Wednesday, May 8, 2013


“I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence” Isaiah 62:6
I get asked often ‘Ruben don’t you care what others think about you?” I don’t. As a street preacher I get lots of people that tell me how I need to do it and what not to say, as we live in a very opinionated theater where everyone thinks their voice is needed to be heard.  We have youtube, blogs, myspace and facebook where these poor souls think people want to watch and read their every move. How vain.
As I street preacher I am told I do not preach on love enough, don’t preach enough scripture, the scripture I used is out of context, or I seem angry and then I’m accused of joking around to much, why can’t you be like Ray Comfort. 
Why don’t you just preach the gospel, why can you help the homeless, why don’t you just knock on doors, why don’t you write something different on your banner, what Bible do you use and of course you are the reason I do not believe in Jesus. 
Why do you use those tracts and not these tracts, you are retarded, why do you read from the KJV, why does your shirt say that, you need to clarify, stop talking about that subject, you’re really an ex-homo, you’re an ex-Mormon, you’re really an atheist, I hate you too, you’re a government agent, you have no education, you are filled with hate, you just want attention, you have no Church, you are a terrorist, you are a republican, you must take drugs, you are filled with demons, you are the devil, you should die and you should be arrested. 
Why would you say that, is this really productive, why would you do that, who told you that, where did you read that, does your mother know you do this, you have issues, you need to see a doctor, I’ve never heard anyone like you, you are KKK, why do I need to fear God, you believe in a works salvation, you are prideful, you don’t take counsel, you never listen, your words are like poison, you’re doing it all wrong, you are not like Jesus and I am
embarrassed for you. 
You have no soul, you can’t speak well, you should be ashamed of yourself, shut up, don’t just stand there with that stupid sign say something, your fat, your ugly, you are bald, you’re old, wear a hat, why do you wear sunglasses, you look like a biker, what did you do that was so wrong that you need to do this, to bad your mother did not abort you, you came from a broken home didn’t you, you were abused as a child, you found religion in prison, you are crazy, you sound mean, you look mad, that was funny, how much do you get paid, I going to sue you, will you punch me if I hit you, you hate women, you are a racist, you are really a undercover cop, are you for real, why are you yelling, why do you need all these police officers around you, if those cops were not there I would beat you, you look so stupid, you sound stupid, you graduated from stupid school, you’re parents were cousins, you masturbate too, you are just like me, you are a sinner too, do you have cigarette and are you perfect. 
You must be homeless, every time I see you there is always chaos around you, you are going to start a riot, no one listens to you, who have you converted today, I weep for you, you are doing more harm to your cause, you’re just trying to provoke us, who sent you, don’t point your finger at me, you have not missed a meal, no one believes you, people like you make atheists, can you tell me where Main Street is from here, maybe you should sing instead of screaming, did you just break out of prison, don’t judge, you need to leave now, are you leaving so soon, go stand over there, not here, you need to move, I’m calling the police on you, someone get security, did you hear him say that, lets you and me walk down the street and see what happens. 
Go to Iran and do this, is this how you release bad energy, wow whatever drugs you are on I want some, I hope God kills you, I don’t feel good about you, some one call the people in the white suits and big nets and remove him, you are a Pharisee, what brings you to this city, you are a false teacher, you are a false prophet, I’ve seen you on TV, I read about you, maybe you should give free water instead, why should I listen to you, where is your Church so I can stand in front of it, are you going to turn the other cheek, you were never breast fed, your from California, you are a cult, can I hug you, who is your leader, do you have a dollar, why do you always wear black, you talking to me, I think he said that about you, you need a drink, you make me want to get drunk, I seen you yesterday, you still here, you need to get laid and just who do you think you are?
These are a few things I might hear at one event in one day over and over so if I listened to what everyone says I would be spinning around like a top, however I know me better than they do and I am sure of who I am in Christ and I say ‘who cares’ what they think, I obey God.
And if there is anyone who preaches in public, I’m sure you have heard these same remarks too. As Jesus said regarding John the Baptist; “What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?”
John was not moved or shaken by anyone or culture. Are you?
Just when you thought you have a good name, this? This was sent to me via email and it looks like I am between a rock and a hard place with Fred Phelps and Pastor Terry Jones, I have no idea where it came from but someone has tooooo much time on their hands. Me thinketh someone was provoked to make that picture because this article posted in May 3rd:
Friday night Mark, Doug and I heading out to downtown Los Angeles where the ‘Rolling Stones’ were in concert at the Staples Center and seats for this event are going for $85.00 to $600.00. Remember, we are in a recession and according to the nightly news, we have no money. 
They will be playing two nights at Staples Center and two nights in Anaheim this month and they believe every ticket will be sold. Called the “50 and Counting” tour started here in LA as last year the Stones marked their 50th anniversary, having first played at the Marquee Club in London in 1962. 
I was one year old when they started their demonic music. Over 50 years of drugs and sin and these guys are not dead? You know they look dead and perhaps they should rename this tour ‘weekend at Bernies’ tour. I believe the devil is pimping their bodies alive.
The Stones announced plans for a nine-city North American tour on April 3, including shows in Oakland, Anaheim and San Jose, Las Vegas, Toronto, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. A Montreal stop was added on April 16. No dates are planned for New York.
If any open air preachers live around these cities you might preach this event. I suggest due to the age of the concert goers, they do a concert coupled with a Benny Hinn meeting to heal these poor souls or at least give a tube of Ben-Gay per ticket because there will be a lot of very sore people the next day. 
One time we preached this concert and I kid you not, the concert goers were coming in walkers and pulling oxygen tanks. I say they need to turn half the parking into handicap parking and they should have a convalescent shuttle to one of the main doors. And just like when these fans were younger, they were on drugs nothing has changed, only this time they are on prescription drugs.
This concert was bumped due to the city being in the playoffs with the NBA and the NHL games in the same building as there is always something going on in this concrete jungle. I do not know how many ‘Rolling Stones’ last tour concerts I have preached at, but the last major tour by Mick was A Bigger Bang, which had revenue of $558 million from 2005 to 2007, according to Billboard. And only God knows how many souls were corrupted with drugs and sex from that music, he has much blood on him on Judgment Day.
Mark used a megaphone and that lasted about 35 minutes before the old timers complained and the police seemed concerned that someone was going to have a heart attack and Mark might be charged with homicide. He was warned and we debated law on the sidewalk with a number of officers and it was concluded that Mark could use the megaphone but moved across the street as Doug and I stood in from of Staples Center.
The conversations were priceless as I had a police car parked right next to me and the officer was a believer and even he was involved in conversations with those around me. He defended the Bible and my right on the sidewalk from his vehicle for almost an hour. He said he is thinking of leaving his Church because it is lukewarm and not doing much about sin.
Another person came by to say he saw that the police were getting ready to arrest us and we stood our ground. He was moved with what he saw and said we were being ‘persecuted for our faith’ but I reminded him of those saints in China or Iran and that would be persecution, we has Americans do not know much about persecution.
I spent about 35 minutes with a young man who was not going to the concert but had many questions and he appeared thankful for the answered given. After that I spoke with a guy dressed in a suit and tie and he wanted to talk with me. I asked what he was doing out there and he replied that he is a driver and had just driven Phil Jackson and Kurt Rambis (former Laker) to the concert. He acknowledged that he was saved and I encouraged him to start witnessing to those people he is driving. He was considered because he works for a 5 start limo company but after about 10 minutes, he felt convicted to be more of a witness.
To be filed under ‘Fool’ was a guy who had a wild eye look in his eye came up to me and said “what would I do if Keith Richards was Jesus Christ?”
He continued saying “seriously, look at him, look how old he is and how much love he brings to people and he is not dead, even with his past. I believe he is Jesus Christ reincarnated.” After this individual was rebuked for being on drugs, I continued to address the concert goers.
Preaching to a Stones concert is kin to preaching at Berkley but with old people high on acid and there is nothing worst than seeing 70 year old grandmas trying to dance in front of you because even when they stop dancing, certain body parts are still moving. I will submit to the ‘Stones’ producers that the next time their group plays in a city, to make sure that venue in next to a large CSV or Walgreens and maybe a mortuary.
I wish these people would just act their age.
This picture was taken in the 1980’s at Venice Beach. I was surrounded by banners so both sides and my rear was safe from being attacked and the brother holding ‘Old glory’ is my security as that flag pole doubles as a nightstick if needed. And you could see that security was doing his job keeping an eye on this guy standing in front of me in case he rushed me. Those banners were made from canvas and each sign was hand painted and those poles were metal pipe, yeah those were the days when we were young and served God with zeal and fire. 
Not much has changed, just that we are older now. That shirt I was wearing was also hand painted when I would go into football games and hang ‘John 3:16’ signs in the end zone. I get told by many Christians to preach more John 3:16, when in reality I have promoted that verse more than most Churches combined for their entire life. Millions and millions of people had watched those signs over the years. As I look back at my life when I was younger, I don’t resent not getting involved in sin as I took advantage of my youth and for that am thankful.
“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works”
Psalm 71:17
And for you non-Mex’s please allow me to interpret what those three words ‘Cinco De Mayo’ means the ‘Mayonnaise is in the Sink’ in Spanish, that is all you need to know.  Why? I say who cares as all this means is really another reason to get drunk and have lunch today at Taco Bell. 
Celebrating this day is like a Christian that celebrates Easter with bunnies and eggs. I am a card carrying minority member, I am Hispanic and today is a major celebration for the Mexican community. We live in America, I speak and write English. Do I celebrate certain days from France, Iceland or Norway? Gehenna NO! I’m red blooded American.
And on that dime, I wish to publicly THANK the white, European Christian male that took this land and allowed me to be a citizen. 
Thanks to you and for because of YOU, I now have faith in the only God and freedom to express my faith in public. I can vote, have an education, drive a car, own a house, have a business and can raise my family in freedom and liberty. All without being a drunk on tequila and passed out under a cactus in the desert with a big sombrero. 
I am extremely THANKFUL for that white, European Christian male and will I be celebrating ‘cinco de mayo’ in any way? Gehenna NO!
But I do long for the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, as this minority wishes to set the record straight about today as I am very THANKFUL America and the West was taken over by force for good reason, we were not doing much with this land anyway and since the white, European Christian male has ruled it has prospered greatly.
Why be a missionary to Mexico as Sunday we went to Santa Ana for Cinco de Mayo.
As that city has a large Hispanic population and last week we were in downtown Los Angeles and we needed to share ‘the love’ and preach in another city. So Mark and I raised our banners on Main Street and after we made ourselves known, Mark started in with the megaphone and preached using the word ‘deported’ in his sermon. Well that word caused a few people to get offended, even though he was speaking of God ‘deporting’ sinners into hellfire. Some people can be so touchy, these days.
The event security called the police and several officers did identify themselves as believers but said the megaphone must stop. They said, “yell as loud as you want, just no horn and you’re banners are ok and you can stay on the streets.” So we continued to hold our banners, which provoked many conversations.
Several people I spoke with said ‘we are living in last days’ but what are they doing about it? One older Pentecostal minister stood around and heard the preaching and the interaction I had and was impressed with what he saw and heard. One brother was passing out tracts and liked our style, so we asked him if his Church has a booth and he said ‘Yes’ so we asked if we could stand inside that booth and use our megaphone to preach, since we were shut down without a permit. He asked his elders who were manning the stand but they were not as happy to see us as he was. Request was denied.
Most of the unpleasant response came from white folks and what I found odd was these hard gang members who were offended in our banners. You know the world has been neutered when gang members were distressed over a sign.
The wind was picking up as Santa Ana is known for it’s Santa Ana winds and holding a banner was a task. Good day fishing, we pray that God will send laborers to harvest our work as per John 4:38;
“I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours”
The pictures above were taken years ago from a local newspaper when I preached in Santa Ana and both pictures were taken on the same day at the same event.
Photo 1- Preaching with a big sombrero and pointing out sin in a city park.
Photo 2- I was arrested and placed into a police car and taken to jail for causing a riot in Santa Ana, the charges were dropped and the city said they would never host another event like that. A riot did happen as they had several cities send officers to help control the park but not after three of us were arrested.
Just another day in the life of a street preacher or does this happen to everyone?
Dearborn: Tuesday was a hearing at the federal courthouse in Detroit, as the court heard the County’s motion to dismiss/SJ and our motion for a preliminary injunction, it is only oral arguments at this point as our lawyer Robert J. Muise from American Freedom Law Center is there to represent us in the ‘Bible Believers vs Wayne County' for the injustice done by the city and Sheriff department.
New Orleans: Monday evening there was a ‘conference call’ with our lawyer Frederick Nelson of the American Liberties Institute with that case ‘Bible Believers vs New Orleans’ where depositions are scheduled in that case on Wednesday, May 8th. Mr. Nelson has been working on the discovery process in this case and wanted to give us an update on what to expect in New Orleans. And as usual the other side is not being forthcoming with evidence, welcome to the bringing law and fact into the system.
For decades we have fought to promote the kingdom of God and for your right on the sidewalk to shine light in dark cities. Read the ‘hot off the press’ story on winning the case in Dearborn today.
Who said Christianity is a Sunday thing?