Thursday, January 24, 2013

This past Saturday was the yearly Martin Luther King Parade in south central Los Angeles. This parade starts in the early morning because I do not think the city wants it to linger into the night or someone will get shot. Dale, Mark and I headed out to gang-land where we parked my work van and trusted God that it would still be there
when we returned.

The Lord has allowed me to preach at many different types of parades from coast to coast but there is nothing like a MLK parade. There are more police on the route than any other parade, as you see officers about every ten to fifteen yards apart. They are standing, walking, biking, driving and flying overhead and during the parade, they walk as part of the parade. To which a number of people on the sidewalk hissed and booed as LAPD, the Los Angeles Sheriff department and the California Highway Patrol made a large a visual presents…..for some reason?

This parade takes longer than most parades and not because this parade is larger than most but because those walking this parade feel the need to stop and dance every 25 yards. Which causes a chain reaction to those watching from the sidewalk to feel the need to join in and dance too. One can find more bands and drums played at this parade than no other.
At these parades one can get a chance to preach and witness to the mayor and the city counsel and the police chief, movie and TV celebrities, singers, clergy and such as they passed right by us. To which we had a message for each of them. Where else could an open–air preacher get a chance to preach to the city leaders and remind them of a holy standard of God? Feel the need to give a message to your city, events like this can give you the opportunity.
The weather was nice for January and the parade, as most states were snowed in, the temperature was about 80 degrees in Los Angeles so we took full advantage of it. At the end of your life, what did you accomplish?
“For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow”
Job 8:9
Dale stood with his banner on side of the street, Mark was across the street and I stood in the center medium where the two streets were at a fork in the road and this location was the best so everyone within the parade route saw or banners and we have a chance to talk with many in this ‘black pride’ theme parade. PRIDE OF LIFE:
“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” 1John 2:15-16
Most in the parade said something positive to me as the LA county Sheriff walked by with a number of his deputies and said “Good to see you out here again and I do believe in Jesus.” They were exhorted on breaking God’s law and in doing so the penalty is eternal. The best person in the parade that gave the best “PRAISE THE LORD” shout was none other than ‘Mother-Love.’ She is a big black gal that has a local radio program late at night, where she gives advice to her wayward callers about their relationships. When she saw my banner and heard the preaching, she raised her hands and shouted “I trust Jesus and know Jesus. I love Jesus” over and over.
Does this mean she is saved? No, as she counsels and is tolerant of homosexuals, lesbians, fornicators and adulterers and remember even demon shouted to Jesus that He was the “Son of God” or shrieked “thou Son of the most high God” and in Acts 16 we find a certain damsel possessed with a demon and followed Paul around town for many days screaming “These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation” and what did Paul do? He rebuked her, so do not think that just because anyone shouts Praise the Lord, they are saved.  Have discernment.
Here is an interesting picture, as the photo shows a number of cars in the route and the person in the convertible was ‘Mother-Love’ and the car behind her was a city councilman and the city attorney with the white SUV following behind with their security. Now after mother-Love and I exchanged words, the next car stalled out right in front of me. As the councilman and city attorney got an ear full. 
I asked; “Out of all the places to stall out, you did it right in front of our banners. Think maybe God needs to tell you something?” One shouted back “We read your signs and we believe” to which I said “Then why did God have you stall out right here of all places? Perhaps He needs to get your attention?”
The photo above was taken by Dale as you could see the exchange of words. Soon security came out from the SUV and police moved in as they pushed the car next to dale and moved the two city officials into the white SUV and continued on the route. Then another vehicle within the parade stalled out in the same spot.
Matt Kemp from the Dodgers was the ‘grand marshal; of the parade I told Matt to trust Jesus and start reading his Bible, he said he did so I exhorted him to start giving God some glory on his interviews and maybe the Dodgers will win a few games, he just smiled and waved at me. Everyone that passed by was given a personal message that day.
The parade was filled with dancing, unions marching, dancing, pro-Obama signs, dancing, petitions to be signed, dancing, trash trucks that were apart of the parade and at the end of the parades were black sodomites that accused the ‘white man’ of the AIDS virus and after cussing at Brother Mark called him a ‘cracker.’ Oh and did I mention dancing was part of the parade?
“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”
Proverbs 13:12
Here is a interesting picture (below) where I was debating with a Hare Krishna and yes they were in the parade dancing with their pajamas on and this guy is telling me that they believe in Jesus and most of the Krishna’s converted from Christianity. As we argued and disputed right under that sign with two arrows pointing at us.
Obama, Jesses Jackson, Al Sharpton and King are given ‘god status’ within the black community and Martin was a communist adulterer fraud minister and if he is an icon, I must say the black community is gasping for air in that department. 
That said, from one minority member to another.
SUNDAY Lady Gaga was in downtown Los Angeles having a concert for two nights at the Staples Center.
The theme for this concert tour is called ‘Born this way’ as she is very much pro-sodomite and in favor of same sex marriage, hence they were born that way. She is known to open her concert tour coming out a big vagina to symbolize that homosexuals were born that way t the cheering
of her fans
Now if you never preached a Gaga concert, allow me to try a give you a visual. If Halloween and a sodomite parade committed fornication and birth a child, that child would resemble a Gaga concert. Or if the people that walked into a Denny’s restaurant at 3AM then fornicated with the people who walked into a Super Wal-Mart at 3AM and they conceived a child, that child would look like a Gaga concert. 
It is a freak show gone wild as these people are drunken with their sin. Still need more of a 20/20? See the photo below as a picture is worth a 1000 words, this is the ‘generation of reprobates’ and they are proud of it. At least the Adam in the Garden was ashamed of his sin unlike the Adam today who loves their nakedness and boast in their sin. Shame, conviction is not in their wiring.
Sodomites prancing everywhere, girls parading around showing off their assets and mothers who dress their little daughters up to look like whores, girls who wore soda cans in their hair for rollers. And zombies, this concert attracts zombie as they do have more in common with the dead than the living. They glory on being called ‘monsters’ as they are monsters of iniquity. How many homes have Gaga busted apart or how many of her followers have been told have acceptable they are for their perverted lifestyle.
Mark, Doug and I set up at two different locations and with this crowd they did not appreciate Mark holding the ‘Homo Sex Is Sin’ banner and the police moved in a few times trying to keep the angry concert goers at bay. So after about the third or fourth time the police moved in they told Mark and I to move across the street or be arrested for starting a riot.
Mark and I moved to separate corners as that did not stop these people from manifesting. We preached to them longer as they waited for the green light to walk. One guy was so sick that he started to vomit on the sidewalk around me, this however helped as a wedge to keep the Gaga followers from getting to close to me as many stepped unto the soupy vomit while ,mocking about God.
Later that night I had an older guy that said he overheard the conversation we had with the police and he said he was an attorney and we could have sued the city for a lot of money had he arrested us. He said because they thought you were going to start a riot with what you were saying. That would be like arresting someone because he looks like he is going to rob someone or arrest someone because they appear like they might be drunk later that night. He was going to arrest you on a crime that never happened. He continued, If it was a crime you were committing they allowed it to continue across the street. Bottom line, those officers did not want you on their corner, so they asked you to move.
I thanked him for his input but told him that we were not there to sue, that is not our motive. Our main job is to preach not argue ‘Free Speech’ laws, however that does happen and it is not our purpose, as we talked a bit more. I thanked him again as he wanted me to go back while he video taped everything but I declined. 
You just never know who is watching when you are preaching.
There were these two very old women waiting to cross the street and I reminded them that; “This was not a Lawrence Welk concert maybe they need to go home” and one of the grandmas bellowed back “ You told me that two years ago.” She was admonished to ‘act her age.’
We now pray that the Lord will send other laborers to reap what was sown that night and our Father give growth.
MONDAY we went back to the Gaga concert, with Dale joining us on this last night in downtown LA as after that night Gaga was flying to Washington DC and perform with Tony Bennett at a inauguration ball. Imagine that, the leader of our nation is having the same person we are preaching against in his actual house. We stood right in front of the main entrance as Doug took the VIP entrance, where celebrities and other high dollar people can park underground then be taken to their seats or suites and not be a part of the cheap seat people.  
It is good, not only to know where these places are to preach at but the layout of these venues, such as exits and entrances, parking and depending who many people join you, more real estate is covered.
As we preached we had small crowds around us most of he night anywhere between 20 to 60 people would gather and ask questions, mock or take pictures of our banners. We each took turns preaching and answering questions as a number of these misfits kept coming back for more rebuking. 
And there is reason for such. I believe their parents have never scolded them for anything and they long to be ‘chewed out’ by someone. One person wanted to ask a question and it cost him. He had to give me his cigarette or no answer. He did and I stepped on it and answered his question.
“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools” Ecclesiastes 7:5
One married couple that acknowledged the Lord loved our method and got involved in witnessing and debating Bible with the kids. They were not offended by the banners nor the preaching, they noticed a young black man who was hanging around for sometime, taking pictures and filming. So they confronted him and seem to be in a good conversation. He had questions for me and I responded and I must say he did know his Bible. He confessed that he was a Christian and said he was involved with the music industry but was ashamed to say who he played for.  
After a few minutes, he said he works with Beyonce who sang at the inauguration. He told me that many of the people in the music industry had started singing at Church. He understood that they have chased the mighty dollar and even admitted that Witney Houston is in hellfire but he says many of them do believe in Jesus. He was considered about losing his job if he were to witness to Beyonce as he said she is not a believer, so I exhorted him to be a LIGHT to Beyonce and if it cost him his job what a way to get fired. For your faith.
You just never know who you will meet at these concerts. Once Kevin Ray and myself were preaching at a Gaga concert in San Jose and met one of her band members who almost said the same thing to Kevin and I regarding musicians. He did not have any issues with our banners or preaching but heard all the commotion inside the venue and wanted to come out himself and see who we were. He said, he was trying to witness to Gaga and much of what she does is for shock value.
Monday night the police and Staples Center security gave us much liberty to preach and when the concert was starting we were gone. Preaching after any event can get crazy, because they are now on their own time, not to mention drunk or drugged out and maybe upset if their team loses. Unlike the start of a venue when they have a $50.00 to $75.00 ticket in their hand and have no time for you, as they hear the same message.
This coming weekend we have more Hollywood Awards and concerts to preach at in our Jerusalem.
“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” 2Timothy 4:2

Last week I gave a ‘preach report’ on the Golden Globe Awards and a gal from my facebook page sent me this picture and personal a post writing; “Ruben I just saw this tweeted pic from Jeanna Dewan-Tatum from Jan 15, 2012. I thought that was amazing.  It was you with your sign at this same award show, they took this picture of you on the sidewalk from inside their limo.  The tweet is non other than the wife of the most gorgeous man on the planet Channing Tatum!!! Such a lucky woman!!!  
And they saw you, that’s so cool”

I responded:
“Thank you Brandy, that I one of many pictures that are taken from inside the limos as they pass us.
Funny thing is these are the people that everyone wants pictures of and take pictures of, yet inside of their personal cameras and cell phones are pictures of us preaching to them.  At these
Hollywood events we preach at, it is the celebrities who are the paparazzi.”
As I stated earlier, you just never know who is watching when you are preaching.   
“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”
Isaiah 55:11