Thursday, October 10, 2013

‘gay day’ at Disneyland

This is October not June as we are still preaching homosexual events.
Last weekend was ‘gay day’ at Disneyland so there was Christian resistance on Friday and Sunday.
These loving people are violent, even at the happiest place in the world. We stood outside warning the crowds walking in that it was ‘gay day’ and the difference between a homosexual and a child molester was just a matter of years. 
Of course most parents shouted back and covered their children’s ears as we preached but opened their child’s eyes to sodomy. 
We warned the parents not to allow their children to go to the restroom by themselves nor leave them alone that day, but most mocked us.
Anaheim police were called on both days but said we were within our rights as we had much liberty on that sidewalk. Brother Mark lives in Anaheim and preaches there often, so the city police know him and that city is conservative.
  Most of the sodomites walked by us holding hands with shirts promoting ‘gay day’ and telling us we were ‘haters’ as they do live in a fantasy world if they think they are going to heaven. They were reminded that Mickey had Minnie and was not involved with Popeye or daffy but they do not heed trust as they give up eternal life in Gods kingdom for sex.
This coming Sunday will be the AIDS Walk in Los Angeles as thousands of people will walk to raise millions of dollars and stop AIDS. 
But will this event speak against the sin of sodomy? This event will have celebrities and people who have lost loved ones walking against AIDS but will not discuss how those people received that disease. Was it airborne, was it in the food or water, was it in a gene or did 98% of these people die from having intercourse outside of Gods standard? We will expose the son of sodomy and if being a homosexual is not a high risk group why wear condoms and lets open up those bath houses again.
“crumb from the masters table”
Home from Salt Lake City and the opening premiere of ‘Us and Them’ as posted last week. Thank you for your prayers as much was done to promote this movie as we were on all the network news in Salt Lake City regarding the upcoming documentary. 
Also this was news during the Mormon news station KSL. The link below is from KSL news with Carole Mikita, which to you and I may mean nothing, but she would liken to the Barbara Walters of LDS. Its official when it comes from Carole Mikita.
Also did a 2 hour photo shoot for ‘LDS Living’ which is the Mormon magazine and has more members that one could imagine.
The photo they decide will be used on the front cover of the Dec.Feb. issue or the March/April issue and I was told I would be the first non-Mormon on their cover. A street preacher with an open Bible on the cover of ‘LDS Living’ and who says there is no God?
During this photo shoot I was asked to leave the Temple Square property and when we walked toward the LDS conference center, I heard “Ruben…you are not allowed on our property, you know the rules.” Again another black suit security told me I could not walk on Mormon property, even if the Church sanctioned the photo shoot.
After the movie premiere Bryan Hall and I were invited to answer questions from those who viewed the film and later that evening we had a nice dinner. I caught a early morning flight to Los Angeles and while I was at the Salt Lake airport I was confronted by a few people who saw me on the news and one person said he saw the film.
These photos were taken from a person who shoots photos for Robert Redford and worked for Sundance film festival in Utah, so no telling where this film will go. The day was long and filled, as I trust God will be glorified and people will be provoked to read the Bible. Over the past decades I have met many Bryan Hall’s from coast to coast as he has allowed me to stay at his house, feed me, borrow his car as I preach outside his Churches convention. 
Pray for Bryan and his family as something tells me that he will get a lot of persecution from his own Church.
If you thought Christianity was all joy and laughter allow me to burst that bubble.

True Christianity is NOT Joel Osteen and Rick Warren. Let me give you a RAW unedited version of our beloved New Testament that is not refined.
Birthed by a man named John the Baptist who appeared like a cave man in the water and rebuked the religious of his day with his unorthodox baptizing into the water. He was jailed for calling out the sin of his king and later beheaded in prison.
Not a good start.
Jesus our Christ never sinned yet was sentenced to death, placed on a cross next to two criminals atop a dumb site, after being beaten and mocked by the government and the religious of His day.
The disciples fled from the cross, one denied Him and Judas later hung himself because he betrayed Him.
 So far not very upbeat.
  Stephen in the book of Acts worked in the kitchen but was stoned for preaching in public as the early Church met in houses and the Apostles were jailed, beaten and told by the courts not to preach that name Jesus. 10 of the Apostles were killed for their faith and John was boiled in oil and sent to an island to die.
Where was this ‘abundant life’ and ‘prosperity’ lifestyle we hear about today?
Paul was persecuted and exhorted those Churches he started from a prison cell. In fact most of the Epistles were written from behind bars for preaching as the early Church went underground or they were also arrested, beaten and fed to lions as a sport.
Within these churches we already find false teaches and leaven being taught. In Revelation 2&3 we find Jesus speaking to seven actual Churches in Asia and FIVE were told to ‘repent’ as He threaten to remove their light for their works and heresy.
Compare that with today’s TV evangelist, who wishes to bless you with happiness and positive message or a worship service that will hit a sensitive nerve, is it any wonder we have so many ‘lukewarm’ believers today?
So the million dollar question for you today is, what Church do you fellowship with, one liken to the early Church or one that will tickle your ears or one liken to what we read in Acts?
Think Paul walked into a Church wearing an Yves Saint Laurent suit and a pair of Testoni shoes. Think Paul strolled up to a pulpit looking cool with gold around his neck, ear rings and a smile and having dinner with the girls after service?
Face it if the Apostle Paul was scheduled to speak at your Church you might get a back up speaker because he might be sitting in jail on Sunday for preaching the day before in public.
And I’m sure he walked in with a limp, cuts bruises and dried blood stains on his clothes and those feet were filthy. Also if you feed and invited him into your house, YOU may get you home burnt to the ground or beaten, so count the cost to associate with such.