Friday, August 24, 2012

If you are a real man, Come Out, COME OUT,
where ever you are.
The other day I was standing with a large banner on the sidewalk that only two words, ‘Trust Jesus’ and believe it or not people were offended at my sign.  Most were, well, do I dare call them men?  As they are males that have been neutered, you know the type, those that have a soft look to them. How can we preach for men to become ‘spiritual men’ when they can not resemble a man?

Is it just me or have you noticed what these ‘men’ wear, what they say, how they walk and their voice is just plan feminine.  Our Lord rebuked His generation for being adulterous and unbelief, is our generation one of being womanly? 
I argued on the sidewalk with what appeared to be soft male Catholic and before he pranced off in a hissy fit.  I told him that I now understood why he was so delicate, as his Catholic faith worships Mary, a female god and co-redeemer, not to mention he has a mother, maybe a few sisters and aunts.  He might have even have a few girl friends back in the day, had a number of female teachers in school, a neighbor or five that were female, maybe he is married, perhaps a daughter or two and he might have owned a couple of female dogs or cats once.  Could this be the very reason why this guy is so fragile and emotional, because there are too many women in his life and they influenced and ruined him? 
Women now rule the house, the mother-in-law barks orders, the wife demands, their daughters will insist and if there is a female pet in the house, she can sit, sleep and eat anywhere in that house.  Ands to even say the word ‘submit’ would be like a white man using the ‘N’ word in public.  Why, because females now rule and for the record we men need to submit to God, so it is not a male thing.  Call me old fashion, but I still go to the MAIL-box, walk by MAN-hole covers, talk to someone from MANagement, I love to read books about HIStory not herstory and one day I hope to go to MANila and open air.  God is a HE, Jesus is the SON and the Holy Ghost is always referred too as HE, not she or it. 
Maybe this is the very reason we have so many lesbians in this country.  A man is a foreign commodity today?  Maybe we need a ‘Man Pride Parade” in MANhattan but something tells me that we will be drowned out by women and homosexuals or they will MAN-handle us. 
The Apostle Paul wrote to the Church; Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God" 
Think I was hard or out of line? 
Paul writes that the unrighteous shall not inheit the kingdom of God and these were not just sin but actual sinners he addressed.  He used the word ‘effeminate’ the very person in context to not being allowed in God’s kingdom.  This is salvation pending and you should not rewire what God has created.   Men should be men, we should walk like men, think like men, act like men, look like men, even smell like men, because this is God’s perfect design.
Now IF you are a weak, limp wrested, frail, flimsy, half a homo, pray that you do not meet this street preacher who walks in the upright position on the sidewalk and be thankful you have not died and met a Holy God who created you with a backbone that you have not utilized. 

can I get an aMEN shout?

“Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof”
I will be leaving early Sunday morning for a two week preach in three different cities, covering three different events and working with various Churches and active Christians willing to plow the felid and take Gods word to unwanted ears. 
So I ask for your prayers for us, the people we preach too and for liberty to proclaim it. 
First, we will be in Tampa with about 12 men as we preach at the RNC, with the eyes of the world watching, this should be the safest place on the planet.  Jesus said to “Go onto all the world” and with events like this, the world comes to us. These events come every four years and things do get wild out on the streets, as here is a story where the Tampa police has cleared their jails to house all the RNC protesters,
click link to read article'
We will be at a number of marches and rallies daily to promote what God says on each of those issues as we will have a variety of banners to fly and each event.  I will have banners that promote America needs to bless God, anti sodomite, N.O.W. (for women), anti-abortion, anti war, Jail to the Chief, anti-Obama, anti-Muslim, Know the God of the Bible and a warning hurricane banner.

This event will last four days and if were are not arrested we will then travel to New Orleans to preach against ‘Decadence Weekend.’   Yes there is an event called just that, in none other than Naw Orleans.  We will be in this city for four days and work with about 15-17 men and 3 local Churches.  This is a yearly event every Labor Day and it is like a homosexual Mardi Gras, where even the drunken sinner on Bourbon Street will tell us they are not as bad as the homosexuals down the street.  But as Jesus said in Luke 13;
except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish”
After this venue, we will travel to Charlotte N.C. for the home stretch and to preach at the DNC.  Where we will work with another new group of 10 men on those streets as we will preach at rallies and marches. We will protest the protesters and insert the standard of God daily.   I will return home from Charlotte after five days of preaching with what ever banners were not destroyed and whatever is left from my megaphone and body.  Free Speech lawyers will be on stand by and my life insurance is paid in full and withthatsaid, I will not have much chance to get on the internet, facebok, email or blogs for over 2 weeks. So do not be alarmed if you do not hear from me and if you are one of my many critics do not think I am killed so don’t celebrate just yet.
Not only will we contend to the faith in public, with long hours, in hot sticky weather but tropical storm 'Isaac' will be hovering around and holding banners in the wind with metal poles as it thunders around us can be an experience.  But dead men don’t complain and we have a job that needs to get done and it will.  
This AP photo used below was taken in Boston during one of the DNC convention as I preached against an anti-war rally in the city park.  This caused such a stir among the protesters the police needed to remove me as these anti-war people wanted to kill me.  They love peace yet are
at war with God.

Now to my arm chair critics that are moved with envy, remember I am the one the Lord uses at these venues to get a message out as you are not motivated to make time and take your pure gospel, that is non-offensive and can deliver it better than anyone on earth but are a MIA at events like these.  Face it, you are drunken with resentment as many before you.  Like Cain, Joseph’s Brothers and the Pharisees of old, who live to slander, gossip, criticize and misjudge while you are no where near the real battle. 
To the rest of the living, keep us in your prayers, watch the news and if possible perhaps send support on this trip to help defer all our costs, from meals, gas, parking, air fair, time off work, etc. no amount is to small.  There is a ‘paypal link’ on my website or an address for snail mail to invest in our work:
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD”

Open air preaching in Chicago, giving the ‘windy city’ a message they will not soon forget.  We did not preach ‘God wants you just the way you are’ but that God does not want you as you are, hence the word ‘Repent’ is used.  We exposed sin and gave the remedy. Click the link and enjoy:

Here is a clip from Brother Mark taken while preaching in Columbus Ohio:

Keep Brother Michael in prayer as I will be sending him another sign to wear in India as he preaches by himself against sin and religion on those streets alone.  Brother Brain sent him the one he is wearing and it gets used.  As he has been influence by our preaching in the States and uses our signs with megaphones to get a message out
 in the public.