Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sodomite Parade in San Diego

Here is a clip from the Chicago weekend from Bible Brian

Sunday was the sodomite parade in San Diego and if you have one in your city, expect to get us and two weeks prior to the event SDPD contacted me if we were coming again and would work with us to insure our free speech. That they did, when we arrived they have two police cars behind barricades as to keep angry homosexuals from charging us.
Now remember they are ‘gay’ and tolerant.
We had a smaller crew than previous years, never the less we stood our as a beacon as the Holy Ghost tried to use us to bring conviction on the event. Most every one on the parade route did a kiss in, or honked their horns and flipped us off. As our banners were raised and preaching was echoed. 
The Lord has used us for over 20 years at this event and one must wonder how many of those men we preached at then are alive today. How many of those men have died as in reaping what they have sown to their body. AIDS, HIV and many sexual diseases are a direct result or the ‘wage’ of this sin. 
Paul writes in Romans chapter 1 that those particular sinners are ‘worthy of death’ as we not need to stone them as the Jewish Law teaches. Today they do a fine job killing themselves, no need for us to pick up any rocks. 
The mayor of San Diego was not in the parade and this was for a reason. He was caught and admitted to groping women at city hall recently and I wonder why the gay community did not make him ‘grand marshal’ of the parade for such actions. 
I say he represents that city well as he has no plans of stepping down. 
As you can see we are located next to a fire station for reason, and no one is allowed behind us. This is not because we will attack the poor homosexuals but rather if the gay crowd turns into a angry mob, we are rushed into that brick building for safety. 
We are given parking at this location, with quick access to the freeway to flee if needed. SDPD has worked well with us for some 20 years at this event. 
It is a blessing to work with USMC in San Diego as these men have a deep love for God and a concern for the country they were willing to die for and they held their ground when homosexuals marched in the parade in full uniform.
What the story below does not tell you is that EVERY church that was walking in the parade was sharply rebuked not just the Catholics.
Every politician in the parade was named and rebuked during that shame parade.
On the Fourth of July while America ate hot dogs, hamburgers, watched parades and had pool parties Mark, Doug and I were exercising our ‘Free Speech’ on the Fourth of July in Newport Beach.
There we were told “this is not the time or place to preach.” If not that day what day would be? Newport Beach is the biggestfourth of July block party in our county as crowds exceed over the 150,000 mark alone the Balboa Peninsula, into nearby cities.
It is liken to a Mardi Gras on the sand but the Newport police do not put up with much as that day made 87 arrests. 
The picture below was taken from the ‘Orange County Register.’ And the caption read; “Mark Steven, holding sign, is asked by police officers to stop using his megaphone during the 4th of July Holiday on the beach Thursday on the beach at 32nd St. Steven did not have a permit to use the megaphone on the beach but was allowed to continue demonstrating without it.”
Brother Mark did the preaching as Doug and I answered questions for about 5 hours under the sun. Red, white and blue was the theme and we popped the bubble that just because you are an America that gives you the right to enter the kingdom of God.
We warned against being judged by God and His written Word, not the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution but many argued that God is love and all forgiving. Churches promote this and we see the rotten fruit from this one sided gospel.
Everyone that walked or rode by us saw, hear and had a chance to take a take but were to busy worshipping the sun rather than the SON of God.
Later that week on Friday I did a ‘New kids on the block’ ‘Boyz to men’ concert in downtown Los Angeles at Staples Center and one can find upcoming concerts on any big city weekend newspaper. Do a little research and go.
And flying my laundry list of sin banner will always draw a crowd and they read and question that God is forgiving.
Yes He is forgiving only when repentance is done. The scriptures clearly teach ‘repent and believe’ is the order of appearance not believe and repent at your leisure. Forgiveness is given upon repentance and that warning sign is reason why mankind needs to repent.
Need a visual of Revelation 6:9-10
“I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth”
No need for much commentary. So much to the idea of turning the other cheek and forgive and forget as there are saints who were killed this side of heaven and are crying WITH A LOUD VOICE (maybe a few open air preachers) “How Long,….avenge our blood.” Asking our holy God to retaliate, that’s a verse you don’t hear often.
IF you have NEVER been persecuted, you will most likely NEVER understand that verse. Taste and see, for it is GOOD. IF you have never been persecuted, again there just might be a reason as per John 7:7 “The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil” Start to testify that this world is ‘evil’ rather than saying “I am just like you.”