Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A side from the ‘God is Love’ and ‘Judge Not’ that I hear on the street, people habitually tell me “Ruben all sin is the same sin.”   What a lie from the pit of hell this is, as those words are not even found in the Bible.  Not all sin is the same and there are degrees of sin, much like there are degrees of bad fruit.  Still bad fruit, but different levels of decomposing.
Bible aside, even with our land laws there are degrees of criminals.  For example the person that steals a candy bar from the local 711 store is not the same criminal as one who murdered three people for drugs.  Both are offenders no doubt and have committed a crime, yet their crimes are not the same, as there are degrees.  Same principle is applied with sin.  All have sinned and as a result we will all die, but there are degrees of said sin and death. 
We find several verses in the Gospels where that lie of ‘all sin is the same’ can be answered as unbiblical.  We find these three words publicans and sinners” did you read that?  Publicans were not even considered a sinner, they were so bad they had their own label.  If all sin were the same, why were they just all called ‘sinners.’  Publicans are sinners too, right?  
Not according to the Bible, as they were measured lower than a sinner and on the food chain of sin, these guys were bad-bad.  Degrees of sin to ears that can hear.
We find some sins coupled with the word ‘abomination’ to it, these are transgressions God considers hateful and takes very personal, beyond regular sin.  God hates the ‘worker of iniquity’ as per Psalm 5:5 and not everyone ‘works’ at their sin.  There are certain sinners that rearrange their schedule to sin, save money to sin, fly or drive to another city to sin, hence ‘work’ at sinning.  This sinner is more of a sinner that the sinner who gets tempted and falls, as God clearly hates this ‘worker of iniquity.’   Degrees of sin to eyes that can see. 
Not all sin is the same, as we will use another example. 
The 10 Commandments have an order of appearance that means something to a holy God, as in No other gods, no worshipping of graven images and not taking God’s name in vain, as these sins are ranked 1, 2 and 3 of the Ten.  Coveting from your neighbor is not number one, murdering another human is not number two and lying is not considered number three.  These are still God’s Commandments and should not be broken, but He does have an order of appearance, with reason.
If you obey the first four Commandments which are designed for God Himself, you will love God with all you heart and if you obey the next six Commandments which are designed for mankind, you will love your neighbor.  Thus, obeying those two commandments one can fulfills all 10.  The Ten Commandments can clearly demonstrate the degrees of disobedience from the standpoint of God.
It is very clear that there are degrees of judgment for the degrees of sin against God.  Most sinners will get the red flame hellfire and those who God considers more wicked will get the blue flame of hellfire. 

Don’t believe this is Bible, think again. As Jesus said in Matthew 23; “therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.” Greater damnation? There is‘Greater’ punishment, why yes, more judgment for the sinful sinner. Degrees of punishment will be determined by sin committed, both are condemned for not believing in Jesus as the Son of God and the hotter flame is given as a judgment to those who will get this “Greater damnation.”
The Bible makes it clear; as to much is given, much is required. We in America will be judged harder than sinners in Iran or Africa, as we have Churches everywhere. We have Christianity 24/7 on the radio, television, internet, Bibles everywhere, even in hotel rooms. We have Christians knocking on your front door, praying for you soul, leaving tracts, inviting sinners to Church and big burly men with large banners in your face on any given sidewalk. We have been given more on this side of heaven and we will be judged and or required of more on the other side of earth.

In the Epistle of James, the writer says in the third chapter; “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”  Again, those people on TBN, Joel Osteen and others will be judged harder and with reason.  Even those who witness but withhold information because they do not wish to offend and give the full counsel of God, so if you wish to be a teacher you will be judged harder.  Degrees of judgment is sound doctrine.
There are many more points, verses and examples in the Bible but no need to go from Genesis to Revelation to make a point that is there to those who love truth.  Not all sin is the same sin and if you need more proof, see Bible for details.

Here is a preview from our preaching at the DNC in Tampa, more footage coming soon, click the link and enjoy;

Ever noticed words like; witness, testify, testimony, false witness, proof, books, judge, terror, judgment, plead, mercy, shame…….do these sound familiar? 
Where do these words belong? 
If you guessed in a courtroom, you are right.  However we do find those same words in the Bible.
No, maybe there is a reason, perhaps God is making ready for Judgment Day.   We may be called to ‘witness’ against the few or many humans we have preached too, as you may be called to the stand to give your ‘testimony’ against those who rejected the Cross and we might see their judgment as they condemn themselves and beg the heavenly court for leniency.  We could also see those who gave a ‘false witness’ and did not tell the truth of God and His standard or withheld information to be their friends.  
Be advised, those court room terms are there for a reason, not a typo or accident.
“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”
Hebrews 9:27

Need to see a visual of Psalm 119:165
“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them”

This photo was taken from a newspaper where I was wearing a “The Wages of Sin is Death’ sandwich sign and preaching at San Quentin State prison in favor of the state of California executing a convicted murderer. As I preached that night I was engulfed with an angry mob who considered the known murderer as the victim and wanted his release and my death. The interesting thing was no one knew the names of the people he murdered as they were the real victims that day. This inmate met God soon after midnight.

His pro-life followers were very much anti God as I was working the night shift in favor of death for certain crimes rendered by the government not a religion as per Romans 13.    If religions were to impose death I personally would have be hung, beheaded and burned in a mock trial, so I do like the system we have today.