Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There is a reason that no one likes to talk politics and religion anymore, and the reason is simple.  No one knows neither of both.  God has always been involved in politics as we find 1 and 2 Kings in the Bible and we were able to publicly preserve the standard of God in Tampa. 
God does NOT work in mysterious ways, He works according to His Word and it appears that no one seems to know His Word, therefore, He seems mysterious. But in Tampa during the RNC we made God’s Son and God’s standard for a righteous nation priority number ONE.
This photo was taken from a local newspaper as police watch the exchange and like with many other people that are moved by zeal to stop us, she could not endure someone inspired.  I reproved her as she was born black and a female but not homosexual.  DNA does not lie and neither does God.
We arrived in Tampa the host city of the RNC on Sunday as Hurricane Isaac was ready to pound the city but as we arrived the storm moved West and headed right to New Orleans which was the second leg of our trip.  The convention postponed the first day due to Isaac but outside on the streets we preached with winds blowing and rain falling as we caught just the edge of Isaac as it made landfall on the Gulf Coast.

It was a category 1 storm, when Hurricane Isaac approached the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, which when it hit, it was on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Coincidence you think? And
for the record, the name ‘Isaac’ in Hebrew means "laughter" or "to laugh," perhaps God is trying to say something….you think?

The weather in Tampa was about as bipolar as the state of our Country.  It was hot, it was muggy, it rained, the sun shined, it was cloudy and it was windy, all within an hour.  Nevertheless, we stood and proclaimed that the successor of this election places their hand on George Washington’s
King James Bible.
The same Bible that reads, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.  The same inspired black Book that warns if you are a sodomite you are an abomination AND a reprobate.  The same Holy Book that teaches abortion is murder and we were there to remind the world that this is our American tradition.  It is the Holy Bible, not the Koran, not the book of Mormon, the winner places their right hand (or spilt hoof) on the King James Bible and end the Presidential oath with the words; “So help me God.”
……so much for the separation of Church and State in America.
“Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward”

On day one, we were dropped off near a park and as we walked we were immediately stopped by a large SUV of officers that told us our metal poles were not allowed.  They said on any given day we could use them but because of certain groups in town all metal, wood and aluminum poles were off limits.  I asked about PVC and they said it was not on the list.  So that day we just held our signs without poles and checked out early to redo our banners.  That night we tried those new PVC polls but they cracked from bending in the wind and it just happened that our host Church has a member who owns a sign shop and they modified the banners to hold the PVC pipe and we were ready for business.  See picture below.  NO ONE or group in the Tampa area during the RNC had signs like ours as those signs did help get published what God thinks of that event and they were used to attract crowds towards us.   
While on the streets of downtown Tampa we did not use NO Free Speech zone to preach, we found a good artery within the city and publicly exhorted the GOP that America needs to bless God.  Police stood around and watched us after they checked our poles that we used and see if any wood or metal was inserted inside.  At one point even the ‘Secret Service’ came out to talk with me and said “we were not considered a threat, but we were just very loud.”  We were never shut down with the Truth-Horn nor were we asked to leave the sidewalk as we had much liberty with reason. 
“When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting”
Proverbs 11:10
I have been to a number on these political conventions and I have never seen the streets so dead as they were in Tampa.  Law enforcement outnumbered people walking on the sidewalk 3 to 1.  Normally at an event like this, you would have anti-war groups, anti-government groups, anti-boarder groups, pro-homo groups, pro-atheist groups, pro-women rights groups and such march and rally throughout the city with fists raised and signs.  Not to mention the anarchist and occupy movement with a reputation, but it was a ghost town and much of the media I spoke with were also amazed at the lack of demonstrations around Tampa.  Many believed it was the storm that spooked people coupled with the large presents of law enforcement.
But what ever the reason, we were there to proclaim a message to whosoever and that we did in both the rain or sunshine.
This photo was taken from Tampa Bay Online.com as I flew on upside flag preaching against our military allowing sodomites to join the ranks.  The white vehicle behind me, was an unmarked SUV as law enforcement watched us closely and if things got heated, they moved in.  We were never told to stop, we were never told to lower the volume, we were never told to keep walking.
It would have been in blemish on America IF they stopped us from open-air preaching while the world watched, so we took full advantage of this window that one day we could be jailed for and said what one day may be illegal to say.
“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work”

For days we had conversation with people who were very patriotic but not Christian.  We made it very clear that one does not go to heaven or hell for who they voted for.  Voting is NOT salvation pending.  Salvation is based on that Name Jesus THE Christ and your lifestyle should be proof of that very belief and this message was echoed throughout Tampa.  The Old Testament saints preached REPENT, John the Baptist preached REPENT, the first message Jesus preached was REPENT and the words REPENT in found in the book of Acts.   

This is a women who did not like the preaching of Larry and tried to kick him, she did not like our method and called us ‘unloving’, yet listened for over an hour and tried to give the preacher the left foot of fellowship……..and remember we are unloving.
At night we went to Ybor City and preached to the night life and again the crowds were nowhere, as 7th Street is their version of Bourbon Street and it too was flat lined.   I have preached this street many of times where this road was closed to traffic and bodies were everywhere, but not this week, it was weak.  Maybe the GOP is not a party party?   
Nevertheless, we preached there as well as one of Tampa’s famous nude bars in Tampa, where the owner came out and punched Larry Craft twice in the face.  We did not call police nor did we press charges.  We have had issues with this owner many times before, his name is Joe Redner and he claimed to have invented the ‘lap dance’ at his ‘Mons Venus’ club.  Here is a video clip where he was so angry he pulled out a water hose and sprayed us on the sidewalk.  See clip below, just be advised of cuss words used.
Joe is now dying of lung cancer and came out to confront us again, he now looks like death but had enough energy to punch Brother Larry twice in the face, if he dies he can not say God was not longsuffering and just to send him to an eternal fire. 
On the last night on the convention, we preached in Ybor City and even some bars closed early, as we seem to be the only action on the street as seen with the picture above where the police were a human shield to keep the sinners from attacking our signs.  After we were done preaching the police blocked off the street with their bikes as a moving barricade so we could walk to our vehicles safely as we left the angry GOP mob.
 Preach clips coming soon.
“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”
Proverbs 14:34

Street Preaching in the News 
We made ‘no small stir’ in Tampa and at times were engulfed with media and reporters around us, as we never knew who we were getting interviewed by. 
To read a few of these stories and view the pictures just click the links below.  
RNC Photo Galleries:
“Chardonnay Singleton (left), of Tampa, protests against Ruben Israel, representing a group called the Bible Believers, Wednesday afternoon in downtown Tampa. Singleton told Ruben she is a lesbian, which encouraged him to turn on his megaphone and begin exclaiming his beliefs, calling her an “abomination.” “There is no way I’m going to let this happen in my city,” said Singleton...”
Cast of characters attend Republican National Convention
“Ruben Israel of “Bible Believers” from Los Angeles holds up underwear he claims is worn by Mormons.  ‘We’re here to remind people that no matter who wins, they place their hand on the Bible. And the Bible states homosexuality and abortion are wrong.’..”
Jesus Christ For President
The Politics Blog
RNC Protester Shows Up Waving a Pair of Underwear to Slam Romney’s Faith
“….Calvo caught up with Ruben Israel, one of the faith leaders who founded the controversial group. As the clip unfolds, Israel can be heard saying, ”As a right-wing conservative myself, you’ve offended me,” in response to party adherents who are willingly embracing Romney as the nominee. It is the candidate‘s faith that is at the center of the protster’s angst..."
Protests at Republican National Convention
“….However, not everyone has taken this peaceful approach. Ruben Israel traveled from Los Angeles with the group Bible Believers to protest the parties nominee. "I came here to challenge my party, who's the republicans and their president is a Mormon, so if he's the best we have I think we have to change," Israel said.  Israel's tactics tend to be more in your face…”
AP Photo from Alex Menendez
“Ruben Israel of the Bible Believers preaches during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. on Wednesday, August 29, 2012
The Politicker:
“…One group we saw was led by a fiery preacher named Ruben Israel, who brandished a pair of the sacred temple garments worn by members of the Mormon Church. “This is the holy underwear that Mitt Romney wears,” Mr. Israel shouted through his megaphone. “You going to vote for a guy that puts this stuff on? You going to think that God is going to honor this?....”
Preachers make more noise than protesters on first day of RNC
“……Protesters chant as the make their way down Seventh Avenue during a march that followed a rally against voter suppression Tuesday evening. The rally was held at Centennial Park in Ybor City…..”
RNC demonstrators turn creative for attention
“….Official Street Preachers took no prisoners when they captured the corner of Franklin and Jackson streets this week. As the preacher gave his sermon on the evils of homosexuality, war, women, political candidates, Mormons, men with long hair and big mouths, a crowd grew, as did the number of journalists…..”
Low turnout at RNC protest expecting thousands blamed on Isaac
“….Nearby, a street preacher spoke over a megaphone: "You guys are going to die and light up in hell……"

Here is another photo taken by the media where I waved the official LDS underwear that Mitt Romney could be wearing in the White House.  Do not get offended with me for exposing this dirty laundry, Mormons believe and wear them, I only expose them.  One Mormon tried to grab it and police moved in as he tried to reason with me not to expose those hallowed garments.
We all preached and answered many questions in Tampa, however Brother Petar from Norway gave a sobering exhortation to America about the USA becoming just another socialist country.  He reproved Americans for once being a Christian country and is now turned their back on God.  He also said if anyone wanted to live in a socialist country, that he would trade places with them.
HAPPY TO SAY, We have two NEW Bible Believers chapters in Florida:
Pastor Victor (pictured above in the far left) who hosted us has now has yoked up with us, as he is a seasoned open air preacher and a Pastor of a local Church about 40 minutes north of Tampa and Brother Bradley (pictured below) who has been faithful preaching around Tampa area is now involved with Bible Believers.
Next stop, Naw Orleans.  This report will be out  by the weekend.
Here is an article from the liberal ‘Huffington Post’ which reads that one of the street preachers had ‘allegedly punched a police officer who tried to confiscate his bullhorn’ while arrested in New Orleans.  What a lie but is this not what our Lord said would happen?
“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake” and once again we tasted of Matthew 5:11 AND IT IS GOOD.
I do thank God we have video to prove our case as that camera does not imply nor contradict a false impression as to what happened, it will just
simply convey truth. 
Now some of our critics will run with this news as they will do with anything negative they read about us without hearing the full matter, as I expect this.  This article has a video clip posted on it and one with eyes to see can view that no one punched an officer and we moved (or was pushed) off the street by police.  I expect this from the liberal media and after three decades of open air, I do expect this from those who claim to have faith in God/god as well.  As they despise our method, our signs, our shirts, our tracts used, not enough Bible used, any Bible used is taken out of context, we don’t have no joy or we joke around too much and we do not preach the true Gospel.  You think it, someone slandered it.  Yet it is us the Lord will use as these critics are always a No-Show and if they do come to an event like this, they are not a bleep on the radar.  Watch the clip on the ‘Huffington Post’ and tell me that any street preachers fought or punched the police?
You might as well accused us of starting the Viet Nam war or blame us for Bill Clinton with ‘that woman’ Monica and don’t sop there, maybe we put Obama in office?
Nine men were arrested and mainly because they carried banners on Bourbon Street.  All due to a new law in New Orleans called “Aggressive Solicitation” in which “any person or group of persons to loiter or congregate on Bourbon Street for the purpose of disseminating any social, political or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise."  This law is built on sand and will not stand once we are done with it, as Hurricane Street Preacher will
blow this away.
They have tried numerous times to stop our preaching in this city and have failed.  I have personally been jailed twice for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ during Mardi Gras and this year on ‘Fat Tuesday’ as all charges are dropped.  But this time, I believe we will not only drop the charges but go after the city.
The head police officer did not want to arrest us and several officers apologized for what they witnessed.  One officer at the jailhouse took off his gloves and shook every street preachers hand saying; “One day I know I will need to make a choice and I believe I will be on your side.”  The men sang hymns while inside the paddy wagon in route to the city jail and witnessed to those in the large waiting cell.  It was Saturday night in New Orleans and the
jailhouse was full.
The Lord will use us to fight that law and remove it from the books as next year we will be there for Super Bowl and the following week for Mardi Gras.  If we can not get that law removed, we will spend time preaching in N.O. Perish jail.
“Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men”
What will YOU do, I know what we did?
I was honored to work with such men willing to lay their lives down for each other, willing to be arrested and not resisting or attacking anyone, not falling to the ground kicking and screaming, yelling at the police for false arrest as protesters do.  These were men of valor, preachers not protesters, who carried their banners from the street to the police station without saying a word, as Christ carried His own cross.  I am indeed privileged to plow the field with such men.
To view the article, click the link:
Here is another clip by Brother Brian which shows police everywhere, mounted horse and National Guard stood around with weapons in hand as nine men were arrested while the drunken crowd cheered.  IF this does not move you, check your pulse.