Sunday, September 29, 2013


I will be leaving for Salt Lake City Tuesday night and the reason is opening night at the theater for the movie “Us and Them” a documentary on religious rivalry in America and yours truly is the main character, so I was invited for the showing.
Before the Wednesday evening debut at a downtown theater, we are scheduled for a number of interviews and radio shows. Pray the Lord use this to expose a wedge between Christianity and being a Mormon. To see the trailer and get more information on the film, click the link below
Reality shows are very popular today and Hollywood is considering filming us. And just to keep you in the loop we are in the process of having a reality show on street preaching, at this time a few networks are looking at this and it appears positive.  As of now the ‘National Geographic Channel’ is very interested. Below is an email I received form Hollywood.
"I have the project at Discovery, Nat Geo, A&E, History, Spike and truTV. I have also sent the project to some major production companies, as they are very creative and may have some ideas for development. I think we should begin hearing back from some of the nets this week, as they usually take a couple weeks to discuss internally. I have some initial interest in the 'Street Preachers' show, just playing the waiting game as they discuss internally. A very large and global production company is interested as well as one of the cable nets. I'm still waiting on Discovery and truTV, as both of the point men there have been on the road the past week. Will know more from them soon. I'll keep you posted as I know more, fingers crossed still. Sorry this istaking so long, but nothing happens quickly in this business. Best regards,
Rick Green"
Join us in Atlanta for a street preacher convention that will change you life. SOPA is coming in October and there is a great line up of open air preachers
TRUTH.....You can't handle the truth:
I was witnessing to this guy the other day and I was told that he could live in sin all his life but on his death bed, he would turn to God and God (if there was one) would forgive him. 
Then he pointed out that my Bible has a story of the thief on the cross and he was forgiven. What strengthened his argument is that he said that several Christians confirmed that God was obligated to forgive him or that would not be the loving God they knew. So it was that conversation, that I understood why we met and I understood the Lord is using me to clarify this mess.
I pointed out that he did not know how he would die as there might not be a death bed involved and forget about using the thief on the cross. Because that thief did not premeditate is sins saying I will be sorry on my death bed. That could have been his ONE and only chance to get saved and that he took. 
Unlike this person who wants to schedule his ‘born-again’ date. There is no loop hole with God. He was told that there is no guarantee he will not die in his sleep. I then gave him 1Peter 4:12
“And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”
Now if men of God who were filled with the Holy Ghost and walking with God were barley saved, that does not put regular sinners who think they have out witted God in a good position.
I pray believers would stop comforting sinners and strengthening the hands of the wicked. They wish not to offend anyone, but they become an offense to God. Because we tell someone the truth is a form of love as per 1John 3:18.
I would rather offend sinners every day and twice on Sunday, than offend what God wants me to preach or speak to someone.