Friday, December 14, 2012

What a way to start off
the New Year.
Join us for New Years Eve, as most of the country will be snowed in, we will be on the streets again as we end an New Year and begin a New Year with banner in hand and promoting Jesus, hence the reason we celebrate the year 2013. Join us for a street preacher convention (SOPA Vegas) as we have a hotel and conference room we will use and open air those in sin-city. The weather is good, the crowds are large and the fellowship is heavenly. Rub elbows with open air preachers nationwide and hear from a ‘Free Speech’ attorney as we shine our light in Vegas. Click on site for details and make plans to join us:
I like you get many incoming emails daily and so I will try to share a few that I respond.
“Brother Ruben I have two questions for you and I would deeply appreciate an answer.
Why is it Churches do not preach against sin nor use the word ‘repent’ as we find so many examples in the Word of God? And don’t you ever get depressed that you don’t have many Christians that want to team up with you and stand with you?”

Both your questions have almost the same answer.  The main reason many believers do not preach repentance against sin is because they live in sin.  They can not with a pure conscience speak against something they partake of.  The ‘beam’ is still in their eye and they should not remove that piece of wood from another until they can see clearly.  Verily, they are unworthy and unfit to preach repentance.

As to your second question, well I believe they should not come out and preach against sin when they abide in that same sin themselves.  I like it this way, as the last thing I want is to have someone living in sin in our ranks.  There is no authority or command in their words if they live in sin, so it is beneficial to us that they keep off the field as their presents can bring sin in the camp.  A person living in sin is more app to preach on love, mercy and forgiveness than that judgment and hellfire.

You want power and force behind your words, live holy.

You wish not to live holy, there will be no virtue in what you are saying.  This alone should provoke us to live sanctified. 
Hope that helps?

“Brother Ruben, I know the power of quoting scripture but I also understand giving the sinner something they can understand.  Like Jesus who used parables as he preached.  What can you give me to open up a sidewalk sermon or to gather a crowd on campus?  God Bless you’re work. 

As you stated Brother David, the Bible is dominant without dispute, but there are a few pearls that I use that can wake up someone from their slumber and respond or get provoked to stop and listen.

Now we must understand the theater in which we live.  I call it the ‘Jerry Springer’ generation as your average American has the attention span of maybe 5-10 seconds before they will walk away or change the channel.

But if something is loud, looks like a pie-fight, demand attention, you now have eyes and ears.  Rush Limbaugh is a good example, as he will use humor, hard facts, satire and people will listen for hours on what he says on a subject. 

So in understanding our audience, we can utilize something tangible to have them listen as Paul did on Mars Hill when he quoted from one of their own poets to captivate his crowd. 

So without further ado, pearls are unlocked and now dropping for you to use these statement to launch your preaching.  No royalty
fees are needed:

“There goes the neighborhood, here comes the Christians”

“God does not work in mysterious ways, He works according to His Bible and if you do not know the Bible.  God seems mysterious”

“Someone told me you people are involved in sin around here?”

“Who ordered the street preacher? Did someone order a street preacher with extra ‘hellfire’ and a dash of ‘you sinner’ coupled with a pinch of “shame on you’? Well here I am."

“Please do not take what I’m about to say personal. Please take it as a group”

“Are there any Bible believing, born again, filled with the Holy Ghost Christians on campus today, as I would like to shake your hand?  Because I have yet to meet just one from this campus.  (After I shake a few hands, I continue), I still have yet to shake the hands of a TRUE Bible believing, born again, filled with the Holy Ghost Christian on this campus”

“Who told you God wants you just as you are?  You have been lied too.  God demands repentance and repentance means God does not want anyone the way they are”

“Who here voted for Obama? (after hands are raised, I point back to them and I say), You are a jackass.  You are a jackass and you are a jackass.  Is that not the symbol of the democrat party, you jackass?  And you must be a jackass if you want abortion, same sex marriage, God and prayer removed from our schools and courts”

“You do not need to believe in hellfire to go to hellfire and God does not just put homosexuals and fornicators in hellfire”
“Nothing going on here, please people keep moving…Nothing to see here....please do not read our banners, take our tracts and stand around and listen."

"Keep moving please, eyes forward, no talking.  HEY YOU!  I saw you, you just gave me a side eye.  I said keep moving and don’t stop.  You might get saved and start preaching.  And I do not like the competition”

"I was told that another open air preacher was on this campus last week and he called some of you girls whores.  I can not believe that.  I wish to find out just who said that and I will talk to him personally about that statement.  Because as an elder among open air preachers, I will rebuke him for calling you SLUTS a whore.  Who does he think he is by calling you HO'S a whore?  Why would anyone want to call you TRAMPS and NYMPHO-BABES and whore?  Just who in their right mind can say you FLOOZY’S are a whore? I will find that open-air preacher and report him to our investigation department for calling you HUSSY’S and HARLOTS a whore."

Now….what else did he say?”

There are just a few to help bolster the kingdom of God, hope that helps you. 

Preach Report from street preacher Mark in the peoples republik of Orange County:
Bruce Springsteen a.k.a. "The Boss" came to Anaheim's Honda Center for a one night show.
You would have thought it was the coming of Jesus Christ Himself, the way many in the crowd spoke up for their idol. As many of his followers claimed that his (the boss) concerts are liken to a religious experience.The crowd was intense with anticipation of getting into the show if only to touch the hem of his blue jeans. And this massive group of devotee's are made up of senior citizens that i'm sure was way past their bedtime. They acted as if they just slipped out their bedroom window and lied to their parents ur, I mean lied to their kids as to where they would be and what time would they be home.
The Street Preacher pointed to those waiting in line the guilty look on their faces as if they had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Their guilt ridden smiles did'nt look like those who had taken anti-depressants, but that of a Cheshirer cat.
The Street Preacher had a warning to those Senior Citizens that if they were thinking of Dancing in the Dark, think again, as they might get escorted out and any future concert privilege's be revoked for life.
The message was clear to all that heard, quoted from 1 Cor. 13:11 " When I was a child ,I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things."
The Street Preacher warned that they might want to check the batteries in their Pacemakers, also, make sure your hearing-aids are turned up. Because Ol' Bruce might not remember half the lyrics and Dancing in the Dark may cause some to have a heart attack. So, you may as well Repent, become Born Again and live Holy for Jesus Christ. Because you may not get out alive!!! As I warned that it is " Appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement." Heb.9:27
The message went out, that "the Boss" isn't really a boss at all. But, a shill for our recent elected president barrack hussein obama . That much of the ticket proceeds go to fund communist, marxist and radical ideologies, such as Abortion on demand, funding of Islamic groups that are hell-bent on destroying our country. That we don't have a political problem in our country. We have a spiritual problem in our country. Well, that did it!. The Street Preacher just wrecked the party a buzz killer.
Now the smiles turned to anger as some started shouting for me to leave and as usual the women started getting emotion. As the so-called men stood looking on as the women stood their ground, especially when it comes to a woman's right to
choose. One woman came up to me and said, Judge not. I then told the crowd we have a bible scholar among us and to finish the verse, which she replied F*#^ You. To which I replied, Watch your mouth, there might be a Real Lady among us.
The Street Preacher went on to tell them that they have been found out. That's why their so angry.  "And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds become exposed" John 3:19-20.
As the night progressed they started to file into the building, with the exception of one man who called himself Tim. Tim came up to me and claimed he was a christian and was listening to the preaching and was visibly shakened by what he heard and I could see tears welling up as he told me he was not walking with the Lord. He went on to say, that he had been drinking beer and smoking cigarettes plus he had a ticket to the show. Tim asked if I thought God would forgive him? I told him of course, But, he has to Repent and live Holy righteous life above reproach. So, with hand on each others shoulders and heads bowed, Tim asked Jesus to forgive him with tears streaming. Incredible Moment before the Lord!
It does get better. As a result of the Grace and Mercy of Jesus, Tim made a decision to toss the cigarettes and the $200 ticket in the trash can. I am praying for Tim and I am hopeful he will continue walking with Jesus. I encouraged him to get in a solid Bible Believing Church or Bible Study where there are other men who will hold accountable. Tim agreed.
With that the Street Preacher said Good Night. Rolled up the banner, walked up to Law Enforcement and thanked them. As always, the Anaheim P.D. were gracious and accommodating. Were on a first name basis.
In His Service.
Bro. Mark
Anaheim, Ca.



This was sent to me via email bringing the good news to the local news;
“Ruben you were on the front page of the ‘Desert News’ in Salt Lake City
Preaching to the unconverted
“…Bob Dible, who at 77 has been a street preacher for 65 years, ..”
Birmingham police blotter: Street preacher lured into 'life changing' mission, robbed
“…A 55-year-old man preaching at a bus stop Wednesday evening was lured to an east Birmingham house on the pretense of saving souls and robbed at gunpoint….”
Preacher’s comments draw criticism; some cite First Amendment right
“…However, one parade participant, representing Save Me from the Fire ministry, drew criticism from a number of parade-goers for denying Santa Claus’existence, shouting disparaging remarks about homosexuals and telling people they were going to hell from a megaphone….”
The controversy of preaching on campus:Although legally within their rights, are visiting preachers tasteful or harsh?
“Jesus is not just a person’s “homeboy or best friend”according to Shawn Holes a.k.a. Shawn the Baptist, an open-air preacher who has been known to preach in the quad. “He is God and the savior of the world,”Holes declared in a recent interview......”