Saturday, November 24, 2012

Want a pearl from you Uncle Ruben to keep and use at will.
I don’t know about you but I always have people question my motive for preaching.
If a person’s motive for preaching is not love, would he be considered in error?
If so, then Paul may be in danger, because he was moved by
‘terror’ to preach, witness and debate men into the kingdom.

“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences”
2 Corinthians
The Norwegian Street Preacher
Brother Petar from Norway flew in to Los Angeles for a week and was immediately put to work on the streets.  He made me a new ‘Homo Sex is Sin’ banner, because my old one is still locked up in New Orleans, along with 8 other banners and one megaphone.  So it is great to have him at my home as my wife and I always enjoy his fellowship.  He will be coming to Las Vegas for the SOPA convention and we are working on a overseas trip to Europe for two weeks
in May 2013.
Silence of the Lambs, not in New Orleans.
Received great news this past week regarding the nine street preachers arrested on Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, see link below for story. ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES have been dropped including the two men that were alleged to resist arrest. Our hope was to get this resolved before Super Bowl and Mardi Gras in February 2013 and that was done.
The city has frozen that bad law regarding speaking about Jesus at night on
Bourbon Street and we are still working on removing it before the first of the year in the federal courts.
Last Sunday was the “American Music Awards in downtown Los Angeles and anyone who is anyone in the muSICK industry was there and with that we were there on behalf of the kingdom of God.
“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools”
Ecclesiastes 7:5
The music gods were out in force Sunday night in Los Angeles as the city gave the Red Carpet treatment to the yearly Music Awards and L.A.P.D. gave us much liberty to preach.  Over the many years of preaching at these events, we have become part of the woodwork during any big Hollywood venue.  
On Sunday Brothers Doug, Mark, Rod and another Doug stood behind the screaming crowd with large banners and Petar and I covered the all the black limos before they arrived to the consecrated Red Carpet. I do not follow music so I could not tell you who I saw as they passed us, but towards the end of the night we could hear the crowd across the street roar louder than ever. As it appeared one of the idols walked towards the screaming crowd. Petar asked who did I think it was, I replied “it looks like a sodomite” well I was close, it was Justin Bieber who dominated the American Music Awards that night, winning the coveted Artist of the Year trophy, the Favorite Pop/Male Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album awards.

As he walked out towards the screaming fans, he walked right towards Mark and Doug’s banners as he could not have missed them. To say this young man has a following, would be an understatement. As young and old crowd had a standing orgasm, but that is expected with people that are so moved by music. With this people music will make them cry, shout, feel sad, feel good, give them audacity, and a reason to live. Yet these same people will fall asleep when they read the Bible.
He never gave God the glory for giving him those lungs or that talent when he received those awards as it was all about him.  Outside the event, hundreds and hundreds of people walked by us on the sidewalk, they were reminded of their fallen idol Whitney Houston who died on drugs and drunk in a bathtub.  Most likely in hellfire, as there is nothing glamorous about these celebrities and their lifestyle.  Drugs, alcohol, marriage, adultery, suicide, rehabs and the world considers such sensational?
You want prestigious, just believe in Jesus live holy as the Bible says.
On Monday we (Mark, Doug, Petar, Bill Bob and I) preached at Long Beach State
We raised the banners and I started to preach against the Islam and that drew a crowd instantly.  I turned over the outdoor meeting to Brother Petar from Norway who started out saying that like our President, he was not born in America and since so many students are liberal.  Since they seem to embrace the communist agenda, Petar said he would exchange counties with them and give them that socialist country they desire.  There were no takers.    
With banners flying as we had a large crowd around us, like flies to light.  After about an hour on campus, the campus police asked me to move and face a different location because the crowd was so large we blocked the entire sidewalk and grass area.  We did because it was only a few feet from where we stood.

Of course students came out with their signs and we had official mockers and even one professor came out several times to argue and try to steal our crowd, but not that day.  At one point we had so many students around us, we all preached to the crowds around us. One student came up to Petar weeping that he needed to be bold like us, when he saw us publicly contending for the faith.
I’m sure this has happened to you, as I had a young female student that stood by me and yelled how just how unloving I was and how mean my sign was……then she tried to burn my banner with a lighter. Not once but twice and when I stopped her the second time, she kicked me but her foot hit my metal pole. Maybe next time I will wear a cup on campus. Remember I was the one unloving. Oh and the person that gave her the lighter to try and burn my banner was a Muslim.
They hated us from the moment we raised our banners, they hated us as they missed class to ague with us, they hated us as the took pictures, they hated us for hours, BUT when we left they asked if we were coming back?
Many of the believers on campus and campus ministries did not like our approach and when questioned if a Muslim or homosexual goes to heaven, refused to answer. They did not wish to offend anyone.  They were angry that we offended students away from the kingdom of God, to which I say, that campus has offended more people away from the kingdom of God, then we have.  And they do so on a daily, as they say nothing.  Young Christians come to school and leave atheists….but we are the problem.  It is my opinion, that many students will graduate into hellfire and college was the medium that lured them there.

That evening we had our weekly Bible study at my house, so we started around 10:30AM and ended around 10PM.  Fellowshipping with saints, is always a pleasure.
Light shinning in darkness on a campus in
Need a visual on John 12:32;
“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”
  click the link below, as we ‘lifted up’ our banners we did ‘draw’ people around us all day for hours as everyone had groups of students around contending for the faith.