Thursday, October 4, 2012

“He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God”
John 3:18
On Friday night Islamic leaders in Dearborn, Michigan held a rally to build momentum for the passage of laws that prohibit speech or expression that hurts "the religious feelings of Muslims."  This was done in response to the film "Innocence of Muslims," rally organizer Tarek Baydoun said, "We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to sow the seeds of hate and discord against the religious beliefs of others."
While that was going on in Dearborn where we were publicly mistreated this past June, Mark, Doug and myself were preaching at a Arab fest in the city of Garden Grove CA.  This city in Orange County has had this event for years and last year we caused such a stir the event changed how it will operate regarding free speech.
We noticed there was yellow police tape on the sidewalk as this was something new.

We later found out the reason for the yellow tape.  This year when they pulled the city permit, the event was not going to be open to the public as in the past years, it was now a private event where they now charged a $3.00 fee.  Which means it is now private property and they permitted the event all the way to the sidewalk.  I wonder who provoked them to do this?  So within minutes of raising our banners we were confronted by police and were told that we needed to stand across the street, as the Muslims own the sidewalk by the main gate.
So Friday night stood across the street from the main entrance and preached to the Muslim crowd with two banners raised and our megaphone blasting.  This is not the city of Dearborn as the Garden Grove police gave us a lot of liberty and to say the police department made a presents at this Muslim event would be an understatement.  According to a spokes-hole inside the event if they wanted the city park and city permit, they would be billed $50.000.00 just for police security and the tax payers of Garden Grove will not pay.  They want the event, they pay the price.

We stood in front of a Methodist Church which just happened to be in front of the Arab venue and they did not want us there as they had issues with our banners.  But they had no issues charging people $5.00 to use their parking lot and kept Jesus hidden to not offend anyone.  They did allow another group to set up on their grass and give out free water for Jesus and several member of that group told us how unloving we were and that we should give free water instead of being mean. 
“They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly”
Amos 5:10

We drew a line in the sand with these people, and echoed how they believe in a form of Jesus and reject Him as the Son of God.  We exposed that Islam is a religion of hate, with their history and current bloodshed wake.  We openly reproved Mohammad as a murderer, liar and child molester and of course this pierced their heart.        

This was a family event as many brought their children and those with little girls that walked by were asked if they would be willing to give that child up to their prophet for sex? Those smiles quickly turned into ice cold stares as we pointed to their history of the person they consider to be holy.

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
Galatians 4:16
Again the open air preaching provoked many good conversations as we offered living water in exchange for their religion.  One Muslim agreed that his religion may appear violent but he says because they do not read the Koran, as that book is peaceful.  He agreed that if they kill for the sake of Allah, they are not true to their book.  I recommended that he go to Iran and say that and warned him that those Muslims would kill him as he was not true to his religion.  Below is a picture of Mark with his bullet proof vest on answering questions and why not we are ministering to Muslims and they evangelize differently then we do. 
BANG!! POW!! BOOM!! Would be how they evangelize.     
This Muslim (pictured below) tried to explain that Islam is a religion of peace and he just wrote a book that will prove it.  I told him that if his religion read his book they would burn it and kill him, he argued that it is just a few Muslims which think that way.  He witnessed how we were treated last year in Garden Grove by his religion and said he was ashamed of what many said and was sorry he did not get involved last year.  I asked why all the security at this event, he said, it was due to his religion.  I asked why all the security at the airport and he said, his religion.  I asked why all the security at the Olympics in London, he agreed, his religion was the reason.  Again I asked why all the bloodshed and burning in the Middle East because of the recent youtube clip and he said his religion, but added it is just a few radicals.
Everyone had issues with us preaching against Islam and exposing their prophet as a murderer, liar and child molester.  A few argued that the Virgin Mary was 10 years old and that is in the Bible but never showed where.  Many argued they also believed in Jesus and considered him a good man but when asked if He were the Son of God,
they rejected such.   
“That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him”
John 5:23

The guy below was interviewed by Doug and he was from the Methodist Church and he believes that everyone will be saved, well, except us of course and he made sure we were not standing on the Churches lawn because we were offensive.  I over-heard a little of the interview and he sounded like an atheist at times, something tells me that John Wesley would have been angry at this person who has no idea how someone can get saved.  All he knew was that he represents that dead vomit eating Church and he did not like us.  Perhaps if Wesley was there that day he would have faced the Church and rebuked them rather than preaching against the Muslims.  As this fellow does not just represent the Methodist Church but symbolizes the modern day Church that is nothing more than an Elks Lodge.   
Religion, I HATE it.
We retuned to the event on Sunday and like every venue that changes, we modify and adjust our plans too.  So here is what we did, Mark and I arrived back at the event at 6:30AM, not to preach but to own a piece of real estate as we parked a truck next to the ticket booth, with the bed facing the sidewalk which was permitted to be private.  However the street was not private and it was first come first serve and we were there first, so we amended our game plan and returned later that afternoon. 
We walked up to the main gate and jumped into the bed of the truck and started to preach. We were again confronted by the local police, but they knew we were within our rights as we were not on the sidewalk.  The Muslims had a fit and tried to argue that we need to move but there was nothing anyone can do, we were legal.  That street is public and we were public.   
Mark and I stood on the bed of that truck, with our banners raised and I echoed a message with the megaphone blasting inside the event loud and clear.   It seemed to disturbed the Arab Fest and their head security was so angry he threw a full bottle of water at me and that hit the side of my face.  And as in Dearborn, my face was bleeding as I preached. 
“For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake”
After a while the event needed to respond to our new location in the street, so they set up canopies and plastic tarps to cover us up and block our signs, they even placed pro-Muslim signs next to us, but the preaching continued as the police watched.  I did not press charges against the Muslim as a few of them mocked me saying “Hey Ruben, you’re bleeding just like Dearborn” and when we were threatened the police quickly moved in, as Garden Grove police were everywhere around us.
The Muslims tried to park a truck next to us, to follow our example and do what we did but the police did not allow that and of course now they are angry with the Police, because any vehicle that pulled away from the curb parking was replaced by a police vehicle.  They were as the Bible says ‘beside themselves’ as the police out witted Allah. 

Cussing was the order of the day with this religion of peace as I were told “Ruben, you are a F-*^$#-ing  A-&*”<-hole” and “I could snap your F-$^$@5-ing neck in a second.”  “Thank the F-&#@ing police they are here or we will kick you mother F->%@&(0-ing  A-&%$# you jerk” and “We believe in your F-*^$#*-ing Jesus you F-&^$#>-ing idiot”  and of course the most cuss sentence used was “Go F-*%#@^ yourself”
One Muslim yelled over and over that he hated America and the police video taped him as he manifested his hatred for this country.  He was soon arrested and there was another young Muslim arrested so some reason as the police hauled them off.  Maybe Dearborn can learn a lesson from Garden Grove on how to handle angry Muslims, as two men cause ‘no small stir’ in that city on Sunday.  As the theme of our message was; “Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also”
1 John 2:23

It is my testimony that we did witness to everyone for two days that Jesus is indeed the SON of God and He was publicly rejected.  Why bite that apple of Islam?
Question, so just what does happens to those Muslims who survive a suicide for Allah?
Perhaps I can shed some light on this, if that bomb does not go off as planned and they get caught by authorities or if that gun misfires and misses the target.  Allah is angry and as a judgment against them, what awaits them in their paradise for failure.   All that work of living pure for their god, washing yourself daily, all the prayers on the rug, visits to MECCA, all that planning, strapping a bomb inside of their clothes and trying not to draw attention to themselves on that special day….all for not, because they were made.

This is worst than a kamikaze pilot coming home with a half tank of fuel.
No 72 virgins for them because they botched it.  So here is what I believe they get, for the ‘infidel fiasco’ they get 27 very old non virgins as in the photo used.  I’m sure the fine print is somewhere in the Hadith for these non-virgins who bungled their task.
So these people are very motivated and I am finding out what a female gets if she kills the infidel for her god?  Male virgins, their own tent, maybe a chance to wear a tank top and shorts in paradise? 
And is it me or have you also noticed, that the Muslim is commanded to live holy on earth, so they can have everlasting sex in their Islam paradise?  Can we say ‘Bipolar?’  Whereas we Christians, read from the Holy Bible, have the Holy Ghost living inside us and when we die we meet our Holy God, as we will live holy in heaven for eternity.  We are exhorted to live holy now because we will live in a holy kingdom.
In other words GET USE TO IT.  Can we say ‘Consistency?’

Regarding that photo used, these are the ‘Fokken twins’ and they are 69 years old Dutch sisters who are prostitutes and yes they still sell themselves for a living.  I do not know if there is a senior discount for the pair or how they do it in that country but sin is only for a season and something tells me these gals are the exception.  They have been around for
many seasons.
Just shedding light on what happens to a Muslim that has failed in their hopeless paradise and why is it all this cult have sex in their heaven or paradise.  Hindus, Mormons and Muslims to name a few, as maybe this is the carrot that is needed to keep their followers on that path.