Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I not only preach that the kingdom of God is at hand. I argue that the kingdom of God IS IN YOUR FACE!
Passing out tracts is fine, I do it but preaching with words that goes into ears can never get rejected. Why give someone the option of the gospel with a tract when you can put it into their ears and hearts? Preach does not mean to sing, have a tract table, pray, give water or cookies nor do a street skit but that word means to raise the voice. 
Therefore on that Great Day those sinners can not plead innocent or say I never knew.
This is s preview of what Mormons really believe and keep from people like us. This is an interview with not just a regular LDS member but a high priest in the Salt Lake City Temple and after watching this, one must conclude that we do not believe in the same God/god with a few minor differences. 
And to think we almost had a President in the White House who believes this. There are reasons Mormons keep their beliefs secret. Enjoy this trailer, the full piece will be out in early May and please pass this clip along
Where about one half million people come to downtown Los Angeles under a sunny day on Broadway Street to eat, dance and walk around the many booths. I enjoy events like this because the message is very simple as it is not a sin fest as per our normal marching orders. Mark and I passed out almost a case of Chick tracts that was donated to me. As adults and children lined up get them. Hispanic folks do have a bit of reverence towards the Bible and after taking a tract, kindly say “Thank You.”
  I held a very large “Trust Jesus” banner and Mark wore a sandwich sign and preached with a megaphone. Unfortunately we did not speak Spanish as this is America so we did communicate in English and of course LAPD gave us much liberty with our signs and megaphones as over the many years we are considered part of the wood work in this massive concrete jungle.
The Muslims had a booth with a big sign that read “We Love Jesus” and of course Brother Mark reproved them sharply. Another group that seems to hang around events like this, was a communist group ranting with a megaphone about unite and revolution and how they are oppressed. Both groups have two things in common, they hate America and Christianity.
As with any event, there is no good old clean fun. The streets are filthy like the hearts of mankind and at the end of the day, these people on Broadway had much leaflets given to them with gospel signs everywhere and a diverse styles of proclaiming a message.
Monday I had a meeting in Hollywood to meet with the producers of ‘Gurney Productions’ who are very interested in filming a ‘Reality Show’ of our street preaching. Yes, just another day in the life of a street preacher.
After the meeting I did a personal interview at their studio as this is moving fast and hopefully have more details for those involved. And for the record, they are not looking to find fault in what we do nor are they trying to expose us as bad preachers but this production makes a living from money and they see a large audience watching this sequence, which makes them money. Read nothing more into this and I will use it as another medium to preach the standard of a Holy God to a sinful world, and nothing more. 
Pray that this continues to move and a big network will purchase the series as the only problem is see, would be people boycotting the commercials that can be linked to the program as a form of protest. They have done their homework on us and were very interested in Petar from Norway as he preaches with passion and conviction. So Petar will be a ‘cast member’ if this show gets legs.
Who said being a Christian is boring or just an hour on Sunday?
This is a late night show from Hollywood and the first clip was taken while in the ‘Green Room.’ “Brand X with Russell Brand Stepping On Toes”
This second piece was footage from the interview. “The Back Door”
Last week I received a phone call and was told that my banners were in a Hollywood movie with Nicolas Cage in a film called ‘Stolen’ and there is a scene from Mardi Gras where they showed my warning banner and another blue banner on Canal Street. 
This is not the first time our banners were shown during a Mardi Gras movie, as another Hollywood movie called “Dracula 2000” had several banners on Bourbon Street preaching to the crowd.
This is what I call ‘Extra Credit’ or a crumb from the Masters Table for being faithful. Just planting and watering that seed and hope that another can reap that harvest.
And I sure those with the spirit of ‘Cain’ will accuse me of being ‘prideful’ or ‘that is our only motive’ as they will falsely judge these matters due to envy. We find this ‘spirit of Cain’ alive and very Biblical over the sacrifice of Able, as did the Brothers of Joseph and the Pharisees towards Jesus.

We do not just preach against ‘cults’ you can find us in front of any church on any given Sunday that has gone wayward and dead in sin. Like this pro-sodomite Church in North Carolina where the real Church service was on the pubic sidewalk. Brothers David, Nolan and Brian preached against this Elks Lodge with a cross under the watchful eye of the local police. 
Attention Street Preachers, have no place to preach on Sunday, try standing outside your local lukewarm Church as there will always be sinners in that building. Rain, snow or bright sunny day, they come to gather and sign ‘How Great THEY Art.’ Jeremiah the prophet preached in front of the Temple several times, Paul reasoned with the Hebrews at the local synagogue and how much more today where the beLIEver comes to get those ears tickled.
Be advised, if you’re Church endorses sin, expect this on your sidewalk as this is another great film by Bible Brian.
Let me set the stage as of course most of the media will not do. Dean is a student at UA in Tucson and the female students had a march on campus against rape. So our dear brother went to said march with a sign that reads “You Deserve Rape.” 
Now, the sign is a mere headline to provoke someone to stop and read the article and the preaching is as reading the article. Dean reproved these girls for how they dress, drinking and doing drugs with young boys and putting themselves in that position. He pointed out that he and God hates the very person who rapes and he is in favor of having these people put to death for their crime. And of course this caused no small stir on his campus. 
To read the full article click the link below each story.
“You Deserve Rape": Three words stirring up anger at UA and coast to coast “TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A quiet day on the mall interrupted by a student with a sign and a shocking message. It was all caught on video that's now gone viral. The video shows UA student Dean Saxton holding two signs that read "You Deserve Rape" and "Sorority Girls Are Whores". He shouts things to passersby like "put some clothes on". He even grills women on their sexual behavior and calls them slurs. Students on campus are outraged……”
'You Deserve Rape' Sign Held By 'Brother Dean' Outrages University Of Arizona Students (VIDEO) “Dean Saxton, a student at the University of Arizona, stood on campus Tuesday wearing a shirt that said "Virgin Pride" and holding a sign reading "You Deserve Rape." Saxton, who's known on the UA campus as "Brother Dean," gathered a crowd of onlookers by holding the sign and suggesting women who wear short shorts in 90-degree weather are asking to be raped…..”
VIDEO: Protestor provokes anger on Arizona campus by holding up 'You deserve rape' sign: “Dean Saxton IV, a fixture on the University of Arizona campus is seen on camera Tuesday heckling students for their sinfulness, and being roundly mocked. Dean Saxton IV - well known for his controversial placards and preachings at the University of Arizona in Tucson - was caught on camera on Tuesday also trying to shame students, though without much noticeable success…..”
Tucson man tells UofA women they "deserve rape" “PHOENIX - A Tucson man tells women they deserve to be raped, and a University of Arizona student has no plans to stop spreading his message because he says the bible tells Christians to "hold up a banner"……….”
The Dearborn Muslim event is considering moving from a Main Street to a park this year. Why you ask? Is it because Islam said so, No.
Is it because the weather, No.
Is it because the event is getting bigger, No
It is because a handful of street preachers preached and were willing to go to jail for our rights in America. 
Click the link below and read the story on how a small band of street preachers can cause a city like Dearborn to retreat and regroup. This is a modern-day story of David vs Goliath. Dearborn Arab festival being moved after attendees antagonized