Friday, March 15, 2013

Last week Jed and Cindy Smock were in Los Angeles preaching on campus.
During their stay in Los Angeles they stayed at my home and preached at a number of universities all week as Mark, Doug, Angela, McComb, Jack, Sandy, Dennis, Bob and myself joined them at different campuses. We mainly stood as a backdrop for Jed to answer questions as he contended for the faith. Brother Jed has been preaching the God of the Bible for 40 years from coast to coast Monday to Friday and he makes no small stir with students as they will stand and sit to listen to his preaching for hours.
  Many open air preachers have tried to preach like Jed or mimic what he says but there is only one Brother Jed. I have been working with him since the 1980’s and I am honored to sit on his board at CMUSA as vice-president.
Students have questions on many subjects and demand an answer to what God thinks and of course there are Christians who believe that we are turning people off by our method of preaching. I say, if they are going to be offended, they need to be offended in their university professors who teach that there is no God and it is them to have turned students away from God, not us. Campus is known for an institution of higher education, to which I say FEAR GOD if want wisdom, FEAR GOD if you wish knowledge and FEAR GOD if you want understanding.
At Long Beach state I was there before anyone arrived and noticed a number of local clergy with pro-homosexual signs standing around the free speech area. These were sodomite and pro-sodomite minister who wanted to encourage the students that God is love and God accepts everyone. What timing that we were on campus that very day. One demonic minister I spoke with said they do not need to repent and everyone will be saved. Even Hitler is saved. 
As we started to preach we soon had a large crowd and this group tried to get people to listen to them. They would walk into our group of students and say; “If you want to listen to love and not hate, come hear us” and they would dance around us with music just trying to stop our preaching. At the end of the day they could not gather nor keep a crowd and as I have stated before, a person inspired can always out last and out shout a person with zeal any day of the week. This religious group could not compete with our preaching.
Have you read Brother Jed’s book “Who will rise up” it is an classic for open air preachers:
Brother Jed had large crowds around him as he preached at UCLA, Long Beach and Fullerton. Here are a couple pictures taken from last year when we preached with Brother Jed at Long Beach State
Sister Cindy is known for waving a condom in the air and saying “Behold your god” to the students and admonishing them on their sex life and drunkenness that will send them to hellfire as per 1C0.6 and Gal 5.
Pray for this couple as they travel together from coast to coast as these students need to hear a message on holiness since many are not living at home for the first time and their time now involves sin and many will graduate into the Lake of Fire.
Testimony of street preacher Dale Parkes

Some people have a testimony where they were in gross sin of one sort or another such as a life of crime, involvement in drugs or some sort of immorality before becoming a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is not the case with me. I am over 50 years old, single and virgin.
Early Life As A Sinner:
I grew up in a good home and have one sister who is nine years older than myself. My parents took me to Good Shepherd United Presbyterian Church, now Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) each Sunday morning and I had no choice but to go. My sister went to public school through high school and graduated from Los Alamitos High School. My parents did not like the way things turned out with my sister in high school due to lack of discipline. Though I never got in trouble with the law as a child I was aware that I was a sinner. Early in grade school I stole some things from a neighbor and my parents found out and made me return the things and apologize in person. Once I took the name of God in vain and my mother rebuked me for doing so. I also got in trouble more than once for telling lies to my parents. In addition there were times when I was spanked for disobeying my parents. I went to public school through the middle of Grade 6. At the end of the first semester of Grade 6 my parents pulled me out of Rossmoor Elementary School and enrolled me at Bethany Baptist School in Long Beach, California. I was not saved at the time I transferred from public school to private school. I went to Bethany Baptist from the middle of Grade 6 through Grade 9. That school ended at Grade 9. Unlike the public schools, Bethany Baptist had Bible class along with required memorization of Scripture as well as Chapel
Confrontation and Salvation:
During Grade 7, on 17th March 1975 (St-Patrick's Day), after lunch, my math teacher, Marie Hurt, confronted me and led me to the Lord. She scared me about hell and used John 3:16. I realized I was not good enough to make it to heaven on my own and needed Jesus to save me and I called on Jesus to save me. My spiritual growth was in fits and spurts as I was required to go to the Presbyterian Church. In 1976, while in Grade 8, I went through membership class and joined Good Shepherd United Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos, California.
Becoming a Student of Bible Prophecy:
I graduated from Bethany Baptist Junior High at the end of Grade 9 in 1977 and transferred to Valley Christian High School where I attended from Grade 10 through graduation upon completion of Grade 12 in 1980.  I discovered some books by Hal Lindsey at a local bookshop and became interested in current events and Bible Prophecy. There Is A New World Coming, Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth and The Late Great Planet Earth are three of Hal Lindsey's books that I read. Hal Lindsey's books played a significant role in my spiritual development. Valley Christian High School was Reformed in theology and did not agree with Hal Lindsey's eschatology so my real learning about the Bible took place outside of Bible class. During high school I discovered and eventually met the late Charles Taylor of Today in Bible Prophecy. He was the author of World War III and the Destiny of America and he had a television program called Today in Bible Prophecy and he published a newsletter called Bible Prophecy News. Charles Taylor taught me a lot about current events and Bible Prophecy and I knew him for 15 years before he died in 1994.
Church and Spiritual Growth:
While I was in high school my parents told me I had to go to church on Sunday but I was given more freedom as to where to attend. I was still a member of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church through about 1982 but I started attending Grace Brethren Church in Long Beach, California and sat under the teaching of David L. Hocking. Hocking would take a book of the Bible and go straight through it. While at Grace Brethren, I attended a Baptism Class and was baptised by immersion at Arrowhead Springs (then headquarters for Campus Crusade for Christ) while on a retreat on 12th April 1981. During my senior year of high school I met a Charismatic and asked for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She laid hands and prayed in "tongues" but nothing happened to me. Also, later in Grade 12, I asked the pastor of the Presbyterian Church my mother is still part of why hell was not mentioned from the pulpit. He said, "I believe in a literal heaven and a literal hell but I don't say anything about hell because I don't want to offend people." During the early and mid 1980's I sat under the late Howard C. Estep at World Prophetic Ministry in Colton, California until he died in 1986. Estep had a television program called The King is Coming. During that time I heard the late Bob Jones Junior speak as well as Bob Jones III. I met both of those people and have corresponded with them on occasion. I learned about Fundamentalism and the Ecumenical Movement at that time and developed the conviction that it is wrong to support or have anything to do with the World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Institution. On 24th of May 1987 I visited The Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle in Los Angeles, California, pastored by R.L. Hymers Junior. The purpose of the visit was to hear the late Bob Jones Junior speak. After the service a lady talked me into going forward for a "spiritual checkup" so I went into the Inquiry Room. I answered questions and gave my testimony such as existed at that time and the counselor said I was not saved. R.L. Hymers Junior looked at me and said I was demonized. That experience shook me up and prompted me to "make my calling and election sure."
On the Streets and On the Road:
In 1988 I met Steven Keeler at a Christian Bookshop and noticed the message on the shirt he was wearing. He gave me an address and I wrote him and did not receive a reply and about a year later I met him again and reminded him that I wrote and did not receive reply. I also met Reuben and Robert Engel who calls himself "bobby BIBLE" as well. I don't recall the exact circumstances as to how I met Reuben but my first open air ministry was on 18th March 1989 at a communist rally in downtown Los Angeles. My next open air ministry event was at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Through the years I've met numerous street preachers from various places. Over the years I've joined up with open air preachers to preach and hold banners or wear sandwich signs at various major events such as the Rose Parade, homosexual parades, the Emmy, Academy and Grammy Awards as well as the Hare Krishna Parade, concerts and other events where there were large crowds. Sometimes I would go with others to the free speech areas of colleges and universities to preach. From late 1993 to early 2004 I published a newsletter first called The Fly in the Ointment and later The Proclaimer. My mail list grew to over 300 and the newsletter went to all but a few states in the USA and a number of foreign countries. I wrote articles about various subjects and gave commentary regarding current events in the light of Bible Prophecy. That newsletter was available free of charge and I elected not to seek tax exempt status because I did not want excessive entanglement with the government. In 1996 I got my commercial driving license and am now a truck driver by trade. I've been to or through all the lower 48 states as well as 9 out of 10 provinces in Canada and I've had very good success at finding churches to attend on Sunday when on the road. While on the road I usually attend a Fundamental Independent Baptist (FIB) church or a Reformed Baptist church or occasionally another Reformed church, Bible church or Calvary Chapel.
Due to my truck driving there have been times when I had extra time due to a layover and I've had opportunity to do open air preaching in Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; Atlanta, Georgia; Ottawa, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, British Columbia.