Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I returned home from Salt Lake City last weekend, I received an email from another producer making a film called “Enter the House of Shock.”
This film is centered around the House of Shock which is a haunted attraction in New Orleans that embraces extremely satanic themes and is considered to be one of the premier haunted maze attractions in the United States. And this is where I come in, as who has the reputation of confronting evil in New Orleans? I guess I do as this was the reason I was contacted.
This feature-length documentary is exploring religious perspectives surrounding entertainment with overtly Satanic themes, including horror and heavy metal. And do I have much to say on that. This producer wants to do an interview with me and get my opinion on satan and evil for his film.
So Monday I met with a film crew on Venice Beach as they will filmed me preaching on the boardwalk and after that film shoot, we wenr into some famous musician’s home there at Venice, where we will be doing a sit down interview in a room.
This film should be out on one of the networks by July and if you wish to see more details, click the link posted.
It appears the Lord is moving in Hollywood this year and getting open-air preaching on the air waves as well as the sidewalk. Earlier this year a PBS documentary called ‘Live Free or Die’ about Gene Robinson the sodomite Bishop in the Episcopal Church had a section of me reproving his Church outside their convention. That film won an award at the Sundance Awards in Utah.
Another Sundance film released this year was on the issue of politics and religion titled “Unresolvable? The Kingdom of God on Earth.” You can read about this documentary on one of Salt Lake City’s newspaper as this film centered around me preaching against the Mormon Church. I believe its on DVD.
And as you may know, I was contacted about two months ago by producers from Gurney Productions located in Hollywood who creates a number of reality TV shows like ‘Duck Dynasty.’ They do want to push ahead and filming could start by this summer as I submitted a list of names for casting.
So there will be about six open air preachers that the series will focus on and of course when they follow me into other cities, there they will meet many more as we are not alone. Judging by our youtube clips, they know we are many and we are well organized, not to mention what we do is without a script.
As with other film crews that have followed me like HBO, The Discovery Channel and such, the rule is, it is them that follow us and not us standing or saying where they want. The Lord is doing something here and I am no one special, this is just another medium to get the God of the Bible to eyes and hears. Pray the Lord me today as I am always ready to give an answer as to why I believe what I do and why I do what I do.

I’m sure by now you have heard about the bombing in Boston which leads me to one simple question: Foreign or Domestic, was the terrorist in Boston

Foreign or Domestic?

If I say Foreign, you know we are talking a Muslim not a Hindu. If I say “Domestic” it is someone angry at the government because it....was April 15th tax day, Patriot’s Day and in Boston which is the roots of our nation. Not to mention that in the month of April we have the Columbine shooting, the Oklahoma bombing and Virginia Tech shooting.
Again I ask you Foreign or Domestic?

Did you know where we get the name ‘Marathon’ from? I have witnessed at the New York and Boston Marathon in past years as I am one of the few guys that would hang ‘John 3:16’ signs at sporting events and I also do the yearly Los Angeles marathon. And at these events, there is not much verbal preaching as your banners will do the witnessing and you just stand on the route as runners go by.
With that said, a number of years ago I researched the word ‘Marathon’ since I was preaching at one and was a bit surprised with what I found out. I doubt you will hear this on any news channels. Here is the history to the word ‘marathon’ and why this race is 26 miles long. It all rotates around WAR.
Allow me to set the stage, the time was 490BC and the Greeks were at war with the Persians in the city of Marathon. The Greeks needed more men or they will lose the city and sent a messenger named Pheidippides from Athens to Sparta which was 26 miles. He ran that distance and did get more more, hence the word ‘Marathron’ and the reason for the 26 miles. The Greeks won the battle, and the defeat at Marathon marked the end of the first Persian invasion of Greece, Persian retreated to Asia.
So can this be the reason why the bomber used an event like the Boston Marathon to make a statement? Not surprised from my end, but what do I know, I’m just a dumb street preacher.

Students protest religious demonstration:
“A group of preachers stood outside Hayden Library on Friday holding signs that read things such as, “Muhammad is a … liar, false prophet, murderer, child molester (and) pervert,” while many students surrounded them. Some students yelled and others tried to discuss Biblical scripture with the protesters, while a group of Muslim students prayed next to Cady Fountain......”

Penn State Students Ask Willard Preacher for a Little
“A group of Penn State students combated the Willard Preacher‘s hateful rhetoric about sexuality and women by staging a flash mob of sorts to the tune of ”Respect” by Aretha Franklin....”

“Repent for your sins, whore! God hates homosexuals! We hear it as we walk to classes on sunny afternoons, invading our earbuds and calm demeanors. Sometimes we stop to listen in shock. Sometimes we laugh. Other times we simply pass by the Memorial Union and clutch our fists in exasperation. Or at least I did....”

Street preachers back on the street
“A new permit system being considered by council has enabled the controversial street preachers to be active in the streets of Victor Harbor.
Last weekend the preachers were granted a permit to preach in Ocean Street.
City manager Graeme Maxwell said it is a new system that all applicants must comply to….”

Judge: Va. Beach noise-statute standards are too lax
“It was the perfect summer night on the Boardwalk, the kind the city's tourism gurus poeticize in brochures. Ferris wheel lights twinkled in the dusk. Families strolled in sandals and shorts. A band played "Boogie Shoes" in the background.
And, with the help of a megaphone, Jeromy Ray proclaimed his message:
"Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ right now!"
"Turn away from sin, people!"….”

Church, supporters to face anti-gay protesters
"Supporters of Green Street United Methodist Church will bring posters and flowers to the church Sunday following two consecutive weekends when street preachers condemned the congregation’s stand on same-sex marriage…..”

Church rallies against anti-gay protests
“…..The church issued a statement March 17 that it would conduct no wedding ceremonies in the church sanctuary until the United Methodist Church changes its stand opposing same-sex marriages. That stand earned the church national coverage in the press, but also prompted the protests, with churchgoers being called “sodomites” and being told that their church was evil. One of the protesters was a 9-year old boy whose preaching was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube….”

People Gather In Front Of Green Street UMC
“Winston-Salem, NC -- People from 12 area churches came together to support the congregation at Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, Sunday. The church has come under fire for its stance on same sex marriage. In March, Green Street members asked church elders to stop performing all marriages in the sanctuary until they could perform same-sex marriages as well as heterosexual marriages….”