Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Justin Bieber comes to Los Angeles

“Let your light so shine”
Have you let your light shine before men or have you hidden your light? Does you family know about God? Have you ever witnessed to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about the God of the Bible?
Is there any darkness in your personal life and are you willing to take your light into darkness and expose sin for Jesus? And just how bright is that light of yours, are you a bright beacon of light or a dull flash light with dying batteries?
Do people in your neighborhood know you are saved and have you been a witness to people in your city, county and state? Or do you only shine a light on Sunday for one hour?
Justin Bieber was in Los Angeles for two days and to many that came to the concert considered that a ‘religious experience’ as his followers say ‘he is a Christian’ and they do believe in him.
This event young Catholic, Muslim and Christian girls would manifest and argue on his behalf after hearing our preaching. As a number went into a hissy-fit when Mark preached against Bieber personally. Most of the young boys who attended the concert were very effeminate, as this appears to be the trend. The more homo, the cooler,
The concert did epitomize our American family today. As most parents that brought their children were single parents and were nothing more than trying to be their ‘best friend’ then a parent. And many paraded their children to dress like whores. When this was pointed out, they complained to the police and wanted us moved away from the concert. Crying to the police of what we were preaching but forgetting to tell the officers that they tried to pull our banner poles down, stick their finger in our face and spit. We had at least two officers stand next to us just to keep the Bieber groupies from not becoming street preacher groupies. 
“God is love” one young girl kept shouting and when asked what Church she attends, she replied “Saddleback Church, Rick Warren is my pastor.” Our reply was, ‘you mean the same Rick Warren whose son committed suicide, that Church?”
These girls demanded that we “Leave, right NOW!” some were shaking they were so angry, others were almost crying because we spoke against their idol. One could imagine how the yell at their parents if they do not get their way. A number of mothers were offended in our banners, yet these same mothers seem to allow their children to dress like little harlots and watch MTV, but we are offensive. 
Don’t think his followers consider him a little god, this picture below is how he arrived on stage to his cheering audience.
One concerned mother was angry with the word ‘masturbation’ written as one of the sins on our banners with young children walking by and after saying a few words against about us, she walked away screaming and lifted up her top at us. And remember, she said she was concerned about young children. Something tells me she was convicted of her sin.
The picture below was taken after LAPD moved the crazed horde of angry girls and I spoke with two Muslim who liked our hard message and did consider the young girls to dress improperly and they said they can not do anything. I reminded them that if this concert were held in certain countries run by Muslims, his religion would kill these girls. I also reminded him that if their prophet was around Los Angeles today, he would be ‘bride shopping’ with all these little 7 year old girls walking around.
I could not tell what celebrities were around as mobs of little girls were running and screaming at certain people walking into the concert. Even parents were running towards the high-pitched throng, while dragging their little children behind to see these movie or music stars walking into the concert.
After 30 years of preaching outside of concerts, I do conclude that music is an ‘idol’ and is it any wonder that most Churches will have a big worship service as people are attracted to music as it plays with your emotion. Music does more than the Holy Ghost, as it can influence culture, people will emulate how the singer looks or defend them and memorize lyrics more than scripture. Songs will make someone happy, sad or feel in love, yet the Holy Spirit can not move them to be a witness. 
  Do you know what you're
 identity is? 
Just what is your function in the body of Christ?
Over the years I have met Christians who have been saved for years, decades. Who know the Bible, pray to God and even have heard the voice of God in their lives. They believe that God can guide them and lead them but they just do not know who they are in Christ. What is your part in this big body of Christ and not what you would like to do, but what God as ordained you to do.
“Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall”
1Peter 1:10
I do not need to convince you what my function is nor do I ever get disappointed if people wish to question my motive and reason for doing what I do and what I say in public. I am not arrogant just confident and sure of my calling.
How about you?
Thousands of participants, demonstrators gather for Pride Day in Salisbury: “SALISBURY, N.C. -- Things got heated at times between participants and demonstrators during the Third Annual Salisbury Pride Day….”
Street preacher's appeal of Franklin noise ordinance fine delayed until August: “…John McGlone, who preaches for Breeding, Ky.-based PinPoint Evangelism, is appealing his punishment of a $10 fine and $76 in court costs after Franklin Police cited him while he was preaching during last year’s Main Street Festival…..”
Street preacher claims government harassment: “….The organization explained that since May of 2011, there have been three separate incidents where Allen, a Christian street preacher in Houston, was arrested, searched, jailed and denied his constitutional rights to free speech and free exercise of religion. However, there never has been a conviction on any charge…..”
Port St. Lucie 'street preacher' to be silenced: “PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Anyone who drives the stretch of U.S. Highway 1 in Port St. Lucie will soon notice something missing - the presence and the passion of a longtime street preacher. He is out there each day and has been for years. With his wooded cross and his microphone, Smokey Barber, prays and preaches in Port St. Lucie. From his sidewalk pulpit at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Jennings Road, the self-described evangelist fights to get his voice - and his message - above the buzz of the bustling traffic…..”
Papa, don’t preach! Williamsburgers want weekend preacher to turn it down: “Street preacher Ray Bou has been spreading the word of God with the help of very loud amplifiers at the corner of Broadway and Havemeyer Street every weekend for the past 14 years. Neighbors say he is louder than the J and M trains that run overhead”

At least a criminal today has a chance to change and live in
society again.
  After court, after found guilty for his crime and sentenced he lives in a cell, gets food and drink. He can read, watch TV and walk outside. He has someone to talk too, he can write letters, make calls and get a visitor. Have Church, read his Bible and have Chaplin visits. He has lawyers, courts, a change to an early release and probation. If sick he has medical care, dental and he even has hope in death. Is that really torment and painful?
Compared that to the sinner after meeting God on Judgment Day. The regret of not believing in Jesus on earth and that decision will be eternal, even your hope in death is gone as death and hell will be cast into that Lake of Fire. 
Every sin, every idle word, every thought is played and replayed in your mind as you will have full access to your mind and it is you who will condemn yourself in the presents of God. You will be haunted with the conflict that you rejected Jesus as the only begotten and discarded the cross as you weep in outer darkness. 
All the times you heard that name Jesus but was just too busy and now it has cost you extremely.
And for those who believed and knew deep inside their soul, they were hypocrites and their dark sin is now exposed in the light. They read their Bible, when to Sunday school, helped at the Church but outside that building lived in sin. They will be punished with the devil and his demons as liars. 
Holy was never in their vocabulary nor did they truly understand the concept of being a ‘new creature’ as they lived a lie like their real father the devil. Grace is over and judgment begins.
Remember Christian, words like “witness, false witness, judge, judgment, testify, testimony, life” are all court room terminology and for reason. If you are not right with God, do it.
“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”
Hebrews 9:27
This is what Mohammad would have looked like if he lived in the twenty first century. As a prophet he gets these special revelations and certain rules don’t apply to him, so he may be seen riding around showing off this new girl-friend and you know this was before he married a 7 year old girl and way before he had sex with the body of one of his dead wives. And don’t ever forget that he was a holy man.