Saturday, July 6, 2013


This past weekend four of us flew into Chicago to preach against the yearly sodomite parade and join other likeminded believers.
To be filed under God’s Timing: Friday was our first day on the streets in the ‘Windy City’ and that just happen to be the day the ‘Black hawks’ were having the ‘Stanley Cup Championship’ parade and over 1 million people poured into the streets to cheer their team. 
Once we found the parade route we drove into the city, parked our van and set up our banners within the ocean of red shirts. Within 15 minutes the NHL players drove passed us, raising up their trophy to the cheer of the crowd as we raised our banners to the cheer of heavenly angels. 
And after the players had gone that once happy crowd turned into an angry mob.
Larry and Pastor Don surrounded by people who did not want to hear Church on Friday and that Obama banner did cause a stir throughout Chicago.
"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”
Romans 10:14
Now after the parade came by, we seemed to be the main topic of conversation as the crowd turned angry when you preached about the sport-god and Brother David from Pennsylvania did a great job. 
Brother Larry from Oklahoma was punched in the stomach as they tried to pull down our banners. At one point the heathen were so drunk and angry they started to fight among themselves. The police arrived on the scene and tried to ‘keep the peace’ as fights broke out and the only way order was restored was using barricades. We were placed inside metal barricades as the crowds swelled around us protesting the Word of God. 
The police moved the crowd back by moving the barricades farther and that gave us room and kept them at bay. CPD did not know we were coming to that event and worked well with us to preserve free speech in America. There never said, we are going to arrest you and you are using words that might cause a riot. 
They maintained free speech, freedom to assemble and our right to express our religious freedom.
“Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah” Psalm 60:4
We were not there to protest Hockey, nor were we there to protest the ‘black hawks’ but we preached against the sin of idolatry and the sports god, so this touched a nerve. Sports can be a god and is it any wonder many of these big games are on Sunday or within their temple.
Remember they won the World Championship, imagine what would have happened to us IF they would have lost? 
It is a shame they do not get excited over Jesus as they do a sports game.
Later that day we went to ‘Union Station’ which is a good artery of humanity in Chicago as thousands and thousands of people arrive to catch the train and trams at the end of the day. Our message was brief and to the point as we reminded everyone of Jesus during their weekend. 
A number of sinners stopped to mock Jesus and the Bible before their train.
Many seeds were planted and many seeds were watered and our hope is that many laborers will now harvest that labor and reap that fruit. Brother David and I debated Bible in public at this hub of humanity where we had much liberty with our banners and sound system blasting. The police and Union Station security stood by watching but did nothing. 
It was overcast and very windy, even rained out there. One taxi driver stopped by to say he was a Christian from the middle East and gave us two new umbrellas to stay dry. 
The last picture above was an Asian man who grew up as a Christian, but is now an atheist and a homosexual. He had many questions about the God of the Bible who he said was a murderer. He said he was late for his train but was provoked to talk with me and for over a half an hour as he got clear and to the point answers. He was shaking as he talked and his voice was insecure as if he was very very afraid and he should be.
Here is Brother Scott who I met via the internet, as he joined our team the entire weekend.
This young man from Chicago worked well with everyone, did what was told and preached a solid message. Brother David from North Carolina gave him two Christian shirts and we will be sending Scott some tools. A sandwich sign and a hip speaker to use in that concrete jungle.
Later that evening we preached in Rockford, where Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper held a concert
We hit this event after the concert was over and once we set up our banners, three Rockford police and several concert security came out to see what was all the commotion. Once the concert started to exit these people were ripe to see Christians, as they came charging out shouting “666” and “hail satan” and the police tried to keep them away from us.
We had the megaphone turned on low and Dean continued to preach. One officer in charged called for back-up and did they come. About 15 police cars showed up and they shut down the street, I was asked to walk across the street and I said “Yes if only we can turn up the megaphone too high.” I was told that I could.
Once we crossed the street more officers arrived, as we had uniformed officers, undercover officers and the night commander there. Even the fire department showed up. After the concert was emptied I was asked by the fire department how long we were going to be there because most of the Rockford police were there and if there would be an emergency in the city, many would be where we were. Not long after that conversation we stopped for the safety of the city and were escorted out to our parked van and they gave us green light to flee the concert area in haste.
It has been said that Alice Cooper was a Christian
Does that give the appearance of Christianity?
“They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate”
Titus 1:16
We met a young girl who walked out of the concert carrying a Bible. She said it was her souvenir as Manson was singing on stage and ripping pages from the Bible, then tossed it into the cheering crowd. So she kept it and that only confirmed why the Lord had us outside.
Saturday we preached on the south side of Chicago. This is a place where Al Capone once controlled those streets and today that gangster spirit still lives as this hot zone which is ground zero for drive by shooting, drugs and much crime. We boldly proclaim the Jesus of the Bible and warned against the sin of covetousness. 
We also warned of a Biblical principle, that IF you live by the sword, you will DIE by that sword.
For some reason many ‘cults’ and Islam do much work in these areas and most Churches don’t mind taking their drug money on Sunday. But we were there not to invite them to Church nor did we want their money and we did not tickle their ears with nice words. We boldly exhorted them to repent and get ‘Born Again’ as the scripture teaches.
And of course in this neighborhood the issue of ‘race’ comes up as Larry and Don from Oklahoma were called KKK by on lookers. The issue of what color of skin Jesus was asked and it was answered, if we concern ourselves with color it should be that Red Blood on the cross. 
The picture above is a ‘black Muslim’ who did not like Brother Scott preaching about Jesus and he tried to tell me that they believe in Jesus too….just not as the Son. After our chat we concluded Islam is not Christianity. He was upset because that particular corner was his turf and we invaded that turf. 
There was another guy with him wearing the Louis Farrakhan bow tie and he was ready to rumble. At the end of the debate, he said I was a Jew and I don’t know much. They seem to hate Jews as they believe they are the true chosen people based on color of skin and God is black.
After preaching on the south side Brother Dean from Arizona said that he had never been baptized and wanted me to do that. He was sprinkled as a baby but that was never submerged into water. 
We at Bible Believers do baptize in public as per Bible examples, so we headed for Lake Michigan. The water was choppy and cold and after I preached with a megaphone, we both walked into the water and he was baptized in public, in the Name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the Father. That day Dean from Arizona was symbolically dead and alive to Dean Elijah in Christ.
SUNDAY was ‘Game Day’ as we yoked up with a number of believers who toed the line against sin. With Chicago’s finest to keep the angry sinners at bay. Now my question is, IF we are the real ‘haters’ why are the officers facing the homosexuals? Keep in mind, if God HATES a proud look as per Proverbs 6:17, how much more a ‘pride parade?’
And the sodomites were there waiting for us with signs and even a church group that apologue for us being there as seen by the pictures below.
This is a result of Christianity not giving the full-counsel of God as there is more to God being loving. How about holy, angry, jealous, longsuffering and forgiven, only if repentance is done.
“We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the LORD fulfil all thy petitions”
Psalm 20:5
Yes, God honored our prayers as EVERYTHING we requested to do in Chicago was answered as the city police protected us all weekend with banners raised.
  A number of local brother joined us, Kevin from upstate New York had a small crew and James Lyman came with his family. Together we stood against sodomy and same sex marriage.
Brother David from Pennsylvania baptized his new sign in Chicago as Bother Jonathan held that banner.
Brother Davis Israel from Chicago also flew his new banner and it had a laundry list of sodomite sin and the disease from such sin as that banner raised a few eyebrows.
The police stood in front of the wooden barricades and even with that, police arrested three homosexuals for attacking us on parade day, one sodomite tried to grab my Bible and another tried to burn my Bible, the CPD stopped them. 
It may take bloodshed to STOP this uncontrollable runaway train of sin…..are you willing?
“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”
Psalms 94:16
It was very windy as the brethren holding banners as they fought the wind all day and God gave these men strength to endure. God empowered the preachers to preach and those holding banners to keep them hoisted.
“The LORD is my strength”
Exodus 15:2
The heathen we were bold and we were just as bold toeing the line. The cardboard sign below says it all, as it reads; “F**K Your Bible” and the crowd gathers around for a picture to show their hatred for the Word of God. They don’t hate us, they hate God in us and the Holy standard we promote.
“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil”
During the parade and after the parade was over, many stood around looking up and screaming against us bringing hope to them. We preached Jesus and repentance. We proclaimed the full counsel of meeting a Holy God one day and for that we are ‘haters’ or ‘bigots’ and ‘bullies.’
Now that the Supreme Court has favored homosexuals the momentum is on the side of darkness and these sinners feel invisible. Below are two clips taken from a sodomite in Albuquerque New Mexico and Seattle. 
In New Mexico the local police needed to surround the brothers to remove them from the parade. So they used the police vehicles to block the raged heathen and put the brethren inside the cars to safety. And the second clip from Seattle shows two men getting beat for holding a banner/ It may take bloodshed to STOP this uncontrollable runaway train of sin…..are you willing?

Here is an article from the ‘Christian Post’ regarding street preachers getting attacked by angry homosexuals.