Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Thursday I flew into Kansas City Missouri as the Mormons had another ‘General Conference’ in the city of Independence and the topic for this year’s conference was allowing same sex marriage in the Temple and endorsing homosexual priest. Voting was going to be done on Sunday, after three days of oral argument within the convention but it appeared that sodomy was going to pass given all the rainbow flags and Obama bumper stickers on the cars parked inside the convention parking lot.
Now let me clarify a few things, this is not the LDS Church that we know in Salt Lake City, this is a another sect as there are many in the Mormon world. This particular branch was called the ‘Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ which considers them to be the accurate followers of Joseph Smith but in 2001 they officially changed their name to ‘Community of Christ’ as they wish to be more like Christianity than a known cult,
so they dropped the LDS name. 

There is also another sect there in Independence called ‘Church of Christ’ and they too believe they are the true Mormon and we talked with one of their apostles at their visitors center. Now each of these different splinter groups have their own apostles and prophets to led them into the pit. I personally could not believe how many Churches there are in that quite little sleepy town as I must have missed the memo that this place is holy ground.
Why Independence Missouri?
That city is not only considered to be the ‘Garden of Eden’ by Mormons but also played an important role in the early history of the Latter Day Saint movement. This is the very place founder Joseph Smith, Jr. declared as New Jerusalem and where he prophesied a temple built in expectation of the Second Coming of Christ. 
For the record no Temple has been built there in the time frame he said. Giving a date will always come back to bite you.
But this real estate is known as Mormon MECCA, it is home to the international headquarters of several Latter Day Saint denominations, most notably the Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), whose Temple is located around that piece of land prophesied.
A number of Restoration Branches are also located around Independence as they all claim to be the real McCoy or should I say the real Moroni. You can read more about this Mormon faction we preached at on the link below, if interested:
God had prophet Jeremiah preach at the Temple several times and with that, there was a number of us outside the convention center but this building is what I consider to be ‘not street preacher friendly’ as the building was inside the parking lot and the best one could do is to preach to cars arriving and leaving,
not many people walking by. 

However, I had other plans, as I wore a suit and went inside. 
This was big within the Mormon faith, as it ranks up there with Mormons getting another vision to not have plural marriages and blacks allowed in the Temple. This pro-sodomy was passed in Canada and at least one other country and was now going to be considered and voted on in the USA. 
I do not know if anyone from those countries preached against such but this will not happen on my watch in my country, not within
striking distance of me.
So I invited myself inside and one needed a ticket to get in and if you are not a member nor a delegate you had a snowball chance in hell of getting in that convention but the Lord allowed it to happen and once I was inside, I needed to get a seat. 
That obstacle looked difficult as you needed a ticket to have a seat in the auditorium, as each seat had a number and those seats were assigned. I was told to go to the registration desk and ask for a ticket. I was told if I went to the balcony section and if there is an unclaimed seat, I could have it but those seats were given to members but I could try.
I was able to walk into the balcony seating and worked my way to the front row, as I picked a seat about three rows from the front and sat there with a cult-smile like I belonged there and hoped nobody asked me to move or recognized me. 
Well, the convention started and soon after the worship music was over, the leaders of this cult arrived and sat on the stage, I was directly to their right. For the record, no one took that seat I had sat in, I guess some would call it coincidence but I took it as the ‘Will of God’ that out of all the seats filled that no one had a ticket for that one. 
There was the normal prayer, we watched a film about the history of the Church and each speaker (mainly female) spoke on how God has used them and how loving they were as a body. 
The now prophet said that Joseph Smith in the Grove started something new that God showed him and today many do not consider what he heard from God and this weekend that Church was also going to do something new as they obey God and might be rejected by many. After 3 hours of listening to how great they are, the last speaker ended the first session with a prayer and then there would be a 20 minute break. 
I was moved that this was my widow to do what I needed to do, so after the prayer was over, I stood up and walked to the edge of the balcony looked down on the crowd and preached about 90 seconds. The prophet and his female entourage of apostles turned to look up at me as did the audience, as they were rebuked for considering such and have moved their cult status into now demonic standing. 
My voice echoed loudly as I looked down unto the people below. I saw security working their way to me so I stopped and started to walk myself away from the terrace area, down the stairs and out the main door with several suits following close behind me. No one said anything to me and I was never touched.
Once I walked out of the convention the men in suits stopped following me. I then went to my car and changed out from my suit into my street preaching bling bling and joined the brothers outside with banners. The weather outside was cold and windy and holding a banner in the wind is like reeling in a shark from the ocean, as just holding
a banner is a job.
When I was inside one of the speakers warned those attending about us outside and said they were not to talk with us but show us love because our only motive is to sue them and get money. If they believe that they deserve to follow Smith.
We stood outside the Church and had a number of those attending drive by us flipping us the bird or flicking a cigarette at me. Kevin Deegan and his wife and Brother Jack and his wife and I preached the convention when it started and after it was over as this was the only we could reach and warn them. 
This conference was self contained and did not need to get out of that building. As inside they had a place to smoke, a cafeteria and a large lobby to sit, so once inside many did not come out till
the day was over.
I had one guy who was not a member stop and park his car only to tell me how hateful my sign was, however during our conversation he noticed a number of Church members honking their horns at me all while giving me the finger. After about 5 minutes he said they were wrong but it was my sign that provoked them. 
One member knew I was from California and said my name should be “on the government no fly list as a terrorist because we bring terror.”
Another day several cars pulled over to talk, two were car loads of young lesbians that were 300 pounds each and they did not want to talk but grab and pull the banner. A few others who were standing got involved and detoured their anger.
We have been accused of ‘bullying’ because we speak out against certain sin in public, but I say these homosexuals are the real bullies.
When I sat on the balcony and looked down into the crowd I noticed this church was filled with seasoned citizens. The pews filled with an ocean of blue hair little old ladies and these people are a push over to take over. They have no fight in them and this is nothing more than a religious coup and the sodomites have done this with other denominations, see the Presbyterians and Methodist for details. 
It is the homosexual community who is the real ‘bully’ as they bully their way into churches and no one considers them a threat as they are the ones who love to label others with that tag.
Within time the LDS Church will soon consider homosexuals priests and marriage in their Temples as when I was in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago, they had a female open up with prayer. 
And it is my judgment that once women speak in Churches the winded sermons on ‘love’ ‘forgiveness’ and ‘tolerance’ are used, lastly allowing sodomites to participate as in my opinion these female ministers are the NEW ‘Temple prostitutes’ as I believe Churches should be filled with saints not sinners.
  That is the order of appearance
and there are exceptions.
And of course this story was big news anytime the sodomites invade a Church or in this case a cult. Click the links below if you wish to read the news articles.
Community of Christ delegates recommend allowing marriages, ordination of gay people: “The Community of Christ’s USA National Conference has recommended policy changes that would allow for the ordination of gay people and marriages or covenant commitment services of gay couples. The conference held last weekend attracted about 2,000 people, including about 1,500 delegates, to the Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence…..”
Community of Christ church tackles
same-sex stance:
“INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A worldwide church based in Independence, Mo., could soon change its policies on same-sex issues. Delegates with Community of Christ met at their headquarters over the weekend and have recommended to allow same-sex marriages where they are legal……”
Friday and Saturday nights we met with other open-air preachers as we preached in downtown Kansas with a number of banners flying. Had a chance to meet a number of active Christians who were not ashamed of their faith.
These saints from different Churches are out preaching, holding signs, passing out tracts and singing to everyone on the sidewalk as most cities do have this and if not why not start with you?
“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”
Acts 1:8
I returned home Monday morning and later that day had a lunch meeting at 1PM with the one of the director of the Billy Graham ministry at a restaurant in Orange county, there was about 15 other big name ministers from around the Los Angeles area who were also invited to this lunch. 
The reason for the meeting will be announced at a later time and we were told that Graham started his fame in the Los Angeles area and that city was dear to him. Each pastor and Christian radio host was contacted because they are considered to be shakers in southern California and I was humbled to be considered as I am but a mere street preacher. 
I was invited while I was in Missouri and agreed to come. Over the years I have stood in front of a few of these very Churches that I am sitting with and had a chance to meet them on a personal level. I was told that Franklin was excited I was going as he is aware of my open-air preaching and understands that the body of Christ has many parts and that people like me are needed. I will give more details on this meeting at a later time.
With another pot in the fire, while I was gone I received an email regarding our court date from the stoning in Dearborn last summer and I am asked to be there for the preliminary injunction on May 7th and my lawyer thinks it be best if I would be at the hearing just in case we need to present any rebuttal evidence at the federal courthouse in Detroit. 
So I will be there as we try to keep our rights in America for posterity sake and work while it is still light. If you wish to help defray my airfare and whatever costs I might have in getting to Detroit and staying there, you can invest by clicking the link
Or you can go on the website and there you will find a paypal link by clicking on the word ‘donate’;

I, Ruben Israel am willing to defend my country but am willing to die for my faith.