Saturday, February 2, 2013

TODAY is February 2nd and that is officially known as ‘Groundhog Day’
And according to tradition, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will continue for six more weeks.
So we ‘street preachers’ have the same tradition on this day IF we step out to open-air and do not see our shadow there is no hope for anyone, however, if we step out and see our profile on the street from the SON of God we will know that the end is near and repentance is for ‘whosoever.’ We know that judgment is coming on our land and we know that it will be swift. We know that many people will die ‘Groundhog Day’ and only a few will be saved.
….Oh look…..I see their shadows today. So prepare to meet thy God, repent and believe.

We live in a window of time where ‘free Speech’ is getting to be hindered under ‘Hate Speech’ as we open air preachers will be the first to get cited or arrested under such laws. This is a fund that will bail out those Christians arrested for preaching the Word of God on a public sidewalk or a college campus. The money raised will be used to get that saint out of jail and not be a burden to his family or his Church.
We will send any money needed within hours to anywhere in the free world. Clink the link below and join us. Maybe if your ministry does not look like you will be arrested, other parts/members within the body of Christ can use your help. Prayerfully consider the ‘Bail Fund’ and support open-air, campus and street preachers who are willing to take the Word of God in public and contend for the faith.
“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you”
To see more details on the ‘Bail Fund’ click the link below:

SUNDAY was the Screen Actors Guild Awards:
Or better known as the ‘SAG Awards’ in downtown Los Angeles at the Shrine Exposition Center. The Hollywood ‘golden calf’ awarded is a nude male figure holding both a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy, is called "The Actor."
Both Doug’s, Dale, Mark, Jack, Sandy Mark and I went with banners raised.
Mark and I stood by a fence to not block the view of people behind us but these celebrities have followers that can make a Christian disciple seem lukewarm. As this older woman started in on me about my banner blocking her view to the red carpet as she was prepared with a camera and binoculars around her neck. She was annoyed and irate with us, as she first threatened to call the police on me and I told her she may but that only got her even more upset. Another person told Mark; “If you are a real Christian you would move” as if our Christianity is evidence by moving or blocking someone else. And I just thought all we needed to do was ‘Repent and believe?”
One LAPD officer walked by keeping the sidewalks clear and this irate woman told him that he needs to move me. He said that I had ever right to be on the sidewalk as she does. That only fueled more gasoline to her fire as she was then fuming. 
As Mark preached to the people in font of us, she was calling me a ‘fag’ and even threw a handful of dirt on me. I did nothing as she threw a second handful on and telling me I need to move or she will get more dirt. Now no one standing around her tried to stop her nor said anything, as we do live in a theater of spineless humans, unless of course it pertains to stopping the Word of God being preached. 
About 30 minutes later a younger brother came by carrying a small wooden cross and was talking to me and this same woman started in on him. First the angry words then a handful of dirt on his face, as she reached for another handful threatening him as the young Christian walked away.
He had told the police about her with dirt on is face and they walked up to the woman and asked to talk with her, to which she quickly started saying that she did nothing wrong and why does she need to leave where she was standing. After a few minutes of talking with her, I was asked by the police if I saw her throwing dirt and said, ‘Yes’ so I was also asked to walk away for a statement. 
It appeared the police were just going to warn this woman but she was combative with the police who then decided to pursue the matter. This person appeared to be like those people who are celebrity stalkers who will do anything to be around their favorite celebrity. They are obsessed with ‘star watching’ and while being interviewed she was looking over the officer shoulder with rage to see who was coming out of the limo and missing all the action. After a report was made we all walked back to our location in front of the ‘Red Carpet’ where the flying dirt ceased. 
Jack and Sandy who will be in town for a few months stood on the corner where the limos drove in and the rest of us stood facing the Shrine building. 
Mark and I stood right in front of that sacred ‘Red Carpet’ behind the screaming fans. Brother Isidro and two others preached a solid message to those watching by the Red Carpet.
At the end of the day we had an outdoor Sunday service and both celebrity and fan, heard and saw the gospel as not only was the kingdom of God at hand, it was boldly in their face.

MONDAY ‘The Who’ was in the city of Anaheim:
Where Brother Mark, Jack and Sandy stood outside and preached at these slow walking people that overflowed the handicap parking lot. Elderly would be an understatement as they should have given a free tube of Ben-Gay per ticket as these poor souls will be sore the next day. 
They should rename this tour “Dead Men Walking’ as the followers are moving slowly and they were up beyond their bed time. With drugs in hand (only prescription this time) and hearing aids turned up, their walkers clicking on that sidewalk, this dying ilk were ready to meet their God.
This is Brother Mark’s tuff and the local police are familiar with seeing him as they give him much liberty to warn these people to repent and act their age. You want to see the concert, one must first walk pass the street preacher.

WEDNESDAY after work I drove to downtown Los Angeles:
Where ‘The Who’ played at Staples Center and there I met Mark and Dale as we preached outside the venue. Again it was ‘senior night’ and even at their age they mocked. We may have preached to their great grandchildren last week at the Gaga concert and no wonder those kids were rebels. They did not fall far from that unfruitful tree.
We did remind them of just ‘Who’ they were. Sick, sinful, ungodly, unholy and just ‘Who’ goes to heaven. Repent and believe. Get born again and they can be part of that “WHOsoever.”
This is Los Angeles and even on a Wednesday night much is happening beyond the concert. As we were walking to Staples Center, they were filming a movie nearby, as we were getting set up at Staples, there was another event across the street so Mark went there with banner raised and with the sidewalks were crowded with people and the streets crammed with traffic.
We preached until the concert started and again our hope is that someone reap that labor an allow God to give growth.
“So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase” 1 Corinthians 3:7

Here is an updated court case that had much to do with us preaching in Dearborn Michigan. This is what happened in court to a couple of Muslims who attacked people that were filming us preaching at the Islam fest in 2011.
The Dearborn court found them guilty but gave them no true justice. But what else is new with Dearborn/Islam/court system. The crew filming us were not apart of our group as they were guilty by simply exposing the religion of peace here in America.
IF Free speech goes in America, freedom of the press will soon follow.