Monday, December 16, 2013

Hyde Park London

Preaching in Hyde Park London at the famous ‘Speakers Corner’ where we walked in and took the crowd by storm. See video below.
Hyde Park has a very long history of soap box preaching. ‘Speakers Corner’ has been a place in London where anyone can almost speak against any subject. Politics, current events, sports, read poems and even argue religion.
It was very windy that day we came to the park and the brothers were fighting to keep banners from falling even the sound on this clip had a few hiccups from the wind. Never the less, we endured and made no small stir. 
 Keep in mind this is England NOT America, where it is illegal to speak against homosexuals and offend another man’s religion. Not to mention using a megaphone in public. Police were called in when I was preaching against sodomy and using my electrical cords. 
 After a brief chat with LPD, I continued with the horn, this is when the angry Muslim crowd accused me of being CIA and working with London Police. That crowd departed and ‘sodomy’ was the topic, after that I challenged atheists. This was just a portion of how we preached in London and said things that others would have been arrested for. 
 One thing we used while we preached in public, was to fly American flags as the Lord used THIS to give us much liberty. One of those flags I took from my brother grave when we buried him as he died after serving over 20 years in the 82nd airborne-special forces. At the end of the day I was told by many they had never seen an American Christian before, only heard of people like me. 
 Who in England would confront them so confidently today, do we now need to send missionaries to the UK?
Click the link below and enjoy the
righteous as bold as lions.
This past Saturday we were at the Long Beach Convention Center for a Muslim interfaith conference where Rick Warren was the keynote speaker.
After a few minutes of us setting up banners right by the main entrance, out came the barricades and convention security. We were asked to move behind the barricades, I refused and asked for LBPD. So they called the police, which allowed me to preach longer at the front doors. When the police did show, we talked and I was asked to move about 10 yards and I may continue.
I knew the officers from past years as they stayed to watch us. Another undercover police officer, walked up and he watched us for the rest of our stay. We had a small group of people who held signs of their love and interfaith stand, as they felt compeled to be a wedge to keep the poor Muslims away from the mean street preachers. 
 Louis Farrakhan had his fingerprints there as well, his goons we the events security. We preached to those who walked by and a number of speakers, just a few responded. 
 Several with families walked by as I noticed small children with them so I reminded them that their prophet took and married a little girl about their children’s age. That was offensive, some parents covered their ears so they would not hear me. Others were warned about us before they walked by, one father confronted me about those words. 
   We continued preached the Koran is a lie, Muhammad was a child molester, lair, murderer and slept with a dead wife and Jesus was indeed the Son of God. Here are a few places we preached the past three weeks:
We also did the Hollywood Christmas parade at stood at the end of the route to preach to every celebrity that drove by in their convertible.
Most responded as they were exhorted on the birth of Jesus in manger of a virgin. Over the 30 years preaching this event, we had solid words for certain celebrities before they died. But every TV star that drove by heard and saw our blunt message.
Brother Christian and Roger have been faithful preaching against a ‘Gentlemen’s club’ near their city and one night Mark and I joined them. Of course the police were called (picture below) but these brothers are making a mark at that building weekly, have much liberty to stand inside the parking lot and used megaphones. You will be surprised how many people come out of that club claiming to be believers as a number of cars drove in the parking lot and after seeing us outside drove off. 
We tagged team preaching and I had a conversation with a neighbor who lived across the street and heard the megaphone. These brothers have been faithful and had people come out for prayer and tracts. 
Here is blast from the past as this video was taken in the 1990’s as Jim Webber and Ruben Israel reprove this perverted business. 
In Anaheim home of the ‘rat’ from Disneyland the Muslim CAIR hosted a banquet at the Hilton and as you may know CAIR is the acronym for
‘Counsel on American-Islamic Relations.’
A known terrorist group that raises and send money to radical Muslims groups. The theme was blame the Jew and America. Almost every one from the Hotel security came out in front of us as we were asked to move. I refused and asked for APD. It was 20 minutes later that police from Anaheim came and about another 15 minutes before we were asked to move about 15 yards as we were on hotel property as the Muslims were offended in our signs.
It was not a problem as we had four banners flying and the acoustics were good and our voice traveled as valet were parking Muslim cars. 
This is the same pulpit John Wesley preached from1758 in Bedford England as he warned the Church filled with lawyers and judges to “flee the wrath to come” and clearly declaring the effects and results of sin, the judgment of God. The minister allowed me to stand inside the pulpit. 
Wesley also exhorted the congregation at Saint Paul saying:
“O, who can stand before the face of the great God, even our Saviour Jesus Christ! See! See! He cometh! He maketh the clouds His chariots! He rideth upon the wings of the wind! A devouring fire goeth before Him, and after Him a flame burneth! See! He sitteth upon His throne, clothed with light as with a garment, arrayed with majesty and honour! Behold, His eyes are as a flame of fire, His voice as the sound of many waters! … Hear the Lord, the Judge! ‘Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’ Joyful sound! How widely different than that voice which echoes through he expanse of heaven, ‘Depart, ye cursed into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels!’ And who is he that can prevent or retard the full execution of either sentence?... Hath he not bought you with His own blood, that ye might not perish, but have everlasting life? O make proof of his mercy, rather than His justice; of His love, rather than the thunder of His power!”
Oh one last thing….that minister of that Church now in Bedford England… a sodomite. It appears the Holy Ghost has not been on that pulpit in a couple of centuries.