Friday, March 29, 2013

Last night I was invited to a late night show to debate my belief
in the God of the Bible.
The show was Brand -X with Russell Brand (link below) a late night talk show on FX television network and of course he loves to argue current topics that stir up his viewers and that he tried to do.
Brother Mark drove me to Hollywood where we were met at the studio gates on Sunset Blvd, Mark rolled down the window as said he had Ruben Israel in the car and they told him to drive unto the property and meet someone in the studio parking lot. Before he rolled up the window, the guard radioed to someone that “Mr Israel has arrived and coming you’re way.” We were met by another person who had VIP parking for us and introduced us to one of the directors, who took us into the back studio and into our own personal ‘green room.’ 
This room is like a large living room, with food and drinks on a table and a large bathroom, complete with shower and mirrors everywhere around the vanity and if you need make up it was there, if you need a hair cut that could happen. Anything you wanted you had as the large staff was
very professional.
People were coming in and out of the ‘green room’ introducing themselves and I was told about the format of the show. I had the sound guy wire me up, I had the make-up girl ask me if I wanted my face powdered and for I record I declined. The light guy came in to adjust the lights in our waiting room and I met the main security guy who told me that he would stop anyone who tries to rush me
during the interview. 
We had cameras filming us in the green room as they did a behind the scene interview with what I believed and when it was my time to go out. There was a caravan of people leading me out the room. One of the directors took me into the control room, where I was introduced on stage.
Now before I was introduced the crowd was told not to yell, cuss and scream at me. They were told to show me love and maybe I could see my bigotry and hate by their kindness. They viewed a preach clip of me preaching in West Hollywood that they found on youtube and that appalled the studio spectators. 
As I walked out raising my Bible there were cameras everywhere, lights and at least two hundred people in the audience watching as we were seated to start the interview.
I was quickly asked why I preach against homosexuals so much and I told him I preach at everyone not just sodomites and I said I was not homophobic, the culture we live in is God-phobic, Bible-phobic and normal-phobic. We exchanged a few words as he had a ‘hate scale’ made for me and just before the interview was over, he even sang a song about to me about me to the cheers of the audience. 
I had at least 15 minutes on the show to promote a holy God to a dying people. One person got upset when I mentioned Muhammad was the real hater as he married a 7 year old girl and of course during the commercial break many had questions about God being all loving and Jesus forgives. Like I never heard that before and never is the word ‘repentance’ mentioned, save love and forgiveness.
So let us see what happens from this and if nothing at least I was able to preach to another Hollywood celebrity and I never heard of this show nor have I seen anything from Russell Brand, as I don’t do much of the TV thing. I have never been star-struck when I have preached to these Hollywood types as many of them are little gods behind the camera but in their real life we find drugs, drinking, depression, fornication, rehab and thoughts of suicide. 
My stars and hero’s are those men and women in the Bible, who served a Holy God. Those will I read about and can not wait to meet in heaven as I will cheer their faithfulness with the rejoicing angels.
A Street Preachers Christianity is never a Sunday thing.
We are at war for souls as sinners battle against God and their only hope is that what we are saying is not true. Are you in the battle field dressed in armor or just a spectator, criticizing the fight. 
Click and be edified.
For decades people have criticized our preaching is too hard and ask ‘Where is this the love and gospel in your preaching Ruben?” 
What would they have said about Paul, as he wrote to the Church in Rome this regarding sodomy; “….Professing themselves to be wise…..they became fools….Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness…..Who changed the truth of God into a lie…For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections…..God gave them over to a reprobate mind…..Being filled with all unrighteousness…. fornication…..wickedness…. covetousness…..maliciousness…..full of envy…..murder…..debate….deceit….. Backbiters…haters of God…..despiteful….. proud…boasters…. inventors of evil things…..disobedient to parents….. Without understanding…..covenantbreakers….without natural affection….unmerciful……..that they which commit such things
are worthy of death….”
The verses below is taken from Romans chapter one, and remember that was written to a Church and it was not a message to sinners in the streets, this was not a pride parade. This is the New Testament, this was after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and not a verse in Leviticus.
Think we preach hard against sodomy, what would Paul had said if he saw them parading in the streets in their sin. Paul wrote they are “worthy of death” and we do not need to stone them, they are doing a fine job killing themselves with disease.
Just what is your function in the body of Christ?
Do you know what you identity is? Over the years I have met Christians who have been saved for years, decades. Who know the Bible, pray to God and even have heard the voice of God in their lives. They believe that God can guide them and lead them but they just do not know who they are in Christ.
What is your part in this big body of Christ and not what you would like to do, but what God as ordained you to do.
I do not need to convince you what my function is nor will I get disappointed if people wish to question my motive and reason for doing what I do and what I say in public. I am not arrogant just confident and sure of my calling. How about you?
“Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall”
1Peter 1:10
“Let your light so shine”
Have you let your light shine before men or have you hidden your light?
Does you family know about God?
Have you ever witnessed to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about the God of the Bible?
Is there any darkness in your personal life and are you willing to take your light into darkness and expose sin for Jesus?
And just how bright is that light of yours, are you a beacon or a flash light with dying batteries?
Do people in your neighborhood know you are saved and have you been a witness to people in your city, county and state, or do you only shine that light on Sunday for one hour?