Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What does a street preacher do on a Saturday, when you have a sodomite church to stand in front of or a Muslim convention to preach at?  Where do we go when we need to be two places at one time, it would be easier for us if they just combined the two and that is exactly what happened. 
I know, I know, only in California will you have a Muslim event hosted by a Christian denomination that is pro-homo and I question that Christian Church as it is more like a ‘Elks Lodge’ with a cross. 
The ‘All Saints Church’ of Pasadena (pictured above) hosted the annual convention of the ‘Muslim Public Affairs Council’.  This is the first time an American Muslim organization will hold its national convention in a Church, that is if you consider as the Episcopal church a Church?
I have stood in front of this old brick building that is right across the street from the Pasadena city hall for many years as they have hosted many sodomite speakers from that pulpit and the sidewalk is right by the main doors. That is what I call ‘street preacher friendly.’  As the local police are very familiar with seeing our banners in front of that gothic looking building.  According to a L.A. Times article the church received many hateful and vicious emails for hosting that convention. In response, the church held a press conference to voice their common commitment to the shared values of love, justice, mutual understanding and compassion in the face of this latest outbreak of Islamophobia.  And the theme for the unbiblical convention was ‘Our Future in the Making,’ and the truth is, the future is now.”
Because of al the emails of ‘hate’ they said they received, there was of security, a police presents and no parking around the Church.  I do not believe anyone email such hate, me thinketh
Mark and I showed up about an hour before they opened the doors and raised our banners and created ‘no small stir’ quickly.  The police were called but parked their cars across the street and just watched us.  It appeared that some of Farrakhan’s people were there as security and they watched us very carefully.   At one point, Mark was preaching and his big toe crossed over the sidewalk unto the grass and they almost rushed him to keep him away.
Later Doug joined us as most of the Muslims were escorted when they walked by us.  Several media vans arrived and filmed our confrontation and banners.  Members from the Episcopal church stood in front of us with signs that read how loving they were for having an interfaith meeting.
At one point the Bishop of the Church came out and wanted to shake our hands, but we declined and he gave me his book ‘8 habits of love’ endorsed by Desmond Tutu and Gene Robinson.  After I took his book, I raised it in the air saying “do I believe this” or this as I raised my Bible.  Enjoyed that that and even took a few pictures of that, then I slammed his book on the sidewalk and said, “I believe the Bible!”
This Church was rebuked for their liberal stand on sodomy and accepting the Muslims as brothers. The Muslims were rebuked for not believing in Jesus as the Son of God, and hence going to
hellfire as a result. 
I asked if Islam was so tolerant, when was the last time Iraq held a homosexual parade?  When was the time they had a gay friendly Mosque?   When was the last time that ‘religion of peace’ held a interfaith meeting in Afghanistan, Pakistan or
any of the 'stan's'??
There was an atheist who stood on the sidewalk with a sign and was passing out his propaganda that there is no God and everyone is good.  Mark argued with him and I asked if people are good who do you call that person who just shot over 20 people in Connecticut?
He tried to argue with us and some of the church members embraced him and took his literature.  We told him he would be accepted at that Church as they have much in common.  He later fizzled out and went his way.
Once the antichrist convention started we packed up and moved on, no doubt the three of us make a BIG STIR out there and proclaimed the God of Bible and how the God of the Bible and the god of Islam
is not the same.
This Muslim event had past connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has refused to label Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, yet ‘All Saints’ stands firm in its decision to host the Muslim Public Affairs Council,  We however objected publicly.
Here is a documentary that won 'Official Selection International Festival of Cinema and Religion' award in 2012.  This film titled "Unresolvable? The Kigdom of God on earth"
Click on the link ‘Trailer/Scenes’ for a preview of this film.
Also I received this email just yesterday:
Hi Brother Ruben.
My name is Alison ***** and I work in development at RelativityREAL. We are the television arm of Relativity Media, and currently have over 20 series in production and over 50 additional projects in development at various networks. Some of our credits include The American Bible Challenge, which recently broke network records on GSN, Coming Home on Lifetime, and The Great Food Truck Race on Food network.
We're incredibly interested in the religious and social messages that public preaching communicates and, as a result, are currently developing a show about open-air preaching. I was hoping to speak with you about your work and to find out more about who you are. What you do and the stories you've seen seem incredibly unique and compelling and could be the basis for a potentially excellent television show.
We focus on more documentary-style television and believe that the stories in the real world are far better than anything we could ever make up. If you're interested, I'd love to schedule a call or a meeting with you to find out more about your work and goals and discuss the potential of collaborating with RelativityREAL to develop a show concept.
I've pasted a bit more info about our company and CEO, Tom Forman, below, as well as a link to our website and would be happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me any time. Hope you're having a great week and I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks.
Sincere regards,
Alison *****
Manager, Development
**** North Las Palmas Building 40
Hollywood CA. 90038
(323) 860-****
Predestined to be Born and raised in the Calvinistic Church, I was reformed from the start. Where reformed doctrine triumphs the Bible and Calvin is the new Messiah. I grew up hearing the doctrine, but never really knew how much damage it would do to me later as the seed grew and manifested.
My father was close to me, when I was 18 a young man said they thought I was a young boy at the description between me and my dad’s relationship. But it wasn’t always like this in my early rebellious stage he disciplined me fervently. Every day of sixth grade I got whapped on the behind, and I earned each and every one of them.

When I was in middle school I had the idea that I was predestined to hell, the seed had fully grown. It really didn’t matter what I did, during that time of hardening my heart against God. Everyday it was unreasonable to think I would live past the age of 25. Because I could feel what anger, what wrath, my actions were producing from God, don’t get me wrong it was my decision, I was storing up for myself a fiery indignation because of my rebellion.

My 7th grade year I switched schools and I turned from God and followed fervently after the devil in all that I did. I was still a child of God, right? I was still seen righteous by God, right? God still loves the sinner, right? WRONG, even though all my pastors betrayed my soul with their doctrine, they loved opinion and not my soul. I could still feel God’s wrath. I could feel a scratching on my soul that was like none I ever felt. I’d go around to everyone I knew and ask them “what must I do” no one would say repent, no one would say get right with God.
They would say “hey no one can stop sinning it's ok!”
When I was angry I listened to angry screamo music, as Saul experienced, so did I, vex my soul to no end. I would do things not because they were fun but just to vex God. To add to everything I started dancing to get ready for marriage, at least that’s what I told my mom, I believed it at the time. I hated God because I was predestined to hell. There was no highway just a straight shoot. But if that was true why do I feel as though I am making this decision.

8th I was cut from the soccer team, tore my PCL ligament and was denied access to my high school. Did I mention that this was all because I hated God? I knew it was because I would not bend, I would grind my teeth and the demons would scratch my soul. I began seeing visions of a demon in all flesh and faceless, which I believe is a picture of what I was living for. He would point at me as if wanting to take me, but I didn’t want to go.
9th grade I was built, had a beard, and was quite popular. My soul quivered with insecurity, I had no good foundation. My foundation was sin, so in public I was timid but in private I was a proud demon. Even in this state I still had a strict fear of God, my parents from the beginning instilled this in me. I had treasured up God commands in my heart however, I hated them in my anger I rebelled against the God I knew; the Calvinistic Tyrant. Only to find out in the end that wasn’t even who he is. So I’d go up to the line but never cross it” as my middle school principle would say, although I was suspended about 8 times. So my principal may have been trying to comfort my parents. I hated God and was a sinner, so according to man I was good, but very much condemned to a living God.

During the summer I went to a youth group retreat and I began to feel great conviction, not from what the preacher said, not from what any one said. I felt God saying “you serve me now or never, your time is up! Decide!” I was feeling Godly sorrow that was leading me to repentance. My pastor as I asked about how I was feeling just left me alone. Later that night I gave everything as I went home I left my friends, the sin, and all the hatred for God. My junior year I followed God and it was a lonely path to take. I began to pray “God use me no matter the cost” later that year my spine was fractured due to a car accident and I was not accepted into student council, the way was starting to be prepared.
In my senior year separation of all of my “friends” began when I tried to protect this girl was being abused by her boyfriend. Everyone took the guys side, and I lost everyone. Then I started to pray for boldness, three weeks later I asked the most noble and upright girl I knew to prom in front of my entire class and she said yes! But after I did that I could hear in a small but constant voice “what brave things you do before man, you will do even greater before me” every time I heard it I would tremble as to what exactly would be expected.
My freshman year of college began and I threw myself into weight lifting and dancing. Dancing became my drug. Although I always was somewhat against premarital kissing and sex, drugs, alcohol, soda, TV, and dating.
Dancing was the benefits of a relationship without any commitment, and I looked so spiritual doing it! Love without commitment is using each other. I could have the benefit of engaging multiple girls a night but in the end not have to actually put up with their nagging later ...
As I would dance and live for myself an interesting thing happened to me. My character began to change to that of the people that I danced with. I tried preventing this by only dancing with the vixens and not hanging out to talk. But never the less it started and I began to shift into who I was before. I began to daily feel demons scratching on my soul, wanting to take me down. The vexing of my soul began and the vexing was unbearable. I began listening to Christian music to calm myself down. Then ramp up the sin all the more.


Then I was sleeping in a house with no locks the faceless demon came again for me I would wake trembling, I would awaken in sweat, I was back wear I started. Then I had a vision, a light struck me as it did Paul I was completely blinded then I saw the world in a throne room chair burning. The light was still on me burning my eyes. Gods voice came down and said “the end is near be ready” I woke up and gave everything up actually started going to the church I was working for, started going to the navigator college group which later turned out to be just another social dating scene.

Evangelism explosion was how I really got plugged in but it didn’t satisfy my fire. When dancing the only dances that would truly get me were the most engaging ones like Argentine tango. I hadn’t found that, I wasn’t unashamed of the gospel. I started to feel this need to preach. The only one I knew who did it was my head pastor but he didn’t ever want to go out with me. I kept on looking and searching and began praying to God about becoming a man of integrity…I didn’t know what was going to happen, then I saw brother on campus. This is a man who has a reputation of upsetting everyone, and I saw sign that read “the end is near” “give me $$$$” this intrigued my wretched soul. Sitting down, listening to Bro Jed I was intrigued by his presence. It was like none I had ever come across. To see him as good battling the forces of evil was a picture none of my proud pastors would ever stoop down to do.

Jed came on a Thursday and all next week I listened to him as he called girls out on what they actually were. As he battled the Atheists, held his ground. I realized that this was the kind of bold witness I had been waiting for, this is what God had been getting me ready for. Then a voice said “who’s going to do this when he’s gone, who will rise up?” then later in the week an attractive college girl walked over to Bro Jed and gave him a seductive look and a wink and he sat back in his chair thought a bit and came back with “I realize what a temptation I can be to you girls!” I thought hey I could be a temptation too, by becoming a real man like Jed! At another time I saw Jed was having so much fun, then I heard “you could have just as much” that fun cost me dearly though.
Friday night Bro Jed said “Im an old man and Ive been doing this for about 39 years I’m 69 years old I might not come back who will rise up?” I stood up, and said “I will” then left.

That night a power over took me that I had felt only in part before. Then I preached that following Monday. Later I had a vision that I was combing the desert looking for the glory of God and then I said I wonder what Moses saw that day? Then I saw his eyes and the back of Gods glory was shown and that was my confirmation I was in the will of God, I didn’t believe Bro Jed was biblical but I did think he was loving only later to find he had the whole counsel!
Also ,when Bro Jed gave his testimony and said that God talked to him and that he was lead by God I was confronted with a problem either he’s telling the truth and a man of God or a complete crazy, wacko. Further more if what he says is true I need to change myself and my doctrine.

I went to Europe that summer for school and preached all around the continent, I felt a presence like none before in Florence when I stepped in the city, preached there and had great crowds and discussions. I plan to go back this summer
 for a month.
I am a troubler of Tucson. I trouble my college campuses I trouble high schools all events that I can in this city. THIS city is being reclaimed for God, because I am a bold witness unashamed of the Gospel. In my ministry I’ve been cursed at, stolen from, threatened with arrest (sorry), hit into a tree, chased by a bunch of vixens around a church in Florence, and choked. Honestly I don’t know how I got out of Europe without getting arrested, I know my credentials are few, but I’m learning.
I am going to the Las Vegas SOAPA Conference, through nothing short of a miracle. I plan on going to Michigan after school gets out at the University of Arizona in Tucson. To go preach and rebuke the campuses there, then If I can get the funds to go to Europe to preach with a various team of preachers. Then its back to the U of A for my senior year of preaching at colleges, events and high schools, really anywhere that there’s people to hear! If you able to become a monthly supporter or just give a gift, it would greatly help me go to Europe to preach.

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