up time to preach or witness to them.  Millions of people will watch this event live, hoping and praying their favorite singer get that holy golden calf which puts them in god status.
As they are awarded for record of the year, album of the year, song of the year, new best artist, best female pop vocal, best male vocal. From rock, R&B, rap, country and western, jazz, latin, gospel, reggae, classical, orchestra and opera.
Many of those in music gods now dead have passed by our banners over the years and one can not say God did not try to get their attention. What made this Grammy Award a bit different was the fact Queen Latifah officiates a wedding for 33 couples and of course there were a homosexual couple getting married as the song ‘same love’ was singing.
That song written in support of same sex marriage, which lyrics include “And you can be cured with some treatment and religion, man made, rewiring of a per-disposition, playing God….when I was at church they taught me something else, if you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed…” 
 And after the song Madonna joined in wearing a all white suit singing ‘open your heart’ as this was performed on a set that resembles a church. During the marriage vows Latifiah said “Do you each declare that you take each other as spouses?’
Marriage has always been male and female from the begining, this is what God established. 
  “What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder”
That was inside but outside the ‘golden calf’ event I had much liberty to use my megaphone as each limo passed next to us and number rolled down their windows to shout back at me. 
Banners and signs were lined up on the sidewalk. Verily God was outside the Grammy’s wanting in, many were reproved for not giving God glory for giving them their lungs and voice. I do believe that any of these ‘artists’ grew up with Church and starting singing in Church before Hollywood raped them.
“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools”
Ecclesiastes 7:5