Monday, August 6, 2012


Oh Dear, the courts of Dearborn Michigan.

We were subpoenaed to appear in court on Friday in the ‘People of Michigan vs. Mike Mohamad Agemy’ case.  Where he is accused of trying to run us over at the largest Mosque in America on Fathers Day of this year and for the record no pig-head was used out there.  The State needed us as a witness or this driver would walk with a traffic citation, even if the police have video from their dash cameras.

Mike Mohamad Agemy was charged on Fathers Day, he was out on $20,000 bail and hired a high dollar veteran law firm to represent him and on Friday the third of August we all appeared in what is called the ‘examination hearing’ and this hearing should technically take from 10 to 15 minutes.  Now for the record, this was the same judge we will be standing before that allowed Mr. Agemy his freedom with that $20,000 bond.  But this was NOT any normal case before the court as you will soon see/read.  As the courts that day were filled with felony charges from other cases and I believe we were one of 17 cases before that particular judge on Friday.

One would think that since Dearborn-stan with the majority being Muslim, that crime would not be an issue, as they are the religion of peace, right?  Well think again, that small city is filled with crime as their police department has more SWAT trucks, bomb vehicles, police vans and Army Hummers in their yard than most big cities have.

The fruit of this ‘religion of peace’ has flooded the local court system with their crimes against the Infidels and each other.  As before you can walk into the lobby of the court house, you must remove all metal items, you must walked into a scanner and after you were checked with a wand on your body.  Just like the airports use for those of you that travel and in the Dearborn court, NO cell phones are allowed.  We were told not because they could interrupt the court hearing, but because one could use these phones to ignite a bomb in the building as they do in the Middle East.

Welcome to Dearborn, the city of Islam in American-stan.

Now we were suppose to start our hearing at 9AM and the media came in and set up within the courtroom where we were to appear but we were soon placed in a ‘conference room’ and given water and a place to sit away from the courtroom as we were told it could be a long day.  We saw the person that tried to run us over and he had what appeared to be a body guard with him, as his person accompanied him everywhere, even opened the door to the bathroom for him.  He also had his parents with him and perhaps his sister, along with his two high dollar attorneys.

It seemed the judge tried to clear the docket to not have many people in his courtroom to hear this matter and to keep it under the radar, so we did not get a chance to start our ‘examination hearing’ till after 2:30PM.  The courtroom was not filled, the media got tired and left and two of our guys needed to get this hearing going as they had a flight that they were going to miss, but this seemed to be the plan for the defense lawyers.

We were allowed only one person at a time in the courtroom and after that hearing, they must remain in the courtroom and could not talk with us.  But this 10 to 15 minute hearing, lasted over two hours with Brother Diego the first person from our group.  This was NO hearing, this was a full blown trial, as he was questioned, over and over.  They showed pictures, they took out a tape measure and even had him draw on a white board where the SUV was and where we stood.

They had him read out loud what was on one of our banners which we flew that day, which read “Mohammad was a child molester” as those in the crowd seated gasped after hearing this, even the court reported, who typed wore a burka on seemed stunned.  It appears they wanted to argue that our sign provoked their client who was only traumatized and he just drove by us with no intention to harm us.

They finished with Diego after 2 hours and next was brother Rolando and they drilled him for over an hour and it was now late in the day, so the court decided to have another hearing because they were going to shut down at 430PM.  They knew we were from out of state and this would only burden us as it was Friday and the courthouse will be closed.

I was told that we needed to return to Dearborn in early October to continue this now trial.  I responded by saying based on what I have seen that day the Defense will continue their endless questions and this hearing could take another 2 or 3 days, not just one day.  I warned the court that IF we retuned we would be in Dearborn for THREE DAYS and do they really want Street Preachers in Dearborn for Three (3) Days, because you know what we will do…???.....street preach.

This information was told to the judge, who quickly replied and said that everyone will be heard on one day in October as we will be the only case on his docket as he will clear everyone.  No other case, no other hearing, just us, lawyers involved in this case and the judge and it will be done in

I guess they do not want us walking the streets of Dearborn-stan knowing that the court and judge would be responsible for what we do in their streets for three days.  Are we that big of a threat to this city?  Can a handful of motley-crew street preachers really threaten an entire metropolis?  Remember, no one listens to us anyway, and for the record.  It was the police department that did not want us walking the streets for three days and pleaded with the court to keep the hearing to one day.

Know this, everyone in that courtroom heard the Gospel several times, from Diego and Rolando, as it was proclaimed during testimony.

After the court closed, we had a meeting with the DA or what is known as the Prosecutor and he told us that after this hearing, the case will go to downtown (or Detroit) and it will be that court system that will pursue charges.  He seemed to indicate that this guy will get no jail time, and at that point tried to prepare us that this guy might get charged with a misdemeanor and probation.

He said, “A conviction is a conviction” not matter if it is probation or two years in jail. There is more that I wish I could say, but other details and names are not mentioned for reason.  This is an active case and after this is over I will give those details that would angry anyone who knows our court system.  But I suspect at the end of the day, he will not do
any time.

To which, I do recommend that all America flags fly at half mask at every court house in Michigan and the Muslim crescent moon and star flag fly proudly inside the courtrooms, along with a sign that reads “In Allah We Trust” and everyone gets sworn in on the Koran.  Conference rooms and the lawyer lounge will be converted to prayer rooms with hooks on the wall to hang their magic carpets and use during their prayer call.

The judges chamber will be used for extra rooms where public beheading and whipping can be done to infidel Christians and Jews after sentencing.  The jail house is next to the courthouse and will have inmates break big rocks into little rocks and those stones will be sold to generate city income for public stoning or to be used when street preachers come to Dearborn.

Our next court date will be on Monday October 8th unless he pleads out to a lesser charge to which the Dearborn prosecutor considers such a victory as the get a conviction in their thinking and don’t need to file the case in Detroit with an already flood court system.

It appears we will be used to expose the court system in Dearborn to eyes in America that wish to see, as the State of Michigan in my opinion will bow to the god of Islam.

Sometime in September, we will hit the city of Dearborn with lawsuits regarding the Arab Fest where the were stoned for over an hour and the Wayne county Sheriff Department walked away.  We will have more control over this case as our legal counsel is not from the DA’s office.  Much more could be said on this case but I do not have the liberty to discuss at this time.  Thank you for your prayers and concerns for our latest trip to Dearborn as this is only the first round, with many more to come.  We are in this for the long term and with God all things are possible.

Christianity, is not just a 50 minute Sunday thing, it’s a lifelong event.  In His service, to promote His holy standard behind enemy lines.

If John the Baptist ushered in the Christ over 2,000 years ago, and many believe this to be the end times and the return of Jesus…..well, should there not be more John the Baptist’s out in public as a voice crying in the wilderness preparing the way for the Lord and making that path straight for the RETURN?

First off before we begin, the fact is the Christian world will polish the tomb of our beloved John the Baptist, but many would be offended in the very person of John IF they had lived in his theater.  His dress, his appearance and his unorthodox message, would be considered an offense and I doubt he would be a guess speaker on their Sunday service.  But they do buff and rub his sepulcher.

Let us take a closer look this man found in Matthew chapter three, as God used him to baptize people in a river; “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire”

And I could hear the religious community on that one saying “Water Baptism, really John!!??!!  Where do we find that in the scriptures?  Glad your parents were not around to see this John!!!”  Oh I know, I know, we can verse on water baptism pre-John, it is the next verse on having a pig-head in Dearborn, there was just no scripture to back up what he did in that river.

Get in the water for repentance, then get that FIRE of the Holy Ghost, was his message. Whereas today, we get that Holy Ghost after a prayer, then get in the water which will only quench and removes that very FIRE.

This baptism of John was done in public, in a river that was a hub for humanity, not indoors, not privately at a certain date and not with a drop on water on the forehead and not with babies.  These people were placed underwater and after walked around completely drenched as a public confession to acknowledge that they were involved with this man, John.

I’m sure he took some heat by the religious for having people publicly get baptized and confess their sins as this act was unorthodox and considered ‘strange fire.’  Oh the religious of the day condemned such actions as there was no animal sacrifice for those sins to be forgiven and he was a cult.  This guy was out of order, as he preached to the religious of the day “O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”  Should this not be preached today rather than trying to get along with all religions?

John also was involved in name calling?  Was he there to provoke people to anger or win souls and we need to judge his motive because this does not bring glory to God.   Did he pray before he preached that message? The religious of that day and today would bring these points up and try to slander his message, only to pound their chest that they are more loving than he.

John continues with a cheap shot by saying “And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham”

Now many today would smear John for saying that, as that statement was uncalled for.  These were God’s chosen people and he said a rock is better than they were.  He is a ‘bully.’  What a racist and where is the love?  Oh the news stories, blogs and facebook pages that could be written would have been off the charts as many would distance themselves from him.

John demanded repentance and works to match such when he preached or he will not waste his time with you as he said; “Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance”

“Where’s the tolerance John?”  Repentance is rarely mentioned in church today, let alone fruit meet for repentance, as John wanted to see evidence not just talk.  The order of appearance in the New Testament is to REPENT and BELIEVE, unlike today where it is common to just believe and repent later your
whole life.

Today, John would be accused of not knowing how to preach as he preaches on hellfire and never mentions ‘love, grace’ and ‘mercy’ as he said “gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire”

The same people that praise John today would have slandered him then by saying “Where is the grace, where is the love, where is the forgiveness in you sermon, where is the balance. This guy gives God a bad name and needs to repent.”  Many would judge falsely saying, “No wonder he never performed a single miracle, he was not in the Will of God, to much ‘hate’ in his message.”  Maybe he should have given away free bottle water or sang worship music with his disciples but to name call, demand repentance and get wet.  Most would have nothing to do with this man that escorted the coming of the Lamb of God.

He continued his hate speech; “And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire”

John makes it clear, IF there is no fruit, you will get burnt, that will be your sole purpose, to be firewood and notice he said “the axe is laid.”  The axe is not in the swing position, the axe is not airborne, the axe is not getting sharpen.  The axe has already made contact with the tree and not just the trunk of said tree but the very root.  The axe has been chopping from the time of John and if you are willing to give this type of message, than you can be a voice crying in the wilderness.  Are you in, God is willing are you?

Are you willing to have religious people of the day stand up and slander your name in thinking they as their fathers did are doing the will of God by exposing you as a fraud. We expect this from heathen, sinners and atheists but not those that claim to believe in Jesus.

John was not “A reed shaken with the wind” as government, culture did not influence his standard. He did not bend with every breeze of wind.  As many today are moved or will sway with whatever standard the current society determines. The Baptist was unshaken and unmovable and perhaps defamed as unreachable and having a hard heart or beyond reproch, by the same religious of his day.  SOMETHINGS NEVER CHANGE!

Regarding politics, John was involved, as he publicly called the king an adulterer and was jailed for such his action. And again, the modern Church will polish his sepulcher, quote him, read from him, write books on him, yet would have rebuked him for doing that at the time if they lived back then.  Many would have kept a distance from this man and his unorthodox work.  They would have avoided him just by appearance alone, let alone his salty message.

You wish to be a modern day Baptist, are you willing to preach a public message of repentance, rebuke the religious and be willing to go to jail for what you have said, or is that Sunday pew your confront zone.  Count the cost and welcome aboard and get into the game.