Thursday, November 15, 2012

Think you get mail, I get about 100 emails daily and this is just a portion of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Grab some pop corn, make sure that beer has some ‘root’ in it and enjoy the read:

Ruben who will you vote for, maybe you should post your reasons why you will vote for Mitt or Obama, as I would love to read that if posted.  Thanks as I try and follow your lead.

Dear Ruben
It was an honour meeting you Ruben. I enjoyed meeting you because your an inspiration to me , it was special for me to meet you because I did learn a lot from you in the little time we has together. My faith has become stronger have meeting you and the boys. I hope its okay for me to simply thank you for your knowledge and advice and it was an honour plus very special meeting you in person. You inspire me. Everything happends because of God as you already know that. I miss you hahaha. I wish I lived next door to you hahaha. I will keep studying the bible and learning. Wow what an inspiration you are. Thank you. I thank God for sending you to me. What a learning curve for me. If you ever make preaching vidios you can send them to me anytime please. Have a great work week. God bless you and your Family.


A friend of mine showed me some of the U tube videos of you preaching Jesus. I go to Manti Utah every year and witness to Mormons in the streets. I have been doing this for 29 years. I would like to go on some exploits with you. I don't read my email very often so Call me anytime.
(509) 582-****
Kennewick Washington State

Ruben, I'm hoping my mansion is near yours, because you are never boring brother

Are you apart of WestBoro Baptist?
Bill G

Ruben why you hate the Muslim faith?  According to your bible, Mary was 12-14 when she conceived Jesus. Mary was 12 years old and Joseph a widower 90 years old when they married, is he to a pedophile, that is in your holy book

Brother Rueben you and your men are truly brave Christian Men.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

Mr.Israel why don’t you just use signs that reads “Jesus Love You and so do I” or “God is Love”?  This would bring more people into the kingdom of God, than what you are doing.  The Bible does not have stories of an angry God, but is filled with LOVE and MERCY stories.  You would be great preacher like Billy Graham, Ray Comfort and Paul Crouch, if you would preach on forgiveness and love.  And smile more.

May God plague your house Ruben, you and your church are a bunch of religious morons. And that is double for you mr. plump self righteous moron.

I have learned so much from your website on openair preaching. 
Thank You

Brother Ruben.  You would have been humbled if only you could have heard my pastor; Doug, deliver the Sunday morning sermon after returning from southern decadance & being surronded by bold men of God. He is to humble to number himself with the group, but he declared the power of the Living God in the street preachers; while being surrounded by an angry shark frenzy. Surrounded; while surrendered to the Lord; crying REPENT.
Verse after verse coming ALIVE while bibically justfying the method, the message and the meaning of the mens heart.  LOL, and this after only 12 intense hours on the streets.
He commented on a man who was called to do this 30+ years.
Also questioned the Church, "Why christian are you more concerned with the method/message of the street preacher, then the evil decadance -surrounding- you in YOUR hometown???
Thank God HE has made you a blessing, brother Ruben.

Ruben, Just curious: What do you think of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Ruben will you vote for a Mormon after you have preached against them in SLC?  I see and feel no love from your preaching as Jesus was all about tolerance and love.  I have heard you a number of times and after hearing you I am confused after listening to you.
Jack L.   

Brother Ruben, when you are released from jail, I know you will be stronger in the Lord. I have had my church family place you and your ministry on a prayer list. This prayer list is prayed over everyday and my pastor Foster, a anoited man of God spoke your situation before the congregation this morning and the holy spirit praying in tongues was working on your behalf. Lots of people in the kingdom are praying for you and declaring protection for you and your people. God bless you with endurance.

I heard you on KBRT yesterday and am very inspired by you. Your Dearborn preaching in spite of the violent crowds was so awesome and admirable! God bless you Ruben.

We need your help. Stand up America is planning a demo here where I live in Dearborn Mi in front of one of our schools re possible school bullying against christians. The time hits the time when the christian kids will be trying to go home and some walk home. We are afraid our kids will be endangered.

Bro Ruben While I was thinking on some other things about ministry I remember back when I was with The Jesus People . We had marches every where we went and a thought came to my heart about we open air preachers could have a street preacher march with our banners and signs not just silently but loudly as one Army maybe it could be some thing to think and pray about I figured if others can march for their things why not can’t we do it for the Glory of God. It would be wonderful Let me know what you think about it.

Praying that His Word reaches some of them with convicting power. Thank you for being faithful and delivering the Message Ruben. God Bless.

Thanks Brother Reuben. And I really like your preaching reports you post. Keep up the good work!

Thank God for your faithful delivery of His true Gospel message on the streets, brother Reuben. I pray that God will strengthen you in preperation for continued service for His kingdom work. God bless you

Brother Reuben you are an inspiration

I found this OUTSTANDING video of you preaching at the RNC, wow what boldness

Kill yourself ruben, you stupid fu**ing xian. Seriously, everyone hates you. Even your fake faggot god hates you. Kill yourself. Stick a pistol in your mouth, then think of me while you pull the trigger. I would love to see you laying dead that makes my day


I read about you as you are in good company with this articled that mentioned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, then Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, then Florida Senator Marco Rubio, then Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, with a contingent of police officers, Secret Service agents and National Guardsmen, than your name is mentioned as they called you a “fiery preacher.”  Blessed to be associated with you.

Thank you brother Israel for your willingness to share the One true God and His perfect love! The Lord bless you and keep you and use you mightily for His glory and for the furtherance of the Gospel of peace!! In Jesus Name!

The Lord loves you Ruben but I do not have to tell you that, the Holy Ghost tells you.

Ruben I saw you on TV this morning.  It was a PBS film about Gene Robinson and the Espiscopal Church, I believe it was call “Love free or die”.  God job Brother

I have seen a number of youtube clips of you preaching at the RNC in Tampa and I have a few questions. 
If I vote am I going to hell?
If I vote for Mitt Romney will I go to hell?
And last, why vote if God is in control?
Here are a couple of clips that I really enjoyed:

I would love to read your response, thank you.

u suck dude

I read your weekly blog and watch your videos & you make me feel convicted, very convicted. Maybe I will join you one day if you come to Ohio.

After looking at that picture where you dressed as a cow, I must say, you are indeed one of a kind brother Ruben

What does repent mean and how do I do it?

Hello Rueben,
I'm reaching out to you on behalf of the Huffington Post. I wanted to see if you would be interested in participating in a discussion that we're hosting on the Huffington Post about your recent incident that happened in New Orleans where a few pastors were arrested on Bourbon st. for spreading a biblical message.  Here is an article that you can reference:   I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this issue and seeing if you would be interested in joining our panel discussion. The conversation is scheduled for Monday, 10/8 at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern.
Please let me know if you can join us and I can forward you more information. Feel free to give me a call to discuss this further.

Thanks, Tiffany

Ruben, May God bless you and your ministry.
Seeing that video of you guys in Dearborn makes me want to be there next year.
Have you had any success in getting those of the Muslim faith to realize just how bad a person Mohammad was and that the religion is Satan inspired?
Ruben Israel is nothing but a rabble rouser looking for attention

Rubin you and your group are fat fu**ing retards, get a job, and do something with your life. I bet all these f**ks are on welfare or disability of some sh*t. F**kn Idiots. F**k religion.

Your team was on my campus today and I am embarrassed to be a christian right now, what you preach is horrible. Is that something that Jesus would approve of? Love each other like I have loved you he said, not provoke and belittle because people have a different religion, you should be ashamed, I am,

Good job guys!!!! Making a stand in our lords name!! God bless you!

Ruben you were in the las vegas news

cant you people just leave other people alone? treat religion like your pen**: dont flaunt it in public and dont cram it down other people's throats and stop using ur fu**ing Bible on us, we dont belive shit in your god

The soapbox was awesome bro. Thanks for your example!

mr.israel here is a blog about you when you preached in chicago
The Evil Catholics and Gays

Hi, I'm a booker for a talk show distributed by Fox, "BrandX," that is looking to host a discussion this Friday on the moral crisis facing America. Would someone from your group be available for an in-studio interview here in Los Angeles?
Please feel free to contact me at this address or at (202) 713-**** if you have any questions about the format or topics.
Hi Ruben:
I am Steve, a Junior College teacher at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. I use hot topics to help teach my students writing, and I go about things by giving multiple perspectives and then letting the students make up their minds.
In the spring I am going to zero-in on your group's protest at the 2012 Arab Fest and the subsequent pelting by a crowd of festival goers. We are going to look free-speech laws and as well as free speech limitations and assault laws.
I get the street preaching message, but what I don't understand or have the ability to help my students understand is the pig's head on a pole one preacher held. I would like to give this preacher or a representative of the group a chance to explain why he chose to use this image at this place and time to express his message. What was he intending to communicate or do by having this pig's head? I would love have an email reply I could give my students in order to help them fully understand this man's perspective on the event.
I realize this email may seem strange or even suspicious, so I want you to know my credentials can be verified at http://www.park...... and that if you would prefer to speak by phone, I can be reached at 217-353-****.
Thank you for any consideration you can give this

Ruben I found this picture of you guys preaching with your banners and police around you from the Los Angeles Times,0,

Wow ruben you are a christian, a white male, AND a police officer all in one? Talk about an offense to human life. sheesh...

I applaud the efforts of these Christian men! Praise the Lord for men that will stand up for Jesus! I am praying for you as you serve the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!
Dr. E

I totally like this guy, he looks like a badass, but I think he really is just a nice guy, keep up the good work

i am sorry for stuid sheep

I am street preacher. Our ministry has been training young people to be disciples. We are beginning to go college campuses and preach the Gospel. Can these public universities stop us from preaching. Do we have to get permission to be there. We have met opposition on some campuses and I trying tp understand the law in these situations. 
Pastor Kennard

Greetings Brother Ruben in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus.

I'm Brett from St. Louis, and I've been following your ministry of street preaching from the YouTube videos for a while now, and I'm in full support and solidarity of, and have gotten a great deal of encouragement from your ministry.
St.Louis SodoFest/Mardi Gras:
For the past 15 years or so, St.Louis has had its own Mardi Gras/Sodomite celebration that now rivals New Orleans'.
The St. Louis event tends to go unchecked regarding a counter demonstration, no street preachers. I'd do it myself, but I'm not prepared enough with the scriptures and no others will come for back up or support.
Would you and a few Brothers in Christ consider coming to St. Louis for a Gospel counter demonstration and to street preach?
God bless you and yours, maranatha!

Yeah, Ruben I don't remember Jesus saying "And thou shalt be very rude, and disrupt everyones affairs and persuade them to be like you"  You are embarrassing to humanity.

Hey bro! Just wanted to say thanks for taking time to help us rookies lol and sharing your knowledge it was a blessing to preach with you bro!

I have been reading on your website today, AWESOME ministry - I was also reading the magazine and I noticed on the front page brother John Rosser that was invited to Ireland to debate a freemason – was that recorded do you know? I would love to see that or hear it and does brother Rosser have a website? – my husband CAME OUT of masonry – praise the lord – and renounced his membership and we have been witnessing to freemason’s every chance we get - we are always looking for testimonies or even debates that we can share with others.
Thank you for the labor of Love that you carry out to further the Kingdom of God
Michelle, Spring, Texas

Hello, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for preaching the true word of God! I was blown away by your youtube videos. I couldn't believe what I saw when you were in Dearborn Michigan. You should sell some of your t-shirts on your website?

Brother Ruben,
Greetings in Christ's name,,,
I'm trying to find out about the street preaching licenses in L.A.
Can you give me some information on this?
Which agency(/location) issues the license ?
Are there more than one type of licenses?
And so on.

I would like to speak to you about being on one of our shows. We have various shows that might be of interest to you, and this includes one with an atheists as the host.
Thanks, michael

WELL THEN RUBEN, THAT'S A TESTIMONY THERE! I know we may not agree on just one thing, but its not any of us who are right. IT'S GOD. I affirm to your testimony brother! THE SPIRIT BEARS RECORD! Again that is a very powerful testimony! HAPPY BIRTH

Ruben you must really hate facts because you dont use them. Is that because you are dumb and ignorant or because youre a liar?


God bless you Bro Ruben, how is everything? My prayers are with and for you!

Please don't do this to Muslims, these guys are crazy they don't appreciate human life they will suicide bomb you. You will lose your life and he will lose his shitty life (for which no one cares). Don't provoke them

Keep up the great work guys! And don’t worry what others say, everyone will Die and have to see GOD face to face the ones who don’t think there is a higher power are weak! We did not come from nothing! And nothing will EVER change my mind! So keep it

Brother Ruben keep up the great work for the LORD! No matter what anyone says the Lord will have the last word and Vengeance is MINE SAYS THE LORD GOD!!

You really are a faggot you know that? Die in a fire you dirty pig

Ruben Israel you are not of God. Where does it say hold up offensive signs? where does it say to alienate and judge? IT DOESNT. this is not hate mail but i dont think its the lost that need rebuking! they need love and a SAVIOR, they need Jesus! not mr im so great Ruben i rebuke you crap! dude your a joke and you need to get saved.

Mr. Israel,
My name is Odis and I would like to ask if you have filed a lawsuit against the WCSD due to their utter disregard to the law and for their breach of duties in protecting both you physically and your consitutional rights.  If so, how is it going and if not, then why not?

Hello Ruben, My name is Ed I live in the state of Delaware and I need prayer for my mom and dad and the rest of my family! I also need prayer for a financial blessing I my wife and my 10 year old son we are a lower class family we struggle to keep food on the table and to keep all the bills up at the same time! But no matter how hard things get I will always trust and love GOD,so Jesus put in my heart to tithes because I can,t really afford to but I am trusting in Jesus in this and his word says he will bless those who trust him! I been watching your videos for the last few weeks and I learned alot from them,You take a stand with this world of sin and tell it like it is up front! No sugar coating. we love you brother and keep up the good work

…..and anti-semetic moron of the year award goes to you sir. Yu make me dont like christians? i hear the beheadings in iran are beautiful this time of year. hate to break it to you but your organized religion is a fraud.  Death to you, you vile cun*

You RI are absurd, I bet you didn't get hugged as a child. Did your mom pick you up from kindergarden today?

Love your boldness and your testimony, your ministry is very encouraging. Just want to no where you guys buy your street preaching signs at? Or how do you make them. Thank you

Hello and God Bless you Brother Ruben my name is Larry and I have lived in Dearborn most all my life and my family too going back to the 1900s I was sickend and very upset at how you were treated by the evil mob and most of all by our city Police and Wayne country sheriffs as you mite guess I am a born again Christian. this cant happen next year we need to call out to other Christians to Organize and Overwhelm this evil and make a stand that this is still our country and we speak the word of God in any place!! Brother I’m with you I would like to talk with you sir my cell is 1 313 334 **** or I’m willing to call you I have alot of ideas to run by you that I have been praying about. God Bless you brother and never forget we stand up for King Jesus If it be the will of our Lord the holy spirit will allow us to talk

My name is Todd. I live in Utah and am currently working with Bryan Hall and his crew here at Living Biography. I don't know you personally however I feel like we go way back now that I have been spending so much significant time on the film "An Act Against All", now called "Unresolvable? The Kingdom of God on Earth". We are preparing for the upcoming release of the film for the big election and are working hard to pull together all of our content for marketing and distribution. One of the things I am currently working on is the website, specifically the bio page for those involved in the film. We want to give a shout out to those involved in the film as well as some credit to each individuals background. We also want you to feel free to take some of our links and offer suggestions to anything you feel might need change or improvement. We feel that this film will be a strong advocate for religious diplomacy for anyone that is truly wanting to "Live their religion". I can take some of the information from your websites "About Ruben" page and type up a bio for you, or preferably, you could type something up for us that could be added to your profile page. Something that would give an affective idea of who you are and what you do would be all we need. We would also like to offer these bio pages to everyone involved as a venue to link viewers to your own sites. This email is quite a bit longer than I had originally anticipated, but I hope it gets the message across. I really appreciate all of your contribution and your time. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to call me any time regarding any of this. 801-722-****
I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing back from you.

just ganna tell u fu** ur Bible and fu** ur Jesus

Hi Ruben,
My name is Jack and I am a journalist with Fairfax Media from Wellington, New Zealand.
I'm currently living in Baton Rouge, and was looking at coming to New Orleans next week to do a story on the law banning street preachers etc from Bourbon Street.
I understand you preach on Bourbon Street, and I was wondering if I could meet up and talk to you about what you think about the law and its effects.
Will you be preaching on the street any time next week? If so, I would really like to come with you to see what that entails. If not, that's fine.
Let me know how this sounds: I was planning to come down Friday, but if any day in particular would suit just let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

You truly are a ignorant twat

i pray for you guys your doing the lords work keep it up

You guys were on my campus today and man did you rebuke Muslims and homosexuals.  Go for it. I'm Catholic and on your side.

Ruben I am not very good christian, but good for what you do, maybe one day I can join you

You Christians sure know how to ruin a fu**ing good party.

you dirty motherfuck**s come to uk to one of our muslim brothers will get you, i swear we'd make you our bit**'s the we send you on your way. usa muslims tolerate too much sh** from you radical extremist preachers and you would never try that shit over here

I have watched a number of your youtube films. Although I am not a Born-Again Evangelical, but I like the balls you guys are showing and this is the only way you deal with hard sin, YOU SAND UP TO EVERYONE WITHOUT FEAR !!!

Ruben you fat white bastard jew

I watched you preach for hours and not an ounce of sense in the whole bunch. Religion is bullshi*. All of you need to get a life and stop forcing your ignorant myths on others

Who is your leader? tell him he has great balls of fire..

These guys aint real christians.....what happend to you ' love thy neighbour'....i knw many christians n they have respect a basic quality b it a christian or human quality....these fat turds need to suck my di**!


This is not the way to convert a person. You don't basically punch them in the face and ram it down their throat!! You do it with understanding, compassion and love. Do it by example of your actions and not by force. Win them with love ...they need the love of CHRIST

Jeez, you guys need to get lives!

Ruben your mother is very good in di** sucking she trains every day on your small di**, but your parents are fu**ed by a nigger di** youre father gets a**l!!!
and youre mother gets vagin**!!  actually i am youre dad i had have fu**ed your mom a long time ago and now you gets born how old are you ? 3 years old??

Thank you Ruben for standing up for our Christian faith. I am a Middle Eastern Christian and pray I can be as bold.

God Bless You Reuben Israel Keep Fighting The good fight

What a weak “god” you worship, a god that needs humans to annoy and irritate people as they try to get on with their lives. This god of yours must be horribly incompetent.

There is a right way, and the wrong way, Your gospel is false, and wicked. It is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This brings anger and hatred, it is no wonder they reject you. Your worse than the Sadducees and the Pharisees. And Jesus said they were a brood of vipers.

bro ruben, by Gods grace im handling now a new church here in Cebu Philipines starting january and evrytime i see your pics in streetpreaching ministry im encourage to continue what i have started here to preach Christ in streets and any public places. 

Brother Ruben, thanks again for helping via your side to allow this blessing from God to happen. Good day in Dallas.

Hi Bro. Ruben,
I am really thankful for being able to join you brothers at the last preach. It is a great privilege to be able to experience free-speech at the peak of how it should be. Or at least at the maximum of what is possible in any given country in the whole world at this time. I would recommend as mandatory to all US street-preachers to join the next RNC/DNC preach to use their God given American right to openly preach and proclaim their belief and values. And to get a taste and understanding of how things should be or at last what is left of free speech in this wicked world. I thank God for America and may God bless America. Thanks Brother.
Take care brother and may God bless you.

thank you for what ya all do & wish you were around texas, we need you in every town across the nation its time to put it in every ones face, Christians and non believers!!!!! thank you for believing and giving me more reason to be the out spoken tell it like it is person that I am. thank you again stay forever strong.
Gary D.

I look forward to be able to shake all your hands in Heaven one day brother Ruben Israel

Thank you, Bro. Ruben for preaching in the 'hood! Unfortunately, many churches are inoculated with the Prosperity Gospel which is no gospel at all! The righteous are as BOLD as a lion (Pro. 28:1)

I'd. Love to read some of your hate mail.I bet it's stupid ignorant but funny. I admire you and wish I could quit my useless job and preach full time in the streets.God bless you and keep keeping on.

Hi Ruben,
My name is Dean and I live out in Orange County, Ca. I just felt it in my heart to tell you I love your videos and I appreciate what you are doing. Keep up the work, it is very inspiring.

Ruben I love your site, check it often, keep on going Ruben Israel!!!! Will always be praying for you brother

Is there a ministry here in Las Vegas that street preaches regularly? If so Id love to join. Thank God that you heed His call. Amen and Amen.

I wish that dumbfu** Ruben Israel would pick up some rattlesnakes, and die

The blog ‘Gates of Vienna’ praised you for your work in Dearborn last year on their “Poking a Stick in the Dearborn Hornets Nest’ report.
The story explains how two separate groups visited the Arab International Festival and how the city reacted. I enjoyed your interview with the local news, no one does it like you.

Hello Ruben,
I wrote to you before requesting information on a song featured on your website.
The name of the song is "I See the Lord". Your website "Official Street" under photo gallery, and at the bottom of the page is "Preaching to sinners everywhere" video? "I see the Lord" is the music playing for that video. My question is who is singing and is it available for sale anywhere?
I am sorry to be a bother to you but I am blessed by the music and can't find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
God Bless,

The fags sure have you in their sights in this pro-fag website “good as you” as they comment on Ruben Israel complete with your photo, comments and an update as you responded. God bless your countless years of preaching to the fags as I could not because I just might hit one if he touched me or spit on me. But truly God has used you to deliver a message.

The Lord God knew what He was doing when He commissioned you for the job Ruben, you are those warning lights. Keep up the good fight. Maybe someone will have their eyes opened & accept The Lord Jesus into their life before it's too late. We are praying for you Ruben

I have visited your site many times...and gleaned much good info to help us in street preaching. I especially appreciate the legal information you have posted there. Thanks for having such a unique place to equip and encourage fellow street preachers.

Brother Ruben & the rest of you brothers & sisters getting the Gospel out to the lost are an inspiration to me! I see those lost souls in that crowd jeering at you and it breaks my heart to know that they are missing out on eternal life with our Father God. It is so true Ruben, when you say, "Glad to be freed from jail and liberated from the bondage of sin". So many think that they can sin all they want to and that all they will have to do is "be good" to go to heaven or they simply just do not care about their eternal well being.

I give you a big thumbs up

Ruben, when I watched the video of you getting arrested, I was impressed with your calm dignity compared to the ugly harassment of your accusers. In your silence you were a wonderful testimony to the police officers, your fellow believers, and the ungodly who were there. Bless you, brother.

Ruben you are a true hero of the faith!

Hello brother Ruben, my name is Benjamin, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Chile, South America, I met you through videos on youtube where I saw you preaching the holy word to sinners. I became the Gospel 2 years ago in a small evangelical church in my town, where I met Jesus Christ and accepted him by faith in my heart. In my church we also preach in the street just as you, we do not carry banners but we take the bible in our hands and discourse as well.
I thank God because He gives us all the courage to preach in public and not be locked in four walls as you say. But living and suffering for the cause of Christ, sometimes suffering persecution, ridicule, and many things, but always following the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
I pray to God for Him to revive us and I ask him please to comeback soon and live eternal life with Jesus in heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).
God bless you.
brother Benjamin

Thank you, Reuben

hello!!! i love Jesus Christ!!!! i have eyes to see n ears to hear, and i know we are in the end days. i joked b4 to firends i would be the crazy guy on corner yelling the end is near, but now it is!!!! i would like to do some street preaching. i saw ur fb link and then website, i like it!!!! im in NC and have many busy streets i coudl do this on.

Rub how do you make your signs and what are effective phrases??? also im NOT very good at bible verses. i know much about end days and nephillem, and end days deception but what should be the 1st things i do to get started????
thanks for your time

Mr. Israel how did the bible teach you to hate others like this?

Ruben, you need to get all your guys together, that go out with you on the streets, PRONTO !!!
Maybe at your home, and show them this NEW REVELATION on how to be a "Minister" on the streets. You and your boyz are DOING IT ALL WRONG . I always suspected that you all probably had a "BAD spirit " ....and that your just a bunch of HATERS....Watch SMILING TOM, below, and get a little LOVE and a BIG SMILE and you will be a lot more popular with the people....AND THE NEW ORLEANS POLICE DEPARTMENT.  First step in your reformation, Ruben, is to THROW THAT BIBLE AWAY... You won't be needing it any more...Spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and practice your JESUS SMILE...That's all there is to it...

I want to join your cause in person, I am a veteran and I am in my Masters degree. So to let you know I am an educated man that will fight for the truth. I spent time in the mid 80's being a street missionary in florida. I think I need to go back,


You are a cult. Why do so many people support you? You are a mad man.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother. Don't ever stop what you are doing, Ruben. Love you and the gang. God bless you!

brother israel did you know that you were on the film ‘the mormon proposition”? they used you preaching against the homosexulas on the is the link and amen for what you do.

hey Ruben, been watching your preaching videos and you had some good lines there.
"I’m in love with a man….Jesus" I just love that!

Regarding your sign "God Abhors You" is a cheap attempt at a play on the word Gay. Your message is total wrong. While God might hate the sin of sodomy, God does not abhor sodomites. God wants all men to embrace the love of the truth and be saved. That includes all sinners of whom sodomites are a small fraction. Jesus came out of the Love of God to save Sinners. God loves mankind.

Good to see someone standing up for the truth. preach it brother Reuben.
Love your style.

And some people say you guys are not doing anything right. LOL keep up the Kingdom work

Brother Ruben, May God continue Blessing you & your ministry sir! Love you so much man! Thank You Lord for Ruben witnessing the Gospel.  AMEN

Dear Ruben,
I am a Messianic Jew who lives in Michigan. I applaud what you did in Dearborn. Are you going to do it again? If so, I would like to attend with you.


Amen and amen, we should be as Paul with tears warning people of there destiny!


I am so blessed to know all of you who truly love the Lord and WILL NOT COMPROMISE NO MATTER WHAT! God bless you!

Brother Ruben you were pictured with Bart Simpson on the Andrew Tallman show with the topic of ‘street preachers’

Stupid Ruben, you are stupid and everyone that follows you are stupid people!  Stupid is as stupid does and you sir are stupid.

Hello Ruben,
Have been reading quite awhile started with Jed's ministry and found you. Somewhere I read an article on the believer's responsiblity to not be church but to go out and take the gospel and it continued on with a whole bunch of people starting with Whitefield, Edwards and even before, to the Booths. Billy Sunday and more. I found a piece at your site clicking on the button but that's not the article. Includes mostly the same people but it had a good bit of wonderful reading before coming to all the people. Any help?
Grace and peace,

Hi there!
My name s Ashley and I am very interested to learn more about your Mardi Graas protest groups. I am a UNO student and I am writing a research paper on the topic. I would be so grateful to meet with you to hear more about your cause and experiences. If you are terribly buy I would greatly appreciate even a phone interview.
Thank you!!

Mr Israel, Islam will prevail, the Almighty Allah has a plan for us Muslims, one day you will feel our wraith.

I just read Bible Jims book “Blood Power” and read the page on you. You inspired me to preach in public.  I am thankful for God using you.

I pray your arrest  will be thrown out. You're fighting the good fight brother Ruben; I wish I could have been there with you!
Daniel much hypocrisy from the drunken revelers in Mardi's just simply astonishing. Hang in there, brother Ruben. God Bless you and your ministry or whatever you prefer to call your fellow street preachers by (can't think of another name right now)!

Ruben Keep up the good work!!!!

Isaiah 48:22 There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked

The Lord has had me praying for you, and my husband, and I am sure so many, many more. God bless you, brother! Psalm 20

Ruben, thank you for leading the way. You and the others that stand boldly for Jesus will be lifted up in my prayers. May He use you in a mighty mighty way!

You sir are a troublemaker no doubt

Thank you Reuben for coming to Dearborn MI.  Not every terrorist is muslim (think Timothy McVeigh), but every muslim is a potential terrorist. I've lived here in Dearbornistan all of my life, and I've seen this great city crumble under sharia law.  Come back.

You Israel is the reason why I'm an atheist. Religion leads to fundamentalism (specially in bad times when people feel menaced in their beliefs) and fundamentalism leads to violence (which you are by your words).  I wish there would be no Northern Ireland, no Holocaust, no Nakba, no Israel, no Koran or Bible dumpers trying to make everyone live by their faith. Why not help the poor and suffering?

Your preaching is so judgmental and corny and stupid

You look like a fat white closet fag, your gonna die of diabetes in about a week. You fat larda** hick, go lose some weight, unglue your fat a** from your sofas, and get a fuc**** job.

Rueben, I want in brother!  How do I join Bible Believers, I live in Ohio

Mr Israel all the bad thing you call us, turns out to be a reflection of what you see in yourselves. Hmm! Its like looking into the mirror right? I mean how else are people like you suppose to respond? Crusades, genocide, forced conversion? its funny that groups like these have to interrupter family fun fairs, and turn it in to violence? you should be ashamed.
Your not christian your a just a plain old American fascist.


Mr. Israel here in the UK muslims openly call for sharia law. They form gangs which prey on vulnerable working class non-muslims and rape them. They blow up our tube trains and buses (they tried again the next week but botched it - mostly covered up by our government). They are grossly overrepresented on television and in political lobbying power. They riot in our streets and the media ignore the racial/religious element. I'm not christian, but I've never felt intimidated by christians in the same way.

Brother Ruben, each time you have invested a few moments into my life, God has grown His grace into me.

You had me believing you were a Christian brother until you spoke against your own sisters and brothers in one of the oldest,if not the oldest denomination of the Christian Faith-Catholics.We are the true Church being One. There are false Christians and you are one.  We gave you the Bible, Church on Sunday and you rebuke us?  Who do you think fought off islam in the Dark Ages? You need to thank us, do your History! God Bless you!

I'm not 100% sold on your tactics but I do admire your courage and determination.

Jesus in not lord...allah is not lord...jew is not lord......there all fake created by man....pray to the cosmos, the an agnostic and if you guys come to my campus you will be sorry

Thanks Ruben; your website gives me more fire.

Ruben I thought you would be interested in this item from about you


I witnessed you preaching today and I must say that I am a Christian and I don’t agree with the way you preach. Jesus did not judge anyone but he did spread the good news through love and peace.  You read you’re Bible.

Ruben, you want to extinguish light of Islam?  NEVER because Islam is spreading among you as spread like wildfire.  Each year 20 thousand Americans and more than a million people around the world are entering Islam.  We will rule the world and we will remember you.

Blessings and prayer your way as we preach the words of reconciliation

Man of God, good to see you made it back with all your fingers and toes. Hope no one was injured. Believe it or not; Bro. Ruben; you are an inspiration!

I'm a Muslim and I love juses like I love Mohamed because in Islam we believe that juses is gods messenger just like Mohamed.  maybe you should understand what we believe before yelling at us.  may ALLAH ghide you to the right path (islam) AMEEN.

Saw you on the Learning Channel brother. Thanks for your courage, take America back!! We don't need sharia in the USA, boycott TLC!!

Sounds like you had a good week of preaching in New Orleans if they were pissed they were listening to the message.  Enjoy your reports.


Ruben may the Lord bless you all for your faithfulness to Him. May you wear your trophies with pride!

You were arrested for disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of a hoard of crazed homos foaming at the mouth and yelling and blowing whistles constantly?  WOW.

HOW DARE YOU! You are a public menace sir!

Hey Ruben
How are you? I left a message on you phone from your business card. Here is my business e-mail you are welcome to contact me anytime. Do you ever hop over to New England if you do let me know we can do coffee or I can invite you to my church.
Sincerely Anthony

So you were arrested in the gay section? Why don't you just come out the closet? It is not a well kept secret. Y'all spend way too much time ranting and raving about homosexuals and way too much time in the gay section of Bourbon St. Yeah yeah we get it. You're not gay. You're not gay. Sure you're not. Jacka**.

Hi brother Ruben. Could I get the contact information for the man that makes the banner poles? Thank you for your leadership, your example, and your ministry.

Brother Reuben I was reading a website today on LDS Church and they point out anti-Mormon protesters in front of their Salt Lake Temple and used your face to seal the deal as the poster boy for being a Christian extremist. For the record Brother according to this post you are a bigot. Your bold presents makes a difference, God speed. I enjoy reading your reports and you are in my prayers. Also do know who ‘FAIR’ is, they use your photos and banners on their website to defend the Mormon faith.

Rubin I have come out of the church system that teaches the false liberal gospel, no repentance, just accept, trust, add believe in Christ, I would also like to get involved in street preaching, and r spend my free time in the word, and sharing the truth as God leads, with my gospel teacts, and gospels.
My question for you is:
What would you say to a lost sinner, who asks you, what must I do to get saved?
And, is there any sin, I must stop in order to be saved?
Thank you so much for your time.

Ruben, Keep up the good work and may God bless our efforts to reach the lost.

2 questions.
1. What makes the bible right?
2. What about other religions, what makes you right and them wrong?



Dude, you need to sit down and zip the lip. Your protest signs are as insane as Westboro baptist’s. homo sex is a threat to national security??? Lmao that’s a stretch at best. And that email name of yours…..Irebukeu……smh, only God has the right to rebuke, and I don’t see a crown of thorns on your head and nail holes in your hands and feet. Ya’ll are part of the lunatic fringe that gives the rest of us Christians a bad name, and you make it harder for Christians who go about spreading the word in a proper method, to reach people.

thank you ruben...been watching all your videos are rite... i need to get right with God.!

Congratulations, Ruben, I just observed your video from Dearborn. You should be proud of your success to preach to a bunch of radicals who aren't interested in listening. You think it is possible to tell people the message of the Lord Jesus who likely prepared themselves to reject anything and every you would say, But instead you felt it is your duty to provoke them to anger! Should your young child wishes not to eat his or her food at diner, then it is good to force feed them, great idea lets just show them the love with shoving the gospel down their throats, this is a great testimony. Lets all applaud your efforts in screwing it up for other genuine Christians wishing to lead Muslims to Christ. You give a new meaning to avenge for the blood of past saints to preach to prove that sinners are wrong and we are righteous, and shove it in their face to so they never forget as this could be the one and only opportunity for them poor lost Muslims sinners to know truly of Salvation from Jesus.

Brother, I am looking for wisdom and biblical advice on if I/we should preach with another brother who we know is struggling with sin? They are not justifying the sin, they are seemingly broken over it and are seeking accountability, but none-the-less, they, according to their own words, "can't stop". It seems to be a strong-hold in their life.
Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

I pray the Lord remove your tongue, in Jesus Name

i watched all your videos ilove you brother you are a true man of jesus the lord i prey you continue and your ministry grows. while some would say you are judging i say you are showing great love.Ihave 1suggestion for you when speaking the truth to these demonized people one person preaches and the other binds satan this way the truth can enter temperaly.may the lord jesus give you the perfect words to soften there hardend hearts i prey this in jesus name . ps iam an x catholic god opened my eyes to those evil doers.

Ruben you still is my nigga

Hello Mr. Israel, I saw your name Ruben Israel, what a wonderful name, are you Jewish and a servant of the God of Israel?  Shalom, peace out

Just viewed your Official Street Preachers site and that is AWESOME WORK!

To me Ruben a street preacher with out a large sign or banner is like a football player with out a helmet!  Me and my friends in Houston have guys like you and Bible Jim to thank for your pioneering days and for your example of how to use signs and t-shirts. I consider it a great honor to be connected with you all!!



hey ruben, i just wanted to come by, and ask, do you know any important verses i should know that are important. also, i like the way you preach by the holy spirit of God Almighty!, in those video i saw, it is amazing how God uses you, really, truly.i trust every word God says through the holy spirit through you.


Great preach report Ruben! We need to be true followers in Jesus Christ. If our Lord hates sin, then we need to adamantly hate it also.

keep moving forward my brother, you are at the front lines and the enemy hates you !!!!! and all that are at the front line battle we may get wounded but we must keep moving forward ephesian 6:10

AMEN Ruben Amos 5:15 (King James Version)
Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.


Ruben you are next.
I just wanted to say that a RIGHT-WING A**HOLE by the name of Andrew Breitbart is dead and burning in hell (if there is such a place, lol) and now another a**hole, Rush Limbuagh is on the ropes having lost many of his sponsors for his bullsh** radio show, due to his unjust attacks on that young lady Sandra Fluke. And with you being a fat pig you will soon die too.  Slowly but surely, we'll get rid off all of these right-wing racist, sexist, Christian-o-fascist morons that have been holding back our INTELLECTUAL progressive nation!

This is the most moving clip I have yet seen, thank you